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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers

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Names in these booklets are NOT listed on the A to L or M to Z webpages.

  • CPR Ontario-Quebec Senority 1965 System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1970 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1971 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CNR Senority 1944 Atlantic/Central/GTW
  • CPR Senority 1938 Quebec Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1950 Manitoba Division No.7
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    LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)Canadian Railway - Known Stations and Years
    Abell, AHCPR agt Algoma Dis Copper Cliff 1905sd ORT404
    Abrams, JRGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd ORT#2136
    Adams, AMGTR Toronto 1918
    Adams, CMGTR Coboconk 1904
    Adams DJCPR TD London Aug 11 1965 ORT6634
    CPR agt London, Toronto Swing sd1960 ORT6634
    Adams G CPR asst agt Kleinburg Jun 2 1924 ORT1772
    Adams HM CPR asst agt Cobourg - Jun 1 1943 ORT1783
    Adams J CPR agt Dundalk Jun 12 1916 ORT635
    Adkin E CPR agt London Dec 14 1922 ORT1693
    Adkin OECPR Trick TD London (L) July 2 1944 ORT1693
    Aitcheson, JEGTR CNR agt London Div 1916sd ORT#733
    Aitchinson, LGTR CNR agt London div 1913sd ORT763
    Alain, JJLGTR CNR agt Cochrane div 1906, TD 1909sd ORT266
    Allan, WEGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1904sd ORT1171
    Allard, AGTR CNR agt St Lawrence Div 1913sd ORT888
    Allard, ClaudeCNR Matagami 1979
    Allard, GCNR Alexandria 1941 / Vercheres, Ste Madeleine, Lennoxville Quebec yes?
    Allard, JTNGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd ORT630
    Alle HCPR agt Alliston sd1957 ORT5659 (some show sd1956)
    Allen ADCPR agt 1928 Quebec Str 1928sd ORT2396
    Allen EECPR agt Stralak 1918sd ORT4299
    Allen JC CPR asst agt Oshawa May 18 1920 ORT804
    Allen JD CPR asst agt Quebec St Jul 4 1928 ORT2396

    Allen, A Nancy
    CNR London opr's spareboard 1976-77
    . 1977-81 Opr at Tecumseh
    . 1981-84 Opr at Hornepayne
    . 1984-87 TD in Hornepayne
    . 1987-2003 RTC 277 Front St. Toronto
    . 2003-2011 RTC MacMillian Yard
    . Retired January 31st, 2011
    Allen WJCPR agt Mattawa 1918sd ORT3000
    Allison CJGTR CNR agt Graigvale 1909 Allandale Div 1910sd ORT495
    Allison MBGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Napanee 1920
    Allison TGTR CNR leverman London div, Woodstock 1917sd
    Allison WR CPR asst agt Trenton Apr 15 1928 ORT2168
    Alyward WACPR TD Schreiber 1966sd ORT4116
    Amant JGCNR Hearst, Norembega, Macamic, Parent, Senneterre QC
    Ames C CPR asst agt London Sep 22 1923 ORT1807
    Ames GGCPR Trick TD London (L) May 23 1951 ORT1807
    Anctil JEFCNR agt Cochrane div 1939sd ORT4206
    Angell GLCNR agt London div 1919sd *
    Angle HGTR Victoria Road 1904
    Anderson AECNR ACD Belleville 1983
    Anderson BRCNR opr spr 1974sd
    Anderson DBCPR agt Tichborne, Trenton * Jun 18 1956 ORT5670
    Andersen GRCPR agt-opr/opr Medonte, Midhurst rlf TD Toronto 1951sd ORT5068
    Anderson MJCPR opr Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls 1945sd ORT5070
    Anderson PICPR agt Parry Sound 1951sd, TD Schreiber 1966sd ORT4799
    Anderson RCPR agt Medonte * Aug11 1951 ORT5068
    Anderson RA CPR agt London Jun 1 1951 ORT4688
    Andison WCCPR agt Roberts-woman River, Chalk River 1919sd ORT3423/1630
    Andrews AWGTR Eastern Lines 8-9th Dis agt Madoc Jct 1908
    Andrews HWCNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd ORT1039
    Anguish JDMCRR (in ONT) agt Mirkirk1920s
    Angus AHDCNR agt Cochrane div 1925sd ORT3872
    Anthony FHCNR agt London div 1916sd ORT1163
    Archambeault RCPR agt Britt 1963sd ORT6912
    Archer CDCPR agt Sudbury 1945sd, TD Sudbury sd1949 ORT2309
    Archer CDMCRR (in ONT) agt Brownsville 1920s
    Archer H CPR agt Guelph Mar 20 1916 ORT757
    Archer JBCNR agt London div 1920sd ORT1408

    Archer, Robin
    CPR opr Mattawa
    . North Bay
    . Romford (my favourite)
    . Clarabelle
    . Rutter
    . McKerrow
    . Webbwood
    . Victoria Mine
    . 1966-72 and trained Don Duquette out of North Bay.
    Archer WMCNR Glencoe
    Archibald BACPR agt Current River 1950sd ORT4763
    Armstrong KECPR agt Whitefish F 1942sd ORT1940
    Armstrong JCNR agt Ottawa div 1909sd * ORT279
    Armstrong JGCPR agt Schreiber, Biscotasing 1948sd, TD Schreiber 1965sd ORT2719
    Armstrong RJCNR agt London div 1925sd
    Armstrong TACNR asst agt London Div 1920sd
    Armstrong WCPR agt Don sd1955
    Armstrong WACPR agt Guelph Jct-Galt- Ayr-St Thomas Swing sd1964 ORTNON
    Arnett Keith VONR 1952-64 / CNR TD MacMillan Yd ?-1992
    Arnold CCNR agt London div 1916sd
    Arnold CHCNR Drumbo 1947, Rockwood 1949 (relief op), Guelph & Guelph Jct 1951-59, Brussells 1959-1964
    Arnup, SGGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1907sd ORT111
    Arpin, WCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1911sd ORT658
    Arscott B CPR agt London Apr 1 1910 ORT227
    Arscott, FrankCPR Teeswater (night watchman, bro of below) 1915
    Arscott, Lorne BristowCPR Caradoc, Appin, London / System General Chairman 1935, rcv'd ORT Veteran's Honor Emblem, worked stns 1910-1915 (bro above)
    Asselin, ARJCNR agt Ottawa div 1913sd, TD 1932sd ORT846
    Asseltine, Thomas H CPR Robbindale 1950(?)-53(?), Tichborne, Kingston, Sharbot Lake, Alliston / relief TD TTR 1967-9
    Archambault, SMCNR opr spare 1984sd (last opr hired CNR?)
    Archer JECNR asst agt London Div 1920sd * ORT4090
    Archer LHCNR Various positions western Canada , opr relief agt GLR TD Macmillan Yd
    Arnold CCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd * ORT618
    Arnold JPCNR Opr Agent GLR TD Macmillan yd
    Arsenault GJCPR agt Midhurst sdMay 25 1947 ORT3141
    Asseltine TCPR agt Kingston, Sharbot Lake sdMay 15 1951 ORT4615
    Atkinson ACPR agt Windsor Yd * Jun 23 1956 ORT5545
    Atkinson, JRGTR CNR agt London Div 1913sd ORT361
    Atkinson, RLCNR agt London Div 1911sd ORT584, 277
    Auclaire, JECNR agt Ottawa div 1906sd ORT695
    Auclaire, ElieCNR agt Ottawa div 1940sd * ORT4478
    Audette, HACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1918sd, TD 1922sd ORT1516
    Audette, RGCNR agt St.Lawrence div sd1918 ORT1829
    Austin B CPR agt Schreiber sdApr 4 1947 ORT2481
    Austin CKCNR Opr rlf Agt GLR
    Austin HBCPR CPR agt Schreiber sdApr 4 1947, Trick TD Schreiber (T) June 15 1951 ORT2481
    Austin RonCNR Kearney, McCraney, Brule Lake 1940s
    Austin WCPR agt Algoma Dis Sturgeon Falls 1898sd ORT99
    Avery, JWCNR TD London div 1916sd ORT3451
    Axt, Fred JCNR hired 1971(?)- spr Capreol, permanent South Parry 1973 until South Parry closed 1986 (?)
    Axworthy, RCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1927sd ORT4288
    Aylward WACPR agt Nipigon 1951sd ORT4116
    Backus AG CPR agt Trenton May 1 1918 ORT1466
    Badger, GGTR Gilford 1919
    Badley, HECNR agt Belleville Div 1916sd ORT3498
    Bagshaw WS CPR agt W Toronto Dpo Apr 3 1913 ORT 396
    Baguley R CPR agt Midhurst Feb 23 1923 ORT1852
    Bailey BACPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Bailey J CPR agt Chatham * Aug 15 1952 ORT4123
    Bailey JEGTR Sundridge 1912 Allandale Div 1910sd ORT1719
    Bailey WHMCRR (in ONT) agt Blytheswood 1920s
    Baillarfeon, PECNR agt St.Lawrence div 1908sd ORT1259
    Baillie KRCPR agt Woodstock, Orrs Lake, Midland * Jun 5 1955 ORT5062
    Baird HCCNR agt London div 1914sd ORT907
    Baker ASMCRR (in ONT) agt Stevensville1920s
    Baker COGTR North Bay 1912
    Baker ECPR agt Spare May 30 1957 no ORT
    Baker EPCPR TD Algoma Dis Schreiber 1896sd
    Baker FFGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd, Cobourg 1910, Lindsay 1957 ORT2244
    Baker GAGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd ORT3826
    Baker HCNR asst agt London div 1923sd ORT1668
    Baker HHGTR CNR agt Belleville div 1907sd, TD 1910sd ORT756
    Baker JWCNR agt London div 1925sd
    Baker MKGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd ORT925
    Baker PDCNR agt Belleville Div 1927sd
    Baker WGGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1903sd ORT1061
    Baker WGSGTR CNR agt London div 1917sd ORT772
    Baker WGSCNR St Thomas div 1926sd ORT1243
    Baldwin HCGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORTHC
    Bale DSTH&B agt Waterford 1920s (same as below)
    Bale DSMCRR (in ONT) agt Waterford 1920s (same as above)
    Bale WACPR agt Zorra, London Depot, Caradoc, Woodstock, Quebec Str, TD London 1967sd
    Ballantyne SCNR leverman London div, Hamilton 1923sd
    Balstoni JCPR agt Windsor sd1958 ORT6139
    Bamber FAGTR Parkdale 1917
    Bamford WJMCRR (in ONT) agt Muncey 1920s
    Bandy MFCNT telegraph opr 1918-57, Ottawa divn, Capreol & North Bay until retirement (see son below)

    Bandy, Willard F
    ONR (T&NO) CNR began Temiskaming & Northern Ontario (later ONR) 1943-7 spr opr, Opr Temagami
    . to CNR 1947 London Div, spr bd to 1949 then Toronto 'C' Office 1951
    . 1951 transferred Northern Ont Dist - apptd to NH North Bay
    . 1956 Dist Supvr Car Service
    . Supvr Car Service 1956-60 Capreol
    . Snr Clerk Capreol 1960-5, Supvr Car Service 1965-7
    . transferred to Express Freight 1967, Operations Supvr Gravenhurst & Barrie to 1977
    . Concord Zone Suprvr 1977
    . 1978-80 Training Supvr (see father above)
    Bangs LRCPR agt Sudbury, TD Sudbury, Winnipeg 1928sd ORT3259/997
    Bankie BHCPR agt Sturgeon Falls 1916sd ORT4747
    Bannerman PRCPR twrman Tecumseh St Twr Oct 4 1963 ORT7224
    Baptiste GGTR CNR agt London Div 1915sd
    Barker NACPR opr Blind River, SS Marie 1924sd ORT1822/4307/1822
    Barker WECPR spare Algoma div 1925sd
    Barkey, GAGTR Toronto 'C' Office 1919sd ORT3206
    Barlow PCPR spare Algoma div 1928sd ORT
    Barluk SMCPR opr Sudbury 1945sd, TD Sudbury 1951sd ORT2146
    Barnes GDCNR Tillsonburg 1979
    Barnes GHGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1898sd ORT616
    Barr BECPR agt-opr/opr Bolton Swg, agt Sharbot Lake, Havelock Jul 4 1951 ORT5205
    Barr PCPR agt Algoma Dis Pearl 1902sd ORT270
    Barron FCPR opr Coniston 1945sd ORT2285
    Barry FCPR opr Rutter 1930sd ORT6443
    Barsalou AACPR opr Cartier 1947sd ORT2718
    Bates MUCPR agt Metegama 1909sd ORT588
    Bartlett James CGTR op Shakespeare 1871
    Bartlett KGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1908sd
    Barton JCPR agt-opr/opr Bolton, agt West Toronto * sdJul 4 1950 ORT4155
    Battersby LCGTR 1878 (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Battin JBCNR asst agt London Div 1921sd ORT4347
    Baughman AFGTR CNR Allandale div 1905sd
    Baulke JRCNR agt Ottawa div 1925sd ORT1882

    Baxter, Angus C
    CNR agt Kakabeka Falls 1934?-45; 1945-6 agt Hudson Bay Jct, SK; interim agt Ashcroft summer 1946, 1947-52, agt, Chu Chua, BC
    Baxter JuliusGTR (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Baynes WCCPR asst agt London Apr 30 1946 ORT2421
    . Trick TD London (L) May 31 1951 ORT2421
    Baynham ALGTR CNR agt London Div 1917sd ORT1698, Stratford div 1917sd ORT2866
    Bayton ECPR Bedell 1942
    Baziuk IPCPR agt White River 1956sd ORT5453
    Beach, TVCNR agt Ottawa div 1912sd ORT844
    Beach WJCPR spare Algoma div 1924sd ORT2359
    Beaton FWMCRR (in ONT) agt Highgate 1920s
    Beattie CECNR agt Belleville Div 1921sd ORT2081
    Beattie FDCPR agt Toronto * sdJun 16 1950, TD Toronto (T, Trick TD (B)) May 14,1954 ORT2893
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto (T) June 16 1960 ORT2893
    Beattie RE CPR agt Orillia Jan 29 1919 ORT2767
    Beauchamp MPCPR agt Chapleau 1958sd ORT6120
    Beaudoin GMCPR agt Selim 1918sd ORT2013
    Beaudoin JSACNR agt Cochrane div 1918sd ORT2047
    Beaudoin RACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1929sd

    Beaul, Robert G
    CNR Bothwell 1955
    . opr Windsor, Chatham, London, St. Thomas, Strathroy, Dundas, Paris Jct, Stoney Creek
    . Passenger Sales Hamilton
    . Management, GO Transit Union Station, Toronto 1976
    . /r 1991
    Beaulieu GACPR agt Angliers 1957sd ORT5931
    Beaulieu JACNR agt Cochrane div 1917sd
    Beaulieu JECNR agt St.Lawrence div 1910sd ORT569
    Beauparlant YCPR agt Ramsey 1952sd ORT4736
    Becker EMCNR Toronto /d73
    Becker WAMCRR (in ONT) agt St Thomas 1920s
    Beckett CharlesNYC Canada Div - Telegrapher wire test 20 wpm May 9 1952, St Thomas ON
    . E&O Interlocking west of Welland TH&B jct
    . Worked betn Fort Erie/Niagara Falls & Windsor & branch lines as Opr-telegrapher, agt, leverman, ticket clerk etc 15 years
    . Promoted TD 1967
    . NYC became Penn Central 1976 then Conrail then CNR 1985
    . retired with closing of CN St Thomas TD office
    . May 22 1952sd /r Apr 8 1989
    Beckthold, EGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1919sd ORT1763, 1253
    Begin, JECNR agt Cochrane div 1920sd ORT4229
    Begin JPCPR agt Rutter 1955sd ORT5290
    Behrns, LECNR (relf agt, TD)

    Behun, William J
    CNR agt Hornepayne 1940s, CD Mac Yrd 1979-83
    Beitz JCPR agt Windsor Yard, agt Windsor * Apr 5 1952 ORT4573
    Belanger, TCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1908sd
    Beliveau, ECNR agt St.Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT1647
    Belisle EFCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd ORT1392
    Belisle JACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1909sd ORT4490
    Bell DECNR agt Belleville Div 1901sd ORT747
    Bell JACPR agt Toornto 1910sd ORT1414
    Bell JDCPR agt Parry Sound 1952sd ORT4618
    Bell JECNR asst agt Allandale Div 1911sd ORT507
    Bell JEWCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1915sd
    Bell THGTR Port Hope Jct 1898
    Bellamy CWCPR agt Ayr sd1961
    Belland AJCPR agt Britt 1948sd ORT4582
    Bellehumeur ACPR opr Timiskaming 1951sd ORT3194
    Bellehumeur MFG (Miss)CPR opr Chalk River 1944sd ORT1997
    Belton GFMCRR (in ONT) agt Oil Springs 1920s
    Benedetti CCNR Fire River 1947, Agate 1947, many stns Allandale & Capreol Div / CPR Sault Ste Marie & many stns Sudbury Div, Victoria 1963sd ORT6902
    Benner HECNR St Thomas div 1940sd ORT2848
    Bennett GCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1920sd
    Bennett OACPR agt Massey 1906sd ORT396
    Benoit, JMCPR agt Verner 1907sd ORT433
    Bentley RFCPR agt-opr/opr Windsor, agt Lake Shore Twr sdApr 10 1948 ORT4448
    Berak MJCPR agt Windsor Yd sdApr 21 1951, TD London Feb 15 1960 ORT4297
    Berg DBCNR Burlington West 1967
    Bergeron ACPR agt Shawanaga 1918sd ORT1958
    Berak MJCPR agt-opr/opr London Apr 21 1951
    . rlf TD London Div Jun 30 1954 ORT4297 (last name may appear as Berek)
    Berm G CPR agt Oshawa Jun 23 1954 ORT5235
    Bernier JACPR agt Bolkow, Chapleau 1919sd ORT3989/3844
    Bernier JTHCNR agt Cochrane div 1917sd ORT3120
    Bernoties RGCPR agt spare sd1965
    Berthelet JOCPR agt Keewatin 1928sd ORT1663
    Bertrand RCPR agt Webbwood 1965sd
    Bethune, CCPR agt Britt 1916sd ORT2070
    Bienvenue, VHCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd *
    Bier, CRGTR CNR agt London Div 1914sd
    Bigelow, CECNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd ORT683

    Biggar, ?
    CPR opr Galt 1886-1935
    daughter worked as freight express clerk - believe they may have worked together from 1934-36 or1931-1934
    Biggs JLCPR Leverman Tescumseh Str Tower Swing sd1922 ORT1901
    Billingsley JEGTR Allandale, Barrie 1909

    Binmore, James M
    CNR opr Caramat Apr 26 1951
    . classed up TD Hornepayne Jul 8 1972
    . Retired Jul 31 1986
    Birch RDCPR agt Spare Jul 10 1957 no ORT
    Birdsall METH&B agt 1920s
    Black DFCPR opr Cartier 1942sd ORT1821
    Black RMGTR CNR Elmvale 1915, Allandale Div 1909sd ORT363
    Blachford GMCPR agt Chatham sd1956 ORT5543
    Blackwell WHCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1946

    Blain, James Andrew
    OS&HU Rwy GTR agt-telegrapher
    . grdfa owned the general store at Gilford, ON from 1885-1919 & worked in the store for my grtgrdfa, Thomas Maconchy 1875-1885 (store located west side of OS&HURwy tracks & flag stn located opposite the store on east side of tracks - ticket & telegraph desk located in the store where my grdfa was agt/telegr - flag stn moved to Simcoe County Museum at Midhurst, ON
    . first three agts Gilford Matthew Neilly, Mr. Kirk, Mr. Blatherwick (material from Bill Blain email above)
    Blair CCPR agt Wilkinson Dec 24 1956 no ORT
    Blair DWCNR agt St Lawrence div 1940sd
    Blair DWCPR agt-opr/opr Mactier, agt Bala sdJul 31 1946 ORT2441
    Blair MECPR agt Roberts 1917sd ORT2087
    Blair RCNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd ORT965
    Blair WHCNR agt London Div 1904sd ORT1695,1153
    Blair WNCPR agt Roberts 1917sd ORT1721
    Blais CCPR opr Clarabelle 1951sd ORT4742
    Blais JCRCNR agt Cochrane div 1923sd ORT1856
    Blake GMTC Hamilton Office 1867 (first electric lights in Canada)
    Blake HFCNR agt London Div 1911sd ORT474, 222
    Blatchford GMCPR agt Windsor-Belle River, Chatham Swg, London * TD 1967 1956sd ORT5543
    Blatherwick, CLCNR agt Belleville Div 1928sd, Rockwood 1949 * ORT3837
    Blatherwick SGTR Madawaska 1918
    Blouin JDCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1909sd
    Blow RGCNR agt Ottawa div 1899sd, TD 1903sd ORT796
    Blue Donny CCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1928sd ORT4282
    Blyth RBCNR Rockwood 1947
    Blythe, AECNR agt London div 1913sd ORT1090
    Blythe, CWCNR agt London div 1917sd ORT1393
    Bobier ACPR agt Spare Nov 14 1957 no ORT
    Boffy, WGTR CNR asst agt London div 1916sd ORT1779
    Boisvert, JECNR agt Cochrane div 1920sd ORT1329
    Boldt, LHCNR asst agt Allandale div 1915sd, TD 1929sd ORT1728
    Boldt RSCNR Allandale div 1912sd ORT2408
    Bolduc JSCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1911sd ORT689
    Bolger JBMCRR (in ONT) agt Shedden 1920s
    Bolte FHGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Lyn 1910, agt Belleville Div 1902sd ORT635
    Bolton DJCPR agt Sultan 1907sd ORT496
    Bond GAMCRR (in ONT) agt Black Rock1920s
    Bond RJCNR Toronto 'C' office 1956
    Bonneau RT CPR agt Brighton sdApr 1 1951 ORT6353
    Bonner PLCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1913sd ORT818
    Booker DCPR agt Spare May 8 1957 no ORT
    Booth EWCPR agt Windy Lake 1914sd ORT2866
    Borchuk GSCPR agt spare, Bowmanville * sd1956 ORT5895
    Bordeau JG CPR agt Perth * Jul 21 1950sd ORT3837
    Borland LEMCRR (in ONT) agt Fargo 1920s
    Bossenberry HCPR agt Spare May 22 1957 no ORT
    Boucher DFCPR opr Nicholson 1951sd ORT3026
    Boulay HHFCNR agt Cochrane div 1927sd
    Boulais LACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1927sd
    Bonner PLCNR St Lawrence div 1919sd ORT818
    Bordeau RE CPR agt Tichborne Jun 24 1953 ORT4786

    Boswell George
    CPR agt Schreiber 1930's - agt Sudbury during the 1940's & 1950's - agt Hurkett 1955-6 ORT 4553 (1929)
    Boucher DFCPR agt Chapleau 1951sd ORT3026
    Boucher JCPR lineman Sudbury Algoma div 1911sd ORT2689
    Boucher JRCNR agt Ottawa div 1917sd ORT1760
    Boulard RayCPR agt Nemogos ca1960s
    Boundy BBGTR Toronto 'C' Office 1919sd
    Bourassa HFCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1911sd ORT585
    Bourette ECPR agt Cavers-Gurney 1915sd ORT1446
    Bourgeault OCPR agt Temiskaming, spr 1923sd ORT3302/1660
    Bourgeois JJHCNR agt St.Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT2039
    Bourguignon HPCPR agt 1916sd, TD Schreiber 1919sd * ORT1301/455

    Bourrie, Mark
    CPR's Franz Swing in 1975 & relief opr Franz & Chapleau 1976
    . My sister, Mary Anne Bourrie, spr opr HQ'd in Chapleau in 1980-82
    . My older sister, Pauline Bourrie, opr 1975, became a relief dispatcher Schreiber 1987, and held a regular turn until the dispatching office in Schreiber was closed in (I believe) 1990.
    Bourque JECNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918 ORT3890
    Bouvette FCCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1905sd ORT855

    Bowiec, John
    CPR telegrapher Rennie
    . worked spare board at almost every stn on Kenora Div to Oct 1957
    . bid on swing job at Portage La Prairie
    . agt East Hawk Lake, ON to 3 June 1960
    . 18 May 1952sd (also in MB)
    Boyce SJCPR agt Warren 1911sd ORT1531
    Boyce SMCPR agt/opr Massey, spr 1922sd ORT4498/1904
    Boyd E CPR agt Calabogie Aug 30 1951 ORT3807
    Boyd JK&P/CPR (see Boyd ON)
    Boyd KK&P/CPR (see Boyd ON)
    Boyd MCNR Opr Belleville terr TD MacMillan Yrd
    Boyes JWCNR agt Ottawa div 1911sd ORT626
    Boyes RBCPR agt Pickerel 1918sd ORT2275
    Boyer ECPR lineman North Bay Algoma div 1911sd ORT1221
    Bowden AGCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919 ORT1283
    Bowers FCPR agt Sulphide May 26 1923, Sulphide 1949, ORT1910
    Bowman H CPR agt Tillsonburg Jul 3 1923 ORT2663
    Bowman PDCPR agt Spare, Medonte-Midhurst-Alliston-Bolton Swing sd1963 ORT7002
    Brabazon, JFGTR/CNR Blackwater Jct 1904, agt Belleville Div 1899sd Ort1637
    Brady, FJCNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd, Parry Sound ORT2331 /r67
    Bradley, HJCNR agt Belleville Div 1928sd * ORT4063
    Bradley, JTGTR CNR agt London Div 1915sd ORT618
    Bradley, SBGTR CNR agt London Div 1910sd * ORT3530, 1574
    Bradley, WPCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1910sd ORT448
    Bragdon DMMCRR/CPR TD - Bangor & Portland, ME - joint trackage CPR/MEC between Keag & Vanceboro to 1974
    Brand, TRGTR CNR agt London Div 1912sd ORT782
    Brandford, NormanGTR/CNR Call Boy 1915-18, Clerk 1920-26 London
    Brandle, WCNR Rockwood 1949-51

    Brault, JA Donat
    GTR CNR agt St Lawrence Div - last stn Gorham, New Hampshire (CVR) 1916sd /d 1951
    Bray, HMCNR agt Allandale div 1906sd, TD 1910sd ORT2419
    Bray, WJCNR agt Allandale div 1940sd * ORT4408
    Brent, JRGTR CNR agt London Div 1906sd, TD 1913sd ORT2966
    Brethauer, WACNR asst agt Allandale Div 1912sd ORT772
    Bretherick, GECNR Vineland 1950 / var stns to 1956 / ACD Belleville 1956-80
    Brethour, Dave CCNR Opr Orillia, Washago - start ? /r 1989
    Breton, LACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1927sd
    Brett A CPR agt Don sdMay 22 1951 ORT4366
    Brian, HCPR agt Nipigon 1917sd ORT1811, 636
    Bridge EEMCRR (in ONT) agt Kingsmill 1920s
    Briggs CACNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918 ORT1427

    Brochu Jean Claude
    CNR ag 1942, TD Cochrane 1942 / 'NA' Office Montreal TD 1957-61, ACD 1961-9, CTD 1971-75 /r89 (see FA in Quebec)
    Brocklebank CHCNR asst agt London Div 1918sd ORT3472
    Brocklebank MCCPR agt Toronto * sdJun 19 1948, TD Toronto Apr 17,1956 ORT2674
    . Trick TD Toronto (B)
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto Jun 19 1948 ORT2674
    Broderick A Don CPR agt Oct 1 1916 ORT1442
    Brohman CPMCRR (in ONT) agt Victoria Park1920s
    Bromley, JLCPR agt Farnham 1915sd, TD Farnham 1918sd ORT1312
    Brooker CCPR agt Romford 1918sd ORT2329
    Brooks HCCPR agt Flesherton, agt-opr/opr Belleville CSC, Lindsay Dec 6 1946 ORT2666
    Brooks PCCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd
    Broome, CCNR leverman London div, Hamilton 1900sd
    Brophy MTGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1902sd ORT371
    Brothers JCGTR CNR London div 1914sd, apt relief TD 1918 ORT2719
    Brough RCCNR Ontario 1933 / CPR Peterborough
    Brown CAGTR CNR agt St Lawrence Div 1913sd ORT2202
    Brown EGTR CNR agt London div 1917sd ORT1253
    Brown EHGTR agt Bowmanville 1911, agt Belleville Div 1905sd ORT3818
    Brown FRGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd ORT1350
    Brown GR CPR agt Peterboro, Dundalk sdSep 10 1950 ORT4318
    Brown KACNR swing opr Fort Frances 1948
    Brown KCCPR agt Wilkinson Roblindale Swg May 8 1954 ORT5225
    Brown PACPR agt Toronto Jun 25 1920, Trick TD Toronto Jan 22 1943 ORT1577
    Brown PCGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1903sd ORT244
    Brown RACNR agt Belleville Div 1940sd
    Brown RCCPR asst agt Toronto Aug 21 1921, Trick TD Toronto Nov 12 1946 ORT1358
    Brown Rolph HurleyCPR - b: April 30 1893 - d: July 04 1924 Toronto ON
    . For 18 years Mr. Brown a member of the CPR staff operator in the Globe Office
    . Rolph after work in Toronto had a little laboratory where he made a Speed key, or semiautomatic morse key (see photo in attached).
    . Canadian Speed key photo
    . notes/photo from Claudio Ruggieri iz0krc.
    Brown WCNR Concord worked various positions GLR as Opr Agent, TMD Dispr, ACTD Acting CTD Macmillan Yd
    Brown WGTR Brooklin 1909
    Brown WCNR Sundridge 1955 / Concord
    Brown WLCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1943
    Brown WWMCRR (in ONT) agt Suspension Bridge Niagara Falls 1920s
    Brownell GCGTR CNR agt Cochrane div 1916sd ORT3783

    Brownrigg GA
    CNR asst agt 1955 Allandale div, opr 1956 Allandale div, TD Hornepayne 1964, Capreol 1968-86, RTC Toronto 1986-1993 ret
    Brumpton JLGNWTCo Port Stanely 1911
    Brunet JLCNR agt Cochrane div 1928sd ORT4163
    Byam CHGTR Maple 1898
    Buchanan WJGTR CNR Aurora 1900sd ORT614
    Buckstein JMCNR St Thomas div 1920sd ORT697
    Buist LJCPR agt Toronto Yard, agt Roblindale Apr 5 1952 ORT4914
    Bullbroke WCPR agt North Bay 1912sd ORT4523
    Bulloch JHCNR Rockwood 1946/1948
    Burch WCCNR Capreol div 1923sd ORT3058
    Burdick NCTH&B agt Vinemount 1920s
    Burdwood RCMCRR/CPR TD - Bangor & Portland, ME - joint trackage CPR/MEC between Keag & Vanceboro to 1974
    Burke FNGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1906sd ORT515
    Burkeholder WHCNR agt Allandale div 1918sd ORT1315
    Burman FMCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1940sd

    Burnet, Robert G
    CNR Rockwood 1990-3 (stn restoration)
    . see McCalpin for family pixs
    . Book Reviews of my book Canadian Railway Telegraph History
    . This telegraph website creator and Webmaster also GO Transit Motive Power
    Burnham RRCNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT497
    Burns EPCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd * ORT4318
    Burns James DCNR ON
    Burns JLCNR St Lawrence div 1912sd
    Burgess WC CNR Appin 1951
    Burridge BWCPR agt Rover Swing Ft William 1965sd ORT7033
    Burtniak Wallace H CNR Port Arthur, Brandon MAN, Dauphin Div/Hudson Bay 1985
    Burton Charles AlbertCNR He was born in Greer, SC USA sometime in the 1870's and began his telegrapher profression in Texas around 1886. My mother said he talked about his labor organization efforts in Texas for the Brotherhood of Railroad Telegraphers. He immigrated to Canada around 1915, worked at Sioux Lookout Depot as a Telegrapher and contiued his union organizer efforts
    Burton PCNR Belleville 1922-68
    Burwell JTH&B / MCRR in ONT agt Welland 1920s
    Busby AFCPR agt Walton, agt-opr/opr Chatham CSC, Hanover Apr 12 1948 ORT2800
    Bushy JCCNR agt Allandale div 1916sd ORT2017
    Buswell PJGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis Cardinal 1919, agt St Lawrence Div 1913sd ORT1201
    Butcher ACNR opr Sioux Lookout 1982sd
    Butler JCNR agt London Div 1905sd ORT129 & 319
    Butler RCPR agt Mattawa 1954sd ORT6682
    Butler Robert ECPR telegram boy Sudbury 1950, ACR 1953, CPR 1954 /r70
    Butler TACPR telegrapher Pays Plat Algoma div 1920sd ORT2435
    Butler WCNR London Division 1904sd, TD 1910sd ORT347
    Butler WDCNR agt London div 1904sd, TD 1910sd ORT698
    Butt AJGTR Deport Harbour 1899
    Butt AJCNR agt Allandale div 1920sd ORT3898
    Butzer GAGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis Summerstown 1915, agt St.Lawrence div 1910sd ORT880
    Bygott JMGTR Eastern Lines 8-9th Dis agt Campbellford 1920
    Byerman ES CPR agt Milton Jul 5 1911 ORT307
    Byrne HFCPR agt Deux Rivieres 1907sd ORT515
    Caesar EM CPR agt Brampton May 12 1916 ORT579
    Caldwell SJCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Caldwell SRCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1912sd ORT736
    Cameron DGCNR ACD Capreol 1983

    Cameron Ewan C
    CNR operator Capreol 1989 - also Armstrong Nakina Longlac Kapuskasing Hearst 1966 until 1989
    Cameron JRCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd ORT1102
    Cameron WCPR asst agt Drumbo Aug 10 1923 ORT863
    Cameron WKCNR Delhi 1951 / various Ontario stations
    . May 19th, 2008 Wilfred (Bill) Kenneth Cameron, after a short but courageous battle with cancer at London Health Sciences Centre, on May 19th, 2008. Born in St. Thomas, he was the first son to Dorothy and Donald Cameron (both deceased). In his 76th year, Bill was our revered Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Brother and Friend. Bill is survived by his devoted wife Sylvia, his son Michael and wife Michele, daughter Stephanie and cat Henry. Loved grandfather of Matthew, Christopher and Rachel. Survived by his brother Paul and wife Marilyn, brother-in-law Bob and wife Carol, nieces, nephews, and many friends. Bill worked as a Rail Traffic Controller for Canadian National Railways and as a Chief Rail Traffic Controller. He retired in 1990 after 39 years of service. He then worked with CANAC as a consultant within the Railway Industry. His love of trains led to his involvement with the Elgin County Railway Museum where he acted as a volunteer and also sat on the Board of Directors. Bill was a Mason with Talbot Lodge #546 in St. Thomas, a Shriner with the Mocha Temple and honorary member of the Directors Staff. Bill's retirement years were spent traveling the world with his best friend and wife of 51 years. He was a man of great integrity and strength. Even in his final days his focus was on his family and their future without him. Friends will be received on Thursday from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the Westview Funeral Chapel, 709 Wonderland Road North, where the memorial service will be held on Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. Memorial donations may be made to the London Health Sciences Foundation - Cancer Centre, The Shrine Hospitals or the charities of your choice. You will be sadly missed but forever a part of us all.
    Campbell ATH&B agt Stoney Creek 1920s
    Campbell AHCNR agt Allandale div 1927sd * ORT4011
    Campbell DVCPR agt Havelock, Perth sdJul 31 1948 ORT3165
    Campbell ETCPR agt Schreiber 1942sd ORT1871
    Campbell GCPR Portage La Prairie 1943, Winnipeg 1945-65
    Campbell JCPR TD Schreiber 1943sd ORT5232

    Campbell James "Jim"
    CNR excellent telegrapher/dispatcher
    . started with CN in the 40's in Ottawa, worked as dispatcher in the London office, completed many years of service as the assistant manager of operating rules at CN system headquarters Montreal
    . Retired 1987 and relocated to Victoria BC
    . In WW2, Jim served as radio telegraph officer in the Royal Canadian Navy aboard many ships including HMCS Swansea which has a fine record escorting convoys to England and offering protection against German u-boats
    . passed away 2009, & will be remembered by his wife Sylvia, daughter Diane Lynn in Toronto, sons Bruce, Daniel in London ON
    . For some years Jim was President of The CN Pensioners Association (Notes from JGH)
    Campbell JnoCPR agt King 1910sd ORT2374
    Campbell JosCPR agt Schreiber 1918sd ORT3545/5232
    Campbell RGCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT1398
    Campbell RRGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1915sd, Toronto 'C' Office 1915 ORT 4412
    Campbell RTCPR opr 1942sd, TD Sudbury 1948sd ORT1871
    Campbell SCNR agt London div 1921sd
    Campbell SPCNR agt Allandale div 1928sd
    Campbell TBCNR agt London div 1930sd *
    Campbell WGCPR opr Sudbury 1946sd, TD Sudbury 1956sd ORT4610
    Cann LWCNR asst agt London Div 1920sd ORT1703
    Cantwell CWCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1942
    Carey JCNR Allandale Div 1910sd ORT509
    Carmichael JGCPR agt Sudbury 1946sd, TD Sudbury 1956sd ORT2296
    Carmichael LRCPR agt Spare 1966sd ORT8000
    Carmichael WHCPR agt Schreiber 1952sd ORT3823
    Carnevale Philip AugustCNR Field, spr op Westree, Ruel, Sudbury, Alderdale, Bala, Newmarket subs, Bradford, MacMilliam Yd /r90
    Caron JGCNR agt opr Strathroy /d1968
    Caron JRCPR agt Ville Marie 1911sd ORT848
    Carpenter ATH&B agt Summit 1920s
    Carr MHGTR CNR leverman London div, Hamilton 1918sd
    Carter JFMCRR (in ONT) agt Essex 1920s
    Carrier HCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1913sd ORT889
    Carruthers FLCPR leverman spare sd1966
    Carter WJCPR agt Alliston, Agincourt, Caradoc sd1956 ORT5653
    Carter WHCNR agt London div 1940sd *
    Cartrand JDCPR agt/opr Ville Marie 1922sd ORT972
    Carson AndrewGTR Wanstead
    Carson TGGTR Port Union 1906
    Case ALGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1903sd ORT278
    Case NGCNR agt London Div 1904sd ORT310 & 3512
    Case RVCNR agt London Div 1909sd ORT550,254
    Cassan MSGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Iroquois 1904
    Casson TWCPR agt Milton 1946sd ORT2421
    Casson WCPR agt ORT Hanover Apr 24 1946 ORT2410
    Casselman,WCNR agt Allandale div 1919sd ORT1429
    Cataford, JBGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1909sd ORT1940
    Cather, JEGTR CNR agt Belleville div 1908sd, TD 1910sd ORT407
    Cavanagh PRCPR agt Quebec St sdApr 12 1951, rlf TD Trenton Div, Torornto Oct 1 1956 ORT3751, 4296 (initals may appear as RP)
    Cavers, WHCPR agt Levack 1918sd, TD Smith Falls 1906sd ORT2002
    Caza, DPCPR agt Lakeshore, Lakeshore Tower sd1956 ORT5583
    Cerson, EGTR CNR agt London div 1917sd * ORT1583
    Chabot JHCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT2650
    Chalmers NL CPR agt Fordwich sdApr 24 1951 ORT4392
    Chamber CEGTR CNR agt London div 1917sd ORT988
    Chambers EGMCRR (in ONT) agt Petrolia 1920s
    Chamberlain JECPR agt Biscotasing 1912sd ORT1010

    Chapman, L Bruce
    CPR opr Ottawa West - Jan 01, 1965
    . in PQ, worked all over the CP Smiths Falls Div at such stns as Hull, Hull West, Quyon, Campbell's Bay, Wakefield, St. Clet, Buckingham Jct
    . in ON, at Ottawa Union, Hurdman, Ellwood, Osgoode, Bedell, Prescott, Chesterville, Carleton Place, Arnprior, Renfrew, Pembroke
    . TD Jan 17, 1969
    . went to Montreal as locomotive manager Aug 22, 1974
    . retired from that position Nov 01, 2001
    . Transporation-Communication Employees Union (nee-ORT) 7207-7, CP Div #7
    Chapman CWGTR CNR agt London div 1916sd ORT1626
    Chapman HMCPR agt MacTier Jun 13 1955 ORT5356
    Charette JPCPR opr Parry Sound, Sudbury 1944sd ORT2160
    Charette RJCPR opr Sudbury, Cartier 1943sd ORT5155
    Charlton T HarryCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1929, Toronto /r67 /d97
    Chartrand CCPR agt Clarabelle 1960sd ORT6438
    Chartrand J CNR '70 plus stns' in ON, MB, SK
    Chartrand JDCPR spare Algoma div 1922sd ORT3157
    Charlebois JACNR agt Ottawa div 1920sd ORT1917
    Chase CAGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1916sd ORT3809
    Chase WOCNR Mimico Yard 1986
    Chenier LCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1929sd *
    Cheop JCPR agt Ignace 1939sd ORT1497
    Chester EGTR CNR agt London div 1916sd ORT3497

    Chester, Edward
    CNR agt/opr Guelph, Georgetown, Wingham, Malton where his death occurred on duty in 1943
    Chessell SJCNR agt Belleville Div 1920sd * ORT1671
    Chevalier JMRCNR agt Ottawa div 1919sd ORT4117
    Chic TECPR agt Navilus 1916sd ORT1865
    Cholette JCPR agt Levack 1964sd
    Christian KHCPR agt London sdJun 9 1949, Trick TD London May 14 1954 ORT2821
    Chrysler MCPR leverman Chatham Eastend Tower sd1943
    Churchill CHMCRR (in ONT) agt maidstone 1920s
    Chute GG CPR agt Zorra * Jun 9 1953 ORT4638 (may appear as GC)
    Cinq-mars JRCPR agt Havelock, Port Hope sdAug 5 1948 ORT3938
    Cinqmars JSGECNR agt Cochrane div 1916sd ORT1056
    Clark FBCNR agt Allandale div 1919sd ORT1565

    Clark, Charles King
    telegrapher, stn agt, dispatcher (grtgrdfa of Anne Clark-Stewart)

    Clark, David Irwin
    telegrapher, stn agt, dispatcher (see Clark, Charles King / see also SK)
    Clark HACPR telegrapher FranzAlgoma div 1920sd ORT2580

    Clark, Henry King
    telegrapher, stn agt, dispatcher(see Clark, Charles King)
    Clark LEMCRR (in ONT) agt La Sallette 1920s
    Clarke AMGTR King 1917
    Clarke CHCPR agt Pays Piat, Sudbury 1918sd ORT2100/726
    Clarke FHCNR agt Cochrane div 1928sd ORT3591
    Clarke GWCPR agt Quebec St Jun 18 1955 ORT5337
    Clarke JACPR agt Little Current, spr 1924sd ORT3982/1788
    Clarke JECPR opr Little Current 1924sd ORT1788
    Clary HJCPR spare Algoma div 1926sd
    Clay LGCNR asst agt London Div 1919sd ORT2032
    Cleland ORCNR Belleville Div Port Dover 1963-closing
    Clement WRCPR Galt 1935 Oshawa, Elmira /d73
    Clemmens CWCNR agt Ottawa div 1919sd ORT1459

    Clobridge BR
    CPR agt Tichborne
    . Sharbot Lake, Kingston 1960-6
    . Oshawa for a short time while they were building the new CP Station in Kingston - While at Oshawa he had a stroke & then retired from the Railway
    . started for the railway at 15 & passed away when he was only 60
    . Jul 13 1927 ORT1924
    Clothier, WCNR asst agt London div 1923sd ORT1691
    Clouthier JMCPR agt Desbarats 1951sd ORT4660
    Clouthier JOCPR spare Algoma div 19230sd
    Cloutier, JHCNR Port Arthur 1945 CTD Port Arthur /d67
    Clunns JRMCRR (in ONT) agt Melbourne 1920s
    Cochran, RW CNR Wabash St Thomas 1954 / Windsor to Fort Erie, Niagara Falls years?
    Coffin (Jr) RJMCRR/CPR TD - Bangor & Portland, ME - joint trackage CPR/MEC between Keag & Vanceboro to 1974

    Colberry, John
    commercial telegraph operator in Hamilton ON (likely Western Union or GNWTCo)
    . married in 1879
    . (note: family name was 'Coleberry', but various documents list it as Colberry, Colbury etc.)
    Cole CWCNR asst agt London div 1922sd ORT1777
    Collins SGCPR agt White River 1918sd, Toronto, TD Schreiber 1928sd ORT2064
    Collins WCGTR CNR agt London div 1918sd
    Collings WR CPR agt Gorrie, Blyth * sdAug 9 1950 ORT3178
    Collinson TWCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Colwell JACPR agt Wabigoon 1966sd
    Comberford WJCPR agt North Bay 1948sd ORT2411
    Coombs PACNR Fort William /d73

    Congo William A
    CNR London Division 1886sd, TS 1901 ORT449
    Add'l from grdson: b Ancaster Twnshp ON ca Aug 12 1860; d: 1957 or 1958 / TD St Clair Tunnel Sarnia ON - worked for CNR for 49 years - began age 16 GTR/CNR - somewhere he lost his arm in a coupler accident & lived most of his life with one arm
    Conley DLCNR St Thomas 1957 - relief Black Rock, Fort Erie
    Conlin ClaireCPR Peterboro, many stns ON, 1956-64 (sine CA Cdn circuit)
    Conlin CACPR agt Peterboro * no ORT
    Connell TGCNR agt London div 1913sd * ORT753
    Constantineau NCPR agt Romford 1958sd ORT6528
    Cook FCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1915sd ORT1722
    Cook FEGTR Newmarket 1919
    Cook WJCPR agt Byng Inlet, Marathon 1918sd ORT2328/777
    Cooke ST CNR Armstrong, Nakina, Foleyet, Capreol, Allandale, Geraldton,
    Cooper JFCNR agt Allandale div 1940sd * ORT4435
    Copeland DPCPR leverman spare sd1966
    Copeland RACPR agt Chatham sd1963 ORTNON
    Copeman JWCPR agt Schreiber 1961sd ORT6630
    Coppin THGTR Belleville (City), Belleville Harbour, Belleville Jct 1899
    Corbett, JFCNR agt Ottawa div 1917sd ORT999
    Cordingley James 'Jim'CNR swing asst agt Orillia
    Corke CECPR agt/opr Parry Sound, spare 1921sd ORT2803/1674
    Cormack RACPR agt Algoma Dis Sudbury 1898sd ORT4804
    Cornell WHCNR St Thomas div 1938sd ORT726
    Corrie JSCNR agt London Div 1905sd ORT2162
    Corriveau JACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd *
    Corriveau JDCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT1223
    Cossey RGTR agt 1901-03(Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Cote RLCPR agt Marathon 1966sd ORT7219
    Cote YJCPR agt Amyot 1966sd ORT7241
    Coughlan, Garth BCPR agt Caradoc July 8 1954, Drumbo 1957, Thamesvale * ORT5026
    Coulthart Keith ICPR opr-telegrapher 1950, opr-TD Smith's Falls Div /r as Travelling Auditor Toronto
    Countryman AHCPR asst agt Port Hope Aug 1 1924 ORT1963
    Countryman LNCPR leverman Chatham Eastend Tower Swing sd1948 ORT3074
    Courtemanche CACPR telegrapher Schreiber Algoma div 1920sd ORT3998
    Courtemanche ECCPR agt Ramford 1955sd ORT5090
    Courtemarche LionelCPR agt Nemegos ca1960s
    Courtney A CPR agt Bowmanville Sep 4 1913 ORT 447
    Courtney JDCPR agt Belleville, Oshawa * sdMar 13 1947 ORT2390
    Courvette ECCPR agt Ramsey 1965sd
    Coutanche WACNR asst agt Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd, Londn Div 1923, ORT3752
    Couture JLACNR agt St Lawrence div 1927sd
    Couture JRCPR agt spare sd1966
    Covert THCNR Allandale Div 1910sd ORT430
    Cowie H CNR Burford 1951, Sarnia, Watford, Strathroy, Paris Jct, Brantford, Oakville, Windsor, Stratford, Longwood, Mac Yard
    Cox WACNR agt Allandale div 1919sd ORT1623
    Cox WMCPR spare Algoma div 1929sd ORT4629
    Craine EWCPR agt Cartier 1912sd ORT1086
    Crate FPCPR agt Norwood sd1961 ORT6681
    Crawford DTGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Brockville 1919, Manitoba Yards 1919
    Crawford WHCNR leverman, Woodstock 1913sd
    Creed WCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1915sd ORT2104
    Creed WCNR Allandale div 1929sd ORT1024
    Christian KHCPR TD London (L) May 14,1954 ORT2821
    . CPR agt-opr/opr London (L)June9 1949 ORT2821
    Cinq-mars JRCPR agt-opr/opr Pt McNicoll (T) Aug 5 1948 ORT3938
    Crichton WPCPR telegrapher Pays Piat Algoma div 1920sd ORT2728
    Crockett, RCCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1910sd ORT2912
    Crockford AJCPR agt Bruce, Missanabie 1948sd ORT2971
    Crompton TCPR agt Port Arthur 1939sd ORT1752
    Cronin, JPCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1920 ORT1794
    Cross EH CPR agt Lindsay May 14 1918 ORT5099
    Cross FBCNR agt Belleville Div 1923sd * ORT3584
    Cross HGTR CNR agt/opr London Div ES:1898 ORT48
    Crossland DACPR agt Souris 1966sd
    Croteau, JAECNR agt StLawrence Div sd1919 ORT4257
    Croteau, RRCNR 1942-4 / T&NO(ONR) 1944-6 / CPR Edmunston 1946 / T&KO(ONR) 1947, Noranda 1950?
    Crouch FJCNR agt London div 1916sd ORT3009
    Crouch JACNR agt London Div 1907sd ORT141, 338
    Crowe EBGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Ernestown 1890
    Crowe FBCNR agt St Thomas div 1911sd
    Crowe LDCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd
    Crowley FJCNR Rockwood 1952-55 /r67
    Crozier WCPR agt Pakesley, Sudbury 1917sd ORT1831, 642
    Cullen WJCPR agt 1910sd, TD Sudbury 1914sd ORT1366
    Culligan CCNR agt London div 1917sd ORT3324
    Cummings JWCNR Toronto Terminals div 1908sd, TSupvr 1930sd
    Cunningham BM CPR asst agt Fergus Sep 5 1924 ORT2212
    Cunningham RJCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1913sd ORT1156
    Currie PNCNR agt London div 1914sd * ORT1174
    Curtis CLCPR asst agt Sudbury Aug 16 1945, TD Toronto (T) & CPR Trick TD Sudbury (L) Aug 14 1950 ORT2010
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto (L) Aug 16 1945 ORT2010
    Cusack BSCPR agt St John Aug 22 1917, Trick TD St John (L) Aug 31 1939 ORT569
    Cyr AJPCNR agt St Lawrence div 1918sd, TD 1922sd ORT493
    Cyr NACNR agt Cochrane div 1925sd ORT3939
    D'Allaire ACNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918
    D'Amour Jean BaptisteCPR telegrapher 1903-19, CNR telegrapher St.Lawrence Div 1919sd ORT1314 /r 1950 (see son Quebec)
    Daley TCPR opr Levack 1947sd ORT4979
    Dance AJGTR agt Belleville Div 1913sd, Seagrave 1915 ORT885
    Dancey SRCNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd * ORT1020
    Daniels GDCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1915sd ORT1190
    Danis MOCPR agt Cartier 1965sd ORT7101
    Danner MWCNR asst agt London Div 1923sd
    Danyluk RWCPR agt Clarabelle 1958sd ORT5991
    Daragon RJCNR agt Ottawa div 1923sd ORT1526
    Darling JECNR Toronto 'C' Office 1940sd ORT4285
    Darroch TACNR London 1922
    Daoust JCNR agt Cochrane div 1916sd ORT985
    Davern JECNR agt Belleville Div 1922sd ORT1795
    Davey CGCNR agt Belleville Div 1907sd ORT3679
    Davidson (Mrs) GeorgeMCRR (in ONT) agt Cayuga 1920s
    Davidson PH CPR agt Bala, Mactier sd1954 ORT4603
    Davidson RSGTR agt Belleville Div 1913sd, Uhthoff 1917 ORT806
    Davidson WFGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1902sd ORT1348

    Davies, Norm L
    CNR opr 1963sd
    Davies WGCNR Komoka 1979
    Davignon CCNR agt Ottawa Div 1927sd
    Davis DMCPR agt Grasett 1916sd ORT1784
    Dawdy SC CPR agt Tilbury * Aug 1 1953 ORT4625
    Dayman ClevelandCNR Coboconk, Lindsay
    Dayman CHCNR agt Belleville div 1902sd, TD 1906sd ORT757
    Dean LMCRR (in ONT) agt Comber 1920s
    Dearing Lloyd CCNR Georgetown, Stratford Div, 2nd trick Weston until 1961, Oshawa 1961, Hamilton Freight Ass't 1962, Gen Frgt Agt 1963 Hamilton, Macmillian Yd 1965-1979, sd1948 /r1979 (CNR Toronto yard brakeman 1945 (4 1/2 yrs RCAF Radar in Britain during WWII)
    Deering DOCPR opr Sudbury 1946sd, TD Sudbury 1952sd ORT2435
    Degagne RNCPR agt 1948sd ORT2738
    Delisle JECNR agt St.Lawrence Div 1901sd ORT138
    Delorme ACPR agt Struthers 1962sd ORT6677
    Demers AECNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918
    Demers AHCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd ORT1438
    Demers NACNR agt St.Lawrence Div 1940sd
    Demers RCPR opr Cartier 1951sd ORT3765
    Dempsey WPGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1918sd ORT3349, 1712
    Dempster HKCPR agt Midhurst Swing sd1958 ORT7244
    Denery JJCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1913sd ORT1117
    Denmark JCPR lineman White River Algoma div 1929sd ORT4691
    Depew FSCPR agt Algoma Dis White River 1903sd ORT337
    Dernoski E CPR agt Woodstock sdJun 9 1949 ORT4218
    Derrick HBGTR Wilno 1919
    Deschamp MCPR agt Sturgeon Falls 1959sd ORT6104
    Deschuymer GCNR spr opr Hornepayne /d1968
    Deshaies JHGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd ORT328
    Desjardins RGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1913sd
    Despault HACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1926sd ORT2681
    Devine VJCPR agt-opr/opr Toronto Yard (T) July 23 1950 ORT4775
    Devlin CharlieCPR Ellwood 1967
    Devlin JKGTR Tornto 1918
    Devine V CPR agt Don, Toronto Yard * sdJul 23 1950 ORT4775
    Dewar KGCPR opr Sudbury 1946sd, TD Sudbury 1951sd ORT2425
    Dewar WCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1923sd ORT4096
    Dewar WJCPR agt Derion 1913sd ORT1197
    Dick REGTR CNR agt London Div 1916sd ORT1331
    Dick RHCPR spare Algoma div 1923sd ORT3987
    Dickie TDCNR agt Belleville Div 1929sd
    Dickinson AJORT Port Arthur 1945
    Dickson WilliamGTR opr agt
    Sep 15, 1867-Dec 1877 Stoney Point
    . Dec 1877-Sep 1878 Glencairn
    . Sep 1878-Sep 1881 Cookstown
    . Sep 1881- May 1887 Georgetown
    . May 1887-May 1902 Staynor
    . May 1902-Dec 1907 Phelpstone
    . Ret Feb 18 1908 age 73
    . GTR Service Record No. 17715
    . (fa above / grtgdfa of Rob (email))

    Dickson, William Roger
    GTR Lorneville Jct 1916, Woodvill, Omemee Jct(fa above / grtgdfa of Rob (email))

    Dickson, Thomas Soame Spaul
    CNR Beaverton East stn (Midland Railway) until demolished late 1950s
    Dickey GECNR Hornepayne div 1928sd ORT1589
    Diltz CEGTR agt/opr 1889sd, Bronte 1906
    Diltz HRGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1890sd, Port Credit 1902
    Disher ERGTR CNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd ORT1189
    Dixon JHGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1915sd, TD 1916sd ORT1158
    Dobbie WJCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1919sd ORT1638
    Dobie JECNR agt London div 1918sd * ORT1660
    Doble ECCNR agt Belleville Div 1926sd
    Dobson FCPR agt North Bay 1910sd ORT3448
    Dochamplain LJECNR agt Cochrane div 1917sd ORT1151
    Doherty ACPR agt Durham, agt-opr/opr Guelph Jct, Arthur Jun 7 1947 ORT2619
    Doherty JACNR St Thomas 1920, Michigan Central 1925, CNR St Thomas 1940
    Dolpin JPCNR agt London div 1923sd
    Donald WSCPR CPR agt Spare, Alliston Apr 19 1964
    CPR TD Toronto spare Nov 11, 1968 ORT6865
    Donnelly AACPR asst agt Harriston, Brampton Apr 23 1928, agt-opr/opr Markdale (L) Apr 23 1928 ORT1935
    Donnelly BMCPR agt Chatsworth, Markdale * sdJun 2 1950 ORT2796
    Donnelly JHGTR Phelpston 1908

    Donovan, James Thomas
    CAR. agt Casselman 1887-90 / sometime later lived in Winnipeg & worked for rwy
    Doolin JTCPR agt Sudbury 1908sd, TD Sudbury 1912sd ORT468
    Doorwood RCGTR CNR agt London div 1918sd
    Dopking E CPR agt Cobourg Apr 28 1910 ORT228
    Doran GACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd ORT
    Dore HJGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1895sd ORT353
    Dorian AACPR agt Kipawa 1916sd ORT1543
    Dority Stanley ECPR Kemptville(?) 1923, Ottawa 'WA' office 1939
    Dorward RLCNR asst agt London Div 1918sd, London div TSupvr 1929sd
    Doucette RE CPR agt Streetsville May 14 1955 ORT5087
    Dougall JHCNR asst agt London div 1920sd
    Dowling FGCNR asst agt London div 1922sd
    Downey CSCPR agt North Bay, spare1930sd
    Downey GECPR agt Cartier 1964sd ORT6998
    Downey JFCPR agt Peninsula 1918sd ORT4675
    Downey PDCPR agt Spare 1966sd ORT7500
    Doyle P CPR agt Peterboro, Peterboro-Havelock Swing Aug 24 1951 ORT4649
    Doyle SB CNR Toronto 1953
    Drake WGCNR Capreol div 1928sd ORT1542
    Drakos ACPR agt Spare, Quebec Str sd1957 ORT5812
    Driscoll Peter MCNR London Div & Kamloops Div 1955-66
    Driscoll VCPR agt Spare - Oct 17 1957 no ORT
    Dronick MCPR agt-opr/opr Caradoc, agt Guelph, Teeswater Jun 4 1951 ORT4238
    Dryden ThomasGTR 1861 (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Dryer FGCPR agt Dryden 1940sd ORT2202
    Dubord JECNR agt Cochrane div 1925sd ORT2645
    Dubreuil, Cliff ACNR opr Capreol & Hornepayne Div 1954-64
    . worked as ACTD, Transportation officer, work program co-ordinator betn Capreol & Hoprnepayne to 1983
    . ACTD & CTD London 1983-87
    . 1987-8 ACTD MacMillan Yd
    . 1988-91 CRTC Toronto
    . 1954sd /r1991
    Dubreauil LECPR agt Cartier 1958sd ORT6203
    Duch, MCNT Sioux Lookout, Reditt, Transcona 1948-88
    Duchesne, HACNR agt St Lawrence Div 1913sd ORT1131
    Dudar MCPR opr Sudbury 1945sd, TD Sudbury 1951sd ORT2224
    Duff, OWCNR St Thomas div 1908sd
    Duffus, WGCNR asst agt London Div 1919sd ORT429
    Dulhanty FRCPR agt Orangeville, agt-opr/opr Orangeville (L)June 1 1948 ORT2897
    Dulude GECPR opr North Bay 1946sd ORT2564
    Dulude PACPR agt Angliers 1914sd ORT1098
    Duncan, John(?)OS&H (Northern RWY, CNR) Concord 1855-80 (1st telegraph op here)
    Dunlop GPGTR Sunnyside 1888
    Dunn AGCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1914sd ORT878
    Dupre JRCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1915sd
    Dupuis John ECPR Arnprior 1942, opr, agt, CTD smiths Falls Div /d1998
    Duquette, Don CCPR trained Warren 1951
    . first shift at Aylen 1201am June 2nd
    . 1951-3 Regain, Coldwell & Hemlo
    . 1953-4 Aylen
    . 1954-6 Brignal, White River and Dalton
    . 1957-62 Dean Lake
    . 1962-76 North Bay and Spare dispatcher Sudbury 1966-74 / TD Sudbury 1966sd
    . 1976-82 Montreal as General Chairman for former O.R.T. group CP & subsiduaries
    . 1982-90 North Bay & retirement & that is the best job yet
    . 1951sd, ORT3718 Note: DCQ passed away at North Bay General Hospital, Wed June 18th 2003 ... "Donald was employed with C.P. Rail as a telegrapher/dispatcher for a period of 43 years..."


    Durocher, AOCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd
    Dusto GECNR asst agt Allandale Div 1914sd ORT890
    Dutilly ECNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd
    Dutrisac JACNR agt Ottawa div 1917sd ORT1132
    Dutton ACNR asst agt London div 1922sd
    Dwyer CCPR agt Bearn 1912sd ORT3301
    Dwyer JCPR agt Chapleau-Franz 1917sd ORT3258
    Dwyer O CPR agt Walkerton Dec 2 1913 ORT 487
    Dzyngel JWCPR agt Regan 1962sd ORT6809
    Easrle CFGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Findley 1916
    Easterbrook WJCNR Port Arthur 1919 / TD
    Eaton GFCPR telegrapher Hemlo Algoma div 1921sd ORT3272
    Ebert AHCPR agt Soo 1913sd ORT1309
    Eby CGCNR London Div 1915sd, TS 1920sd ORT620
    Eby CGCNR London div TS 1940sd ORT970
    Edey WFCPR agt Rutter 1913sd ORT1234
    Edmonds FSCNR Stratford div 1919sd ORT631
    Edward JHCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1894sd
    Edwards JECPR agt Copper Cliff, Mackey 1917sd ORT2365, 788
    Egan CJCPR agt Burwash, Blind River 1917sd ORT3249, 994
    Elleker RAGTR/CNR Manilla Jct 1880
    Element RKCNR asst agt London Div 1923sd ORT4296,1425
    Ellerbeck RPCNR agt Belleville Div 1924sd ORT4151
    Ellig RGCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1921sd ORT2242
    Elliott JWMCRR (in ONT) agt Niagara Falls 1920s
    Ellis EMCNR agt Cochrane div 1927sd
    Ellis FSCNR Opr London, TD Hamilton & London
    Ellis TedACR agt/opr at various stns along the railway including Steelton (Sault Ste Marie), Searchmont, Mekatina ("I was there the night the Edmund Fitzgerald sank..."), Frater, Hawk Jct and Franz
    . 1972-83
    . resigned from ACR Dec 1983
    . web site at: Algoma Central
    Ellis, WGTR Burnt River 1914
    Ellis, WMCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd ORT3841
    Elvidge, HCNR agt London div 1920sd * ORT3943
    Emmerson JWTH&B agt Diltz 1920s
    Emery, HCGTR Huntsville 1919
    Emery, HECNR Allandale Div 1909sd ORT327

    Emmons, George Ramsey
    CNR early yrs worked Oakville Sub at Hamilton Bayview as switch tender
    . agt Burwash, Bala Sub
    . opr Peterbell & Hornepayne, Rule Sub
    . opr Lux (does not exist anymore), Hillsport, Armstrong & Nakina, Caramat Sub
    . agt Caramat & Longlac (Calong)
    . retired at Longlac
    . also Orville on back line that ran betn South Parry on Bala Sub to Emsdale on Newmarket Sub
    . most of his working history was on the NOD now NOZ Northern Ontario Dis or as it is called now Northern Ontario Zone on the Great Lakes Dis
    . 1930sd(?) Pin 067025 /r 1972
    Emmons, GRCNR agt Allandale div & also worked as TD Allandale & agt Armstrong 1940sd *
    England FOCPR agt/opr Markstay, spr 1922sd ORT3133
    Eno, JJCPR agt Soo 1913sd ORT1613
    Evans, ACNR Allandale Div 1910sd ORT157
    Evans, AJCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1941sd
    Evans, HGCNR Stratford div 1916sd ORT908
    Evans TMCRR (in ONT) agt London 1920s
    Evans, WAGTR Port Perry 1906, Beaverton d/73
    Fafard JLACNR agt Cochrane div 1927sd ORT4312
    Fallowfield AGTR Wyevale 1919
    Fallowfield JACNR asst agt Allandale Div 1912sd ORT634
    Falls HTCNR St Thomas TD /d73
    Fairchild HCNR London div TSupvr 1918sd ORT1110
    Fairchild HHCNR London Division 1916sd, TS 1918sd ORT681
    Farr MMCRR (in ONT) agt Perry 1920s
    Farrah JPMCRR (in ONT) agt Aylmer 1920s
    Farrah JWCNR agt London Div 1906sd, TD 1911sd
    Farrell FMACNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT773
    Farrell GLCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1905sd ORT1183
    Farrell LenCPR agt Sultan ca1960s
    Farrow CLCPR agt Oshawa-Trenton Swing sd1966
    Faubert HCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1928sd *
    Faught TJCPR agt 1914sd, TD Sudbury 1918sd ORT1310,3988
    Fawcett HRCPR opr Mattawa 1946sd ORT6703
    Fecteau FCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1928sd ORT3988
    Fecteau FrankCNR also worked as Traffic Suprvr Mimico
    Fecteau, FJCNR agt opr /d1968
    Fecteau, GCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1940
    Fellows, JMGTR Hawkestone 1904
    Ferguson, EWCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd ORT1491
    Ferguson, WJGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Prescott 1913, agt St Lawrence Div 1913sd ORT896
    Ferrier GI CPR agt Streetsville sdMay 8 1951 ORT3815
    Ferril LLCPR agt Stonecliffe 1961sd ORT6601
    Ferring, GCPR agt Loon 1915sd ORT1522
    Fersfin, WJCPR Toronto Yd 1987
    Field, BDGTR CNR agt London div 1915sd ORT1022, 634
    Fife, WHGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1918sd * ORT1483
    Fink, AMGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1912sd ORT1439
    Finn JECPR agt Britt 1961sd ORT6507
    Finnegan, GECNR agt Belleville Div 1925sd * ORT2060
    Finnegan, JEGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd * ORT980
    Firlotte CCPR agt Havelock, agt-opr/opr Havelock (T) June 26 1947 ORT3166
    Fisher CACNR asst agt London Div 1920sd * ORT3221
    Fisher CGGTR CNR agt London div 1920sd ORT1052
    Fisher ECCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd ORT3754
    Fisher HFGTR CNR Toronto 'C' Office 1919sd
    Fisher HRCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1924sd ORT3720
    Fisher KJCNR worked as Opr TD, CTD & Manager Rail Traffic Control Centre Toronto
    Fisher VHGTR Eastern Lines 8-9th Dis agt Hastings 1918
    Fisher VHCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1924sd ORT3843
    Fitchette AEGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd ORT974
    Fitzpatrick EWCPR agt Guelph Jct, agt-opr/opr Guelph Jct May 13 1951 ORT4077

    Fitzpatrick, Frank Albert
    CNR agt/opr North on Ruel & Caramat
    . at Oba on the Ruel & Auden on the Caramat (1962-4)
    . also worked at Tondern & Lux on RUEL SUB
    . 1953-64 - when CN abolished the job, FAF left the CN (email connection via his cousin below)

    Fitzpatrick, Reg
    ACR, CNR agt/opr
    . last ACR-CPR Agt Opr FRANZ, White River Sub for CP & Northern Sub for ACR
    . worked as a joint employee with CPR l976-9l
    . last opr at Franz. We still did things the old way right up to the end when both companies agreed to close the station in April of l99l. It was sure a unique situation indeed to be called upon day or night for orders whenever either the CN or CP would "Take the Brush". Being the only on there during that time, I would some times be on duty for 7 or 8 day sat a time with no relief
    . TCEU lodge #13 / Black Bear lodge unit ACR Soo local, BRAC member 1967-91
    Fitzsimmons, JTCNR agt London div 1916sd * ORT1091
    Flagler, John BeverlyT&NO opr (Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway later ONR) one arm telegraph opr 1914 - (conductor on GTR where lost arm)
    Flahert WCPR spare Algoma div 1928sd
    Flear, CJCPR agt Bolton, rlf TD Bruce Div Jun 30 1954, TD Toronto Yd * 1959 ORT3056
    Flett RRCPR agt Norwood, Tweed Jun 7 1946 ORT2682
    Fleetham CBCNR agt opr Powassan Allandale div * 1930sd /r1968
    Fleishman ESCPR telegrapher White RiverAlgoma div 1920sd ORT2821
    Fleming ATCNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd ORT1108
    Fleming CECNR Galt /d74
    Flett RRCPR agt-opr/opr Havelock (T)June 7 1946 ORT2682
    Flory LJCNR Belleville TM 1975-7
    Flynn GM CPR agt Ardendale no ORT
    Foley GNCNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd ORT4304
    Foley WECNR agt Ottawa div 1919sd ORT4278
    Folkard FAGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1914sd, Edgington 1917 ORT1584
    Fonger ECNR agt London Div 1912sd ORT881
    Fontaine JOCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919
    Foraker HCMCRR (in ONT) agt Windsor 1920s
    Forbes VE CPR agt Oshawa Sept 17 1951 ORT4916
    Ford GRCPR agt Thamesville,agt-opr/opr Windsor, Glencoe Jul 14 1950 * ORT3177
    Ford HE CPR asst agt Thamesford Jun 26 1924 ORT3918
    Forde HGTR Grafton 1906
    Forhan HAMCRR (in ONT) agt Amherstburg 1920s
    Forrest JHCNR agt Cochrane div 1915, TD Cochrane div 1917sd ORT252
    Forsey GCCPR agt Britt 1913sd ORT1169
    Fortier CICPR telegrapher Woman River Algoma div 1920sd ORT2744
    Fortier HHCPR agt Romford, Espanola 1917sd ORT1813, 1645
    Fortier LionelCNR Noranda 1979
    Fortin RCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1904sd ORT316
    Fortus SCPR Sudbury 1933-50, Toronto 1950
    Foster JLGTR CNR agtOttawa div 1913sd, Golden Lake 1914 ORT3180
    Foster SMCNR Capreol div 1920sd ORT1234
    Fournier EHCNR agt Ottawa div 1928sd
    Fournier FCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1920 ORT3205
    Fournier JAACNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919 ORT1707
    Fournier JVCNR agt Cochrane div 1920sd ORT4107
    Fox ?CNR Brockville ?-1915 (fa of Fox, Kittie below)
    Fox ARCNR agt Ottawa div 1915sd ORT1121
    Fox Kittie (Miss)CNR Brockville 1915
    Fox KM (Miss)CNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1917 ORT1321

    Fox Lloyd Key
    GTR CNR agt ORT 3092 SD April 17 1906 - Lucan age 21 (may have started here)
    . Owen Sound 1903-7?
    . Oakville 1907-8?
    . Petersburg 1909-16 ?
    . Shallow Lake 1916-35?
    . Rockwood 1936-47
    . grandfather had brother stn agts in Sudbary & Brent
    . (my fa, Oscar Stuart Fox born Shallow Lake at the stn & worked for CN Signals
    Fox MJCPR agt Ignace 1953sd ORT4730
    Fox PHCNR agt Ottawa div 1907, TD 1908sd
    Fox SCPR agt/opr Sudbury, spr 1921sd ORT3403/1927
    Frame JSCPR opr Spanish 1946sd ORT2430
    Francis JSGTR/CNR Mariposa 1909, agt Belleville Div 1901sd ORT766
    Francoeur GCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd ORT2653
    Francoeur, JACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd ORT2040
    Franklin, JVCPR Owen Sound 1929, Kirkland Lake-Villa Marie 1935 (sent hockey scores by Morse to Toronto & Buffalo newspapers)
    Fraser WA CPR asst agt Guelph Jct Jul 16 1928 ORT4014
    Frederick, ACPR agt Temiskaming 1917sd ORT1882
    Frederick EJCNR Opr GLR & TD Capreol
    Freeborne, EJCPR agt Chapleau 1911sd ORT2165
    Freeman, WCNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd ORT526
    Fujinami JNCPR agt White River 1957sd ORT5924
    Fullum, JBCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1907sd ORT290
    Furgiuele SCPR agt Leaside, Spare, West Toronto Depot Jul 30 1957 ORT6189

    Gagnon, Gilles
    CNR telegrapher
    . learned Morse 1954 with Napoleon Pepin agt Mattice Ont
    . Started 1955, worked many stations, Kapuskasing, Parent, Val D'OR, also go office Cochrane
    . Resigned 1961, employed by the city of Hearst in various capacities, was mayor of the city
    . Retired 1994
    Gainer Z (Mrs)CPR agt Spare 1964sd
    Galambos SCPR agt Windsor, LAkeshore Tower sd1960 ORT6947
    Galbraith ACPR agt Pte AuBaril 1912sd ORT3226
    Galbraith CRCNR agt Allandale div 1923sd ORT3709
    Galbraith HSCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1911sd ORT559
    Galbraith TACNR agt London Div 1910sd ORT579,271
    Gallagher HMCRR (in ONT) agt Leamington 1920s
    Gallagher PatrickCPR opr (born 1862 in ON later went to BC where engaged in gold mining for several yrs; home in Nelson became meeting place for Catholic missionaries
    Gallant CEMCRR/CPR TD - Bangor & Portland, ME - joint trackage CPR/MEC between Keag & Vanceboro to 1974
    Galloway NDCPR agt Port Arthur 1952sd ORT4013
    Gamble CTHN&STC 1846-? first Canadian telegraph operator & Canadian Company
    Gammon WCCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918 ORT1395
    Garant GJCPR agt Tilbury sd1960 ORTNON
    Gardiner TBCNR agt London Div 1910sd ORT551
    Garland EACNR agt London div 1028sd * ORT3813
    Garland RLCNR agt London div 1922sd * ORT3444
    Garvin FWCNR Capreol div, also CTD Hornepayne 1921sd ORT819
    Garvin SJCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd, 1927sd ORT549
    Gaudet LJCPR opr Angliers 1949sd ORT2910
    Gaudrie EWGTR Gravenhurst 1900
    Gaughan ASGTR Callander 1918
    Gaughan JJCNR agt Allandale div 1917sd ORT4093
    Gauthier ETCPR agt Cartier 1910sd ORT587
    Gauthier OCNR agt Ottawa div 1918sd * ORT1534
    Gauvin AJCPR agt Sudbury 1949sd, TD Sudbury 1966sd ORT4170
    Gauvin JECPR agt Laveriochere 1916sd ORT1711

    Gaw, James
    CPR Signal Lamp Maintainer, Bedell
    . worked way up to telegrapher/opr & remained in this position until he became Agt at Bedell 1953
    . worked mostly the 'graveyard shift', (midnight to 8:00am), a shift he liked because he was heavily involved in community & lodge business etc
    . 52 yrs of service /1959 (see Sam Gaw below)

    Gaw, Sam
    CPR asst agt Petawawa 1942 (summer)
    . asst agt Haley's (summer)
    . asst agt Arnprior 1944 then transferred to Carleton Place
    . did war service at Vimy then transferred to Ottawa while in the Signal Corps
    . upon discharge June 1946, back to CPR & working 'the around-the-world swing' which included 3 shifts at Bedell, Smiths Falls, Almonte, Cobden
    . 1951, rule changes meant no longer had to travel to other towns as part of his weekly shift & only worked Bedell
    . TD Smiths Falls 1953-58
    . TD 1958 (in order to protect seniority had to work Farnham PQ for 13 months
    . TD Smiths Falls 1960-68
    . Toronto, Rules Instructor for train personnel 1968
    . Asst Superintendent 1971
    . Asst Superintendent London 1974
    . Manager of Rules, Training and Time Services Montreal 1977 - did much work on preparing & implementing new Uniform Code of Rules (UCOR)
    . transferred from CPR to Federal government to help impliment introduction of new CROC
    . spent 42 yrs with CPR (see also James Gaw above - note: fa of Barry a CPR trainman 1941, conductor in Ottawa - worked trains from Ottawa to Prescott, Smith Falls, Montreal, Maniwaki, Waltham /r 1984 with 43 yrs service)
    Geary, JCNR Lindsay TD /d74
    Gendron, FJCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1917
    Georgison DCPR agt 1950sd ORT2792
    Geraldi, HACNR agt Ottawa div 1937sd * ORT3915
    Germain, JCCNR agt Cochrane div 1911sd ORT2118
    Germain, WEGTR CNR agt/opr London Div ES:1891 ORT89

    Gerrrish, Clifford
    CNR CPR 1933-7 Telegram Messenger (bicycle) Fort William
    . 1937 Commercial Telegrapher WN Office Winnipeg MB
    . 1938 Telegraph opr UN office Fort William ON
    . CPR appt'd Royal Messenger for King George Tour in 1939 for 2 days
    . 1951 3rd Opr Kaministiquia
    . 1956 Agent Birds Hill MB
    . 1958 Agent Kaministiquia
    . 1963 Swing Opr Current River
    . /r (Medical) 1967
    . Sign "CX" ORT # 1494
    . /d 1973
    Gervais LJRRCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1927sd * ORT3733
    Geseron EACPR agt Espanola 1912sd ORT4805
    Geseron JLCPR opr Espanola, McKerrow 1941sd ORT4154
    Geunesse, HLCPR Dorion 1987
    Glen, Chic CCNR 3rd trick ACD Mac Yd /r about 1986
    Glenn WACPR telegrapher Nemegos-Bolkow Algoma div 1919sd ORT2741
    Globe, FHCPR Kitchener 1942
    Glover SECPR agt Clarabelle 1958sd ORT6386

    Gibeault Olivier
    CNR TD Belleville 1966-79, ACTD Belleville & Montreal Qc 1971-80, Regional CTD Montreal Qc 1980-86
    Gibson AHCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1914sd ORT4265
    Gibson BertCNR / TH&B agt Port Colbourne 1982
    Gibson JFCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1894sd ORT2095
    Gibson MatthewGTR first agt? (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Giffer WGCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd ORT394
    Gignac JACPR agt Algoma Dis Mattawa 1903sd ORT305
    Gignac JFXCNR agt Cochrane div 1929sd ORT4337
    Gilbert AECNR agt Belleville Div 1918sd
    Giles DECNR opr Fort Frances 1945
    Giles GECPR?
    Gilfillan JJCPR agt Pt Burwell, agt-opr/opr Guelph Jct (L), Walkerton June 2 1948 ORT2876
    Gill GGCNR ACD Capreol 1983
    Gillis EB MrsCPR agt Raith 1966sd
    Gillis RACPR agt Raith 1953sd ORT5257

    Gillis Sidney Philip
    . aka Sy or SP
    . North Bay 1951-60
    . later stationed in St Catharines as Wire Chief and Office Manager
    . retired 1981
    . passed away 1991

    . Other people who worked for CNT St Catharines office and CNR at the time: Jacques Rochefort, Jim Gelson, Jack Beaulieu, Rick Beaulieu, Jack Inwood, Bill Adams (retired early 60s from that office).

    Gillies GCCPR agt Spare, Lakeshore Tower sd1957 ORT5806
    Gillies HLCPR agt 1947sd ORT2380
    Gillies JWCPR agt Parry Sound 1916sd, TD Sudbury 1929sd ORT4565
    Gilligan RLGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Shannonville 1916, agt Belleville Div 1915sd * ORT676
    Gilpen, WHGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1916sd, Lindsay ORT 826 /d74
    Gilpin D CPR asst agt Orangeville Sep 5 1922 ORT1854
    Gilpin, JCNR agt London Div 1913sd ORT749, TD London div 1932sd ORT691
    Gillispie RDCNR Opr London area TMD Hamilton TD Macmillan Yard
    Gingras Wilf JCNT/CNR Guelph 1919, Stratford, North Bay, Alliston 1940s, Toronto 1962 /r62
    Giroux JCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd ORT352
    Giroux TGCPR agt Romford-Sturgeon Falls 1917sd ORT2041
    Givens EGCNR agt Allandale div 1928sd ORT4042
    Gleason AMCRR (in ONT) agt Tillsonburg 1920s
    Gleeson WACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1894sd
    Godbout ACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1913sd ORT856
    Goddart FACNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918 ORT1533
    Godden AGRCNR agt Allandale div Barrie 1916ad, ACD 1920sd ORT2330 /d73
    Godwin CACNR Toronto (morse supvr) ?/d72
    Goegan ECPR agt Missanabie, Cartier 1949sd, Relf TD Schreiber sd1959, TD Schreiber 1965sd ORT5067

    Gollmer RE
    CPRail 3rd Trick OS Stn Raith Oct 4/79-Feb 20 /80
    . transferred Ignace 3rd Trick Terminal Opr Feb 20/80-Apr 27/83
    . transfered Kenora 3rd trick to Sep 21/90
    . when jobs abolished transferred to Winnipeg Dispatching Centre RTD to Mar 1991
    . /r Mar 1991 - Oct 4/79sd
    Goodberry AR CPR agt Wilkinson May 8 1954 ORT5207
    Goodings, GBCNR agt London div 1920sd ORT1558
    Goodwin, DCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1903sd, Belleville Div 1906sd ORT478
    Goodwin, ELCNR agt London Div 1911sd ORT701,343
    Goodwin JJGTR New Lowell 1876
    Goodwin, LACPR agt Nicholson 1912sd ORT4283
    Gordon, GGCNR TTR div TSupvr 1915sd ORT1762
    Gorman, CCPR agt Navilus 1910sd ORT1103
    Gormley, RTCNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT3623
    Goslin, JJCNR agt Belleville Div 1918sd * ORT4007
    Gosney, ClaytonCNR agt Allandale div 1920sd, TD 1927sd ORT1625
    Gosson, JJCPR agt Webbwood 1917sd ORT4690
    Gotby, JBCNR agt London div 1914sd ORT1317
    Gotro, WCPR agt Creighton 1917sd ORT27
    Goudy, WACNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd ORT642
    Gourde, JALCNR agt Cochrane div 1926sd ORT4531
    Gourley, WJCPR agt Parry Sound 1918sd ORT4778
    Gow, G GTR South March 1890
    Gniazdoski, P CPR Nemegos 1956, RTD Sudbury 1974-8
    Graham, DACNR agt London div 1923sd ORT1106
    Graham EJCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd
    Graham TWGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Cornwall 1908
    Graham WTCPR spare Algoma div 1930sd
    Granger ENGTR/CNR agt Scarboro Jct 1910-20, agt Belleville Div 1905sd ORT205
    Grant EHCPR opr Nobel 1929sd ORT1610
    Grant HJCPR agt Sprage 1910sd ORT857
    Grant WWMCRR (in ONT) agt Victoria Park, Niagara Falls 1920s
    Graves FCNR Gravenhurst 1925, Kitchener 1945-71
    Gray JCPR opr Schreiber 1926sd ORT1744
    Gray JWGTR York (Danforth) 1903-19
    Gray JWCNR agt London Div 1906sd, agt St.Lawrence Div sd1920 ORT3162
    Gray RDCNR St Lawrence div 1940sd ORT3356
    Green DACNR opr spare 1984sd
    Green CJR CPR agt Pontypool Feb 4 1919 ORT1659
    Green GFCNR agt Belleville Div 1903sd ORT479
    Green RE CPR agt Tweed May 10 1919 ORT4141
    Green WCPR agt Cartier 1915sd ORT4727
    Greenfield FGGTR Newtonville 1914
    Greenfield RGCNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT702
    Greening GDCPR agt Toronto, Trick TD Toronto Jun 30 1955 no ORT
    Greenlaw, DWCNR agt Allandale div 1922sd ORT1764

    Greer Jack D
    CPR agt
    . relieved on the Schrieber Div
    . worked permanent jobs in Nemegos ,Sultan Ontario
    . transferred to London Div where worked permanent positions Guelph Jct, Ayr & Galt
    . sd 1965
    . retired in 1970
    . I love his added note: "... A wonderful vocation as telegraph operator and relief station agent..Some of my weirdest was working train orders in a snow plow type for a work crew at English River Ont. Pogamasing with the bears at a train order station and Metagama, really out in the bush."
    Grey JCPR agt Schreiber 1926sd ORT`744
    Grey LBCPR spare Algoma div 1923sd ORT3290
    Griffith, IBCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1915sd
    Grimes JFMCRR (in ONT) agt Brigden 1920s

    Grindrod, Edmund Holden
    My grandfather, Edmund Holden Grindrod, and parents arrived in Boston in June 1876 from England. They immediately went to Toronto. Edmund became employed by The Dominion Telegraph Co. and found himself in the room when Alexander G. Bell made the long distance call from Brantford. From Toronto he went to Detroit to work for J. F. Munsie, contractor for American Union Telegraph Co. eventually going to Winnipeg Manitoba (1881).
    From there his journal's account takes him west ("...I worked as carpenter on first hotel built in Brandon but lumber ran out and had to leave before more arrived. Arrived back in Winnipeg July 12th, next day went to Portage La Prairie to see Mr. Munsie, Superintendent of Telegraph Construction, and started work with him at once and was just in time to assist raising the first telegraph pole that the Canadian Pacific Railroad syndicate raised in their own work....I was the first lineman appointed on the Western Division").
    1886 found him and his young family arriving in Kamloops B.C. with the new railroad and as Inspector of Telegraphs for the C.P.R. he supervised the building of telegraph lines in southern B.C. (Kootenay country, Arrow Lakes and on to Vancouver).

    Groh, CS
    CNR agt London div agt Ilderton 1915sd * ORT1127 retired early 1960s
    Groleau JEACNR agt Cochrane div 1921sd, TD Cochrane div 1938sd ORT3688
    Grose CECNR asst agt London Div 1920sd ORT1627
    Grudy WGTR Toronto 1913
    Gruening JVDCPR TD Toronto Yd 1959

    Guba, Milton Samuel
    CNR opr Fort Francis 1953sd / passed away 27 Jun 2004
    Guenther RHCNR agt London div sd1915, Rockwood 1934 * ORT1104
    Guidon JNCPR agt Pte Au Baril 1965sd ORT7089
    Guimond JWCPR spare Algoma div 1924sd ORT4019
    Guindon DCPR agt Azilda 1911sd ORT1019
    Guindon EACPR opr Cache Bay 1946sd ORT4644
    Guidon JNCPR spare Algoma div 1927sd ORT4606
    Guise Mrs MCPR agt Zorra, agt-opr/opr Zorra Jul 13 1949 ORT4394
    Gulick, EHGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1917sd, Whitehall 1919 ORT1184
    Gulstein, AGGTR/CNR Riverdale 1904
    Gulston AGGTR Riverdale 1917
    Guluk DCPR agt Sudbury 1952sd ORT4800
    Gummer HSCNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd ORT3715
    Gunn GCCPR agt Embro, agt-opr/opr Caradoc, St Marys Apr 3 1951 ORT4675
    Gurney BTCNR Palmerston 1979
    Gurney S GeorgeCNR Newmarket, Richmond Hill 1964-9, Bradford, MacMillan Yd 1989 /r89
    Gurney WRCNR Port Robinson East 1979
    Guse Don ACPR opr London 1946sd, TD London 1951sd
    Guse EACPR spare Algoma div 1927sd
    Guse EHCPR agt Hurkett 1906sd ORT421
    Guse HWCPR agt Loon, White River 1950sd ORT3085
    Gustafson WCCPR TD Kenora 1947sd ORT3697
    Guthrie WBCNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd ORT977
    Hagerman, CCNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd ORT800
    Hahn, ECNR agt London div 1923sd * ORT3978
    Haldenby RKCPR agt Ingersoll Mar 12 1946, agt-opr/opr London CSC (L) Mar 12 1946 ORT2470
    Hales BRCPR opr Manitouwadge 1941sd ORT4741
    Hales ERCPR agt Soo 1912sd ORT952
    Hales GRCPR opr Sudbury 1942sd, TD Sudbury 1947sd ORT1865
    Hales PI (Mrs)CPR opr SSMarie 1943sd ORT3006
    Hales RJCPR opr Terrace Bay 1945sd ORT2256
    Halpenny RJCPR spare Algoma div 1926sd
    Hall CH CNR CPR Hamilton 1921, Western Union, Postal Telegraph
    Halliday GusCNR Gananoque Jct 1951
    Halliday MACNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT2229
    Halpenny RJCPR opr SS Marie 1926sd ORT1675
    Hambly HVCPR agt Guelph, agt-opr/opr Goderich, Port Burwell May 17 1951 * ORT4877

    Hamel - all bothers!
    Unique image of all Hamel brother's (see also Hamel in Quebec)

    Hamel, J Guy
    CNR Cochrane Div , Laurentian Div , Ottawa Div , Edson Div (SK) , TD Belleville 1947-64 (fa JW Hamel Jr) - see also Quebec

    Hamel, Joe Raymond
    CNR Barrys Bay 1951-2, ONR 1953-4 / CPR wire chf Schreiber 1954-75 /r 1989 (fa JW Hamel jr, 3 sons active with CPR - James, Schreiber div/Steve, Kamloops Div/Perry, Schreiber Div)

    Hamel, J Wilfred Jr
    GTR Point Levis PQ (call boy) / CNR Laurentian, Cochrane, Ottawa, St Lawrence divns 1920-65 - operation supervisor Granby,Que SRB 107320 /r 1965 (fa of three sons as shown [J Guy, Jos Raymond & Pierre Y]

    Hamel, Pierre Y
    ONR opr North Bay [details ONR pg] (br of above, fa JW Hamel Jr) /r 1990
    Hamilton, AWCNR agt London div 1916sd ORT1609
    Hamilton, GWCNR opr spare 1974sd
    Hamilton, WNCPR agt Markstay 1912sd ORT1084
    Hammond, EGTR CNR Angus 1917 Allandale Div 1911 ORT545

    Hampson, Pearl L
    . married my uncle David Beath (1886-1979) Nov 8 1911 in North Bay, ON
    . she was a Telegrapher, presumably with the CPR (born in Walkerton but we don't know when or why she went to North Bay)
    . (David Beath longtime CPR employee born in North Bay who started in "dining car stores" in 1901. He retired Aug. 1, 1951 as Master Mechanic based in Winnipeg. He spent most of his service in many places in the Prairie provinces)
    Hancock MECNR Opr GLR & various management positions GLR
    Hancock, RMCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1913sd ORT1732
    Hann, John CPR 1949-52 Toronto, CNR 1958-88 Toronto 'C' Office, Stratford Div Guelph 1965-70 /r 1988
    Hanna, RCCNR agt Ottawa div 1916sd ORT1092
    Hannah, HHGTR/CNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd, Gelert 1919, ORT1025
    Hannah L (Mrs)CPR agt spare sd1966
    Hannah WDCPR agt Bolton, Tichborne sd1955
    CPR TD Toronto spare (T) Dec 11,1965 ORT5997
    Hannah WLCPR agt Perth-Glen Tay Swg ORT
    Hanrahan TPCPR telegrapher Heron Bay Algoma div 1920sd ORT2681
    Hansen ADCPR agt Kenora 1951sd ORT3600
    Hansen KLCPR agt Glen Tay * 1956sd
    Hanson ABCPR agt 1966sd
    Hanson ADCPR TD Kenora 1965sd ORT3600
    Hanthorn BECPR agt Claremont Sep 13 1929 ORT2047
    Hannula OACPR opr Nipigon 1943sd ORT1964
    Harbaruk J CPR agt Roblindale, Camp Borden * Sep 4 1951 ORT5061
    Harbaruk JDCPR agt Don sd1965 ORT7044
    Hardy RJCNR agt Ottawa div 1918sd ORT1489
    Hardy SCNR 1948-65, Hamilton TD 1965-?
    Hare AMMCRR (in ONT) agt Tillsonburg 'A' City 1920s
    Hare PCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd * ORT1440
    Hargeaves EACPR spare Algoma div 1930sd
    Harkness GECNR agt Allandale div 1918sd ORT1291
    Harmer PJCPR agt Ayr Swing sd1961 ORTNON
    Harper RFGTR CNR Longford 1904sd ORT385
    Harrington RBTH&B agt Port Davidson 1920s
    Harris ERCNR Simcoe 1979
    Harris DACNR Toronto 1955, Kingston
    Harris MAGTR agt Trenton 1913, agt Belleville Div 1903sd ORT194
    Harris TDTHN&STC 1846-? first Canadian telegraph opr & Canadian Co
    Harris WHGTR Renfrew 1907

    Harrison, Bruce Alexander
    CNT Windsor ca1900-ca1940 /d 1951 (see bro FR Harrison, AB)
    Harrison DBCNR opr spare 1983sd
    Harrison EGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1919sd ORT3698, 1669
    Harrison EJCNR Toronto Terminals div 1909sd, TSupvr 1918sd ORT738
    Harrison MPCPR opr Sturgeon Falls 1944sd, TD Sudbury 1965sd ORT2134
    Harrison, SBGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1903sd
    Harrington, Mrs EGTR Smithfield 1917
    Hart, CCNR leverman London div, Woodstock 1918sd
    Hart, GECNR opr Orillia /r1968

    Hart, Samuel Kent
    CPR stn agt Toronto - fell when changing lines on GTR & a train claimed his leg; taken to Orillia for immediate surgery on a nearby kitchen table (accident was probably in the late 90s) - after accident sent to Toronto & worked the CPR freight office on Bay Street /retired from CPR mid to late '30s
    Hart, SLCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd ORT576
    Harvey, CHGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div, Washago 1920 1911sd ORT1545
    Harvey, GACNR agt Allandale div 1930sd * ORT3692
    Harvey, JACNR agt Cochrane div 1918sd ORT2189

    Hately, Doug
    CPR Trenton Division relief opr 1964-5 ORT6958-7
    Hathaway, RHMTC 1850-?
    Havelock, DCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1916sd ORT3732
    Havelock, SCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1940sd ORT4227
    Havern MDCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1941sd
    Hawke WNCPR agt Algoma Dis Sudbury 1905sd, TD 1908sd ORT462
    Hawkins GCNR agt London Div 1904sd, London div TSupvr 1907sd ORT1548
    Hawkins WCPR agt Algoma Dis Echo Bay 1889sd ORT2095
    Hawkins WJCPR opr Copper Cliff, Echo Bay 1927sd ORT1897

    Haworth, Lawrence (Larry)
    CPR agt 1945-48 all over ON, agt Bolton 1948, agt Elmira 1951, agt Goderich 1960-9, opr London (Quebec St) 1969-1979 /r1979 /d1994 July 25 1946sd ORT2426
    Hayduk RLCNR opr spare 1974sd
    Hayes DWGTR 17 Dis, Cannon Str Hamilton 1918

    Hayes, Edward Patrick
    K&P (CPR) agt Tichborne 1920 to late 1950s
    Hayes FB CPR agt MacTier Jun 20 1917 ORT4007

    Hayes, Oran J
    CNR var Allandale Sub / trained at Kearney by the agt Stewart Nethercott (Kearney opened approx 1896, closed 1950s) / TD Capreol / additional: asst agt July 1954 / April 1956 classed as telegrapher / worked various stns on the old Allandale Sub / classed up as a Train Dispatcher Capreol 1965 also relieved as Asst Chief until promoted to Asst. Chief Hornepayne 1985 / 1986 with office consolidation moved to Toronto as Chief Rail Traffic Controller / retired 1990
    Hayes, William HCNR Port Arthur div / Red Pass Jct, Prince Rupert 1951-57
    Haynes, FBCPR agt Cartier 1917sd ORT4439
    Hayward, AECNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1919sd ORT1562
    Headley, DKCNR opr spare 1974sd
    Healey, GLGTR Toronto 1900
    Hearty NCPR agt Spare Jun 9 1957 no ORT
    Heath, OWGTR/CNR agt London Div 1908sd, Port Rowan ORT1175 /d72
    Hebert CJCPR agt Webbwood 1962sd ORT6913
    Heels, FWGTR agt Belleville Div 1910sd, Waubaushene 1919 ORT845
    Heels, HACNR agt Allandale div 1919sd ORT1826
    Heldmann, IJGTR agt London Div 1903sd, Burlington Jct 1912 ORT261 & 106
    HenaffCPR agt spare sd1966
    Henault, JLCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918
    Henderson BACNR Opr London area & Macmillan Yard TD Mac Ysd
    Henderson CACNR opr spare 1984sd
    Henderson Garnet, MCNR opr Lucknow (fa of hockey great Paul Henderson)
    Henderson JLCPR agt Nemegos 1915sd ORT1562
    Hendry JCPR telegrapher Peninsula Algoma div 1919sd ORT2514
    Henry JPSouth Woodslee 1896
    Henry SCNR agt opr Moorefield /r1968
    Henry SCNR agt London div 1925sd * ORT1850
    Herbert EWCNR agt London div 1920sd ORT1085
    Herbert HCNR agt Allandale div 1920sd ORT1753
    Herbison BCPR agt spare sd1966
    Hetherington NDCNR agt London div 1919sd * ORT1987
    Hewitt CMCRR (in ONT) agt Hewitt 1920s
    Hewitt MWCNR agt London div 1918sd ORT1884
    Hewitt WCNR Rockwood 1951-2
    Heyden MFCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1915sd ORT1118
    Hibrant WACPR agt Weston, agt-opr/opr Toronto May 26 1948 ORT4977
    Hicks JSCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1920 ORT3876
    Hickson, CHCNR agt Allandale div 1919sd ORT1590
    Higgins JCCPR opr Creighton, Bruce 1946sd ORT2292
    Higgs, CFCNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd ORT3637
    Hill, JRCNR asst agt London div 1922sd
    Hill, LAGTR Colwell Jct 1913
    Hill LACPR agt Toronto, TD Revelstoke & CPR Trick TD Toronto Jul 1 1951 ORT3192
    . Jul 1,1954 ORT4319
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Revelstoke, Lethbridge Jun 30 1949 ORT4319
    Hill TSCNR agt London div 1918sd * ORT1299
    Hillman RP CPR agt St Thomas, London sdFeb 16 1952 ORT4486
    Hintz RWCNR opr spare 1984sd
    Hirlehey PHCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1941
    Hirlehey WGTR Gilford 1919
    Hnatiuk PMCNR opr Flin Flon 1955sd
    Hobbs WGCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1920sd ORT4348
    Hodgson FEMCRR (in ONT) agt St Davids 1920s
    Hogan HCPR agt Loon 1942sd ORT5198
    Hogan HansCPR opr Red Rock, Manitouwadge 1943sd ORT5122
    Hogan TCPR opr Coldwell 1947sd
    Hodgins JBGTR CNR agt/opr London Div sd1891 ORT468
    Hodgins JRGTR CNR Stouffville Jct 1912
    Hodginson ?CNR manager Windsor 1920s
    Hodgson G CPR agt Port Hope, Toronto Yd sdJun 5 1951 ORT4553
    Hodgson GBCNR agt London div 1925sd ORT1771
    Hodgson GLCPR agt Galt July 9 1969 ORT9040
    Hofford COCNR agt Toronto Terminals div 1918sd, TSupvr 1935sd
    Hogan JRCPR opr Loon 1947sd ORT5164
    Hogan TACPR agt white River 1947sd ORT6472
    Hogg JACPR agt Schreiber 1908sd, TD Schreiber 1912sd ORT573
    Holley GeorgeGTR / CNR Oct 1914-46 (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Holman FPCPR asst agt Ayr sd1917 ORT665
    Holman FWCPR agt Woodstock sd1958 ORT6145
    Holmes RCCPR agt Port Arthur 1939sd ORT1548
    Holt AWCNR asst agt London Div 1923sd * ORT4371,1479 (some show 1924)
    Honsinger CNCPR agt Bolton CSC, Brampton May 22 1953 ORT2944
    Honsinger J CPR agt Brampton * May 22 1953 ORT2944
    Hooper ENGTR/CNR agt London Div 1911sd, TD 1916sd ORT3537 & 964
    Hord EJgtr CNR asst agt London div 1890sd ORT1040
    Hord LGGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1898sd, Clarkson 1905 ORT84
    Horde AHCNR leverman London div, Komoka 1893sd
    Horgan, TJCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1918sd ORT1368
    Horne DMCPR agt Kenora 1951sd ORT4051

    Horner (Emes), Doris Elizabeth
    CN Telegraphs, messenger 1941 (see husband, George below)

    Horner, George W
    • Sep 11-Dec 10 1941 - Messenger - Spadina Stores, Round House & Coach Yard
    • Dec 11-Dec 23 1941 - Labourer - Leaside Stores - Car Shop
    • Jan 10-Jul 05 1942 - Messenger "C" Telegraph Office
    • Jul 06-Jan 10 1943 - Clerk-Messenger "C" Telegraph Office
    • Jan 11-Jul 10 1943 - Clerk - "C" Telegraph Office
    • Jul 11-Oct 15 1943 - Clerk - "R" Telegraph Office
    • Oct 18-Oct 31 1943 - Spare Opr Gananoque Jct
    • Nov 01-Nov 07 1943 - Spare Opr Port Hope
    • Nov 08-Nov 17 1943 - Spare Opr Scarboro
    • Nov 18-Dec 02 1943 - Spare Asst Agt Picton
    • Dec 03-Dec 18 1943 - Spare Baggageman Trenton Jct
    • Dec 19-Dec 31 1943 - Spare Opr Belleville "B"
    • Jan 01-Dec 31 1944 - Spare Opr Belleville "B", Ardbeg, Sudbury Jct, Brighton, Ernestown, Bowmanville, Scarboro
    • Jan 01-Jun 03 1945 - Spare Opr Scarboro
    • Jun 04-Dec 12 1945 - Swing Opr Trenton Jct, Napanee, Gananoque Jct
    • Dec 13-Dec 31 1945 - Swing Opr Brighton, Trenton Jct, Napanee
    • Jan 01-Jan 08 1946 - Swing Opr Brighton, Trenton Jct, Napanee
    • Jan 09-Dec 31 1946 - Spare Opr Mimico East, West Toronto, St Clair Avenue, CPR Don, Danforth, Mimico Yd, Parkdale, Cabin E
    • Jan 01-Dec 31 1947 - Spare Opr Toronto Union, West Toronto, Mimico Yd, Parkdale, Danforth, St Clair Avenue
    • Jan 01-Jan 09 1948 - Spare Opr Toronto Union, Mimico Yd
    • Jan 10-Dec 31 1948 - 3rd Trick Opr CPR Don - Extra Work at Mimico Yd, Mimico East, Toronto Union, St Clair Avenue, Parkdale, Danforth
    • Jan 01-Apr 02 1949 - 3rd Trick Opr CPR Don - extra work Toronto Union
      Apr 03-Dec 31 - 3rd Trick Opr "QN" Parkdale, extra work
      "WH" Toronto Traffic Supvr, "UN" Tornto Union
    • Jan 01-Dec 31 1950 - 3rd Trick Opr "QN" Parkdale
      extra work "WH" Toronto Traffic Supvr , "UN" Toronto Union
    • Jan 01-May 31 1951 - 3rd Trick opr "QN" Parkdale, extra work "WH" Toronto Traffic Supvr , "UN" Toronto Union
      Jun 01 - start five day week
      Jun 01-Dec 31 - Swing Traffic Supvr & Opr Toronto Union; Oct 01 start 2nd yr rate as Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Dec 31 1952 - Swing Traffic Supvr & Opr Toronto Union
      May 08-09, May 22, Nov 04-05 Extra wok "MJ" & "MO" Opr Canpa Tower; Aug 27 start 3rd yr rate Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Dec 31 1953 - Swing Traffic Supvr & Opr Toronto Union
      Aug 29 Extra work Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Mar 07 1954 - Swing Traffic Supvr & Opr Toronto Union
      Mar 08-Apr14 Swing Chief Tfc Supvr & Opr Toronto Union
      Apr 15 Start six day week
      Apr 15-Dec 31 - 3rd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Jun 19 1955 - 3rd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Jun 20-Jul 09 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Jul 10-Dec 31 - 3rd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Jul 29 1956 - 3rd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Jul 29-Aug 18 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 19-Aug 31 - 3rd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 31-Sep 13 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Sep 14-Dec 31 - 3rd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Feb 04 1957 - 3rd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Feb 05-Aug 18 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 19-Sep 07 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Sep 08-Dec 31 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Aug 17 1958 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 18-Sep 06 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Sep 07-Dec 31 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Jul 05 1959 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Jul 06-Jul 11 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Jul 12-Aug 17 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 18-Aug 22 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 23-Dec 31 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Aug 14 1960 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 15-Aug 20 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 21-Nov 27 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Nov 28-Dec 03 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Dec 04-Dec 31 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-May 14 1961 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      May 15-May 20 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      May 21-Jul 30 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Jul 31-Aug 12 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 13-Sep 17 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Sep 18-19 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Sep 20-Nov 05 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Nov 06-12 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Nov 12-Dec 31 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Jul 22 1962 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr *March 26 Office moved to Mimico Yd
      Jul 23-Aug 11 - 1st Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
      Aug 12-Dec 31 - 2nd Trick Chief Traffic Supvr
    • Jan 01-Dec 31 1963 - 2nd Trick Asst Chief Traffic Supvr (26 days relieving Chief Traffic Supvr)
    • Jan 01-Dec 31 1964 - 2nd Trick Asst Chief Traffic Supvr (24 days relieving Chief Traffic Supvr)
    • Jan 01-Apr 24 1965 - 2nd Trick Asst Chief Traffic Supvr (8 days relieving Chief Traffic Supvr)
      Apr 25-Jun 11 - various shifts, training Asst Chief Train Dispatcher
      Jun 12-Dec 31 - 2nd Trick Asst Chief Traffic Dispatcher
    • Jan 01-Dec 31 1966 - 2nd Trick Asst Chief Traffic Dispatcher (Oct 16 start five day week); various dates relieving 1st trick Asst Chief Train Dispatcher
    • Jan 01-Jan 31 1967 - worked various shifts Asst Chief Train Dispatcher
    • Note: 1966-1986 ACTD MacMillan Yard
    • retired 1986
    • see Wife, Doris Elizabeth Horner (Emes) above)
    • Passed Away 17 Jan 2012
    Hornsby, JCPR agt Bigwood 1915sd ORT1713
    Hornsby, RCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1941
    Hotton, Cedric WCNR Toronto 1957, TTR 1960
    Hough, ElwoodCNR agt Stratford 1947-55 /d 1998?
    Houle, PHWCNR agt Cochrane div 1918sd ORT4099
    Houles, Emile LGTR/CNR 1923-34
    Houser, EGTR CNR agt London div 1919sd ORT1086

    Houston, James H
    CNR Student Telegrapher Dorchester Sept. 16, 1957
    . May 13/58sd, worked on Belleville, St. Thomas, London, Stratford Divns 1958-61
    . Claims Agent CN Central Region 1961-64
    . Spare Opr. St. Thomas Div. 1964-5
    . Transferred to Brakeman March 3/65 London, Conductor 1968, Loc. Engr. 1974 London, Windsor, Sarnia, retired as active Loc Engr Aug 31/95
    . Provincial Legislative Chairman Ontario Bro. Loc. Engrs. (7 railroads - 28 divisions) 1989-98
    . retired as Prov. Chairman June 1998
    Howard FCNR asst agt London Div 1919sd * ORT2780, 1125
    Howard HHCPR opr Schreiber 1926sd, TD Schreiber 1942sd ORT5288
    Howard WACPR agt Dalton 1957sd ORT6035
    Howe EMCRR (in ONT) agt Bridgeburg 1920s
    Howes HSCNR asst agt London Div 1919sd * ORT1407
    Hoy DMCRR (in ONT) agt Fletcher 1920s
    Hretchka, NickCNR Haggersville 1943, Welland Junction, Union Station, West Toronto, St. Clair Ave 1953-78 (abol 1978) /r88

    Hruskowy, Ted H
    CNR opr St Thomas sd1979

    Hrycay, John
    CPR asst agt Vermilion Bay, Ignace, Dryden, Wapella, Selkirk, Bienfait 1957-9
    . opr 1959-90 Raith, Ignace, Dryden, Kenora, Eagle River, Elkhorn, Brandon, Virden, Maryfield
    . early retirement 1990 as Swg Opr Kenora, Dryden, Ignace, Thunder Bay
    Hrynyshyn MPCPR agt Paryy Sound sd1944, Relf TD Sudbury sd1960 ORT2134
    Hudd PCPR twrman Tecumseh St Twr sd1966 (may appear as WP)
    Hudson LCGTR CNR asst agt London div 1916sd ORT1305
    Hudyma MCPR twrman Tecumseh St Twr (T) Oct 22 1964 ORT7225
    Huehn GACNR agt London div 1925sd *
    Huff AECNR agt St.Lawrence div 1911sd
    Huffman DougCNR Kearney
    Hughes ACGTR CNR agt London Div 1915sd ORT705
    Hughes AFCNR Simcoe, Port Colbourne 1944 - London & Stratford Divisions - Clinton, Fergus, Guelph, Kitchener, Palmerston, Stratford 'OD' Office, Magor, Norval, CD London 1977
    Hughes FJCNR asst agt Pefferlaw (fa of above)1911sd ORT186
    Hughes GCPR agt Roblindale * sd1956 ORT5586
    Hughes PGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Mille Roches 1907
    Hughes TECNR agt London div 1921sd
    Hughes TECPR agt Lavant * Aug 15 1954 ORT4930
    Hughes TECPR agt Agincourt sd1963 ORTNON
    Hugli PCPR agt Coniston 1908sd ORT1788
    Huller EJ CPR agt MacTier May 7 1919 ORT3361
    Huller EJCPR agt Copper Cliff 1919sd ORT2611
    Humble WCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1913sd ORT693
    Humbly E CPR agt Bolton non-ORT
    Hunt WVCPR agt Jackfish 1919sd ORT2439
    Hunte HCPR agt Spare, Leaside sd1957 ORT5811
    Hunter CPCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1913sd ORT1549
    Hunter JCNR agt Allandale div 1940sd * ORT4414
    Hurd DECNR 1st opr West Toronto /d1969
    Hurren VCPR agt Toronto, TD Toronto & CPR Trick TD Toronto Sep 4 1951 ORT5519
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto Jul 17 1946 ORT5519
    Hutchings JCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1913sd ORT802
    Hutchings TJGTR Emsdale 1912
    Hutchinson D CPR asst agt Havelock May 29 1923 ORT1823
    Hutchinson FEGTR Eastern Lines 8-9 Dis Anson Jct 1912, agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT1116
    Hutchinson FKCPR agt Teeswater, Woodbridge Mar 8 1946 ORT4701
    Hutchinson WDCPR agt Havelock 1923sd ORT1823
    Hutchinson WHGTR agt Oshawa Jct 1916, agt Belleville Div 1906sd ORT372
    Hutton EKCNR agt London div 1939sd * ORT4307
    Hyde RBCNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT1798
    Hyde RJCNR Stratford div 1913sd ORT237
    Hyland FGTR CNR leverman London div, Hamilton 1918sd
    Hyslop RWCPR Smiths Falls 1946
    Ingle OCCNR agt London div 1916sd ORT3468
    Inglis JRCNR agt London div 1919sd * ORT1652

    Inwood Richard (Dick)
    CPR opr Smiths Falls, Farnham, Laurentian, St John, Montreal Terminals Div's
    Irving HCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1923sd ORT1839
    Irvine RLCPR agt Belleville, Wingham sdMay 19 1949 ORT5206
    Irwin CTCNR Rockwood 1955
    Irwin LTH&B agt Chantler 1920s
    Irwin PWCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Irwin WNCPR agt Temiskaming 1914sd ORT3231
    Jacob AW CPR agt Chatham Jul 30 1914 ORT519
    Jacobie WFCNR agt London div 1916sd ORT4253
    Jacomb CECPR lineman White River Algoma div 1930sd
    Jacomb EFCPR spare Algoma div 1923sd ORT3391
    Jackson FrankCPR Ottawa West 1953
    Jackson GEMCRR (in ONT) agt Springfield 1920s
    Jackson GHGTR CNR agt London div 1919sd ORT947
    Jacques JOCNR agt Cochrane div 1927sd *
    Jaques TJCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Jagges WJCNR asst agt London Div 1921sd
    James SYTH&B / MCRR in ONT agt Welland 1920s
    Jamieson ADCNR Chatham /d73
    Janes MLCPR agt-opr/opr Orangeville Jul 1 1951 ORT4144
    Jansen Kathleen E (Mrs)CNR Millidge 1947 /q62
    Jenks MM (Mrs)MCRR (in ONT) Black Creek agt 1920s

    Jenkins, Benjamin Stockton
    CPR opr Madoc, General Superintendant for CPR Telegraphs Winnipeg, responsible for building 1000s of miles of wires west /r1910-24? /d1924
    Jennings, RAGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1916sd
    John, AEGTR CNR agt London Div 1916sd ORT767
    Johnson AOTH&B agt Grassies 1920s
    Johnson CCPR TD Toronto Yd 1959
    Johnson CCEGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Mallorytown 1914 (replaces my grdfa who goes to Darlington)
    Johnson JJCPR agt Toronto, TD Sudbury Aug 16, 1951 ORT2962
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Sudbury May 25 1948 ORT2962
    Johnson RECPR spare Algoma div 1924sd ORT3325
    Johnson WMCNR agt Cochrane div 1918sd
    Johnston ACNR asst agt London div 1921sd
    Johnston AHGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1910, Glasgow 1913, * 1910sd ORT415
    Johnston ARCPR telegrapher Jackfish Algoma div 1919sd ORT2515
    Johnston CCEGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1909sd ORT1563
    Johnston GHGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd, Brechin 1919 ORT847
    Johnston HHGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd ORT480
    Johnston JJCPR Trick TD Toronto (B), London Aug 16 1951 ORT2962
    Johnston RGTR Haliburton 1909
    Johnston RMGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1907sd ORT260
    Jones DRCNR Lindsay /d67
    Jones EW (Mrs)MCRR (in ONT) agt Cornell 1920s
    Jones LJCNR Rockwood 1951

    Jokinen, Tom W
    CNR Asst agt Bradford (Allandale Div) Sep 27 1946
    . Opr Craigvale Dec 02 1946
    . var stns Allandale, Hornepayne & Capreol Divs Aug 16 1949
    . TTR, Mimico East, Mimico Yd, Parkdale Mar 04 1950
    . TS, Relief CTS Feb 16 1958
    . Regional Motive Power Controller, Toronto Oct 08 1962
    . Asst Regional Supvr MP Control Bureau Toronto July 01 1965
    . Asst Regional Supvr MP Control Bureau Montreal July 01 1966
    . Operations Asst Belleville, Relief TM Jan 01 1967
    . Transportation Officer Belleville Jun 03 1970
    . TM Brockville Jul 02 1971
    . TM St Thomas, Talbotville Joint Section Wabash & N&W Rwy Feb 02 1975
    . TM Kitchener Jul 21 1984
    . retired May 01 1986 (40 yrs)
    Jouppi UCPR lineman Sudbury Algoma div 1929sd ORT4524
    Joy, FRCPR agt Britt 1918sd ORT1893
    Joyce, HMCNR Canpa Jct 1967
    Joynt, BECNR Gananoque (2nd op) 1946 - "96 stations" Belleville, TTR, London, Stratford, Capreol, Hornepayne Division
    Joynt, CACNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT643
    Joynt, ESCNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd * ORT3621
    Joynt JL CPR agt Bowmanville Jun 12 1952 ORT4951
    Joynt, JMGTR agt Douglas 1909, agt Belleville Div 1908sd ORT325
    Joynt, NSCNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd ORT1688
    Judge, JMCPR agt Sudbury-North Bay 1914sd, TD Sudbury 1918sd ORT3988
    Julien, JLCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd * ORT4185
    Junilla O CPR rlf TD London Div Apr 2 1956 ORT4567
    Jwaszko WalterCNR Port Arthur 1948, TD
    Kabaluk JWCPR agt Ignace 1956sd ORT5581
    Kari AECPR opr Loon 1946sd ORT2714
    Karl Art ECPR opr Dorion 1946sd ORT4714
    Kakko RCPR agt Dryden 1966sd
    Kaufman ACPR agt/opr Red Rock spr 1922sd ORT3439/1831
    Kavanagh PLCNR agt Belleville Div 1916sd ORT884
    Kearney WJCNR agt Ottawa div 1940sd
    Kearns WCNR agt Cochrane div 1916sd
    Keats BCCPR agt Wingham Alliston May 8 1946 ORT5565
    Keats GWCPR agt Alliston Swing sd1961 ORTNON
    Keats PCPR agt spare sd1965
    Keba JWCPR agt Tee Lake, Romford 1951sd ORT3762
    Keech W CPR asst agt Oshawa May 31 1923 ORT2235
    Keegan AE CPR agt Galt-Streetsville Swg, Waterdown sd1952 ORT4560
    Keeler HECNR agt St.Lawrence div 1910sd ORT499
    Keeling PJCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1913sd ORT1724

    Keetch (or Ketch), William Clarence
    CPR Woodstock, Hartland, Plaster Rock 1911sd?
    Keizer RJCNR Aylmer 1979
    Keller EA CPR asst agt Blyth Jul 28 1925 ORT1933
    Kellett CKCPR agt Chalk River 1912sd ORT906
    Kellum JWCNR agt London Div 1907sd ORT2341
    Kelly JCPR agt Lambton Apr 23 1946 ORT2452
    Kelly MCPR spare Algoma div 1921sd ORT3003
    Kelly MCCPR opr Marathon, Chelmsford 1944sd ORT4173
    Kelly WMCPR agt/opr Tee Lake 1921sd ORT942
    Kelly WRTH&B agt Smithville 1920s
    Kemp LJCNR opr spare 1983sd (transferred to Trainmen UTU)
    Kempert WCMCRR (in ONT) agt Buxton 1920s
    Kennedy AWCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1919sd ORT4283
    Kennedy GBCPR Toronto Yd 1986
    Kennedy JRCPR opr Spragge 1945sd ORT4752
    Kennedy PDCNR agt Belleville Div 1926sd * ORT4065
    Kennett FJCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1942
    Kenney ROGTR Ottawa 1918
    Kenney TJTH&B agt Port Maitland 1920s
    Kent CWMCRR (in ONT) agt Courtright 1920s
    Kent WBCPR agt London, agt St Thomas -Ingersoll Swg Apr 30 1952
    CPR TD London Jun 15,1965 ORT4447
    Kerr MWCNR agt London div 1925sd * ORT4251
    Kerr WCCNR agt London div 1916sd * ORT1094
    Kerr WJCNR Rockwood 1953
    Kerton CSCNR agt London Div 1912sd ORT295
    Keyes CB CPR agt Leaside Sep 9 1917 ORT664
    Kiely MJCNR St Lawrence div 1911sd
    Kiffer EMCRR (in ONT) agt Canfield Jct 1920s
    Kilby FECPR opr Clarabelle 1928sd ORT1826
    Kimakowich FBCNR opr Sioux Lookout 1957sd
    Kinch DL (Mrs)CPR opr Thessalon 1925, Sudbury 1940, North Bay 1943 ORT2685
    Kinder GWCNR agt/opr London Div 1884sd
    Kinder JHCNR agt/opr London Div 1886sd
    King EAGTR Brighton 1916
    King FHCPR opr Romford 1951sd ORT5055
    Kirby AMGTR 1867 (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Kirchen RCGTR CNR agt London Div 1914sd ORT646
    Kirkham DJCPR agt Wilkinson, Trenton sd1953 ORT5101
    Kirouac JLTCNR agt Cochrane div 1920sd
    Kirton BGCNR agt 1927
    Kitchener PS CPR asst agt Bonarlaw Jun 12 1920 ORT16 57
    Klein AECNR agt London div 1925sd * ORT1923
    Kliske HJCPR agt Ramsay 1944sd ORT4173
    Knox RCNR agt London div 1924sd
    Koffman BCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1924sd ORT3719
    Kollesavich DGCPR Thunder Bay, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg

    Kollesavich, Dan G
    CNR 1953 Sectionman Canyon, Ont. on Quibell Sub (now Redditt Sub)
    . CPR 1953 Opr/Agt ON & MB at: "BU" Current River - "R" Port Arthur - "Q" yad office Fort William - "UN" depot Fort William - "RU" Murillo - "KI" Kaministiquia - "RK" Finmark - Buda - "DE" Raith - Savanne - "VA" Upsala - Niblock - "GN" Ignace - "DN" Dryden - "GA" Eagle River - Edison - Pine - "RS" yard office Kenora - "DA" depot Kenora - "RH" Rennie - "MH" Molson - "VD" yard office Winnipeg - "BH" Birds Hill - "ON" Teulon - "GI" Gimli - "F" Portage la Prairie - "RT" Cartwright - "RY" Carberry - "DI" yard office Brandon - "UN" depot Brandon - "UR" yard office Souris - "D" depot Souris - "WA" Neepawa - "GD" Goodlands - "MS" Minnedosa - "WH" Wheatland - "MA" Hamiota - "MI" Miniota - "SY" Rapid City
    . 1966 Train Dispatcher - Kenora Division, Brandon Division, Moose Jaw Division & Saskatoon Division at Brandon, Kenora & Winnipeg
    . retired 1991, O.R.T. No. 4680-7, Canadian Association of Train Dispatchers 1966, President "WG" Winnipeg Chapter of Morse Telegraph Club Inc. 1994 -
    . see wife (Janet Ruth Kollesavich & sons JD, GD, DJ, RW also)
    Kollesavich David John CPR 1979 Opr - 1980 TD, CTD (son of DGK & JRK)
    Kollesavich, Gerald DanielCNR 1980 Opr - 1983 TD, Rules Instructor, Mgr, CTD (son of DGK & JRK)
    Kollesavich, James DouglasCPR 1976 Opr - 1978 TD, CTD, Mgr (son of DGK & JRK)
    Kollesavich, Janet RuthCPR 1966 Agent Rapid City, MB - 1971 stn closed (wife of DGK above, sons DJK, GDK, JDK, RWK)
    Kollesavich, Robert WilliamCPR 1987 Opr - 1993 TD (son of DGK & JRK above)
    Kouhi ECNR Thunder Bay 1945 / Winnipeg
    Kowalchuk JCPR agt London, TD London & CPR Trick TD London Sep 4 1951 ORT2868
    . CPR agt-opr/opr London Jul 7 1948 * ORT2868
    Kreger LACNR spare 1974sd
    Krustia ACPR TD Schreiber 1965sd ORT2997
    Krystia ACPR agt Schreiber 1948sd ORT2997
    Kuehl RWCNR TD MacMillan Yd 1982
    Kuglin WWCPR agt Drumbo-London Swg, Guelph Jct * Jun 29 1956 ORT5604
    Kuntz LGTR 1902 (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Kuntze DLCNR Rockwood 1946/1949
    Kyla MLCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd
    L'Ecuyer JICNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT1185
    Labarre ESCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT1269
    Labelle JSNACNR agt Cochrane div 1929sd * ORT3759
    Labelle RCPR agt Victoria Mine 1957sd ORT5738

    Lachapelle, Louis Charles Emile
    CNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd ORT2091
    . note of caution - baptismal surname was Langlois, but the two last names are interchangable in the records, as they are the traditional French-Canadian "dit" names; either used
    . 1912 Ft William, ON
    . 1913-4 Buda, ON
    . 1915-7 Oba, ON
    . 1917-9 Coniston, ON
    . 1919-31 Pembroke, ON
    . abt 1931-2 family remembers him working in Island Pond, Vermont
    . abt 1932-3 Coaticook, PQ
    .1934-7 Bromptonville, PQ
    . 1939 - abt 1950 Hemmingford, PQ
    Lacombe JACPR agt Pt AuBaril 1913sd ORT1244
    Lecour DCPR telegrapher Woman River Algoma div 1920sd ORT2559
    Lecours JRCPR agt/opr Heron Bay 1916sd ORT555
    LaFleur Rolland OCPR
    Lafreniere RCPR agt Laverlochere, Romford 1951sd ORT4775
    Lafreniere YCPR agt Bearn 1949sd ORT6687
    Lahay JWCPR asst agt Agincourt Jun 1 1942 ORT4942
    Lahay WJ CPR agt Toronto Jun 7 1919 ORT830
    Lahay WCPR agt-opr/opr Agincourt Jun 1 1942 ORT4942
    Laidley, HRCNR agt Allandale div 1916sd ORT1221
    Lake GECPR opr Nipigon 1946sd ORT2381
    Laking, Edward SCPR CNR agt * Click link to read Newspaper biography & pix
    LaLiberte GECPR TD Kenora * sd1945 ORT1464
    LaLiberte John LCPR TD Kenora sd 1946 ORT1692
    LaLiberte JFCNR agt St.Lawrence Div 1917sd
    LaLiberte MCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1920 ORT3977
    Lalonde ?CNR MacMillan Yd 1989
    Lalonde AGTR Ravensworth 1918
    Lalonde HCPR agt Pays Plat-Selim 1915sd ORT1510
    Lalonde JPCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd * ORT2182
    Lalonde RCPR agt Romford 1954sd ORT6049
    Lalonde WHCPR opr Sudbury 1944sd, TD Sudbury 1952sd ORT2232
    Lambert JOACNR agt Cochrane div 1919sd
    Lambertus RHCPR Lambton Yd 1986
    Lambertus WGCPR agt Guelph Jct, Spare sd1957 ORT5082
    Lambourn WHCNR asst agt London div 1921sd ORT1695
    Lamont JAGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1892sd
    Lamothe ICPR spare Algoma div 1930sd
    Lamothe JLT&NO (ONR) North Bay 1925 / CPR 1930
    Lamoureux JARCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1927sd ORT2145
    Lamoureux LPRCNR agt Cochrane div 1928sd ORT4045
    Lamy CACNR agt Cochrane div 1923sd * ORT3775
    Landriault MauriceTNR, CPR wirechief 1950-88
    Landriault RCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Landry AJCPR agt SS Marie, Nicholson 1949sd ORT3045
    Landry GCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1911sd ORT652
    Landry JACNR agt St Lawrence div 1916sd, TD 1919sd
    Landry PJCPR agt Toronto, agt Spare Apr 25 1952 ORT4411
    CPR TD Toronto May 15,1964 ORT4411
    Langdon, ACGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Cornwall Jct 1918
    Langford, WWGTR CNR agt London Div 1913sd ORT494

    Langis, JR (Bob)
    CNR telegrapher, Terminal opr , Stn agt, Supervisor Hervey Jct, St Prosper / in ON Hornepayne & Capreol Div
    . Aug 27th 1942 my first assignment was River Jct, Ha Ha Bay Jct, Hervey Jct, St Prosper
    . 1944 ON Hornepayne Div Longlac, Caramat, Red Rock, Nipigon, Beardmore Foleyet Terminal
    . Agt at Field 1954-1974
    . Supervisor Carload Center, Capreol , ON 1974- 86
    . 27 Aug 1942sd, /r1986
    Langlois JAGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1910sd ORT419
    Langlois JBCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918 ORT1412
    Langlois JMCNR agt Ottawa div 1923sd ORT4076
    Langlois JOCPR agt Lorrainville 1912sd ORT992
    Lanoue JAWCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1928sd ORT3907
    Lapalme VAGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1911sd ORT571
    Lapointe JACNR agt Ottawa div 1917sd ORT1258
    Lark GJCPR agt Toronto Jun 20 1945, TD Schreiber (T) & CPR Trick TD Toronto (T) ORT2242 Jul 16 1951 ORT2242
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Schreiber (T)June 20 1945 ORT2242
    Larke FAGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Brockville 1905
    Larmour GWCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1917
    Larochelle WRCPR opr North Bay 1943sd ORT1971
    Larocque JACPR agt Spanish 1906sd ORT3246
    Lansing CGCNR asst agt London Div 1921sd * ORT1989
    Latham HCPR agt Weston, Bowmanville, Toronto V Office sd1955 ORT5470
    Latimer AWGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Lansdowne 1916, agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT636
    Lauber RICNR agt Ottawa div 1919sd ORT973
    Lauber OBCPR TD London SD1944 ORT/CERT#1413
    Laughton FJGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Gananoque Jct 1913

    Lauriault Roland (Roly)
    CPR asst agt Blind River, Ville Marie, Thessalon, Clarabeau 1947-50
    . opr Relvg Agt - on spr board 1951-5; worked spr opr many locations & rlf agt summer holidas
    . Terminal opr Chalk River 1956-73
    . 'RY' on Cdn Telegraph Circuit
    . 1950sd, ORT3696
    Lautenslayer ELCNR agt London Div 1907sd

    Laver Fred C
    CNR asst agt Allandale Div, Agent Powassan for many yrs 1914sd ORT1308
    Laver PKCNR opr GLR car service supvr (son of Fred above)
    Lavigne DCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT1556

    Lawson SM
    CNT telegrapher - was presented with a watch (retirement/25 years?) "Presented to S M Lawson by the friends of CNT Dec 1946" (please contact any details via email at left)
    Laycock WDCNR Paris Jct tower 1950, Stratford Div 1954-5 /q59
    Lazenby HBCNR agt London div 1923sd ORT1118
    Lazure JPCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd ORT239
    Lea PGCPR agt London Dpo, agt-opr/opr Quebec St, London KN May 11 1951 ORT2890
    Leach AECPR agt/opr Gurney, LOA 1921sd ORT2392/799
    Leacock G GTR Egan Estate 1905
    Leader GACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd
    Leask DGCPR agt Toronto, TD Toronto & CPR Trick TD Toronto Sep 15 1953 ORT2082
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto Jul 11 1947 * ORT2082
    Leavitt CCCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1924sd
    Lebel JAECNR agt Cochrane div 1924sd ORT3891

    LeBlanc, David G
    CPR telegrapher 1974-6 Schreiber Div / infamous 'Franz swing' 4 stns in 5 days White River, Franz, Chapleau, Cartier

    LeBlanc, Larry
    TTR Toronto Union Stn Dec 13 1976 to CNR takeover of telegraph operations mid1984
    Leblanc JCCPR agt Manitowadge 1958sd ORT6128
    Lechasseur, FCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1920 ORT4139
    Leclerc, FACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1907sd ORT891
    Leclerc TNCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd ORT615

    Lecours JR
    CPR agt Heron Bay 1916sd ORT1582
    Ledger JOCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1940sd
    Leece EACPR agt London May 16 1946, TD London & CPR Trick TD London Jun 27 1950 ORT2567
    . CPR agt-opr/opr London May 16 1946 ORT2567
    Leech MECPR agt Pt McNichol sdApr 30 1950, rlf TD Trenton Div Jun 30 1954 ORT4490
    Lefebvre LCPR agt Webbwood 1955sd ORT5341
    Lefebvre WCPR agt Biscotasing 1963sd ORT6866
    Legendre AJCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1923sd ORT1942
    Leger Paul ACPR agt Sultan 1951sd ORT4397
    Leggitt ACNR Jellicoe /d67
    Leitke B CPR Kenora 1908-1914? / CNR commercial op 1921-1959
    Lenahan LPCNR agt London div 1939sd * ORT4198
    Lengyel GTCPR agt Schreiber, Sudbury 1947sd, TD Schreiber 1958sd ORT4617
    Lenton Gord FCPR Vermilion Bay 1952, Rennie MB 1952, Kenora Div, Whitemouth MB
    Leonard ADCNR agt Belleville Div 1900sd
    Leonard CBCNR Yarker, var 1923-68
    Leriviere MLCPR agt Spare 1966sd

    Leroux Fred P
    CNR agt-opr 1942, TD 1960, Rules 1984 /Retired 1988
    LeSauvage JRCPR agt Marathon 1961sd ORT6720
    Leslie WJCNR Stratford div 1920sd ORT739
    Lessard GGCPR agt McKerrow 1958sd ORT6065
    Lessard PECPR agt Lorrainville 1951sd ORT4936
    Lester JFCNR agt Ottawa div 1923sd ORT1645
    Letch HGGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1908sd
    Levia RAGTR agt Kinmount 1908, agt Belleville Div 1904sd ORT391
    Levogeur FPALGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1912sd ORT1425
    Lewis FCCNR agt Allandale div 1923sd ORT1658
    Lewis GNCPR agt Quebec St, TD London Feb 15 1960 ORT4368
    . CPR agt-opr/opr London May 31 1951 ORT4368
    Lewis JCNR agt London div, rlf TD London Div Jun 30 1955, 1922sd ORT1389
    Liberte JLCPR agt Kenora * 1939sd ORT1692
    Lickerish, AGTR CNR agt London Div 1914sd ORT593
    Limebeer, James EvertonCPR opr Hanover c.1918-1920
    Limeges LECPR spare Algoma div 1928sd
    Lindensmith, HLGTR CNR agt-opr Grimsby , London Div 1914sd ORT1663 /d74
    Lindsay, JACPR agt Algoma Dis Sudbury 1893sd ORT1127

    Lindsay, William Andrew
    GTR CNR agt 22 yrs. died 1945 (see wife Rose, below)

    Lindsay (nee Wilford), Rose
    CNR agt William's wife Rose Lindsay (nee Wilford) b. April 8, 1893 Brownsville, Oxford Cty, Ontario d. December 27, 1963 in Sarnia, Ontario. Rose also worked for the same Railroad taking over William's job when he died in 1945 (see husband William Andrew)
    Lint FredMCRR (in ONT) agt Attercliffe 1920s
    Liscombe, Ross ECNR opr Orilla /r 1982
    Littell, FEGTR CNR agt London Div 1912sd ORT280
    Little, JMGTR CNR London Div 1910sd, TD 1918sd ORT462, 217
    Little WJSCPR agt Mactier Swing sd1962, rlf TD 1967sd ORT 6710
    Littlejohn, EJCNR agt Allandale div 1919sd, TD 1927sd ORT1551
    Livingston, WACPR agt Chalk River-Mattawa 1917sd ORT1802
    Logan CBCPR agt Spare Jul 7 1957 no ORT
    Logan, JACNR agt Ottawa div 1918sd * ORT1399
    Lonergan, WBCNR asst agt London Div 1918sd ORT3439,964
    Long, BCCNR agt Allandale div 1928sd * ORT4299
    Longmuir, RWCNR opr Fort Frances 1951sd
    Looby MCPR agt Bolton sd1958 ORT NON
    Lora, FDCNR agt Ottawa div 1919sd * ORT3984
    Lora, HWGTR Killaloe 1913
    Lord, TECNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1916sd, Davenport 1920, ORT2324
    Loth, FredCNR agt (fa below)
    Loth, LouisCNR Tavistock Jct 43 yrs(Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Louch, AWCNR St Thomas div 1926sd ORT3964
    Lounsbury, ECNR leverman London div, Woodstock 1923sd
    Lowe, CMCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT1186
    Lowrie, TWCNR agt London div 1914sd ORT1229
    Lucas, JNCNR agt Belleville Div 1907sd ORT250
    Lumby, JCCNR agt Allandale div 1916sd ORT2203
    Lund, HCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1913sd ORT740
    Lunn WTH&B agt Dundas 1920s
    Lutzman GCPR agt Medonte, agt Midhurst, Medonte-Uhthoff swing sd1955 ORT5406
    Lynch, CJCNR agt London div 1924sd
    Lyon, TGCNR agt Cochrane div 1918sd ORT1327
    Lyons, WHGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1905sd ORT128
    Lyons, WTCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1924sd ORT2021

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