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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts

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Article Eighty - Announced: 10 August 1909
CPR's Company Telegraph

	Mr James Kent, Manger of the system, accompanied by Mr WJ Camp, Electrical
	Engineer, and Mrs Camp, left Montreal today for a western trip inspection
	which will take them to Canada's Pacific Coast.  Mr BS Jenkins, General
	Superintendent at Winnipeg, will accompany the party from that point to the
	Coast.  The various superintendents will be picked up en route, each
	covering his own specified division.

	Mr William Marshall has been appointed superintendent in Toronto for the
	Ontario Division succeeding Mr AW Barber, now deceased.

	Albert W Barber, aged fifty-four years of age, superintendent at Toronto,
	died 29 July from diabetes.  Mr Barber was born at Toronto, and the larger
	part of his telegraphic career had been spent in that city.  He entered the 
	service of the company in 1886 as manager in the Toronto telegraph office,
	which position he held until 1899 when he was promoted to the
	superintendency of the CPR.

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