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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers

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  • CPR Ontario-Quebec Senority 1965 System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1970 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1971 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CNR Senority 1944 Atlantic/Central/GTW
  • CPR Senority 1938 Quebec Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1950 Manitoba Division No.7
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    LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)Canadian Railway - Known Stations and Years
    Mable, WJCNR St Catharines /d72
    Mackay WDTH&B agt Dunnville 1920s

    MacDonald, Burton
    CNR Ticket agt Brussles
    . 1926-8 agt opr London, Blackstock, Wingham, Guelph Jct, Stratford
    . laid off 1931 hired back on 1951 opr Holstein, Guelph Jct, Brampton
    . swing bet'n Brampton & Georgetown
    . 1952-66 agt opr Georgetown
    . 1966 agt opr Pickering/Ajax
    . /r74 /d83
    MacDonald HM CPR asst agt Elora Jul 11 1928 ORT1734
    MacDonald, WRGTR Toronto 'C' Office 1915
    MacDonell, AFGTR Eastern Lines 8-9th Dis agt Stirling 1908
    MacDonell, HACPR agt Peninsula 1915sd ORT1504

    MacDougall, Helen
    CNR Phone Dept (347 Bay st 11th floor - Lil Scott was my supervisor in believe she just died in her 90-something) there was a Beryl Sweetman, Jim Young in teletype, Madeliene Thibeault - Service Dept. also worked at BW on Bloor St. West (boss was his name has eluded me but at one time was run over by a train so had no legs, he was in a wheel chair - had come from the Morse Dept)
    . worked in telephone room and later in teletype in the late fifties (also on the CNR and CNR ski club
    . ended up on Front Street new bldg. 2nd floor (McElroy, William James - engineer CNR out of Mimico Yard - Northern route to Capreol etc. also "rule car" in summers. All artifacts in a museum in Miami Manitoba)
    MacDougall, IJCNR Rockwood 1966
    MacDougall, John KCPR Finch 1950 / relief opr Smiths Falls Div /r88
    MacFarlane AJCPR agt Kenora 1948sd, TD Kenora 1966sd ORT4584
    MacGillis AD CPR agt Cobourg * Jun 18 1956 no ORT
    MacIssac JACPR agt Schreiber 1913sd, TD Schreiber 1917sd ORT1219
    Mack NormanCNT 1926-?
    MacKay CJGTR Kirkfield 1919
    MacKechnie Donald CMECRR (in ON) op Danforth Stn 11 Jun 1946
    Mackenzie, ALCNR agt Ottawa div 1917sd * ORT1206
    MacMilliam, JACNR Red Lake /d73
    Macmillan J CPR agt Spare Aug 3 1957 no ORT
    MacMillian, James BenjaminCPR Drumbo 1957, relief St Thomas, London Div Streetsville, Guelph Jct, Galt, Orr's Lake 1959? / Medicine Hat Div 1959 / Carmichael SK 1961, Brooks AB, Gull Lake SK 1961-2 /q67
    MacMillan, MSCNR TD MacMillan Yd 1982
    MacMillan, WGDCNR Port Hope 1927 - Cornwall, Peterborough, Toronto 'UD' Office
    MacNaughton AlexanderGNWTCo Toronto 1880s
    MacNeil DCPR agt Spare Oct 1 1957
    MacNeill DJCPR agt Quebec St (L) Apr 22 1967 NON ORT
    Madgett AJCNR agt London Div 1900sd ORT3301
    Madill LRCPR agt Wroxeter, agt-opr/opr Owen Sound CSC Aug 4 1946, rlf TD Trenton Div Oct 31 1955 ORT3791
    Madore AFCPR spare Algoma div 1923sd
    Maffei AA CNR Grimsby, St Thomas, Woodstock, London, all St Thomas Div / retired TD
    Magnan NACNR Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd
    Maher G CPR asst agt Markdale Jul 7 1924 ORT2536
    Major ACCPR agt Massey, Stonecliffe 1949sd ORT4170
    Major WJCPR agt Mattawa 1917sd ORT1799
    Malboeuf CACNR agt St Lawrence Div 1914sd ORT912
    Malcom FACNR agt London Div 1911sd ORT304, 218
    Malcolm JWCPR St Mary's 1937 / Winnipeg
    Malcolm JWCPR agt Toronto Oct 15 1945, Trick TD Toronto Nov 30 1948 ORT2331
    Malenfant CDCNR agt Cochrane div 1918sd ORT4222
    Malette ?CPR agt (or day opr, relief dispatcher) Pogamasing ca1960s
    Mangan EJCPR agt Larchwood 1912sd ORT1165
    Manion BJ CPR Sulphide 1949, other eastern ON
    Manion WJ CPR agt Islington * Jun 1 1951 ORT3664
    Mann JCCPR agt Rutherglen 1906sd ORT505
    Manning AJCNR Mimico Yd 1983
    Manning C CPR agt Alliston Sep 19 1918 ORT1575
    Mansell JJMCRR (in ONT) agt Woodslee 1920s
    Mansfield TECNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918 ORT1396
    Manson JWCPR agt Kenora 1951sd, TD Kenora * 1955sd ORT3756
    Maquire, HCNR London /d73
    Marchand, JECNR agt St Lawrence Div 1914sd
    Marchand, JOCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd
    Marcil, J GuyCNR telegrapher, 1942 Levis Div,1943 Laurentian Div, 1944 TD Cochrane & Quebec, 1966 CTD Ottawa - /r1981
    Marcotte, JSGCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1920 ORT1804
    Marcoux, JCCNR Rockwood 1955-6
    Marden, HJCNR leverman London div, Pt Colborne 1923sd
    Marquis NDCNR Opr NOD TYD Capreol (father)
    Marquis PattiCNR Daughter worked as Opr glr TD, Trainmaster
    Marquis PhilCNR OPr TD Trainmaster GLR
    Marquis NeilCNR Opr GLR TD MacMillan Yard TD Moncton then left CN to work as suprvr for short line rly based in Wolfville NS
    Marr ENCPR agt Tichborne, Port McNicoll, agt-opr/opr Ottawa CSC (T) Aug 6 1950 ORT4768
    Marsh WRCPR asst agt Tweed Jul 8 1946, Guelph 1946, Orr's Lake 1947, Drumbo, Belleville, Roblindale, Tichborne, Tweed, Cobourg
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Cobourg CSC (T) July 8 1946 * ORT2556
    Marshall, AFCNR agt Allandale div 1916sd ORT1740
    Marshall, FCNR agt Belleville Div 1940sd *
    Marshall, JJ CNR Belleville Div (relf agt spare TD) 1947-?
    Marshall, MIGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1916sd, Maxville ORT1159 /d72
    Marshall RMRCNR agt Allandale div 1919sd ORT3076
    Marshall WilliamDTC 1876, CPT 1886-1906
    Marshall WFCNR agt opr Markham /r1969
    Martin CDCPR Chatham Eastend Tower sd1951 ORT4739
    Martin EJCPR agt Dean Lake 1912sd ORT2891
    Martin FCNR agt Allandale div 1919sd ORT1293
    Martin WOCNR agt Ottawa div 1918sd ORT1355
    Maryniuk EJCNR opr Sioux Lookout 1957sd
    Maschmeyer IrvinCNT opr (died car accident 13 Jan 34)
    Mason BWCPR agt Algoma Dis Sudbury 1902sd ORT1832
    Mason GTCNR OPR GLR & TD Macmillan Yd
    Masse JFCNR agt Ottawa div 1926sd ORT2073
    Masse JRCPR agt/opr Sturgeon Falls 1918sd ORT1446
    Masse OCNR agt St Lawrence div 1901, TD St.Lawrence div 1905sd
    Masse RCPR agt Clara Belle 1918 sd
    Massicotte CHCPR opr Montreal 1945sd, TD Farnham 1950sd
    Massicotte LPCNR agt Cochrane div 1915sd ORT922
    Masters WAGTR Meaford 1912sd
    Mathers RWCNR agt London div 1917sd ORT1236
    Mathieu RaymondCNR telegrapher, stated 1951, Northern Ontario district, Capreol, Hornpayne divns, worked Beaverton & Barrie subdivns, tranferred to Cochrane divn, worked var locns, retired 1993 opr Hearst
    Matte JCPR agt Clara Belle 1918sd ORT4806
    Matterman WHMCRR (in ONT) agt Suspension Bridge Niagara Falls 1920s
    Matthews WHCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1916sd ORT1157
    Mattson RACNR Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd
    Maude JLGTR Renfrew Jct 1919
    Maure JECPR spare Algoma div 1930sd
    Mayhew EGCNR Allandale div 1915sd ORT982
    Mayhew HWGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1913sd, Caldwell 1919, Kinburn, d72 ORT574
    Maxwell L CPR asst agt Galt Jan 31 1917 ORT1430
    McAdam EWCPR agt Bolkow 1919sd ORT4306

    McAlister Wm J Jr
    CPR agt London Div, WJM resided with his family at the station in Mt Brydges, On where my father, uncle and aunt were born - father, Wm. J. McAlister Jr was a relief CPR opr after WW 2. My aunt's son JM Patterson was an agent, operator, dispatcher on the CPR in the 60's and 70's and I was employed as a brakeman / conductor on the CNR in southwestern Ont also in the 60's and 70's
    McAlister WCPR agt Pte Au Baril 1965sd ORT7063
    McAllister, WJCNR agt London Div 1911sd, TD 1932sd ORT677, 327
    McArthur, JRCNR opr London /d1969

    McBratney, Tom
    GTR CNR agt telegrapher across Canada - began 1880s with GTR - married Novar, ON 1891 - stns include Rainy River ON, Swan Lake MB, Hanna, AB, New Westminster, BC, Clanwilliam, MB & retired at Erickson, MB on 65th bday (he died 3 days later before they even had a chance to move out of the stn)
    McCabe JGTR Aldershot 1892
    McCabe JEGTR CNR agt London Division 1917sd, TD 1920sd ORT903
    McCabe JECNR St Thomas div 1920sd ORT1403
    McCall ATCNR messenger 1930, op Niagara Falls, Oshawa, Windsor, Hornepayne, Kitchener 1969 /r74

    McCalpin, James
    CCR/CPR Finch 1845-78 (fa of below, grtgrdfa of RGBurnet)

    McCalpin, Robert Hamilton
    CPR Bathurst 1886-1908
    GTR Mallorytown 1908-14
    GTR Darlington 1914-19
    GTR CNR Port Union 1919-31 (fa of below, grdfa of RGBurnet)

    McCalpin, Winston Spencer
    CNR Port Union 1931-40
    Danforth (York) 1940-46
    TD Toronto Terminals 1946-50
    TD Don 1950-55
    ACD & TS Mimico Yard 1955-67
    ACD & TS Mac Yard 1967-74 1927sd, ORT3967 /d83(uncle of RGBurnet)
    McCann DTCPR telegrapher Selim Algoma div 1919sd ORT2511
    McCann FJCNR Hornepayne, TD 1926sd ORT1631 /d72
    McCann Keith ACPR Pakenham 1951
    McCarthy MF (Mrs)CPR opr Chalk River 1943sd ORT1956
    McCarthy WJCPR spare Algoma div 1930sd
    McCarville G CPR agt Pt Hope-Trenton Swg no ORT
    McCauley J L CNR Toronto 'C' Office 1947
    McClellan AGTR Orillia 1903
    McClellan WmGTR agt Shakespeare 1871
    McClelland MDCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1928sd ORT4393
    McCluskey ACNR Toronto 'C' Office 1924sd ORT4320
    McConnell FOCNR Stratford div 1914sd ORT364
    McConnell GACNR agt Belleville Div 1922sd * ORT2070
    McConnell JECNR agt London div 1930sd * ORT4479
    McCorkill ACPR spare Algoma div 1930sd
    McCosham WACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1929sd ORT4087
    McCouan CRCPR agt Nipigon 1965sd ORT7106
    McCuaig JACPR agt Chapleau 1919sd ORT2615
    McCullough AECNR Hornepayne div 1919sd ORT1510
    McCulloch CCGTR Ottawa 1919
    McCuish MGCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1912sd ORT670
    McCutheon VOCNR agt Newmarket /d1968
    McDonald Art ACPR opr Loon 1946sd ORT5130
    McDonald CJCPR agt McKerrow 1919sd ORT2373
    McDonald DACNR asst agt London div 1919sd
    McDonald JFCPR agt Algoma Dis Chalk River 1904sd ORT306
    McDonald JWCNR Woodstock 1970
    McDonald JWMCRR (in ONT) agt Rodney 1920s
    McDonald SCNR agt London Div 1912sd ORT459
    McDonald SWCPR agt Navilus-Nipigon 1910sd ORT794
    McDonald WECNR asst agt Allandale Div 1914sd ORT790
    McDonald WSCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1929
    McDonald WSCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1940sd ORT4339
    McDonnell ECCNR agt Ottawa div 1927sd ORT3572
    McDonnell SHCPR spare Algoma div 1927sd ORT4436
    McDonough ACNR asst agt Allandale Div 1913sd ORT4072
    McDougall GCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd
    McDowell RGTR Victoria Harbour 1906
    McElroy ?CPR Lambton Yd 1986
    McEwen ArchibaldGTR 1871(Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    McEwen NBCNR Goderich 1979
    McEwen SHCPR Ottawa 1918, Montreal 1919-24, 1924-26 Canadian Press, Smiths Falls to 1965
    McFarlane GCCNR agt Ottawa div 1912sd
    McFarlane GCCPR spare Algoma div 1924sd ORT3892
    McGee, EOCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd
    McGhee JHGTR CNR agt London div 1917sd ORT1664
    McGinnis CHGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Aultsville 1918
    McGinnis GHCPR agt-opr/opr Woodbridge CSC (T) Apr 13 1951 ORT3525
    McGrath GerardCPR - originally started as a spr Opr Schreiber Division July 1969
    . Left company service Dec 1975
    . Returned in July 1976
    . CPR spr opr Schreiber Div beginning March 2 1979 (Jan 1 1985) - went dispatching CPR Schreiber dispatching office June 8 1979 immediately following completion of the Dispatcher Training program in Montreal
    . Relocated twice. First time when Schreiber dispatching office closed & territory integrated into Toronto RTC office in 1992 then followed Schreiber Division territory to Calgary consolidation in 1996
    . /r Feb 1 2012
    McGrath TDCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    McGregor DJGTR CNR agt London Div 1914sd ORT543
    McGregor JCPR Toronto 1916-47
    McGuire CCNR leverman London div, Woodstock 1918sd
    McInnis GHCPR agt Owen Sound, Shelburne sdApr 13 1951 ORT3525
    McIntee, LACNR asst agt London Div 1918sd, London div TSupvr 1927sd * ORT3401
    McIntee, LACNR agt London div 1925sd ORT912
    McIntosh, DJCNR agt Ottawa div 1913sd ORT440
    McIntrye, CMCNR Hornepayne div 1921sd ORT1575
    McIntyre D CPR agt St Thomas Aug 24 1912 ORT1014
    McIvor, DGTR CNR leverman London div, Hamilton 1918sd
    McKay, ARCNR agt Belleville Div 1916sd ORT3856
    McKay, CJCNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd * ORT678
    McKay G CPR agt Waterdown Dec 22 1915 ORT982
    McKay JA CPR agt Lake Shore Jan 23 1919 ORT1733
    McKay MCPR agt Roberts 1918sd ORT2113
    McKay THCPR agt Sudbury 1908sd, TD Sudbury 1914sd ORT2786
    McKay WBCPR agt Mattawa, spare 1927sd ORT1302
    McKechnie TCGTR Stayner 1914
    McKee Robin LCNR TD Mac Yd
    McKee WCPR spare Algoma div 1924sd ORT2555
    McKellar HRCNR agt London div 1925sd ORT1302
    McKellar JBMCRR (in ONT) agt Iona 1920s
    McKenna EJCPR agt Coldwell 1911sd ORT894
    McKenna FACPR telegrapher CaversAlgoma div 1920sd ORT2626
    McKenna FNCPR opr Schreiber 1946sd, TD Schreiber 1951sd ORT4030
    McKeown MCNR agt Ottawa div 1899sd, TD 1902sd ORT432
    McKeown PACNR agt Belleville Div 1902sd ORT433
    McKevitt JCPR agt Scheirber 1919sd ORT1925
    McKinnon DECPR agt Port Arthur 1944sd ORT1961
    McKinnon RJCPR agt Sturgeon Falls 1955sd ORT5129
    McLaren CSCPR telegrapher Franz Algoma div 1919sd ORT2818
    McLean, HLCNR TM Nortown 1981
    McLean, RECNR Allandale Div 1910sd
    McLaren, ?CNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd * ORT454
    McLean DACPR agt Alliston Jun 8 1955
    McLean JDCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    McLean, JPGTR Mount Albert 1902
    McLearn, FKarlCNR agt Hornepayne div, Belleville, also in SASK, 1939sd ORT4372
    McLeod ICCPR agt Quebec Str sd1958 ORT6185
    McLeod, JJGTR agt Beaverton 1919, agt Belleville Div 1903sd
    McLeod, Kenneth WCNR asst agt London 1956-8
    . back to BCR Vancouver 1973; Computer Asst & Programming Supvr
    McLeod, NJCCNR agt St.Lawrence Div 1918sd
    McLeod, NNorman WCNR asst agt London, also Brakeman & Conductor 1961-73
    McLeod RACPR agt Galt, agt-opr/opr Woodstock CSC (L) July 7 1947 ORT2642
    McLeod RECNR asst agt London 1955-7
    McLeod RHCPR agt Bolkow 1917sd ORT1794
    McManus FACPR agt Spare 1918sd ORT2167
    McManus RCPR agt Bonarlaw sd1962 ORT6678
    McMaster CW CPR agt Oshawa, Myrtle sd1955 ORT5494
    McMenemy ENCPR agt Levack, White River 1916sd ORT4628, 1846
    McMillan GRGTR CNR agt London Div 1916sd ORT687
    McMillan JAGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Wales 1915
    McMillan William JohnGTR - 1850s - please read following interesting biography: McMillian WF Biography
    McMonagle WAGTR CNR agt/opr London Div ES:1893 ORT1776
    McMurray JGGTR CNR agt London div 1918sd
    McNally RAGTR Fesserton 1921
    McNamara JRTH&B agt Scotland 1920s
    McNamara WGTR Eganville 1910
    McNamara WJGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1916sd * ORT1194
    McNell CGTR CNR leverman London div, Pt Colborne 1918sd
    McNell TCCNR Rockwood 1949
    McPhaden SGTR Whitby Harbour 1909
    McPhee JGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1901sd ORT251
    McPhee JGTR CNR agt London Div 1901sd ORT553
    McQuade RAGTR CNR agt St Lawrence div 1905sd, TD St.Lawrence div 1906
    McQuown CRCPR agt Amyot 1913sd ORT1230
    McQuown MVCPR agt Pogamasing 1916sd ORT1506
    McTaggart GEGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1903sd ORT91
    McTavish HDCPR London 1937 / Montreal ?-1979
    McVey JWCPR agt Sudbury 1913sd, TD Sudbury 1916sd ORT1119
    Meadows ACNR agt London div 1918sd * ORT4453
    Meagher LA CNR CD Belleville 1983
    Meehan FH CPR agt Trenton
    Meitz W GTR Locksley 1899

    Meldrum William
    CPR Sharbot Lake asst agt/baggage man 1921-53 r 01 Nov 1953

    Mellow John F
    CPR agt Toronto July 26 1963 NO ORT
    CPR TD Toronto spare, Don Swing July 11, 1968 ORT7792
    Melnychuk RCPR agt Raith 1966sd ORT7092
    Melochie NMCRR (in ONT) agt McGregor 1920s
    Mercure JACNR agt Cochrane div 1918sd ORT1902
    Merrick GLCPR agt, Spare, Quebec Str Swing, rlf TD London 1967, sd957 ORT 5430
    Merryfield AFCPR agt-opr/opr Galt, agt Drumbo, Ayr sd1951 ORT5063
    Merrifield JGTR Cannington 1905
    Metivier ACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1896sd ORT291
    Metivier AUCNR St Lawrence div 1910sd
    Metivier JAUCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1905sd
    Michaud RCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1915sd
    Milke NNGTR CNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd ORT1202
    Mielke NNGTR Otter Lake 1919
    Milani LCPR agt Chalk River 1953sd ORT4783
    Milani VCCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Milhausen MGCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Miller CCNR agt London Div, Rockwood 1935-6 sd1920 ORT4114
    Miller C CPR agt Alliston * Dec 20 1954 ORT4807
    Miller EGCPR asst agt Milverton, agt-opr/opr Galt CSC May 2 1946 ORT2329

    Miller, Gordon W
    CNR starting as Asst Agt Gogama 1946
    . CPR opr London Divn 1954, agt Windsor
    . agt London (L) July 7 1954
    . St Thomas
    . CPR TD London July 22,1965 ORT5405
    Miller GWGTR CNR agt London Div 1913sd ORT570
    Miller HJCNR agt Allandale div 1923sd ORT1975
    Miller IJCNR Simcoe /d67
    Miller JEGTR Goshen 1920
    Miller RKCPR agt-opr/opr Peterboro, agt Belleville Jul 2 1951 ORT4145

    Miller, William E
    CPR telegraph opr June 21, 1961 - Dec 11, 1968
    . worked starboard on London Div
    . second hours Streetsville 1963-4
    . 1964 second hours Galt holding that position until I quit to go drive city bus /q 1968 ORTNON
    Miller WJCPR agt Nipigon 1918sd ORT2066/1855
    Milliere WLGTR CNR agt London div 1917sd ORT1167
    Milligan FNCNR agt Ottawa div 1940sd *
    Milne GHCNR Rockwood 1930-35
    Milne TRCPR agt Nipigon 1911sd ORT895
    Milner AEGTR CNR Unionville 1920
    Mills ?CNR manager Stratford 1920-30s
    Mills JMGTR CNR agt Allandale div 1910sd, TD 1912sd ORT227
    Mills RAGTR CNR agt London Div 1906sd ORT259
    Mills RECPR agt spare Thessalon 1925sd
    Mills WRGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1918sd ORT861
    Milson WA CPR asst agt Owen Sound Nov 25 1925 ORT1773
    Mirault ECPR agt/opr Lorrainville 1922sd ORT3294/1298
    Miron ACPR agt Fort William 1945sd ORT1945
    Misner WAGTR CNR agt London div 1917sd ORT777
    Mitchell GAMCRR (in ONT) agt Brookfield 1920s
    Mitchell JGTR Novar 1912
    Mitchell JNCPR agt spare Chapleau 1925sd ORT4230/1882
    Mitchell JR CPR agt Erin Jul 3 1951 ORT5141
    Mitchell LHGTR CNR agt London Div 1916sd ORT703
    Mitchell TAGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div 1912sd ORT2137
    Mitton FMCRR (in ONT) agt Inwood 1920s
    Mizen GCNR agt Meaford /r1969
    Moffett ECNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919 ORT2372
    Mohr WCCNR most stations on Stratford & London divisions 1927-73
    Mollard WRMCRR (in ONT) agt Edward 1920s
    Mongeau HCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd ORT671
    Montgomery GCCNR agt Ottawa div 1926sd ORT4120
    Montgomery HGCPR Winnipeg area 1937-1941, later Toronto
    Mooney MNCPR spare Algoma div 1926sd ORT4443
    Mooney MWCPR agt Montreal sd1926, TD Montreal sd1944 ORT1676

    Moore, Elias John
    CNR Capreol 1930s/40s /d1951
    Moore FOGTR CNR Allandale Div 1911sd ORT3955
    Moore PCCPR agt Bolton, Harriston * Jun 29 1955 ORT5695
    Moore SCGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd * ORT1147
    Moran DWCNR agt Cochrane div 1918sd ORT838
    Morel JORGTR CNR agt Cochrane div 1916sd ORT1046
    Morgan ABCNR Strathcona 1957 / CPR Roblindale 1957 - all over Belleville & Toronto divisions, Schreiber Division 1959/60 (Schreiber 1960sd ORT6244)
    Morgan EGTR CNR agt London Div 1910sd ORT210
    Morgan IJGTR CNR agt London Div 1916sd
    Morgan MSCPR agt Spare 1965sd ORT6730
    Morgan TGTR Creemore, CNoR agent positions, retd Bashaw, AB
    Morin Harold MCPR agt Regan 1951sd ORT3986
    Morin JZRCNR agt Cochrane div 1920sd ORT1613
    Morlock GJGTR CNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1917sd
    Morneau JAWCNR agt Cochrane div 1920sd ORT1569
    Morris JEGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1919sd
    Morrissette JLCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Morrissette NACPR agt Webbwood-Soo 1918sd ORT4779
    Morrissette NJCPR agt Thessalon, Cutier 1950sd ORT3673
    Morrissette Tom ECPR opr Spragge, Webbwood 1947sd, Relf TD sd1959 ORT5118
    Morrison FHGTR Carp 1893
    Morrison, Harold ECNR - 54 stns bet'n Toronto & North Bay, TD Toronto Yd 1982-96
    . asst agt Washago
    . classed as opr 21 Dec 1960
    . Trn Mvt Dir 1970
    . TD 11 May 1973
    . SD 31 July 1950 /r 01 Apr 1996
    Morrison, WCNR London Division 1878sd, TS 1890sd ORT942

    Morritt, Robert D
    CNR Telegraph Boy, promoted to C Office CNR Telegraphs Front St. E.,Toronto Sept 1959-Sept 1960
    Morritt, WCNR Collingwood 1941, Toronto 1974

    Morrow, BG
    CNR agt/opr Capreol 1976
    . TD Capreol 1984
    . RTC Toronto 1986
    . 2003 Retired
    Morrow, George RCPR agt Thunder Bay, Current River sd1951 / var other stns ORT 4796
    Morrow, IBCPR agt 1911sd, TD Schreiber 1915sd ORT1201
    Morrow, KTCPR agt Algoma Dis Navilus 1891sd ORT3693
    Mortson AGGTR CNR Concord 1913 Allandale Div 1911sd ORT510
    Morton PA CPR agt Spare, Medonte * sd1955 ORT3944
    Mousseau, LFCNR opr Sioux Lookout 1964sd
    Mowat, ACCNR agt London Div 1912sd ORT248
    Mowat, MSGTR CNR agt Belleville div 1907sd, TD 1916sd * ORT1564
    Mullen WHCPR agt Peterboro sd1956 ORT6844
    Muller JCPR Toronto Yd 1986

    Mulvihill, J. Delore "Duke"
    CNR Relief Agt Opr 1966 Capreol
    . Classed Up as a TD 1974 Capreol
    . Worked as ACTD in Capreol
    . Worked as a Chief Rail Traffic Controller in Toronto
    . Worked "YO" Desk Oakville Sub in Toronto (JDM)
    . Retired May 31st 2004 From CN Rail MacMillan Yard (Married To Colleen Joan Mulvihill {Nee Busch})
    Mulvihill Nevile RCNR Kawene 1945 / CPR Sudbury, Schreiber Div 1946sd, TD Schreiber 1951, TD Sudbury 1951-84 ORT2423
    Mundrey MCCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1928sd
    Mundrey SCNR agt Belleville Div 1940sd
    Munro WRCCNR agt Belleville Div 1928sd *
    Murphy JACNR Stratford 1943
    Murray David ACNR Opr London Div 1952-89, Allandale Div 1945-52
    Murray JWGTR CNR agt London Div 1915sd ORT1117
    Murray RSGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div 1915sd ORT1880
    Musselman IBGTR asst agt Allandale Div Trout Creek 1913 1911sd ORT513
    Myers GDGTR CNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd ORT3916
    Myers GFGTR asst agt Allandale Div, Burk's Falls 1913 1913sd ORT850
    Myers JFGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis Morrisburg 1911, agt St Lawrence div, 1905sd ORT1552
    Myre HEGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd ORT421
    Myre RJCPR agt Spare 1965sd
    Nagle CDGTR CNR agt Allandale div 1916sd ORT1069
    Nairn TBMCRR (in ONT) agt Aylmer 1920s
    Naish CVCNR asst agt London div 1921sd
    Naismith WE (Bill)CNR Opr Orillia, Washago - start ?? /r 1988
    Naud JACNR agt St Lawrence div 1915sd, TD 1919sd
    Neamtu G CPR agt Bolton Jun 17 1954 ORT5039
    Needham AEGTR Allandale Div, Algonquin Park 1916 1915sd ORT1063
    Needham LGCNR agt Allandale div 1920sd, TD 1929sd ORT1541
    Nelles JCNR Paris, Galt 1925-71
    Nelson AWCNR asst agt London Div 1922sd ORT3789,1786
    Nelson GSCPR opr Pte Au Baril 1946sd ORT2408
    Ness WJCPR agt Toronto, TD Toronto & CPR Trick TD Toronto Oct 16 1951 ORT2485
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto May 15 1947 ORT2485
    Nethercott StewartCNR Kearney
    Nethercott SEGTR CNR agt Allandale div 1918sd ORT1328

    Neufeld, Edwin Walter
  • 1959: Totzke, SK
  • 1961: Livelong, SK
  • 1962-65: Zealandia, SK
  • 1965: Kakabeka Falls, ON
  • 1965-66: Edam, SK
  • 1966-68: Brock, SK
  • 1968 - 76: Quill Lake, SK
  • 1977-1979(I think): Kamsack, SK (see also SK)

  • Newfeld, Dwayne M
    CNR hired Capreol as relief opr June 1974
    . worked relief opr Capreol Div 1974-77 primarily at South Parry, Gravenhurst, Washago
    . swing opr Orillia 1977-81 & briefly Toronto spr bd where worked Mimico, MacMillan Yd, Georgetown, St. Clair Ave, Snider, Cabin E (now Fort York), & Barrie (formerly Allandale)
    . classed up as relief TD 1981 MacMillan Yard
    . worked relief Asst CTD MacMillan Yd 1987-89 & moved to Toronto RTCC 1989 as TD until Nov 1991
    . Special Project mapping "Track Operating Diagrams" for Great Lakes District 1991-96 - project continues today with new CTC installations etc & is one of the main tools used by RTCs & field personnel for identifying field locations
    . 1996 to present - RTC Training Instructor (have trained 30 new RTCs (technical and applications since 1996)
  • Project Manager, Capital Infrastructure, Track & Signals - R.C.I. GO Metrolinx
  • Newman MECPR agt Ripple 1962sd ORT6718
    Newman REGTR CNR agt London Div 1913sd ORT820
    Newman WCCPR agt Algoma Dis Sudbury, TD 1903sd ORT4787
    Nicol ECPR opr Nipigon 1928sd ORT1928
    Nicol JACPR agt Algoma Dis Rossport 1886sd ORT16
    Nicol PACPR agt Algoma Dis Jackfish 1891sd ORT50
    Nichols BCPR asst agt Cooksville, agt-opr/opr Cooksville Jul 1 1929 ORT4247
    Nichols RussNYC Started 1949 - worked from Niagara Falls-Ft Erie to Windsor & Victoria Park Stn N Falls
    . Russ is President of Huntsville & Lake of Bays Railway , Huntsville which operates a steam engine (Portage Flyer) - was used at one time to move passengers over land between Fairy Lake & Peninsula Lake moving from one ferry to another. About five years ago Russ contacted a group of former telegraphers & invited us to put on telegraph demonstrations each Wednesday during July and August. The railway has a replica station as well as a shed to store & repair locomotives & coaches. The train with either a steam locomotive (small one) or a diesel locomotive haul the train of 2 coaches about 1/2 mile dopwn to Fairy Lake , engine cuts off and steam eng is turned on a turntable (Shoving by hand) , then moves to other end for return to main station
    Nichols WCGTR CNR agt London div 1918sd
    Nicholson HEWGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Kingston Jct 1897
    Nicholuk SCPR agt Marathon 1948sd ORT3002
    Niemi WACPR agt SS Marie 1948sd, TD Sudbury 1965sd ORT2887
    Niemi WHCPR opr Sudbury 1947sd, TD Sudbury 1952sd ORT2680

    Nix, JM
    CNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919 (son below-see also PQ)

    Nix, Royden
    CNR agt St. Lawrence Div All subdivisions Montreal Dis 1943-1961 followed by promotion to management ranks 1983 /r 1983 (fa above-see also PQ)
    Noonan, LBCPR agt White River 1918sd, TD Sudbury 1929sd ORT2203
    Norman M CPR agt Leaside, agt-opr/opr Eastend, Durham sd1951 ORT4757

    Normandeau, Roland I
    CPT comm opr Terrace Bay, Chapleau, Sudbury 1949-51
    . T&R Chief Chapleau, White River, Sudbury 1951-6
    1948sd /r1956 to Bell Canada, Montreal & retd 1990 (on Cdn MTC Dialup)
    Normandin, JOGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1910sd ORT2197
    Norris, Miss EGGTR Brown Hill 1919
    Nunn, CWCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd ORT414
    Nunn, DCNR agt Belleville Div 1928sd
    Nykanen KCCPR agt Spare 1966sd
    Nyuli, MSCNR Port Arthur 1945, Sioux Lookout, Neebing, Fort William, Atikokan, Hudson Bay Jct / Wainwright, Jasper, Edson, Edmonton AB / dispatcher 8 years Edmonton
    O'Bonsawim RECPR agt Levack 1961sd ORT6617
    O'Brien, JLGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div 1912sd ORT2661
    O'Brien, THGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd ORT881
    O'Connor EACPR agt Cartier, Kipawa 1951sd ORT4206
    O'Connor JECPR agt Bruce 1910sd ORT2086
    O'Connor JHGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1897sd
    O'Connor JJGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd ORT533
    O'Connor RSGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1918sd ORT1756
    O'Connor WGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1908sd ORT534
    O'Dell HCNR asst agt London div 1925sd
    O'Donnell AJCPR West Toronto 1949
    . agt Bolton
    . CPR agt-opr/opr JU/DO Swg Aug 9 1950 * ORT4230
    O'Leary JACPR agt Franz 1965sd ORT7179
    O'Malley ?CNR Kearney, McCraney, Brule Lake 1940s
    O'Malley JJGTR Kearney 1918
    O'Neil ECCPR spare Algoma div 1924sd ORT4286
    O'Neil RJCPR agt Sudbury 1913sd ORT899
    O'Neil SPGTR CNR agt London Div 1911sd ORT622,296 (also as O'Neill)
    O'Neill JAGTR CNR agt Cochrane div 1915sd ORT1528
    O'Neill RJCPR TD Algoma Dis Sudbury 1913sd ORT899
    O'Sullivan TJJCNR agt Cochrane div 1920sd ORT1650
    Odegard KMCPR agt London Jun 1 1946 , Trick TD London May 11 1951 ORT2459 (also: Odigard)
    Oehm, NCNR agt London div 1928sd *
    Ober CACNR Mitchell /d67
    Oberg JEMCRR/CPR TD - Bangor & Portland, ME - joint trackage CPR/MEC between Keag & Vanceboro to 1974
    Oikle JE CPR agt Harrowsmith, Trenton Jul 21 1952 ORT5610
    Oke CWCPR agt Spare Jun 23 1957 no ORT
    Oke WCPR asst agt London May 24 1929 ORT2009
    Oldale TCPR agt Fort William 1951sd ORT3855
    Oldfield WMCRR (in ONT) agt West Lorne 1920s
    Oldford CBCPR agt Peterboro, Grand Valley Jul 15 1952 ORT4911
    Oliver JCNR asst agt London div 1923sd ORT1783
    Oliver WGTR Woodville 1916
    Oliver WJGTR agt London Div 1907sd, TD 1914sd ORT294,119
    Ollenbittle F CPR agt Whitby Jun 3~1919 ORT857
    Orchard RMGTR Minessing 1893
    Orendorff FCCPR opr 1944sd, TD Sudbury 1950sd ORT6357
    Ormiston EWGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd, Stirling ORT3731 /d67
    Orr DBCPR agt Parkdale-Bolton Swg * May 31 1956 ORT5511
    Ortt DPMCRR (in ONT) agt Mull 1920s
    Ortt HAMCRR (in ONT) agt Charing Cross1920s
    Osborne DHCPR agt Glen Tay * Jul 10 1956 no ORT
    Otto HWGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1907sd, Kinburn 1912, * 1907sd ORT321
    Otto WRCPR agt Belleville, agt-opr/opr London CSC (L), Thamesfield July 2 1948 ORT4953
    Ouellette, JohnCPR telegrapher Winnipeg, White River, Chapleau, Ottawa, Montreal 1952sd /r1987
    Ouellette, WJCNR London Div 1942, Thorold, Fort Erie, Sarnia, Dunnville 1952-73
    Ouimet, ELGTR CNR agt St Lawrence div 1912sd, TD St.Lawrence div 1913sd ORT1442
    Quirk DCPR TD Kenora 1951sd ORT3668
    Owens, AFCNR opr 1974sd
    Owens, OHGTR CNR agt London Div 1906sd ORT282
    Oxford, JCNR leverman London div, Hamilton 1920sd
    Pace, Donna (DLP)CNR RTC Toronto 1999 (see also Pringle)
    Painter, CLGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1888sd ORT95
    Painter, SGTR CNR agt London div 1918sd ORT1135
    Palmer, Steve CCNR hired spr Opr Capreol 1973 - worked spr bd primarily Gravenhurst until it closed 1985 /left CNR 1985

    Pankoski, Victor H
    CNR agt - studied Telegraphy Fenwood Sk Feb-Oct 14 1952 under agt Cliff Charlton
    . hired out Oct 14/52 under CTD RC Brown, Winnipeg
    . CNR First job 3rd trick Savant Lake
    . relieved Oprs Webster, Jones St Anne, Fort Frances, Mine Centre, Minaki, Red Lake Road, Redditt, Superior Jct, Williams Minn
    . on loan to BC Jun-Aug '54 Kelowna Red Pass Jct, Sperry Car Opr SRS 118 Red Pass to Endako, Pyramid BC then transferred back to SK District
    . Nokomis-Hubbard Swing, Touchwood, Welby, Quadra, Uno, Melville-Hubbard Swing Relieve Agts summer '59 Asquith, Wiseton, White Bear, Glidden, Goodeve
    . back to 2nd trick Melville, Tisdale
    . resigned 3rd trick Kamsack Apr '64 to returned to school & Industrial Sales Career (currently active member KN Chapter MTC Saskatoon)
    Pannell FWGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1903sd ORT139
    Paradis OCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919 ORT1684
    Pare DRCNR opr spare 1983sd
    Parent FAGTR Arnprior 1920
    Parker AEGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Brockville 1915
    Parker EWCNR agt Toronto Terminals div 1918sd, TSupvr 1938sd ORT3681
    Parker HOGTR CNR agt London div 1918sd ORT1370
    Parker JACPR agt North Bay 1942sd ORT1785
    Parker JWCNR opr Rainy River 1973sd
    Parkes RCPR agt Glen Tay Jul 2 1957 no ORT
    Parkinson EJCNR TD Winnipeg 1956sd
    Parkinson WKMCRR (in ONT) agt London (depot) 1920s
    Parks RJCPR agt Medonte, Midhurst sd1957 ORT6842
    Parks WJGTR Eastern Lines 8-9th Dis agt Hoards 1917
    Partridge HBGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1906sd * ORT299
    Partridge RWCPR agt 1912sd, TD Schreiber 1916sd ORT1123
    Parsons H CPR agt Belmont Jul 26 1917 ORT1360
    Parsons PHGTR CNR agt Allandale div 1916sd ORT921
    Patterson CEGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd
    Patterson DDMCRR (in ONT) agt Alvinston 1920s
    Patterson HAGTR CNR Capreol div 1916sd ORT606
    Patterson JMCPR agt WA/EE/CA/NO/Form 116 (L) Apr 23 1969 ORT7994
    CPR TD London spare (L) Feb 26, 1970 ORT7994
    Patterson TJGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div 1916sd ORT1047
    Patterson SJ CPR asst agt Grand Valley Mar 10 1920 ORT1721
    Patterson WHMCRR (in ONT) agt Dutton 1920s
    Patten HRGTR CNR agt London Div 1910sd ORT638
    Pattison RJCPR agt Eastend (L) Jan 22 1970 ORT7994
    Patton HRGTR CNR agt London Div 1910sd ORT364
    Paul JCPR spare Algoma div 1920sd ORT4785
    Paul RGCPR agt Toronto, TD Toronto & CPR Trick TD Toronto Jul 16 1956 ORT4564
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto Apr 15 1950 ORT4564
    Paul WECPR TD Kenora 1950sd ORT2414
    Paulin JXACNR agt Ottawa div 1919sd
    Paulitzki NCPR agt Spare Jun 14 1957 no ORT
    Payne WCNR leverman London div, Paris Jct 1916sd
    Pearson EMCPR opr Chapleau 1926sd ORT1618/4291/1613
    Pease, JMCNR Rockwood 1952
    Pell RMCPR agt Windsor Yd-Lakeshore Tower-Chatham Depot- Chatham Eastend Tower Swing sd1966
    Pelto PICPR opr Schreiber 1942sd, TD Schreiber 1945sd ORT1890
    Pengelly WJCNR agt London div 1918sd * ORT3246
    Pepin JNCNR agt Cochrane div 1930sd * ORT4369
    Pepin JRAGTR CNR agt Cochrane div 1915sd ORT4200
    Perdue JACNR agt London Div 1912sd ORT1151
    Perry CRCNR agt Belleville Div 1926sd, TD 1937sd ORT4094
    Pescod WCNR agt Ottawa div 1924sd ORT412
    Petch EFCNR asst agt London Div 1918sd * ORT1250
    Pettifer ACPR agt/opr Heron Bay, Webbwood 1920sd ORT3043/1596
    Petty WCPR Streetsville Jun 1 1914 ORT810
    Philip JEWGTR Newcastle 1884
    Phillips ALCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1941sd
    Phillips HGTR CNR agt London div 1914sd ORT2860
    Phillips WHORT VP 1945 Ottawa
    Pich WSCNR opr spare 1983sd
    Pickering CLCNR agt Cochrane div 1915sd, TD Cochrane div 1919sd ORT783
    Pickering DHCNR agt Cochrane div 1939sd
    Pickering WDACD Hornepayne 1983
    Pierce EGCPR agt London Apr 7 1916, Trick TD London (L) Nov 26 1941 ORT797
    Pike ACPR agt Leaside Jun 25 1923 ORT5531
    Pilgrim HCCNR opr spare 1983sd
    Pilon FCPR agt Rutter 1956sd ORT5435
    Pilon JCPR agt Romford 1954sd ORT4929
    Pinchin, JHCNR asst agt London Div 1927sd ORT1571
    Pinkney EWCPR agt West Toronto Dpo May 29 1946, agt-opr/opr Peterboro CSC May 29 1946 ORT4702

    Piper, Leon Ozro
    CNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919
    . served in WWI. He returned, and went to work for the C.N.R. In his retirement years, on his way home from a trip to Kingston, he stopped at a train crossing, the train went through, but what grandpa didn't know, and couldn't see because of a high hill at the side of the track, was a train from the other direction. There were no bars on the crossing. He survived the accident but the rwy was all set to charge him for damage to the train! In the end they dropped it - because of his lifetime of service - they also removed that hill within the following few weeks.
    . last station was Aultsville, Ont. Aultsville was one of the seven "lost" villages - flooded at the time of the Seaway. The station was moved to Upper Canada Village and can be viewed
    . I've been told that during WWII, grandpa, as a telegraph operator, would often sleep during the night shift but if the telegraph started up with HIS signal he would awake immediately to handle the switching for the unannounced troop trains.
    Plant JCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1914sd ORT911
    Plante EOCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1923sd
    Platt RF CPR agt Camp Borden, London sd1951 ORT4355
    Plummer JOCPR telegrapher Selim, Schreiber 1920sd ORT2742/1437
    Plummer MPCPR opr Terrace Bay 1926sd ORT1747/4287
    Poithier LACNR agt Ottawa div 1917sd ORT1408
    Poitras JFCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1909sd ORT1105
    Pollard FSCNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd ORT3802
    Pollock E CNR ag, op, TD, RI 1941-88
    Pope, JACNR Snider /d66
    Pope, JGCCNR agt Allandale div 1926sd ORT3914
    Porter GHCPR telegrapher Cartier-Metagama Algoma div 1919sd ORT3267
    Porter JCCNR agt Belleville Div 1928sd, Collins 1936 *
    Porter, LCNR agt Allandale div 1917sd ORT2223
    Porter, WalterCPR Elmvale 1914?
    Portfield, HA CNR Stratford 1936-54
    Post FLCPR agt Marathon 1965sd ORT7107
    Potvin, JECNR agt St Lawrence div 1916sd, TD 1926sd ORT3851
    Potvin, LCNR agt Ottawa div 1929sd
    Potvin, WJCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT1286
    Poulin, JJMACNR agt St Lawrence div 1915sd, TD 1928sd ORT1182
    Poulin, OCPR agt Romford 1916sd ORT1742
    PouliotCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919
    Poulson, WMCNR agt Belleville Div 1918sd * ORT4032
    Powers JLCPR TD Kenora 1948sd ORT2546
    Powers WLCPR agt Medonte Jul 9 1918 ORT1347
    Praskey, B K&P/CPR (see Boyd-cousin of)
    Praskey, J K&P/CPR (see Boyd-cousin of)
    Pratt, ?CPR Toronto Yd 1986
    Pratt, JOACNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd ORT1042
    Pratt SRCPR agt West Toronto Twr, agt-opr/opr West Toronto Depot, Whitby May 26 1951 ORT4352
    Prefontaine, JOCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1909sd ORT371
    Preston, Richard JCPR opr 1953, London div 1954, Midhurst 1967 sd1953 ORT6790
    Primeau EMCPR opr Villa Marie, Britt 1945sd ORT6319
    Pringle, HNCNR agt Belleville div 1913sd ORT3516

    Pringle, Wilfred C
    CNR messenger boy Toronto "C" office (six days a week @ $12.50/wk later agt opr
    . war years Royal Canadian Signal Corps
    . 1946-67 opr Mimico East, Canpa
    . 1962 MacMillan Yd TD
    . 1967 Commuter Services Assistant
    . 1938sd r/81 (see also Pace)
    Prior, J C GTR Coldwater 1902
    Prisk GMCPR spare Algoma div 1926sd
    Procknicki WCPR agt Fort William 1951sd ORT4220
    Procyk, JohnCNR Mundare 1945 / TD stn? 1951-60
    Proulx, ANCNR agt St Lawrence div 1899sd, TD St.Larence div 1916sd ORT1443
    Proulx, JLDCNR agt Cochrane div 1927sd, TD Cochrane div 1939sd * ORT2342
    Proulx, WCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1917sd ORT1230
    Promane, W ONR Timmins (41 yrs ONR)
    Pugh A CPR agt Cobourg Jul 26 1913 ORT417
    Pulfer, RCCNR agt opr Newmarket 1930sd * ORT3634 /r1968

    Punstel, Neil O
    CPR, ACR, CNR opr relief, agt at following
    . Terrace Bay CPR opr (started here Summer 1955 age 17 yrs)
    . Biscotasing Ont CPR relief agent
    . Schreiber Ont CPR opr
    . Winnipeg K office CPR OPR
    . Franz Ont OPR CPR/ACR
    . Maryfield Sask OPR CPR/CNR
    . Brandon Man CPR OPR
    . Indianhead Sask CPR OPR
    . Broadview MAN CPR
    . Bulyea SASK CPR OPR
    . North Portal Sask OPR CPR
    . Weyburn Sask Opr CPR
    . Coldwell Ont CPR OPR
    . Marathon Ont CPR OPR
    . Ramsey Ont OPR CPR
    . Metagama Ont CPR OPR
    . Cartier Ont CPR OPR
    . Stalak Ontario CPR OPR
    . Whitemouth MAN OPR
    . Pogamasing Ont CPR
    . Rippleton Ont (After shut down of Coldwell ) OPR
    . worked 1 shift at Chapleau Ont as OPR
    . Gravel Ont CPR OPR

    Purkis, Issac D
    MTC 1849-51 Prescott, superintendent BNATA, CGTTCo, DTC (courtesy grtgrdson)
    Putnam M (Mrs)MCRR (in ONT) agt Montague 1920s
    Quibell, HCCNR agt Belleville Div 1928sd *
    Quinlan, ASGTR CNR agt Powassan 1919 1910sd ORT935
    Quinn, John WCNR hired spr Opr Capreol 1974, spr bd Capreol until about 1982 then Swing Opr MacMillan Yd, Mimico until left CNR 1988
    Quinn WCPR telegrapher Gurney Algoma div 1919sd ORT2527
    Quinn WCCNR Capreol div 1918sd ORT809
    Quinsey WJMCRR (in ONT) agt Cayuga 1920s
    Quintin JOWCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1928sd ORT4080
    Quirk DCPR agt Kenora 1950sd ORT3668
    Radford, DRCNR asst agt London div 1923sd ORT1693
    Radloff ESCNR asst agt London div 1925sd
    Ralston IJGTR CNR Toronto Terminals div TSupvr 1901sd, 1912sd ORT228
    Ramsay GGCNR Opr CN PEI TD Hornepayne & Mac yd
    Rantanen TCCPR opr 1945sd, TD Sudbury 1954sd ORT5825
    Raper HCNR London div TSupvr 1918sd ORT548
    Raper WJGTR CNR London Division 1912sd, TS 1919sd ORT308
    Ratcliffe ACNR leverman London div, Paris Jct 1923sd
    Rath HHCNR agt Allandale div 1940sd * ORT3243
    Rath TeddyCNR op Orillia
    Ravin CCGTR Pickering 1917
    Raynes GHCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd ORT560
    Rawstron JACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1910sd ORT567
    Raymond JACNR agt Cochrane div 1916sd ORT3997
    Raymond JECPR agt Temiscaming 1956sd ORT6374
    Raymond, WOCNR agt Ottawa div 1918sd ORT4095
    Read W CPR asst agt Shelburne Jun 18 1917 ORT691
    Reaman, ABCNR agt London div 1916sd ORT3280
    Reavely AFCPR agt Mactier, Drumbo, Haycroft * Jun 11 1955 ORT5336
    Reavely ALCPR agt Bothwell, Caradoc * Jun 14 1955 ORT5420
    Reavely DFCPR agt Lakeshore Tower sd1964 ORTNON
    Reavely FLCPR agt Caradoc
    Reavely RGCPR agt Bothwell, agt-opr/opr Alliston, Glencoe, Caradoc June 9 1949 ORT4886
    Record, JCCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd ORT660
    Redden, CLCNR agt Belleville Div 1927sd ORT4509
    Redfern, TDGTR North Bay 1919
    Redmond, AWCNR agt Ottawa div 1919sd, TD 1940sd * ORT1868
    Redmond, DJCNR agt Ottawa div 1928sd ORT4220
    Redmond, JECNR agt Ottawa div 1928sd
    Redstone CWMCRR/CPR TD - Bangor & Portland, ME - joint trackage CPR/MEC between Keag & Vanceboro to 1974
    Reed, GeorgeGTR 1903 (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Reeve, JBCNR agt Belleville div 1906sd, TD 1914sd
    Regal, Gordon DCPR teleg 1948-75, opr-agt Schreiber & Sudbury Div, Vernier 1946 - Cdn Army Signal Corps 1942-46, Desbarats 1946sd ORT2471
    Regis DCPR agt Elmstead Jul 4 1916 ORT592
    Regis MDCPR agt Glencoe, agt-opr/opr Brampton, agt Streetsville CSC Aug 2 1943 ORT1994
    Reid, CHCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd ORT4179
    Reid GWGTR 1909 (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Reid JFGTR/CNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd, Goodwood 1915 ORT934
    Reid RGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1918sd ORT1353, 872
    Reid WHCNR agt Ottawa div 1912sd ORT632
    Reiner JCPR agt Orrs Lake, Galt swing sdJun 25 1951 ORT4385
    Riley RTCPR opr Chapleau 1943sd ORT2393
    Reilly JCCPR opr Creighton, Chelmsford 1924sd ORT6307/4295
    Reilly JECNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919 ORT2404
    Reinwald RECPR agt Moor Lake 1915sd ORT1469, 514
    Relitz BLCNR opr spare 1984sd

    Rendell Edward Louis
    CNR 1957 Asst Agent-operator Longlac, Oba, Barrie, Orillia
    . 1964 Agent, Westree, Gogama
    . 1969 Train dispatcher, ELR, Capreol, Hornepayne
    . 1986 Transferred to running trades, NOA
    . 1997 Retired
    Rendle SMCRR (in ONT) agt Townsend 1920s
    Resky WCPR agt Kenora 1951sd ORT3803
    Reville JA CPR agt Perth Jul 16 1920 ORT1600
    Reynolds HDCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd ORT469
    Reynolds NCNR agt Ottawa div 1911sd, TD 1931sd ORT653
    Reynolds RACNR TD Mac Yd
    Reynolds RAMCRR (in ONT) agt Windsor 'A' City 1920s
    Ribout JPCPR agt Schreiber, Mattawa 1948sd, TD Schreiber 1965sd ORT4020
    Richards SCPR agt Toronto 1048sd ORT4096

    Richardson, Bob
    CNR opr 15 Aug 1945sd Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), relief TD Winnipeg "H" office Sept 1949 (RNR)
    Riches FGCNR agt opr Harriston /r1968
    Riciutto LCPR opr Romford 1948sd ORT4117
    Rickard ECNR agt Ottawa div 1916sd ORT312
    Riding HCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1920sd ORT2148
    Riepert THCNR agt London div 1916sd ORT1123
    Riley RTCPR agt Chapleau 1943sd ORT2393
    Ringer GECNR Guelph 1939
    Riordan JLCNR agt Belleville Div 1918sd, Pickering ORT 4054 /r66
    Riordan RSCPR agt Uhthoff, agt-opr/opr Quebec St, Elmira Jul 18 1949 ORT3088
    Ripley WTCPR agt Leaside, agt-opr/opr Streetsville, Flesherton Aug 14 1949 ORT5157
    Ritchie ACPR agt Woman Rver 1915sd ORT4473
    Ritchie JMCPR agt Spare, agt Guelph Jct, West Toronto Depot Jun 25 1956 NO ORT
    Ritchie, JWGTR Galetta 1906
    Rivet AOCPR agt Rutherglen 1943sd ORT4085
    Roach LMCNR asst agt London Div 1919sd *
    Robb JDCPR asst agt Woodstock, agt-opr/opr Woodstock (L) July 12 1946 ORT2503
    Robbins GPMCRR (in ONT) agt Hagersville 1920s
    Robbins Stan OCPR opr Nemegos 1951sd ORT4168
    Roberts BobCNR Capreol, Field, Brent, North Bay, Copetown, Komoka 1964sd
    Roberts HTH&B agt Hamilton (Pass) 1920s
    Roberts NACPR agt Toronto Swing, agt Oshawa-Peterboro Swg, Oshawa * Jun 16 1954 ORT4012
    Robertson DavidCPR, Dominion Observatory /d26
    Robertson DDGTR CNR agt London div 1916sd ORT1071, 658
    Robertson GECPR agt Woodstock sd1963 ORT6980
    Robertson HGCNR agt London div 1924sd * ORT4360
    Robertson Hugh SamCPR 'B' & 'RS' office Kenora, Hawk Lake, Eagle River, Dyment, Ignace, Upsala, Raith / Molson MAN / Ingolf ON
    Robertson JAGTR/CNR agt London Div 1910sd, Stratford ORT3418 /d67
    Robertson JSTH&B agt Fenwick 1920s
    Robertson KWCNR opr spare 1984sd
    Robertson MCNR agt London div 1920sd
    Robertson NGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div 1915sd ORT1096
    Robertson PAGTR 17 Dis Hamilton 1911
    Robertson RobertGTR agt-opr 1910?
    Robertson, WACPR Bruce & Peterboro Div 1947, Zorro 1948, Glen Tay, Sharbot Lake, Perth, Kingston
    Robertson WMCPR agt Glen Tay, agt-opr/opr Kingston Dec 31 1947 ORT5009
    Robertson WSCPR spare Algoma div 1930sd
    Robertson WSSCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1912sd ORT627
    Rock FWCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919
    Robicheau VCPR Hamilton 1937
    Robins RCNR leverman London div, Komoka 1920sd
    Robinson AECNR Palmerston d/67
    Robinson EAGTR/CNR Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd, Toronto area 1910-54 ORT4284
    Robinson ERCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1937sd ORT4284
    Robinson GAGTR CNR agt London Div 1910sd ORT364
    Robinson, GeorgeGTR Eastern Lines 8-9th Dis agt Madoc 1897
    Robinson, HJGTR CNR agt London Div 1915sd ORT1093
    Robinson LHCPR agt Franz 1908sd ORT577
    Robinson WD CPR agt Camp Borden, Hamilton sd1954 ORT5053
    Robicheau VWCPR Digby 1937 later to Hamilton
    Robitaille HRCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918 ORT4397
    Robitaille LECNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd
    Robitaille RACNR agt Cochrane div 1917sd ORT1193
    Roblin Ivy RoyCNR Madoc 1957, Allandale, Capreol, Hornepayne, Peterbell, Hillsport, Delhi, Belleville, TD Belleville, TD Toronto /r91
    Rochefort BernardCNR telegrapher 1963sd North Bay (sine 'BR' on Cdn Teleg Circuit)
    Rochefort JACNR Northern Ontario ?-1978
    Rochon JOCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1924sd *
    Rochon RCPR opr Mattawa 1944sd ORT2057
    Roderick JDGTR Penetang 1899
    Roderick JHCNR agt/opr London Div 1890sd ORT252
    Rogers FJCNR leverman London div, Woodstock 1888sd
    Rogers WGTR CNR leverman London div, Hamilton 1918sd
    Rogers WKCNR agt London div 1904sd, TD 1911sd
    Rollings EWCNR agt London div 1913sd * ORT751
    Rooney ESCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd
    Rosebush TNCPR agt Mactier sd1962 ORT6825
    Roskovick SMCNR Burlington West 1967
    Ross DSpare (T) Sept 15 1968 NON ORT
    Ross HICNR asst agt London div 1923sd ORT1666
    Ross RCNR leverman London div, Komoka 1923sd
    Rosterick FFGTR CNR asst agt London div 1911sd
    Rouleau JJCPR opr Clarabelle 1945sd ORT2178
    Rourke CACNR Owen Sound 1979
    Rowe LJCNR asst agt London Div 1920sd ORT1404
    Rowntree JBGTR CNR agt London div 1919sd ORT1701
    Rowley HBCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1945
    Roy AAACNR agt Cochrane div 1917sd ORT1264

    Roy, Alexander (Alex) K
    CNR telegrapher-opr 1949-68, Cardinal 1951-68
    Roy HCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1913sd ORT804
    Roy HECNR agt St.Lawrence div 1909sd ORT863
    Roy JDACNR agt Cochrane div 1920sd ORT1864
    Roy RGCNR opr Atitkokan 1951sd
    Ruddick DWCPR agt Ingersoll, agt Pt Burwell-Goderich Swg, Tillsonburg Tower * sd1956 ORT5508
    Rudge TGTR Ottawa 1919
    Ruel AJPCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1917
    Ruest JHCPR agt Soo 1912sd ORT597
    Ruest JSCNR agt Cochrane div 1915sd ORT711
    Ruffo RCPR opr Sudbury 1945sd, TD Sudbury 1965sd ORT2317
    Rumsey GP CPR agt London sdJun 7 1949 ORT2860
    Rupert CFCNR TD Capreol /r1968
    Rupert JACNR agt Belleville Div 1918sd * ORT1362
    Rupert WJCNR agt Belleville div 1924sd, TD 1929sd ORT1934
    Russell HSCNR Ingersoll 1979
    Russell, WilliamGTR Cargill 1917
    Russell WSCPR East Zorra 1930 /d age 86
    Rutherford MCCPR agt Heron Bay 1918sd ORT2074
    Rutherford TKGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Collins' Bay 1893
    Rutledge LM CPR agt Streetsville Jul 18 1951 ORT4487
    Rumsey GPQuebec St (L), London Depot June 7 1949 ORT2860 /r 1970
    Rumney OCPR agt Bobcaygeon Apr 25 1923 ORT1709
    Rutherford MC CPR agt MacTier Nov 19 1918 ORT3523
    Ryan ERCNR Opr GLR TD Allandale ACTD & CTD Macmillan Yd
    Ryan KACNR Opr GLR TD Hornepayne Trainmaster GLR
    Ryan RHCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1913sd
    Ryan WOCNR CD Capreol 1979-83
    St. Amour AJCPR opr McKerrow 1947sd ORT5120
    St. Amour M (Mrs)CPR opr McKerrow 1944sd ORT5199
    St. Louis AJCNR agt Ottawa div 1912sd * ORT654
    St. John AMGTR/CNR agt Belleville Div 1909sd, Uxbridge 1915 ORT1573
    Schaeller W CPR agt Medonte Jun 23 1951 no ORT
    Sadler ME ONR (NO&T) Temgami 1945-65, New Liskeard, Haileybury, Cobalt ?-1980
    Sakaluk JCPR agt Webbwood, Marathon 1951sd ORT4034
    Salkeid, WMCNR agt London Div 1910sd ORT3471
    Saluso MCPR agt Toronto, agt Agincourt Jul 18 1953 ORT5102
    CPR TD Toronto spare (T) June 26, 1969 ORT5102 (may also appear as Salusoo)
    Sampson, CGTR CNR agt London div 1918sd ORT966
    Sampson, CGTR CNR agt London Div 1907sd ORT1472
    Sanchioni BLCPR agt White River 1959sd ORT6216
    Sanderson TCCPR agt Woodstock Swing * Jul 26 1954 ORT5081
    Sandy, FrankMR (Midland Rwy) 1882 agt, GTR Peterborough 1900 agt, Lindsay 1914 agt
    Santos, FaustoCNR TD 199x, Mac Yard (Note: sisters and brother CN employees as welder, brakemen, conductor in Toronto)
    Sasseville, DACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1911sd ORT428
    Sasseville, JJWCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1910sd ORT496
    Sauer, ALCNR asst agt London Div 1921sd *
    Saunders LGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1916sd * ORT1207
    Saunders TCPR spare Algoma div 1928sd ORT4554
    Sauve HCPR lineman Algoma div 1910sd ORT1107
    Sauve JDGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1916sd ORT1106
    Savage, GVGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd * ORT2114
    Sawyer, JRWCNR agt Cochrane div 1925sd ORT3803
    Sayer RGCPR agt Moor Lake, Markstay 1951sd ORT3751

    Schenk, Laverne A
    CPR London Div third shift opr at Bolton, Guelph Jct, Galt, Orrs Lake, Ayr Drumbo, Ayr, Woodstock, Ingersoll, St Thomas
    . Relief Agt & Opr Orangeville, Owen Sound, Durham, Hanover, Mt Forest, Harriston
    . Pt Hope, Belleville, Shartbot Lake, Tweed
    . last Agt Fordwich, Wroxeter, Gorrie, W Toronto Twr 1955-69 /r69 (other: Cassan Telegraph School, started June 1955 youngest CPR opr at 17) ORT5665
    Scherer CWMCRR (in ONT) agt Ridgetown 1920s
    Schneuker CGTR CNR leverman London div, Woodstock 1916sd
    Schnopp JECPR agt Burwash 1918sd ORT2022
    Schnurr LJGTR agt London Div 1918sd ORT853, CNR St Thomas div TSupvr 1930sd ORT4455
    Schoester CWCPR agt West Toronto Depot, agt Tecumseh-Don Swg, Don * Sep 9 1951 ORT4353
    Schubt ?CNR Mimico Yd 1983
    Schultz CFCNR agt Allandale div 1916sd ORT1741
    SWchultz WPCPR agt/opr Sudbury 1916sd ORT1525
    Scott ADCNR asst agt London Div 1921sd
    Scott AJCNR agt Allandale div 1919sd
    Scott JWMCRR (in ONT) agt Southwood 1920s
    Scott WFCPR agt Nemegos 1919sd ORT2385
    Scoynes SJCNR leverman London div, Komoka 1919sd
    Sears FJ West Toronto Twr Jul 7 1916 ORT616
    Seeney DK CPR agt Toronto * sdJun 12 1949 ORT4224
    Seeney F CPR asst agt Toronto Jul 23 1923 ORT4064
    Sereda D CPR agt Don non-ORT
    Sergeant WilfredCNR St Lawrence Region 1960-5 Asst Superintendent Transportation (Technical) - my responsibility to oversee the technicalities of train operations - a problem on the Region because the installation of CTC was displacing operators & it was HQ policy not to train new telegraph oprs but to rely on displaced oprs to bid in on seniority, to keep the pipeline filled. It didn't work in Quebec, because most of the displaced oprs were in ON or out west, while we still had a lot of branch lines where French was a necessity - ops generally learned their key as baggage handlers in the oprs office. It would take nine months or more for a new guy to pick it up without specific instructions, and we couldn't wait. We sat down together & invented a morse training course on reel-to-reel tape machines, and had it professionally recorded. It started "This is an "A" di dah, two "A's" di dah, di dah.. This is "AB" etc right through the alphabet. We bought cheap reel-to-reel recorders with earphones, & had them fiddled so that they would not record, only play back.Twelve copies were made from the master tapes & apprentices were assigned to the stations with a regular operator. Vic was ecstatic to report that the first apprentice had passed the telegrapher's test less than three months, and we had them all in ample time.
    . So I am surprised that the last morse order went out on the Prairies. I fully expected the morse would live on the St. Lawrence Region until all the branch lines were closed, that I think was later than 1972.
    . I moved back to Montreal from Toronto after building GO-Transit, I delivered the master tapes into storage at the CN archives - I wrote a history record, dated 4 December, 1978, to go into storage with those tapes.
    . The other thing is when CN moved me to Toronto to start GO-Transit in 1965. It only got that name later, that I explain in my book. CN had agreed to start a commuter service in the name of the Government of Ontario, and the Premier Roberts had announced it would be running "At the end of next year". That gave me just 20 months, and we didn't make it. We started the service on May 23, 1967, just two years less one week. It fell to my responsibility to create the first ticket system, the "Two-part" ticket, as well as to chose the colour "Bright Green", decide the name GO-Transit, and design the GO-Transit logo that is so well known now. We got that done by the same visual image consultants who had previously come up with the CN logo, affectionately known as the "Wiggly worm".
    Searle JackCNR opr Fort Erie 1930-60
    Searles GKCPR agt Spare (T) May 6 1969 NON ORT
    Searls WCNR leverman London div, Woodstock 1922sd
    Sears LAGTR CNR St Thomas div 1918sd ORT722
    Sedgwick ATCPR agt Nobel 1910sd ORT1949
    Seeman OPGTR CNR agt London Div 1914sd ORT1540
    Seeney DKCPR Trick TD Toronto (T) Dec 30 1953 ORT4224
    Seguin UCPR agt Chalk River 1951sd ORT2797
    Semple GCNR agt London div 1916sd * ORT1098
    Serafin WJCPR agt Spare, Uhthoff sd1965 ORT7691 (may appear as Serefin)
    Servey FCPR lineman McKerrow Algoma div 1916sd ORT632

    Service, Adrian R
    CPR Agt/Opr Smiths Falls Div, Arnprior 1961-5, SAL/FEC/SOU/NS, retired Mar 2000, Acct Manager, Montgomery, AL
    Seymour-Taylor VCNR Gananoque 1940s, Belleville TD
    Shanks EFCNR agt Ottawa div 1914sd, TD 1928sd ORT874
    Shannon RJCPR agt Sturgeon Falls 1912sd ORT4794
    Shaw LECPR agt Eastend, agt Chatham, Tilbury * Jun 29 1954 ORT4940
    Shaw MHCNR agt Belleville Div 1927sd * ORT3957
    Shea BJCNR agt Rockwood 1965-67, TTR Cherry Str /r1968
    Sheehan WTCPR opr Schreiber 1925sd ORT1799/3644/1799
    Sheeler BRMCRR (in ONT) agt McGregor 1920s
    Sheets EJCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd
    Shepherd PAK CNR St Mary's 1930 / Winnipeg 1930-53
    Sherwood MGTR CNR asst agt London div 1918sd ORT1778
    Shier RJGTR Sunderland 1895
    Shipley WBGTR agt London Div 1904sd, Oakville 1906 ORT1149
    Shultis JCFCNR agt London div 1916sd * ORT3771
    Shultz EJCPR agt Chalk River 1912sd ORT1315
    Shultz WPCPR agt Chalk River TD Sudbury 1929sd ORT3700/1525
    Sills Gerald JCNR telegrapher, started Cochrane Div 1948, TD Belleville, rule instructor Montreal /r 1988 /d 2000
    Simard JECNR agt St.Lawrence div 1941sd
    Simons ALCNR agt London Div 1907sd ORT3474
    Simmons LJMCRR (in ONT) agt Black Rock 1920s
    Simmonds R CPR agt Midhurst Jun 23 1954 ORT4811
    Simmons A W CPR agt Toronto Twr Jul 6 1953 ORT4803
    Simmons CBCNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd ORT481

    Simmons H Gordon
    GTR Simcoe, Longford
    . CNR freight agt Paris (spent nearly 25 years here)
    . 1941 Brantford retired
    . local chairman ORT Paris chapter & attended conventions every three yrs in Cleveland, Montreal, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago. 1902sd ORT32 /r41
    Simmons HGCNR agt London Div 1902sd ORT561

    Simpson, John Lillies
    CPR agt Owen Sound /d1929
    . my Great Grandfather, John Lillies SIMPSON was the Local Agent for the CPR in Port McNicoll, ON from the time CPR moved their operations from Owen Sound, until he died in 1929
    . His son, my Grandfather, was John Patrick SIMPSON (died 1960), who was a yard foreman for the CPR in Owen Sound, Port McNicoll and ended up as Yard Master in Windsor, ON
    . His son, my Father, was John Frederick SIMPSON (died 1995), who was Asst Yd Master for the CPR in Windsor, ON
    Simmons RCCPR agt Owen Sound sd1954 ORT4811 (may appears as RE)
    Simpson AWCNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd, TD 1924sd ORT1026
    Simpson EACPR agt spare sd1966
    Simpson HCNR agt/opr London Div 1881sd ORT1700
    Simpson RCGTR CNR agt London div 1917sd
    Simpson RCCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1940

    Simpson, Victor W
    CPR (CP Rail) Schreiber Div June 11 1965-Oct 1988 Telegraph Opr & Relieving Agt / Nipigon 1965sd ORT7103
    Sinclair CMTH&B agt Hamilton (frgt) 1920s
    Sinclair JAMCRR (in ONT) agt Tillsonburg1920s
    Sinclair TKCPR agt Kenora 1951sd, TD Kenora 1964sd ORT3561
    Sine BGTR Scotia Jct 1916 1914sd ORT932
    Sisson JNCPR agt Little Current 1914sd ORT4803
    Sitts ALCPR agt-opr/opr Tillsonburg CSC, agt Woodstock Aug 6 1951 ORT4707
    Sjuberg SMCNR opr spare 1983sd
    Skelton GCPR agt Bolton sd1965
    Skillings PSCNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd ORT1122
    Skinner GACNR agt London div 1925sd
    Skuce GWGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div Bracebridge 1911sd ORT647 /d67
    Slayer ELGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1907sd
    Sloan EWCPR agt Spare Dec 6 1957 no ORT
    Sliwa PPCNR agt 1957sd
    Slobodian JMCPR opr Schreiber 1947sd, TD Schreiber 1957sd ORT2572
    Smalley T CPR agt St Marys Jan 28 1919 ORT1781
    Smart EFGTR CNR agt London Div 1911sd * ORT4407
    Smart VGCPR opr 1923sd
    Smart VJCPR spare Algoma div 1923sd ORT3295 (OLA in 1931)
    Smirle, GMGTR CNR agt Ottawa div 1916sd ORT1418
    Smith ACNR leverman London div, Paris Jct 1921sd
    Smith ALGTR Tornto Supt Union Station 1919
    Smith CKCNR agt Belleville Div 1909sd * ORT1815
    Smith CWCPR agt Weston sd58 ORT6553
    Smith Donald PCNR Dryden 1947, Dyment, Winnipeg, Fort William, Langenburg
    Smith FAGTR CNR asst agt London div 1917sd ORT1782
    Smith FTCNR agt Allandale div 1924sd ORT3766
    Smith GHCPR 1925 - Toronto & Kingston 1940
    Smith HCPR spare Algoma div 1929sd
    Smith HBGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1905sd ORT1099
    Smith HCGTR CNR agt St Lawrence div 1918sd
    Smith HECNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd
    Smith JGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div 1913sd ORT1208
    Smith JCPR agt Chatham, agt-opr/opr Eastend (L) July 20 1928 ORT5324
    Smith JLCPR agt Alliston, Lakeshore, Orangeville Jun 26 1956 ORT5905
    Smith JNTH&B agt Jerseyville 1920s
    Smith RGCNR St Thomas div TSupvr 1925sd ORT2382
    Smith TCPR Thunder Bay to Broadview, Estevan Sask 1938
    Smith VMGTR agt Whitby Jct 1911, agt Belleville Div 1907sd ORT610
    Smith WCNR agt London div 1925sd ORT1120
    Smith WCPR TD Toronto Jan. 31, 1951 ORT2788
    Smith WCPR agt spare sd1965 ORTNON
    Smith WECPR agt Sudbury 1917sd, TD Sudbury 1918sd ORT1762
    Smith WWCPR agt Toronto, agt-opr/opr Toronto & CPR Trick TD Toronto Jul 24 1946 ORT2788
    Smythe JA CPR agt Weston Jun 19 1914 ORT1317

    Snider, Herman M
    CNoR agt / CNR 1922 Belleville Div / worked many stns ON & PQ 1913sd ORT4209 /r 1962 (see son Victor below)
    Snider, HSCNR agt Belleville Div 1906sd ORT241

    Snider, Victor G
    CNR agt Belleville Div 1948-1963 (son of Herman above)
    Snow CCPR agt Pt Hope-Cobourg Swg Jul 8 1955 no ORT
    Snyder, WTGTR CNR agt London Div 1914sd ORT574
    Sobkowicz, BMCNR opr spare 1983sd
    Sobol WCPR agt Galt, agt-opr/opr Galt May 25 1951 ORT4048
    Somerton FHCPR telegrapher King Algoma div 1920sd ORT3913
    Soules, VACPR agt Algoma Dis Chapleau 1905sd ORT626
    Souliere MMCPR agt North Bay 1965sd ORT7102
    Southwood, OKCNR Toronto chief op 1939
    Sparling, JamesCNR 1946-Apr 24 1960 (Tavistock area, South Easthope)
    Sparling, WJCNR agt London div 1920sd * ORT1775
    Spec, JHCPR agt Eau Claire 1910sd ORT2806
    Speers, TCCPR agt Delamere 1918sd ORT2071
    Spicer, JCNR opr Atikokan 1967sd
    Spiess LFCPR agt 1950sd ORT3024
    Spiers, JHCNR agt Allandale div 1919sd, TD 1921sd ORT1469

    Sprackett, Theodore (Ted)
    CNR spr-agt learned telegraphy Stirling 1951
    Haliburton Oct 1951
    Belleville 1951
    Bancroft 1956
    Napanee 1959
    Belleville YD & Belleville 1959-63
    spr board at approx 75 locations on Belleville/London Divns
    TD Belleville early 1960s
    Freight Sales 1963
    Operations Manager Express 1966
    Terminal Manager Belleville 1968
    Sales Manager Toronto 1974
    Regional Sales Mgr Western Canada, Winnipeg 1978
    Marketing Director Toronto 1981 /r 1981
    then Marketing Director Meyers Transport Peterborough /1990
    Sprague CMCNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd ORT542
    Spruce FLCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1928sd ORT4142
    Squires EFCPR agt Mattawa 1913sd ORT1459
    Squires RHCPR Algoma Dis (summer relief)
    Squires ALGTR Rockwood 1900-20 (may not be related to above?)
    Stacey EMCNR agt Bracebridge Allandale div 1940sd * ORT3744 /r1968
    Stack JnoGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Marysville 1900
    Stanfield Frank CCPR agt Toronto, Cooksville 1945, Tilbury, Tilsonburg, Bothwell, Orr's Lake, Streetsville, Peterboro, TTR TD, TD Toronto Yd 1959 Nov. 15,1951 ORT2531
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto (T) June 16 1947 ORT2531
    Stanga J CPR agt Galt Aug2 1952 ORT4782
    Stanley AA CNR Toronto 1930-70
    Stapleton CGTR Belleville Yd 1917
    Steacy Ernest CCNR Kingston, Port Hope, Napanee, Millbrook, Omemee, Belleville-Trenton Jct swing, 1951-61

    Steadman, Albert William
    GTR CNR started age 16 Windsor, ON (only job he ever had was for the telegraph office)
    . Toronto Union Station
    . asst agt London div
    . 1908sd ORT1044 /r 1973 /d 1983 (material from AWS's grandda Cindy, email above-additional notes with pix link)
    Steedsman HPCCNR agt Allandale div 1918sd
    Stefurak WACR CPR agt Sault Ste Marie 1946, CPR most stns bet'n Thunder Bay & White River, Schreiber 1947, TD Schreiber 1959 ORT2548
    Stein HCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd ORT4321
    Stenabaugh SECNR asst agt Allandale Div 1914sd ORT852
    Stephenson WPCNR agt opr Mount Albert /d1969
    Steven AGCPR telegrapher Cavers Algoma div 1920sd ORT2729
    Stevenson GWGTR Utterson 1919
    Stewart ABCNR agt Belleville Div 1918sd, TD 1938sd ORT491
    Stewart AD CPR agt Woodbridge Oct19 1916 ORT593
    Stewart CGTR/CNR CNT and GNWTCo 1910-54
    Stewart M CPR asst agt Chatham Aug 18 1926 ORT2045
    Stewart MHCPR Ottawa 1918
    Stewart WGCNR Capreol div 1924sd ORT3374
    Stinson CACPR agt Toronto Feb 1 1911, Trick TD Toronto (T) Apr 1 1918 ORT291
    Stinson FPCNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd ORT705
    Stinson RBCPR agt Mactier sd1958 NON ORT
    Stitt JTCPR agt Dalton 1913sd ORT1218
    Stobbs BCNR agt London Div 1908sd ORT467
    Stoddart ACNR Toronto 'C' Office 1940
    Stoddard RJCPR agt Lambton Jun 25 1946, TD Toronto (T) May 2,1960 ORT5093
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto (T) June 25 1946 ORT5093
    Stokes CMCPR telegrapher King-White RiverAlgoma div 1920sd ORT2938
    Stokes JECPR opr Sudbury 1924sd ORT2072/4328
    Stonebridge AWCNR agt Belleville Div 1928sd *
    Stock WSCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1919sd
    Stone RWCPR agt Nemegos 1917sd, TD Schreiber 1928sd ORT1670
    Stork FCCNR agt Belleville Div 1925sd, 2nd opr Scarboro * ORT4358 /r1968
    Stork WRCNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd ORT503
    Stout WCCNR agt St Lawrence div 1913sd, TD St.Lawrence div 1916sd
    Strachan FLCNR agt London div 1921sd * ORT1654

    Strachan, Samuel Stewart
    CNR opr (b1905) (US WU opr Detroit)
    Strachan, VSCNR Hornepayne div 1940sd ORT2205
    Strain RECNR agt London Div 1911sd ORT3219, 953
    Stratt LCNR Toronto 1948, London, Windsor (22 years)
    Straughan VicCNR opr, TD, Rules Supervisor 1960s(?)
    Strode WSGTR CNR agt London Div 1915sd ORT854
    Stroh WJCNR Hornepayne div 1924sd ORT3740
    Struthers AWCPR agt Algoma Dis North Bay 1901sd ORT185
    Struve LRCNR opr spare 1983sd
    Stuart JHGTR/CNR agt/opr London Div 1893sd ORT2933
    Styles MFCPR agt Spare 1965sd
    Styles JRCPR opr Coniston, Sudbury, TD Sudbury 1947sd ORT2583
    Sullen JLCPR Brantford 1929, Parry Sound , Noble , Tillsonburg 1950s, St Thomas /r74
    Sulley SJGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1916sd ORT981
    Summer THGTR Mimico 1911
    Summers WSCNR agt Allandale div 1940sd *
    Summerwill JGTR Allandale Div, Whitney 1917 1913sd ORT762
    Sunstrum Daniel? agt /d1999
    Surgenor ?CNR MacMillan Yd 1989
    Surprenant TCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1918sd
    Surtees ARCPR spare Algoma div 1930sd
    Sussex HWGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1890sd ORT325
    Sutherland AGTR Fenelon Falls 1888
    Sutherland EJCPR leverman Chatham Eastened Tower sd1946
    Sutherland WGGTR CNR Allandale Div, Holland Landing 1919 1913sd ORT807
    Suthons, CBGTR Toronto 'C' Office 1918sd ORT1432
    Sutter WDCPR agt Leaside, agt-opr/opr Leaside Jun 7 1949 ORT3136
    Sveinson FOCPR agt Vermillion Bay 1951sd ORT3687
    Swales JHGTR CNR leverman London div, Komoka 1903sd
    Swales, LGGTR CNR agt London Div 1917sd ORT770
    Swales SGTR CNR agt London Div 1913sd ORT1311
    Swan GGTR CNR agt London div 1914sd ORT915, 590
    Swan LLCNR asst agt London Div 1921sd, London div TSupvr 1927sd * ORT1805
    Swain RGCNR aub agt New Toronto /r1968
    Swartz CFCNR St Thomas div 1917sd ORT4340
    Swindall DJCNR TM Cochrane 1981
    Swinden EGTR Rose Point 1915
    Swinyard TDTC Toronto 1876 (also Bell Canada connection)
    Swerbus WWCNR swing opr Rainy River 1954sd
    Sword PDGTR Maple Lake 1909
    Sykes CECPR agt Metagama, Franz 1919sd ORT2296/1527
    Tache RGCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1926sd * ORT2185
    Tackaberry FGCNR agt Belleville Div 1912sd ORT1784
    Taggart JGCNR asst agt Allandale div 1912sd ORT627
    Taggart WFMCRR (in ONT) agt Tilbury 1920s
    Tansley EVCNR Allandale div 1912sd ORT226
    Tardiff JACNR agt St Lawrence div 1909sd, TD st.Lawrence div 1918sd ORT808
    Tasker JLCNR agt London div 1921sd ORT1402
    Tate JWCNR Capreol div 1926sd ORT1332
    Tate WECNR agt Belleville Div 1920sd, TD 1926sd ORT1943
    Taylor ACNR agt Allandale div 1920sd ORT1727
    Taylor Harry GGTR agt St Lawrence Div, Barry's Bay 1917, Brockville 1945-50 sd1913 ORT406
    Taylor IECPR agt Parry Sound 1952sd ORT4628
    Taylor JTH&B agt St Anns 1920s
    Taylor SGCPR TD Kenora 1965sd ORT2272
    Tebo F AGTR Lefroy 1917
    Tessier, JOECNR agt Cochrane div 1917sd ORT1239
    Tetreault CCPR agt Levack 1955sd ORT6691
    Tetreault, LCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1917 ORT1226
    Tevlin LJCNR agt London div sd1924, Rockwood 1947-9 * ORT4073
    Therrien FACPR Rutherglen 1951, Aylen 1951, Barfield, Mattawa, Chalk River, SOO, Sturgeon Falls, Consiton, Britt, Temiskaming QUE, Mattawa 1959, North Bay 1959-1986 - 1951sd, ORT3976
    Therrien RCCNR opr spare 1984sd
    Thibault JACNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1918 ORT1456
    Thibault SCPR Merrickville? TD
    Thistle JMMCRR (in ONT) agt Chippawa 1920s
    Thistle RMMCRR (in ONT) agt Villa Nova 1920s
    Thivierge JARCNR agt Cochrane div 1927sd, TD Cochrane div 1940sd ORT4026
    Thom FRGTR Thornbury 1920
    Thomas ACPR Thessalon, Blind River, Sudbury, Nobel 1942, Sudbury 'SY' office -1952

    Thomas DN
    CNR opr 1963-96 Operator Hornepayne div
    car service Capreol
    car service London
    Transportation Asst London
    Service design Toronto
    Trainmaster Great Lakes Region
    Retired from Belleville Asst Supt
    Thomas Mrs EGTR Canoe Lake 1915
    Thomas EGMCRR (in ONT) agt St Thomas 1920s
    Thomas FRGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd, TD 1933sd ORT918
    Thomas GLCPR agt Spare Jul 6 1957 no ORT
    Thomas HTH&B agt Brantford 1920s
    Thomas PPCNR agt London div 1924sd

    Thomas, Stu
    CNR, commencing as Opr, Nakina, Longlac, Armstrong, Hornepayne, Northern Ontario Area 1965
    . TD, London 1976, Manager Rail Traffic Control Centre Toronto 1994, Superintendent Transportation Great Lakes Region 1996
    . Retired CNR 1999
    . General Manager RailAmerica Ontario-Nova Scotia 2000-2008
    Thomas WAGTR CNR agt London div 1919sd ORT1671
    Thomas WRGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1903sd ORT437
    Thomson FJGTR CNR agt Allandale div 1919sd ORT1530
    Thompson FWGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1911sd ORT535
    Thompson GOGTR CNR agt London Div 1912sd ORT320
    Thompson HBGTR CNR asst agt London div 1916sd ORT1780
    Thompson JECNR Hornepayne div 1939sd ORT4510
    Thompson RLGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1919sd ORT1473
    Thompson SHCNR asst agt London Div 1924sd * ORT3950
    Thompson WCCNR agt London div 1922sd * ORT4254
    Thompson WR CPR agt Medonte * Dec 31 1951 ORT4774
    Thompson WWGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div 1914sd ORT1107
    Thomson WGTR Ottawa 1905
    Thorburn JWCNR London div 1914sd, TD 1917 ORT2556
    Thorne JGTR Colborne 1910
    Thorne WMCNR leverman London div, Woodstock 1919sd
    Thuot JRCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1928sd
    Thurston GGTR Sprucedale 1912
    Thurston HCNR agt Ottawa div 1911sd ORT468
    Thurston JACNR Killaloe /r67
    Thurston RECPR agt-opr/opr Mactier Swing, agt Bala Swg, Bala Jul 28 1951 ORT3819
    Tipping, EKCNR TTR 1942, Woodstock, Paris Jct, Hagersville, Guelph, Guelph Jct, RTD Stratford 1964-70, RTD London & Belleville 1970-88, RTC Toronto 1988-91
    Tisdale RGCPR agt Britt 1965sd ORT7060
    Tkachuk WCPR agt Lambton, TD Toronto May 15,1965 ORT4550
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto Jun 11951 ORT4550
    Tobin CACNoR 1916 (fa of below), Napanee
    Tobin GJCNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd ORT3673
    Tobin JMCNR Port Perry 1940, Napanee
    Toman BPCPR agt Bolton, Guelph 1923sd ORT1835
    Toperowski ACPR agt agt Trenton, Toronto Jun 22 1954 ORT5023
    CPR TD Toronto Jul 10,1965 ORT5023 (also appears as Topowoski)
    Tourigny, LPCPR agt Chelmsford 1911sd ORT907
    Tracy, YBCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1912sd ORT644
    Train, LionelCNR agt Belleville Div 1914sd, TD 1917sd
    Travis WHMCRR (in ONT) agt Staples 1920s
    Treffrey, WHCNR agt St.Lawrence Div 1912sd
    Tremblay CGCPR agt Copper Cliff, Clarabelle 1951sd ORT4131

    Tremblay, LR (Laurent)
    CPR Algoma Dis 1948
    . most stns Schreiber Div plus Mattawa, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie
    . TD Schreiber 1959sd
    . Rules depts Eastern Region Toronto
    . System Office Montreal
    . Retired from Eastern Region Transportation office
    . 1948sd, ORT2707
    Treend, JRCNR asst agt Allandale Div 1912sd ORT640
    Tressider NCPR agt Mt Forest, opr Mt Forest CSC May 16 1946 ORT2313
    Tripp CGCPR agt Toronto Jun 11 1918 , Trick TD Toronto (L) Oct 22 1940 ORT686
    Triska, E CNR relief 1951-58 - London, Capreol, Marritton, Hamilton 'S', Toronto 'C'
    Tritton Eric MTH&B Aberdeen Yd (Hamilton) 1940s, TD 1951, Snr TD1965-82 /r90
    Trott JHCPR agt Lambton, agt-opr/opr Toronto Yard Jul 8 1948 ORT3730
    Troyer RCCNR St Thomas div TSupvr 1927sd ORT1233
    Tucker PJCNR agt St Lawrence Div 1916sd
    Tuddenham FHCPR spare Algoma div 1930sd
    Tuepah RFCPR agt Haycroft, Windsor Yard Swing sdJun 1 1951 ORT4094
    Tuff J KenNYC opr Canada Division, various stns 1952sd ORT 1398-16 /r Sept 1962
    Turnbull ECCNR St Thomas div 1913sd ORT3546
    Turner ArtT&NO (ONR) 1940-86
    Turner CEMCRR (in ONT) agt Windham 1920s
    Turner CFCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1928sd
    Turner RWCPR opr Schreiber 1947sd, TD Schreiber 1957sd ORT2550
    Urquhart, GHCNR agt St.Lawrence Div sd1919 ORT1971
    Vahl TACPR agt Form 116 sd1964 ORT7066
    Vail, ?GTR Blythe 1890 (fa of below)
    Vail, CecilGTR/CNR Burgessville 1913, London, Woodstock, Beachville, Copetown, Hamilton, Cayuga, Port Rowan 1955 /r55 (CNR centenarian!)
    Vail, CVGTR CNR agt London Div 1913sd ORT819
    Vail, CWGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1902sd ORT81
    Vail, WBGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1918sd ORT880
    Vaillancourt RACPR agt Britt 1953sd ORT5084
    Valequette, JECPR agt Webbwood 1917sd ORT4780
    Valin, GJGTR Pembroke 1920
    Van Horne, CCNR agt London div 1940sd *
    Van Order LGCPR agt Glen Tay & Perth Swg, agt-opr/opr Toronto Yard, Kaladar Jun 30 1950 * ORT4468
    Veale GMCPR agt Caradoc-Bothwell Swg, London Depot * Jun 15 1956 ORT5408
    CPR TD London spare Feb 11 1966 ORT5408
    Veasey, JJGTR Brule Lake 1919

    Vennix, John C
    1951-2: - Relief Opr - Brantford, Copetown
    . Opr Ruel (Capreol), ( Winter Trainorder Station)
    . 1952-4: Cabin 'E' - Toronto Terminals
    . May 1955 Transferred to CN Telegraphs
    . Jan 1960 Transferred to GTW, Battle Creek, Comm. Dept.

    Veronneau, Lucien N
    CNR asst agt Alexandria 1943, opr 1944, TD Montreal & Ottawa 1951-86 /r 1986
    Veronneau, MHOCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1927sd ORT4028
    Verville, ACNR agt St.Lawrence div 1894sd ORT362
    Verville, HCTCNR agt Cochrane div 1917sd ORT1200
    Vickers, NCNR agt/opr London Div 1890sd ORT76
    Vigrass, PJGTR Sequin Falls 1913
    Vincelette, JPCCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd ORT761
    Vincent, VCPR agt Soo 1911sd ORT825
    Vinette, HJCPR Toronto 1945-?
    Vysoki FCPR agt Agincour, agt-opr/opr Montreal Jun 4 1950, rlf TD Trenton Div, LOA 1967 Sep 14 1956, ORT3068
    Wakefiled EAMCRR/CPR TD - Bangor & Portland, ME - joint trackage CPR/MEC between Keag & Vanceboro to 1974
    Wade, Chester (CA)started rwy in 1904 as asst agt Bridgetown, NS on Dominion Atlantic Railway, then west to SW Sask, SE Alberta with CPR
    . Back east to Quebec & Halifax in 1914 where had building supply business
    . Went west in 1922 enroute California
    . Made it to Regina then hired on CNR
    . Retired 1950 & returned home to Tupperville, NS
    . Died 1987, age 100
    . Sons were Neil Graham, Robert Allen,and Grant Withers, all CNR agents. Grdsons were Fletcher Ross and Kenneth Allen, both oprs and grdaughter Marilyn worked the telegraph office Winnipeg. Bros Reginald, Norman, Ernest & Albert all were involved building rwys, the National Transcontinental & Grand Trunk Pacific
    . small village/siding in NW Ont, near Minaki named Wade named for the family (see Fletcher Wade below)

    Wade, Fletcher Ross
    CNR - Opr - Apr 1971
    . Spr Board Winnipeg, First job Rainy River evening
    . work train Yorkton and Gladstone subs
    . Hot Box Opr WI, Navin, Neebing, Jellicoe, Fort Frances, Port Arthur
    . Worked 1971-72 spr board, then to University, returning in summers until 1975
    . Then to military - Retired rank of Major as Air Force pilot May 2006
    Wade, Kenneth AllenOpr, Spare board Winnipeg
    . Died 19 Dec 1976 while working as opr Jellicoe (see Fletcher Wade above)
    Wade, PBGTR CNR agt London Div 1911sd ORT329
    Wade, Robert AllenCNR Agt/Opr. 1945. Son of CA Wade. Retired 1980 Agt Rainy River, Ont
    . Worked spare board then Portage la Prairie, 8thStreet, West Tower, The Pas, Englefield, Rossendale, Lowe Farm, Englefield, Wekusko, Fairlight, Raymore, Virden, Rainy River (see Fletcher Wade above)

    Wagner, Robert
    GTR telegrapher -1854-1861 St. Mary's & Sarnia stns - served as telegrapher for US Military Telegraph during Civil War 1862-4 - returned to GTR after the war & worked as a telegrapher Detroit stn 1864-8
    Wakely, AJGTR/CNR Agincourt 1904
    Wain NECNR agt London div 1930sd *

    Wainikka, Dave
    CPR telegrapher & assistant/relieving stn agt 1963-69 working east from Fort William (UN) stn to Cartier, ON - worked most stns east of Schreiber up until the time of automation with CTC
    Wainikka DWCPR agt Gurney 1962sd ORT6801
    Walker GCPR asst agt Roblindale May 14 1920 ORT4952
    Walker LACPR agt Rutter 1955sd ORT5228
    Walker PJCNR towerman, opr Port Arthur div at various locations: Emo, Huronian, McIntosh, Sioux Lookout
    . TD Regina 1965
    . moved to Saskatoon
    . few yrs in Canadian Navy prior to CN service
    . sd 1949 / retiring 1982
    Wallace AJCPR agt Franz 1919sd ORT2688
    Wallace EGCPR opr Parry Sound 1946sd ORT6373
    Wallace George CPR agt Tilbury Mar 18 1913 ORT 392
    Wallace GLGTR CNR agt London Div 1913sd ORT354
    Wallace MWCPR agt Woodstock, Guelph Jct, Guelph Jct swing sd1956 ORT5643
    CPR TD London spare Jun 11 1968 ORT5643
    Wallace WTCPR agt Schreiber 1930sd, TD Schreiber 1944sd ORT1828

    Walls, J Harold
    CNR agt 1949-64
    . Spare board 1949-50 London Dvn working mostly at Paris Jct, Bayview Jct, Hamilton Jct
    . spent winters 1949-50 & 1950-1 as block opr on Hornepayne Dvn, Minnipuka, Hillsport, Caramat, Geraldton, Beardmore, Orient Bay & Nipigon
    . 1951 Sarnia BY office
    . 1952 Stratford OD office
    . Agt Ethel 1952-7
    . Agt Newbury 1957-63 St.Thomas Dvn. Windsor Sub
    . Left railroad & went into Municipal field in 1964 & retired as Clerk-Treasurer Oxford County, Woodstock,Ontario 1995
    Walton CGCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1940sd
    Ward AEECNR Hornepayne div 1928sd ORT4131
    Ward HLCPR td>CPR asst agt London May 8 1946, TD London & CPR Trick TD London Nov 16 1953 ORT2740
    . CPR agt-opr/opr London May 8 1946 ORT2740
    Ward HPCNR agt Toronto Terminals Div 1913sd ORT611
    Warren JGTR CNR agt/opr London Div 1901sd ORT61
    Warren James DONR 1956 / CNR 1957 Nakina / ONR 1957, ONR TD Englehart 1974-91 /retired ONR Englehart, National President, Canadian Association Of Train Dispatchers
    Warren JLCNR Capreol div 1933sd ORT3239
    Wastell JackCNT messenger boy Kitchener 1920s
    Waterson JPCPR agt Belleville, agt Medonte Nov 3 1954 ORT4191
    Watson RJCNR agt Allandale div 1922sd
    Watson WACNR agt Ottawa div 1914sd ORT4116
    Watt AECNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd ORT482
    Watt EVCPR agt North Bay 1911sd ORT1020
    Watt MLCPR agt North Bay 1912sd ORT1065

    Watterworth, Larry W
    CNR Hamilton Student telegraph opr Hamilton
    . trained Bronte, Oakville Sub Agt/Opr Bing Harris
    . trained var stns London Div
    . Classed Opr/Leverman Canpa Tower March 31/61
    . worked TTR as rlf telegrapher Mimico Yard, Cabin E, Parkdale, West Toronto, Rexdale, Malton. Downsview, Oriole, Richmond Hill, Scarborough
    . Clarkson 1963-4, Paris Jct 1964-6 Hamilton/Hamilton Yard 1966-9, Copetown 1969-70, Guelph 1970-81
    . Classed TD Feb 14th 1974 Gimili MB Class 4
    . worked rlf TD London until Apr 1985 also Rlf Traffic Supervisor East Summit Sarnia & Ft. Erie, Ref ACTD London most of same period
    . April 1985 McMillan Yd until centralized downtown Toronto
    . Apr 26/1960 sd /rApril 30th 2000
    Waugh, CTCNR agt London div 1923sd * ORT4079
    Waugh, FrederickGTR CNR brakeman Guelph-stratford (fell under train, killed 1939)(fa below)

    Waugh, Robert Edgar
    GTR 1880sd, 17 Dis King Str Hamilton 1918 - 47 yrs (bro below, Robert's son above)
    Waugh, WalterGTR CNR Parkhill 1920-5 (bro above)
    Way, CharlesCPR agt (?) (see also John Benjamin Way, Sydney Way, William Beall Way, John Hatherly Way)
    Way, ClarenceCPR agt Cutler, approx 1890, Markstay approx 1901 (see also John Benjamin Way, Sydney Way, William Beall Way, John Hatherly Way, Charles Way)
    Way, SydneyCPR agt Walford approx 1890s (see also John Benjamin Way, William Beall Way, John Hatherly Way, Charles Way>

    Way, John Benjamin
    CPR agt North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie /r1900 (see also Sydney Way, William Beall Way, John Hatherly Way, Charles Way)
    Way, John HatherlyCPR agt (see also John Benjamin Way, Sydney Way, William Beall Way, Charles Way)
    Way, William BeallCPR agt (see also John Benjamin Way, Sydney Way, John Hatherly Way, Charles Way )
    Weafer, WWCNR agt London Div 1908sd ORT339,140
    Weaver DCCPR agt Spare Sep 1 1957 no ORT
    Weber WA CPR agt Arris, Erin * Oct 2 1951 ORT4365
    Webster EMCRR (in ONT) agt Niagara on the Lake 1920s
    Webster KCPR agt Arthur May 7 1923 ORT2458
    Wedge, PHCPR agt Chapleau 1919sd ORT2771
    Weir, IVCPR agt Blind River 1918sd ORT2412
    Weisher LJCPR agt Orrs Lake, agt-opr/opr Galt, Milverton Apr 8 1948 * ORT2721
    Wellstead HJCPR sparer Algoma div 1920sd ORT2513
    Welsh GCCPR agt Chapleau 1951TD Schreiber 1966sd ORT4137, 3823
    Welton RHCNR agt London div 1924sd * ORT4018
    Welton SWCNR opr, agt 1925sd * Stratford ORT4158 /r1968
    West IHCPR agt Gurney 1916sd, TD Schreiber 1921sd ORT1727
    Whalen BCPR agt spare sd1966
    Wheeler AECPR agt spare sd1966
    Whelton RFCPR agt London Depot sd1960 ORTNON
    Whent JACPR agt Scheiber 1925sd, TD Schreiber 1942sd ORT1767/4288
    White BCCPR agt spare sd1966
    White DHCNR ACD Hornepayne 1983

    White, John
    CNT General Manager CN Telegraphs
    White NDCPR agt agt Leaside-Agincourt-Lambton Swg, Agincourt Jun 6 1952 ORT4634
    White RFGTR Tiffin, Midland 1907
    White Roy RCPR opr Marathon 1946sd ORT2342
    Whitehall, HGTR CNR agt London div 1918sd ORT1670
    Whiteman, FEGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1913sd * ORT805
    Whiten WVCPR agt Alliston, Brighton, agt-opr/opr Midland CSC May 26 1951 * ORT246
    Whitlock, BruceCNR Kearney
    Whitelock GHCPR agt Spare, Leaside * sd1956 no ORT
    Whitney, ARCNR agt London div 1928sd Rockwood 1947-55 ORT2934
    Whittall, HGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1918sd ORT3473
    Whittle, JWGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div 1914sd ORT864
    Whyte, CPGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Lancaster 1899
    Whyte, CTGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1896sd ORT402
    Wilsox DWCPR agt spare sd1966
    Wilcox RCPR agt Toronto sdMay 19 1947 ORT2485
    Wilcox TWCPR agt Toronto, TD Toronto & CPR Trick TD London Mar 31 1955 ORT4104
    . CPR agt-opr/opr Toronto Aug 25 1945 ORT4104
    Wilcox WRCPR Trick TD Toronto (T) Dec1 1951 ORT4903
    Wilde, EGTR CNR agt London div 1918sd ORT835
    Wiley RCPR agt spare sd1965 ORTNON
    Wilk RTCNR opr spare 1974sd
    Wilker, FJCNR Princeton 1955-6
    Wilker, FJCNR asst agt London Div 1922sd * ORT1659
    Wilker, GHGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1918sd * ORT1309
    Wilkinson, HLGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1918sd ORT1344
    Wilkinson KF CPR agt Goderich Jun4 1920 ORT1695
    Williams, MEGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1902sd ORT2046
    Williamson, GMCNR agt Allandale div 1922sd ORT3186
    Williamson, WSCNR asst agt London Div 1920sd ORT1608,1060

    Willmott, NI (Red)
    CNR Opr Gravenhurst, Rlf agt-Spr opr Allandale Div, TD Capreol, TD Mac Yd, Toronto RTCC 1960sd /r 1998 (started age 17)
    Willoughby, JGTR Bracebridge 1907
    Willoughby, JWCNR Toronto 'C' Office 1923sd ORT930
    Wills, BHCNR St Thomas div 1928sd ORT1539
    Willis, HJGTR CNR agt Belleville Div 1915sd ORT2115
    Wilson, AGTR CNR leverman London div, Paris Jct 1916sd
    Wilson ACPR agt Spare Jun 9 1957 no ORT
    Wilson AECPR agt Pte AuBaril1914sd ORT1352
    Wilson AFGTR CNR leverman London div, Hamilton 1917sd
    Wilson ARCNR agt Cochrane div 1920sd ORT4030
    Wilson CMGTR CNR asst agt London Div 1918sd, agt London div 1929sd ORT1464, 959
    Wilson DECPR asst agt Toronto, Trick TD Toronto May 29 1946
    Wilson DJMCRR/CPR TD - Bangor & Portland, ME - joint trackage CPR/MEC between Keag & Vanceboro to 1974
    Wilson FCPR leverman Chatham Westend Tower sd1960 ORT6911
    Wilson FBCPR spare Algoma div 1929sd ORT4404
    Wilson HJCPR leverman Chatham Eastend Tower sd1944 ORT6192
    Wilson HMCPR TD Kenora 1947sd ORT2568
    Wilson, NCNR Rockwood 1949-50

    Wilson, Neil
    CNR asst-agt St Lawrence & Ottawa Divns
    . transferred to Stratford Div asst-agt 1944
    . opr Fergus 1945-8
    . relief agt Stratford Div 1948-52
    . agt-opr Centralia ON to 1956 (Local Chairman ORT Stratford Div)
    . agt-opr Brighton ON 1956-9 (local Chairman Belleville Div)
    . appt'd Transportation Inspector Southern ON Dis Toronto 1959
    . frg-agt Hamilton 1962-5
    . CN Express var mid-management positions to 1976
    . 1940sd ORT4650-1 /r 1976 (sine on circuit is "NW", Brockville is "RA")
    Wilson RCPR agt Missanabie 1916sd, TD Schreiber 1930sd ORT1580
    Wilson RACNR Toronto /d66 (age 19 rel op)
    Wilson WCNR agt London div 1920sd ORT4044
    Wilson WAGTR CNR agt St.Lawrence div 1906sd ORT570 / Footes Bay /d67
    Wilson WICPR agt Parry Sound 1909sd ORT608
    Wilson WJGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Maitland 1908
    Wilson WWCPR agt Algoma Dis Schreiber 1906sd ORT810
    Winchester WSGTR North Bay 1918
    Windsor GHCNR op 1947-79, CTD Hornepayne 1979-86
    Winger ABCPR agt Sharbot Lake, Fergus 1946sd ORT2631
    Winger SJMCRR (in ONT) agt Oil City 1920s
    Winn TCNR leverman London div, Pt Colborne 1923sd
    Winston CGTR Toronto 'C' Office 1917sd ORT2793
    Winters EOGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Moulinette 1920
    Winters GRCNR agt Belleville Div 1910sd ORT817
    Winters RGGTR agt Belleville Div 1910sd, Sutton West 1913 ORT887
    Winterton HFCPR agt Franz 1953sd ORT4632
    Wishman CACPR agt Klock 1913sd ORT1236
    Wislon ARCNR Cochrane div 1937sd ORT4030
    Wislon FLCNR agt London div 1920sd
    Wislon WAGTR CNR asst agt Allandale Div 1912sd ORT3156
    Withers WTCNR leverman London div, Hamilton 1924sd ORT
    Wituik MACPR agt Spare May 21 1957 no ORT
    Witiuk WJCPR agt GU/G/W/CD/Form 116 Jan 26 1970 ORT8093
    Woito Mrs JGTR Woito 1915
    Wood ?CNT manager Kitchener 1920s
    Wood RJHCNR agt St Lawrence div 1914sd, TD 1916sd ORT940
    Wood RWGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Bainsville 1895
    Woodhouse HECPR agt Parry Sound 1902sd ORT252
    Woodman ELCPR agt Kaladar, Orillia sdJun 2 1947 * ORT4950
    Woodman SLCPR agt Tillsonburg May 15 1911 ORT283
    Woodrow RCPR agt WD/VI/KA/SK/BO Swg, Spare, Medonte Jul 25 1956 ORT5589
    Woodruff JRCPR agt White River 1957sd ORT5693
    Woodruff, WHCPR agt Bonfield 1909sd ORT2731
    Woods, DRCNR agt London Div 1911sd ORT417
    Woolcox, WLGTR CNR agt London Div 1915sd ORT1508

    Worley, Eli
    CNR signalman St.Catharines
    Wormington, EJGTR Cobourg 1916
    Worth HECPR leberman/twrman Tecumseh St Twr Feb 19 1948 ORT5216
    Worth RHCPR agt Monkton, Chatham Sep 21 1924 ORT1884
    Worth TECPR agt spare sd1964 ORT5216
    Wright CTCNR Rockwood 1952-4
    Wright GSCNR Rockwood 1952
    Wright SCNR Rockwood 1956/1961-4
    Wright SCGTR Eastern Lines 6th Dis agt Kingston 1909
    Wylde ECNR asst agt London Div 1918sd * ORT1303
    Wylie RACPR agt Sudbury 1913sd ORT1648
    Yaeck ACNR agt London Div 1908sd * ORT330
    Yagilashek CMCNR opr spare 1984sd
    Yahoda SCPR agt Toronto sdJul 7 1948, Trick TD Toronto (B) Sept 4 1951 ORT4096
    Yale WWCNR agt Belleville Div 1907sd ORT280
    Yeryk SCNR opr Rainy River 1949
    Yorke CAMCRR (in ONT) agt Ruscomb 1920s
    Yost AWCNR asst agt London Div 1920sd * ORT1666
    Young DAMCRR (in ONT) agt Windsor 1920s
    Young EWCNR agt Belleville Div 1902sd ORT181
    Young JTCNR agt Ottawa div 1918sd * ORT1297
    Young JWCNR agt London Div 1911sd ORT247
    Young RCNR agt St.Lawrence div 1912sd
    Young RACPR agt Thessalon 1910sd ORT802
    Young SCNR agt London Div 1906sd * ORT517
    Young WECPR agt Copper Cliff 1956sd ORT5544
    Youngblutt LWCPR asst agt Belle River Aug 10 1920 ORT3968
    Yuill Miss ETGTR Admaston 1919
    Yule RGTR CNR agt London div 1915sd ORT1008,627
    Zettler ACNR agt London div 1918sd * ORT2886

    Zinger James Robert
    CNR opr Hamilton 1940s-60s, Guelph /d 1999

    Zuefelt LW (Bill)
    CNR ACD Hornepayne, retired TD London /r1990

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