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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts

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Article Eighty-Six
Announced 01 January 1910
Anglo-American Telegraph

	The amount expended on Dominion Government Telegraph circuits was $434,845.18 and the
	receipts were $113,175.34.  The system now encompassess 6,973.75 miles of land lines
	and 259 knots of cables.  There exist 401 offices with a total of 149,649 messages
	received and dispatched. These figures are accurate to 31 March 1909 as reported by
	the Department of Public Works for the Dominion of Canada.

	A large deficit is accountable because of the free of charge messages for the signal
	service messages, meteorological service messages, and reports and fisheries bulletins.

	There was also an extension of the Eskasoni Branch on Cape Breton Island, to the Grand
	Narrows, totalling 16 miles.  The Grand River Branch to Enon, also on Cape Breton
	Island was extended 12 miles towards the Victoria Bridge and it has been proposed
	to extend to Gaberous.

	In Quebec, the Chicoutini-St Charles Line was extended to Peribonka, a circuit
	distance of 38 miles.  

	In Alberta, a Line is under construction from Athabasca Landing towards the Peace
	River; a distance of 70 miles.  Contracts for the supply of poles and material for the
	extension of this circuit for 100 miles more, have been awarded.

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