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Article Sixty-Nine - Announced: 20 Janaury 1907
Canadian Government Wireless Telegraph

The Canadian Government wireless telegraph may be brought into extensive use for the sending of
commercial messages between Picton, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. This possibility will
afford the islanders relief from their present telegraph isolation which has existed since the
cable of the Anglo-American Telegraph Company was broken earlier this month on January 5th.  The
acting Minister of Public Works, Mr Fisher in Ottawa, has been in communication with the Anglo-
American's head office on the Island with regard to repairing the cable, but as the break is
believed to be in deep waters at about the middle of the Northumberland Strait, it would be
necessary to use a cable ship to that point until the ice goes out in spring.

The Government maintains a wireless station at Cape Bear at the southeastern extremity of
Prince Edward Island from which it is able to send messages to the mainland of Nova Scotia by
means of the Government steamers Minto and Stanley, each equipped with wireless apparatus.  It 
has been intimated that although the Anglo-American claims that it has a legal monopoly of
commercial telegraph service between the Island and the mainland, the Government may force it
to permit the transmission of commercial messages by way of the Government wireless system on the
ground that the company has broken its contract by refusing to repair its cable.

NOTE: I am currently scanning and preparing the early station-to-station call signs used
and should have it available in the next month or two.

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