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Article Ninety-Five
"Why We Fight"

An information film intended for WWII American military
personnel indoctrination by Frank Capra (Major) of the Special Service
Division, a 7 part series.

In part 1: accompanying a dialogue and animation about Nazi lies,
fabrications and distortions being carried on radio waves, the musical score
is limited to the Morse character "H" effectively complementing the visual
and vocal impression with a note of urgency.

In part 3: Genuine Morse characters are used but fragmented due to the
"voice over" about the Nazi method of blitzkreig (break the resolve of their
victims with confusion, doubt and false accusations) as the following
citation indicates: "... but before striking, a preliminary step was
necessary. From Berlin, from Rome, from Tokyo the campaign started.
Propaganda, to confuse, divide, soften up their intended victims, put them
on the defensive: scream you're abused; shout you're oppressed; the world's
wrong - you're right. If you shriek it loud enough and often enough they'd
believe you. Above all use their free press and their free speech to destroy

them." The accompanying visual images emphasize radio towers sending out
waves about Lies and Lebensraum Spazio (?) (living space).

I have long ago viewed another film where orchestral music is used to send
messages to U-boats lying in ambush off the east coast of the United States
of America about shipping details. I'll get it along if it has a Morse
connection. The "Why We Fight" series is chilling even now 60 plus years

As an aside, while in the airforce (late '50s) Morse we used creatively
while analyzing the intercom wiring of large installations, in the days
before VHF hand held equipment or Cell phones, cutting the time from days to
hours thanks to the unrecognized brilliance of another airman, whereabouts
now unknown).

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