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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers
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Ontario Northland Railway

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Elk Lake*K
Iroquis Falls*SQ
Kirkland Lake*KI
New Liskeard*KD
North Bay CNR*NH
North Bay*SY
South Porcupine*SJ

LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)
When Appointed/Other
Birnie, JH353119481953
Byerlay, GG354419511958
Crozier, VR352119421953
Deacon, WR353219481960

Jordan, Jim (JDJ)
currently RTC Englehart - started as spare opr 1981 & worked at every station / TD since 1987
Kemshall, PH356319611969
Knapp, FA352219421951
Mudrick, NH352419441951
Nelson, GW355819581965
Petrin, HJ355019541964

Robitaille, Rick (JRR)
8141969started on ONR as Opr 1969 (see below)
. made dispatcher (RTC) 1979 & presently working day shift as "First RTC"
Rice, RJ355519561965
Willoughby, RA?19281946 / in 1970 Sup Trn Ops
Sayer, RJ?19251941
Simms, AE351519381948 / in 1970 CTD

LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)
Position/Stn Location
ONR Ops Pix-all retired 1990var stns on ONR
Adams, WA35731965Opr/Rouyn

Albanskyj, Pawlo
-19761976-7 Swing Clerk Rouyn-Noranda
. 1987-9 Spareboard Operator ONR
. Swg Agt Opr 1985-9
Aspen, J35301948Agt-Opr/Elk Lake
Auger, G35271947Agt-Opr/Matheson
Auger, John366719623rd Opr/Cochrane
1982 Moosonee
Baillod, AL35191941Agt-Opr/Iroquois Falls
Bain, LT35261947Agent/Moosonee
Bell, TE35081929Agent/Timmins
Biggs, K?1928?
Birnie, JH35311948?
Boucher, JA357019653rd Opr/New Liskeard

Bourrie, Mark
-1975CPR's Franz Swing in 1975 & relief opr Franz & Chapleau 1976
. My sister, Mary Anne Bourrie, spr opr HQ'd in Chapleau in 1980-82
. My older sister, Pauline Bourrie, opr 1975, became a relief dispatcher Schreiber 1987, and held a regular turn until the dispatching office in Schreiber was closed in (I believe) 1990.
Bradt, H35561956Agt-Opr/Earlton
Brisson, JM35761965Opr/Porquis
Byerlay, GG354419512nd TD/Englehart
Charles, Jim B35461953Swg-Opr/Swastika until retires /r1989 (stn closed 1989)
Cloutier, M35541956Swg-Opr/New Liskeard
Croteau, Roland R35281947Agt-Opr / 1950-88 Noranda /r 1988
Crozier, VA35211942?
Daniels, MB35601959Swg Opr/Cobalt-Haileybury-New Liskeard
Davis, JH 354819543rd Opr/Temagami
Deacon, WH353219483rd TD/Englehart
Duguay, CJ35641961Swg Opr/Porquis-Iroquois Falls
Feindel, L35411951Swg-Opr/Cochrane
Fisher, O 35801966Opr (IC & Rsvn)/Timmins
Francis, RR1930??
Gereh, R35471953Swg-Opr/Temagami
Gibbon, HW?1928?
Grimes, Jack??Agt-TD Tomiko
Hamel, Pierre Y354919542nd Opr/North Bay /r 1990
also see family in ON & PQ
Hammond, (Mrs)-1950telephone opr on new long distance switchboard Noranda Quebec - ONR provided the long distance telephone telegraph-telegram service in NE Ont & NW PQ
Hamilton, JV35071928Agt-Opr/Cobalt
Harrison, FA35791966spare/Englehart
Hicks, MC35381951?
Horseman, IB356819632nd Opr/Swastika
Hurst, JC 35141938lst Opr/North Bay
Johanson, DN357819663rd Opr/Swastika
Kemshall, PH356319612nd Opr/Englehart
Knapp, FA 35221942lst TD/Englehart
Lacarte, DD35811967Opr/Moosonee
Lacoste, R35371950Agt-Opr/Ramore
Lamothe, JL-1925?Agt-Opr North Bay on T&NO
went to CPR 1930
Lansdell, WD35121936Agt-Opr/Englehart
Laraman, SA35171940Agt-Opr/Porcupine
Lechlitner, LC35351949Swg-Opr/North Bay
Loranger, G35861968spare/Englehart
Mahon, B35771966Agt-Opr/Fraserdale
McCloskey, GW355319563rd Opr/North Bay
McRoberts, R35361950Agt-Opr/Porquis
Molson, GW355819583rd Opr/Englehart
Monahan, GL353419491st Opr/Englehart
Mudrick, NH35241944?
Murphy, JT35721965Opr/Matheson
Ollivier, CC?1925?
Ollivier, NA354319511st Opr/South Porcupine
Perron, R35571957Swg-Opr/Timmins-South Porcupine
Petrin, HJ355019541st Swg-TD/Englehart
Porter, MG35661962Opr/Cobalt
Promane, W353319481st Opr/Timmis
Protomanni, MA35451952Agt-Opr/Rouyn (stn closed 1972?)

Rees-Thomas, David
?1974spare opr 1974-8 swing opr Timmins-South Porcupine / worked Cochrane couple of summers / several months opr Noranda
Rhodeman, JA35821967swg Opr/Rouyn-Swastika-Englehart
Rhodes, GW352919471st Opr/Cochrane
Rice, RJ355519562nd Swg TD/Englehart
Robitaille, JR8141969spare/Englehart * see Dispatcher's list above
Rodgers, JDW35161938Agt-Opr/Temagami
Rodgers, RB356219612nd Opr/South Porcupine
Rotondo, A35251947?
Roy, EJ356119602nd Opr/Temagami
Ruttan, SC35691965Opr/Haileybury
Sadler, ML35201942Agt-Opr/Liskeard
Savill, J 35401951?
Sayer, HJ?1925?
Scott, EL354219512nd Opr/New Liskeard
Simms, A Eddie35151938?
Simms,C Boyd35231944Agent/Cochrane
Simms, Marge??Opr Timmins (sis to Eddie & Boyd above)
Smart, WE 8211969spare/Englehart
Smith, HV35111931Agt-Opr/Haileybury
Smith, Tom W??1st Opr Timmins, later TD late 1970s
Stokell, Maude (Mrs)??Central Opr Englehart sometime during and/or prior to WW2. The telephone board was functional & rang day & night up until the time the Opr assisted "Central" system was replaced by dial phones in early 50s. The original "Central Exchange" was in my Grandmother's dry goods store, about half a block from the station in Englehart. When my Grdmo retired & closed her store after the War, the "Central Exchange" was moved to the second floor of a building in the same block (notes from grdda)
Sullivan, NG35841967spare/Englehart
Tonkin, TA35391951Opr/Kirkland Lake
Toye, LK35871969spare/Englehart
Turner, AN35181941Agt-Opr/Swastika
Warrell,RH357119652nd Opr Cochrane
Warren, JD355219562nd Opr/Timmins
Willoughby, RA?1928?

A special THANK YOU to
David Rees Thomas, Pierre Hamel, and JG Hamel
for additional names for this list.

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