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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers

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Railway Senority Booklets
These are Official Railway Senority Booklets I have scanned rather than typing out all the names in the list below. Flash MacroMedia is NOT needed, however, you may be required to upgrade your browser and set a higher screen resolution.
  • CPR Ontario-Quebec Senority 1965 System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1970 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1971 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CNR Senority 1944 Atlantic/Central/GTW
  • CPR Senority 1938 Quebec Division No.7
  • ort / ORT = Order of Railroad Telegraphers
  • sd / SD = Seniority Date
  • TD / Dis = Train Dispatcher
  • CTD = Chief Train Disptacher
  • ACTD = Assistant Chief Train Dispatcher
  • agt / AGT = Agent
  • opr / OPR = Operator
  • swg / Swg = Swing
  • rlf / RLF Relief
  • mvt / MVT = Movement
  • dir / DIR = Director
  • mgr / MGR = Manager
  • Superv = Supervisor
  • var / VAR = Various
  • stn(s) / STNS = station(s)
  • Asst = Assistant
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    LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)Canadian Railway - Known Stations and Years
    MacClenagham TBCPR RLF TD Smiths Falls sd1963 ORT3839
    MacDonald WRCNR agt Montreal 'NA' Office 1915sd
    MacDonnell EJCNR 1st opr 'RA' Brockville 1951sd
    MacFarlane DAGTR Eastern Lines 4th Dis agt Smellie 1913?
    MacLean CMCPR agt Richford 1929sd ORT1477
    MacLeod TCCPR agt Ottawa West 1961sd ORT6645
    MacTavish HDCPR Montreal 1938
    Madgett GCNR agt-opr Madoc 1940sd
    Madigan WRCNR agt 'NA' Office Montreal 1938sd
    Madill WWCNR swg opr Cobourg, Pt Hope 1950sd
    Madore DDCNR rlf agt var stns 1953sd
    Mady GCPR agt Megantic 1957sd ORT5813
    Mailloux RCNR rlf opr Beattyville 1964sd
    Mainprize ENCPR agt Petawawa 1943sd ORT1894
    Mainville PCPR agt Bedell 1962sd ORT6610
    Maltais GCNR spr opr var stns 1965sd
    Maltais LMCNR agt-opr Normandin 1953sd
    Manny JMCNR agt Levis div 1940sd ORT4242
    Manseau ACPR agt Hull West 1945sd ORT2369
    Manzo AMCPR agt-opr Bordeaux ORT2088 sd1942
    Maranda LPCNR agt Laurentian div 1906sd ORT300
    Marchand ArtCNR agt Laurentian div 1940sd
    Marchand GCNR agt Laurentian div 1940sd
    Marchand JAGTR agt 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1910sd ORT1150
    Marchand JECNR agt Laurentian div 1912sd ORT2058
    Marchand JEGTR Eastern Lines 4th Dis agt Ste Agnes 1919
    Marchand JJMECNR opr Montreal Nord 1955sd
    Marchand JOCNR agt Montreal Term'ls, Lakeside 1919, 1918sd ORT1280
    Marchand LCNR St Constant 1916, 'NA' Office (Montreal) to 1956
    Marchand LACNR Morse Opr 'NA' Montreal 1924sd
    Marchand Ludovic JCNR agt 'NA' Office Montreal 1924sd ORT1909
    Marcheterre GCNR agt Laurentian div 1939sd ORT4357
    Marcheterre JGCNR ACTD Quebec 1939sd
    Marcheterre MCNR agt Laurentian div 1913sd ORT709
    Marchotte JGSCNR agt Coteau 1929sd
    Marchotte JHCNR agt-opr Paradis 1951sd
    Marchotte JRCPR agt-opr Waterloo ORT1023 sd1924
    Marchotte MRCPR agt swing 1955sd ORT5022
    Marcotte ARCPR agt-opr Foster, Labelle ORT4574 sd1930
    Marcotte FACPR agt Park Avenue 1946sd, RLF TD Montreal sd1959 ORT2104
    Marcouiller RCNR agt-opr St Paulin 1943sd
    Marcil JGCNR TD Ottawa 1942sd
    Marier JABCNR agt-opr Princeville Levis div 1924sd ORT3807
    Marier JWCNR agt Laurentian div 1923sd ORT3682
    Marinier GCPR agt Mont-Laurier 1958sd ORT6057
    Mark WACNR rlf agt var stns 1952sd
    Marleau RLCNR agt-opr Rochebaucourt 1951sd
    Marquette JDCNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1918sd ORT2134
    Marquis GCNR agt Levis div 1941sd
    Marquis JLCNR agt-opr Manseau, Levis div 1940sd ORT4470
    Marquis JNCNR agt Levis div 1915sd, TD Levis div 1924sd ORT1112
    Marshall CECNR swg opr Cornwall 1951sd
    Marshall JJCNR agt-opr Strathcona 1947sd
    Martimbeau ACPR agt-opr St Luc ORT2841 sd1926
    Martin DCCNR spr opr var stns 1964sd
    Martin JCPR agt Sherbrooke 1944sd ORT2945
    Martineau JACNR agt Levis div 1901sd ORT3344
    Martineau JACNR agt Laurentian div 1923sd ORT3985
    Martineau JACPR agt-opr Gracefield ORT2034 sd1939
    Martineau RCNR Chamford 1951sd
    Masse JACPR leverman Windsor Twr 1949sd, Trn Dir Montreal sd1957 ORT5282
    Masse JFJCNR opr-leverman Wellington Tower 1945sd
    Masse JONFCNR opr-leverman Coteau 1926sd
    Massicotte CACNR agt Amos 1942sd
    Massicotte JCECNR agt Laurentian div 1921sd ORT1996
    Matte JCNR agt-opr Pointe au Pic 1942sd
    Maxwell GCNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1920sd ORT1859
    Mayer BCPR agt-opr Quebec ORT2098 sd1930
    McCann KACPR agt Farnham 1951sd, TD Farnham SD1963 ORT3627
    McClenaghan TBCPR agt Ottawa West 1951sd ORT3839
    McComb WKCPR agt Lennoxville Dia 1961sd ORT6635
    McConnell GACNR agt Belleville 1922sd
    McCormack DRCNR opr Brighton 1956sd
    McCoshen WACNR opr on LOA Rideau Div 1929sd
    McDonnell ECCNR agt-opr Huntington 1927sd
    McDougall JKCPR agt Merrickville 1959sd ORT6316
    McLean CMCPR agt-opr Richford ORT1477 sd1929
    McLean RSCPR agt-opr Smiths Falls sd1923, TD Smiths Falls Dist 7 1942SD ORT1003
    McEachran JACNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1919sd ORT860
    McEwen SHCPR Ottawa 1918, Montreal 1919-1924, 1924-1926 Canadian Press, Smiths Falls to 1965
    McIntosh ACCPR agt Chesterville 1951sd ORT4733
    McKeown WACNR agt Laurentian div 1915sd ORT1031

    McLeod John I
    CPR agt Seboies ca1895 (see J LaBrier in AB)
    McManus JAGTR 'QC' Office (Quebec City) 1915
    McManus JACNR agt 'QC' Office (Quebec) 1919sd ORT3182
    McMaster WCNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1921sd ORT1924
    McMullen THGTR Eastern Lines 4th Dis agt Bombay 1907
    McMullen WBCNR opr Napanee 1953sd
    McNamara EPCNR agt-opr Marmora 1941sd
    McNamara JEHCNR agt-opr Parent 1944sd
    McPherson JBCPR agt-opr Montreal ORT1121 sd1925
    McRae HRCPR agt Swing 1951sd, RLF TD Smiths Falls sd1963 ORT4590
    McRorie DCCNR agt-opr Wlleington 1942sd
    Meager JFCNR spr opr var stns 1957sd
    Meager LCNR agt-opr L'Assomption 1943sd
    Meager LACNR TD Belleville 1947sd
    Meilleur JJRCNR opr Mount Royal, Montreal Yard 1951sd
    Menard JPSCNR opr Senneterre 1941sd
    Menard LCNR agt Laurentian div 1918sd
    Mercier JCCNR TD Levis 1943sd
    Mercier JGCNR spr opr var stns 1956sd
    Mercier JLCNR agt Levis div 1919sd, TD Levis div 1936sd ORT1546
    Mercier LMCPR agt Megantic 1947sd ORT2775
    Mercier WFCNR Spr TD, Swg opr Quebec 1942sd
    Merriam DGCNR swg opr 'RA' Brockville 1951sd
    Michaud GCPR agt Megantic 1947sd ORT4193
    Michaud GeorgesCNR agt Levis div 1904sd ORT295
    Michaud GerardCNR agt Levis div 1940sd ORT4377
    Michaud GLCNR opr-leverman Longue Pointe 1942sd
    Michaud JALCNR agt Levis div 1916sd ORT1373
    Michaud JOGTR Eastern Lines 4th Dis agt Huntington 1913
    Michaud JWCNR opr Linton 1941sd

    Michaud JY
    CNR spr TD, Swg opr No 5 Quebec, Laurentian Div 1949, TD Quebec City 1957-74, Montreal motive power control 1974-86 /r 1986
    Millet GGCNR agt Montreal 'NA' Office 1926sd ORT2346
    Miller DRCPR agt spr 1959sd ORT6692
    Mills TLCNR Term traffic Mgr Kingston 1927sd
    Milot HPCPR agt Park Ave 1943sd ORT1912
    Miron GYCPR agt Thurso 1963sd ORT7032
    Miron PACPR agt-opr Plantagenet ORT1273 sd1928

    Moisan, J Leo
    Started CN 1942 ASST-AGT Laurentian div Jonquiere Qc
    1944-8 RLF telegrapher Armstrong, Nakina, Capreol
    1948-58 Various assignments, Operation trainee, Northern Ontario district
    1958-62 Trainmaster & road foreman of engines, Cochrane div
    1962-78 Various management positions Ontario & Quebec
    1978-85 Vice-president Via Rail Canada, Quebec region with office in Montreal
    Retired 1988 Via Rail, '... my best job yet.'
    . (daughter, Lise is accompanying MVC in the photo)
    . passing of J .Leo Moisan (25 Sep 2008), retired vice-president Via Rail. Leo started as telegrapher with CN in 1944, held many positions in Northern Ont district: Armstrong, Nakina, Brent, Caprol, North Bay
    . promoted to trainmaster & road foreman of engines at Cochrane & Chibougamou
    .in 1978 promoted to VP Via Rail Canada
    Mondor PCNR agt Laurentian div 1910sd ORT434
    Mongrain PECPR agt-opr Ste Therese ORT2398 sd1941
    Montgomery JACNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1907sd, TD 1913sd ORT1357
    Mooney TPGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Montreal 1911

    Morand, Robert
    CP Telegraph RA & OC offices, Montreal, 1963-1970
    . the first teletype opr to become telephone-teletype opr
    . Seven years of my life : all-nite, early-nite & day shifts that I spent with very good fellows.
    Moreau DKCNR agt-opr Lansdowne 1956sd
    Moreau JOCNR agt Laurentian div 1920sd ORT1836
    Morency CECNR agt-opr Madoc, Levis div 1940sd ORT4472
    Morency JACPR agt-opr Quebec sd1941, TD Montreal SD1953 ORT1790
    Morency JEMCNR TD Senneterre 1945sd
    Morency JGMCNR agt-opr Val Cartier, Levis div 1940sd ORT4469
    Morency JLMCNR agt Levis, Levis div 1939sd ORT4213
    Morency JMCNR ACD Montreal 1979-83
    Morency JPHCNR agt Levis div 1907sd ORT284
    Morgan AGCNR Traffic Supver Montreal 1941
    Morin FCNR TS Quebec 1942sd
    Morin HCNR agt Laurentian div 1914sd

    Morin Clemente Doria
    QCR tele/agt Sherbrooke (Levis?) early sd1900s
    . in the attached document: '... baptismal record for Marie Madeleine Alexandra Morin b Jan 1912 - one of my great grandfather's children (who, sadly, did not survive past 2 years of age). Doria Morin, her father, is listed as 'agent au Quebec Central'. This is how we found out about this part of his working life. This is one of the pages fron the Drouin collection from January 1912.'
    Morin JACNR agt Laurentian div 1919sd, TD Laurentian div 1924sd ORT1607
    Morin JCBCNR swg opr Plessisville, Victoriaville 1951sd
    Morin JDCNR agt-opr Nicolet 1942sd
    Morin JECNR agt Levis div 1915sd ORT1279
    Morin JECNR agt Laurentian div 1916sd ORT2068
    Morin JGCPR agt St Luc Yd 1951sd, Trf Supvr Park Ave Stn sd1962 ORT3997
    Morin JHCNR opr-leverman 'W' Tower Montreal 1951sd
    Morin JLCNR agt Laurentian div 1918sd ORT1808
    Morin JLF(also JFL)CNR TD Levis div 1937sd ORT4008
    Morin JMCNR TD Quebec 1942sd
    Morin JPCNR opr L'Isletville 1941sd
    Morin JPCNR opr Val D'Or 1951sd
    Morin JRCNR agt Levis div 1907sd ORT2940
    Morin J ThomasCNR agt Levis div 1917sd ORT1219
    Morin JRRACNR spr opr var stns 1957sd
    Morin JZRCNR agt Grand'Mere 1920sd
    Morin MCPR agt-opr Swing ORT3579 sd1941
    Morin PACNR spr TD, swg opr No 13 Levis 1943sd
    Morissette JRGTR CNR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Jacques Cartier Jct 1918, agt Laurentian div 1918sd ORT2072
    Morissette JRCNR Asst Term Traffic Mgr Jonquirre 1918sd
    Morissette JRCNR opr Amos 1951sd
    Morissette MCNR agt-opr St Marc 1942sd

    Morrison, Ron
    CPR opr - Dec 22 1971 - March 22 1984 on Quebec Sub - worked in St. Johnsbury VT, Newport VT, Richford VT, Sherbrooke, Farnham, Megantic as spr
    . went to running trade after 1984 & retired from CPR after 35 yrs
    Morneau JACNR agt Laurentian div 1916sd ORT3191
    Morneau RollandCNR Levis div 1927sd ORT4149
    Morrache JGCPR CPT Montreal 1957
    Morris JHCNR spr opr var stns 1953sd
    Morris RCCNR rlf agt var stns 1951sd
    Mosher KDCPR agt Seaway Canal 1957sd, op, lever, TS, TD ORT 5983
    Mundrey MCCNR CD Belleville 1928sd
    Munroe WRCCNR ACTD Belleville 1928sd
    Murphy JCPR agt Montreal West Tower 1946sd ORT5280
    Murphy LRCNR agt opr 'KN' Montreal Laurentian div 1925sd * ORT3804
    Murphy LSCNR 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1948
    Murphy SECNR agt Val Royal, Montreal Term'ls 1939sd ORT4138
    Myre HEGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Coteau Jct 1918
    Nadeau JACNR spr opr var stns 1947sd
    Nadeau JGHCNR agt Laurentian div 1923sd ORT3923
    Nadeau JRCNR agt-opr Nowick 1949sd
    Nadeau JRJLCNR rlf agt var stns 1955sd
    Nadeau LMCNR spr opr var stns 1965sd
    Nantel JACNR spr opr var stns 1962sd
    Naud MCPR agt St Luc Dept Yd 1944sd ORT2440

    Nix JM
    CNR agt St Lawrence Div sd1919 (son below-see also ON)

    Nix Royden
    CNR agt St. Lawrence Div All subdvns Montreal Dis 1943-61 followed by promotion to management ranks 1983 /r 1983 (see also ON-fa above)
    Nobert JACNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1915sd ORT946
    Noel JACNR spr opr var stns 1965sd
    Noel JRCNR agt Laurentian div 1918sd ORT1537
    Noiseux ARCNR agt Levis div 1915sd, TD Levis div 1916sd ORT951
    Normand FMCNR St Bruno 1942
    Normand JCCPR agt Louiseville 1948sd ORT2978

    Normandeau, Roland I
    CPT comm opr Terrace Bay, Chapleau, Sudbury 1949-51
    . T&R Chief Chapleau, White River, Sudbury 1951-6
    1948sd /r1956 to Bell Canada, Montreal & retd 1990 (on Cdn MTC Dialup) LOA 1967 ORT 3943
    Nunn DCCNR agt-opr Stirling 1928sd

    O'Bery, Denis E
    CNR telegraph-opr Champlain area (Quebec) &Montreal area spr board - sd1975
    O'Connor AACNR opr Portland 1951sd
    O'Connor HJCNR Genl agt, Yardmaster Portland 1941sd
    O'Donohue KPCPR agt swing 1964sd ORT7059
    O'Grady PJCNR agt-opr Picton 1946sd
    O'Neil GHCPR agt Smiths falls 1942sd ORT1844
    O'Neill GHCNR Bridge, Laurentian & Franham Divisions 1942-1948 / CPR St Luc yard
    O'Neill GHCPR TD Smiths Falls Dis 7 SD 1953 ORT1844
    O'Neill ?CNR Bridge (fa of above) years?
    O'Neill Jacqueline PCPR Montreal 'RA' office 1928 (da of above?)
    O'Neill MPCNR agt Levis div 1940sd ORT4503
    O'Neill TACNR agt Levis div 1915sd ORT1001
    Oliver TGCNR spr opr Brighton, Cobourg 1962sd
    Ouellette GRCPR agt-opr Grand'Mere ORT1118 sd1926
    Ouellette JECNR agt Laurentian div 1907sd
    Ouellette JRCPR agt Mont Rolland 1926sd ORT1118
    Ouellette JRCPR agt Ottawa 1955sd OR4251
    Page GilbertCNR opr Sarmaur 1951sd
    Pakenham JHCNR Laurentian div 1918sd
    Panneton RCPR agt Foster 1958sd ORT5928
    Paquette MAACNR 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1945
    Paquin ACNR agt, TD Quebec, Laurentian div 1929sd ORT2817
    Paquin JACNR agt Levis div 1917sd ORT1668
    Paquin JALCNR agt Laurentian div 1917sd ORT1153
    Paquin JPCNR Supver Agt Lewiston 1942sd
    Paradis CJCNR spr opr var stns 1965sd
    Paradis JBCNR agt Levis div 1898sd
    Paradis JLCCNR agt Levis div 1940sd ORT4467
    Paradis RobertCNR agt-opr St Charles, Levis div 1940sd ORT4438
    Parent DCNR TD Quebec 1942sd
    Parker WWCPR agt-opr Lennoxville Dia ORT1139 sd1926
    Parnell CECNR agt, mvt dir Montreal Term'ls and Yard 1939sd ORT4297
    Parsons ChristianCNR agt La Tuque Laurentian div 1925sd ORT3815
    Parsons JPHCNR agt-opr St Justin 1939sd
    Payette BCPR agt Delson 1944sd ORT2059
    Payette GCNR spr opr var stns 1965sd
    Pearl WPCPR agt-opr Cornwall ORT2364 sd1938
    Pearson LACNR TD Belleville 1947sd
    Pellegrino CCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Pelletier GHCNR agt-opr St Germian Levis div 1929sd ORT4389
    Pelletier JBACNR swg agt-opr Pte aux Trembles 1946sd
    Pelletier JCCNR agt-opr Albanel 1962sd
    Pelletier JECNR agt Laurentian div 1913sd ORT400
    Pelletier JFECNR 2nd opr Montmagny 1956sd
    Pelletier JHDCNR opr Joliette 1944sd
    Pelletier JMCNR agt-opr Clova 1951sd
    Pelletier JMCNR ACD Montreal 1983
    Pelletier LCNR agt-opr St Agapit, Levis div 1941sd
    Pelletier LMCNR trainmaster, road foreman Joffre 1951sd
    Pelletier MCPR agt Seaway Canal 1951sd ORT4409
    Pelletier RCNR agt Levis div 1940sd ORT4494
    Pellin PacalCPR telegrapher, CPT Montreal, 1952 opr, wire chief /r 1971
    Peloquin Emile JCNR agt Levis div 1913sd ORT958
    Peloquin LeoCNR opr Drummonville Levis div 1928sd * ORT2694
    Pepin CCNR spr opr var stns 1965sd
    Pepin JGCPR agt-opr Farnham ORT1632 sd1938
    Pepin JNCNR agt-opr Macamic 1930sd
    Perras JACCNR agt-opr Moose Creek 1958sd
    Perrault FCPR agt Bouchard 1955sd ORT5390
    Perrault GJCPR agt-opr St Johnsbury ORT1774 sd1938
    Perrault HCPR agt-opr Thuse ORT1261 sd1919
    Perrault RHCPR agt North Troy Vt 1947sd ORT5513
    Perrault RJCPR agt St Johnsbury 1953sd ORT5283
    Perrault RPCPR agt Orleans 1944sd ORT2058
    Perrault RACPR agt-opr LOA sd1924, TD Farnham 1943sd ORT1651
    Perrault Rene ACPR agt St Martin Jct 1947sd ORT3158
    Phillipon GCPR agt-opr Maniwaki ORT2656 sd1941
    Philippon PCPR agt spr 1961sd
    Phillips ALCNR 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1941
    Picard JACNR agt Herbertville, Laurentian div 1920sd ORT4532
    Picard JBAECNR agt-opr St Constant 1941sd
    Picard JEGCNR agt-opr Sanmaur 1951sd
    Piche GCPR agt Calumet 1942sd ORT1801
    Piche PGCPR agt Hudson 1944sd ORT2603
    Piche YCNR swg opr 'NA' Montreal 1956sd
    Pichette JECNR agt Levis div 1940sd
    Picotte ACPR agt swing 1957sd ORT6058

    Picotte, Marcel
    CNR telegrapher
    .Feb 2 1942 Laurentian Divn St Paulin, L'Assomption, L'Epiphanie
    . /r opr St. Lambert age 60 /d 1988
    Pickell FM MrsCPR caretaker agt spr 1958sd ORT6524
    Pickel LCCPR agt Sawyerville 1942sd ORT1902
    Pilon JJGCNR Morse teleprinter opr 'NA' Montreal 1956sd
    Pilon JPCPR agt Waltham 1944sd ORT2152
    Pilon JTCPR agt Quyon 1942sd ORT2297
    Pilotte JMCPR agt Shawville 1943sd ORT1909
    Pineault JLCNR 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1944
    Plamondon JacquesCNR instructor Vald'Or repeater car 1940s
    Plourde CCNR agt Levis div 1916sd ORT1249
    Plourde JACNR agt Laurentian div 1925sd ORT2156
    Plourde JPCNR agt, TD Laurentian div 1939sd ORT4289
    Plourde WLECNR agt Laurentian div 1917sd ORT1205
    Poire JACNR agt 1912sd ORT769
    Poire JJLCNR opr Ste Anne, Pocatiere 1951sd
    Poire JLCNR ACD Montreal 1983
    Poirier JSCNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1911sd ORT2668
    Poitras FGCNR asst Supver Senneterre 1948sd
    Poitras JSCNR Levis div 1919sd ORT1617

    Poliquin, Roland
    CPR agt Levis div 1940sd, Montreal 1972 (received final CPR telegraph message), ORT4354

    Pomerleau, J Guy
    CNR telegraph-opr St Lawrence Region
    . begin as opr Aug 16, 1951
    . worked spr board four years in QC & Ontario (Sudbury Sub one winter, Westree, Gogama, Tionaga)
    . in 1955 took the position of Opr St Paul l'Ermite QC until 1964
    . then worked at South Paris, Maine {GTE, Berlin Sub} until retirement 1994
    Porter JCCNR agt-opr Collins Bay 1929sd
    Potvin JGRCNR Levis div 1925sd ORT4198
    Potvin LCNR Suprv car Services Ottawa 1929sd
    Potvin PACNR agt-opr Beaupre 1924sd
    Poulin JJVCNR swg opr Richmond 1943sd

    Poulin JL
    CNR rlvg agt Laurentian Div 1960-70
    Poulin JLCNR swg agt, opr No 2 var stns 1956sd
    Poulin JYCPR agt swing 1960sd ORT6510
    Poulin LDCNR agt Chambord Laurentian div 1930sd * ORT4268
    Pouliot FrancoisCPR 1911, telegraph opr Farnham Qc, dispatcher 1916-34 & CD Farnham 1934-36
    . Quebec member of parliament 1936-39
    . General manager Quebec Central Rly 1940-46 covering Quebec, Ontario, Vermont
    . Died Montreal 1990 age 93
    Poulson MTCNR agt-opr Trenton Jct 1947sd
    Power JJCNR agt Laurentian div 1910sd, TD 1915sd ORT435
    Premont RPCPR agt Farnham 1946sd, TD Farnham SD1959 ORT6379
    Preston DRCPR agt-opr Renfrew ORT1780 sd1937
    Pringle WWCNR opr Ernestown 1965sd
    Pronovost JOCNR agt Laurentian div 1912sd ORT620
    Proulx FrancisCNR agt TD Levis div 1908sd & TD levis div 1917sd ORT442
    Proulx JACNR agt Laurentian div 1915sd ORT986
    Proulx JEMCNR agt-opr Fortierville 1942sd
    Proulx JGMBCNR agt Levis div 1939sd ORT4219
    Proulx JHSCNR Levis div 1939sd ORT4199
    Proulx JLCNR 'QC' Office (Quebec City) 1927
    Proulx JLDCNR Term Traffic Mge Val D'Or 1927sd
    Proulx JJMRCNR agt 1941sd
    Proulx JPECNR agt-opr Chibougaman 1942sd
    Proulx JRCNR ACTD Quebec 1939sd
    Proulx J RichardCNR swg opr No 19 Montmagny 1951sd
    Proulx JWO (Jr)CNR swg opr-leverman St Hyacinthe 1948sd
    Proulx RCPR agt Smiths Falls 1956sd ORT5465
    Proulx UbaldCNR agt Levis div 1912sd ORT4071
    Provencal JHCNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1916sd ORT1240
    Provencher JLCNR rlf agt Senneterre 1956sd
    Provost LHCNR agt Levis div 1906sd ORT2696
    Quibell HCCNR agt-opr Colbourne 1928sd
    Quintin JACPR agt Vaudreuil 1944sd ORT2902
    Quintin JOWCNR opr-leverman 'EJ' Tower Montreal 1928sd
    Racine CFCNR agt 1917sd ORT4504
    Redmond RLCNR agt-opr Brighton 1941sd
    Rajotte NormCPR Hurdman, Ottawa West, Walkley 1961sd ORT6672
    Rainville ACPR agt Hampstead 1944sd ORT2223
    Rainville RCPR agt-opr St Gabriel ORT1330 sd1925
    Rainville VCPR agt-opr Maskinoge ORT1544 sd1929
    Rancourt JLCNR Joffre 1935/72
    Rawlinson JGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt River Beaudette 1919
    Raymond J EldonCPR telegrapher started Quebec 1956sd /r 1994 (now in active service Ottawa Valley Rail Link, TD)
    Raymond WOCNR Acton Vale d72
    Recoskie DTCNR rlf agt var stns 1957sd
    Redden CLCNR agt-opr Campbellford 1927sd
    Redmond JECNR agt-opr Eganville 1928sd
    Regnier DMCPR agt Vaudreuil 1952sd ORT3965
    Remillard LAGTR agt 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1914 ORT910
    Renaud JCPR agt spr 1965sd ORT5524
    Renaud YvonCPR Montreal West 1946
    Rheault JGCPR agt Shawinigan 1954sd ORT4333

    Ricard Maurice
    CPR agt Farnham (spr), Lac Megantic ca1933 03Mar 1927sd, /d 1952 ORT 2263
    Interesting Note: '... my wife's Great Grandfather was Horace G Martin, inventor of the Vibroplex telegraph key...'
    Rice TWCNR St Lazare 1930
    Richard EACNR swg opr-leverman 'EJ' Tower Montreal 1948sd
    Richard GHCNR agt-opr Montmorency 1943sd
    Richard JLCNR opr Montmorency 1951sd
    Richard RCNR agt-opr Rapide Blance 1945sd
    Richards RECNR opr Port Hope 1954sd
    Richardson JECPR agt-opr Winchester, Kemptville ORT1192 sd1928
    Rioux JCWCNR agt Levis div 1916sd ORT3379
    Rivest JKJLCNR opr Montreal Yard 1955sd
    Rivard JACNR agt Laurentian div 1915sd ORT755
    Rivard J HerveCNR opr Val Royal 1957sd
    Roberge JCPR agt spr 1966sd
    Roberge JLCNR rlf agt Quebec 1951sd
    Robert HPCPR agt Joliette 1942sd ORT3548
    Robert JACNR Marieville 1942
    Robert JAACNR agt-opr Fort Chambly 1930sd
    Roberts MECPR St Hyacinthe 1943, commercial op 1945-55
    Robidoux MACNR agt Quebec, Levis div 1925sd, TD Levis div 1940sd ORT4173
    Robillard AMCPR agt Bourget 1946sd ORT3143
    Robillard BCPR Vaudreuil (44 yrs service)
    Robillard JCPR leverman Glen Twr 1951sd ORT5271
    Robillard JBCPR agt Vaudreuil 1943sd ORT2483
    Robin JPACNR 3rd opr Montmagny 1957sd
    Robitaille JACNR agt-opr Richleau 1947sd
    Robitaille JADCNR Levis div 1918sd ORT1521
    Robitaille JJCNR swg opr Senneterre 1965sd
    Robitaille JMECNR TD Montreal 1941sd
    Roby JMCNR agt Laurentian div 1908sd ORT2120
    Rochefort JAACNR agt Levis div 1916sd ORT2776
    Rochefort LPCNR agt-opr Daveluyille, Levis div 1940sd, TD Quebec 1941sd ORT4512
    Rocheleau JMSCNR opr-leverman 'W' Tower Montreal 1952sd
    Rochette HCNR agt Levis div 1940sd ORT4471

    Rochon Joseph
    started his railway career as an asst telegrapher Grenville 1880
    . in 1885 was dispatcher for the in CPR Ottawa, ON
    . was agt (or dispatcher?) St-Martin's Junction, PQ
    . agt North Bay and agt Schreiber, ON
    Rodrigue JGCPR agt Megantic 1954sd ORT5684
    Roger JECNR agt-opr Malartic 1937sd
    Roger JPECNR Term Traffic Mgr Richmond 1942sd
    Ronald NJCNR Laurier 1917
    Ross FFCNR swg teleprinter opr 'NA' Montreal 1964sd
    Ross JWCNR agt Montreal 'NA' Office 1940sd
    Rosseau JLJCNR agt-opr Plessisville 1941sd
    Rosseau LCNR agt Laurentian div 1919sd ORT1519
    Rouillard JNCNR agt-opr St Leonard Jct 1940sd
    Routhier AlphonseCNR Routhierville, Ste-Florence, Causapscal, Amqui etc... Antonio, Philippe, Wilfrid & others

    Routhier, Germaine
    CNR CPR telegrapher
    . learned Morse in 1926 age 12 (grdfa employed at gov't telegraph Tadousac, Que
    . age 16 began with CNR to 1943
    . to CPR Montreal 'RA' & Ottawa 'WA' offices
    . during WW2 House of Commons
    . copied own telegram from War Office advising her that her husband, an RCAF airman, was MIA two days before War's end - she never saw him agn
    . currently oldest active member of Cdn Circuit at 87!
    . on circuit her sine 'G', her office 'GO'
    . /r 1972
    Roux JERCNR agt 1918sd
    Rowe ERCPR agt-opr Alfred ORT1530 sd1930
    Roy AntonioCNR agt Laurentian div 1909sd ORT395
    Roy AKCNR opr Cardinal 1949sd
    Roy BCNR ACTD Quebec 1928sd
    Roy BenCNR Levis div 1940sd ORT4134
    Roy CACPR agt Cote St Paul 1934sd ORT7037
    Roy CHCNR opr La Malbaie 1951sd
    Roy CTCPR Quebec City 1926-7 / CNR

    Roy, Gerald (Gerry)
    CPR std 1954 messenger-clerk Lac Megantic1958 Telegraph opr Farnham dvn, 1959-78 CP telegraph-traffic chief, supvr RA ofc MOntreal, 1979-89 supvr customer svc Montreal & Eastern region -Sales rep CN-CP Montreal & Quebec as sales mgr Quebec city
    . Sign GR ofc GO on Canadian Telegraph circuit
    Roy HACNR agt 1912sd ORT685
    Roy HEGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Beaconsfield 1913
    Roy IECNR agt Laurentian div 1920sd ORT4281
    Roy JCNR 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1943
    Roy JACNR agt Levis div 1901sd
    Roy JAACNR agt Levis div 1939sd ORT4327
    Roy JBGCNR opr Valleyfiled 1926sd
    Roy JC(C)CNR agt-opr Levis div 1940sd ORT4301
    Roy J CharlesCNR agt Levis div 1915sd ORT1015
    Roy JGBCNR Levis div 1926sd ORT4143
    Roy JJMCNR spr ACTD, opr 'CD' Quebec 1941sd
    Roy JLACNR agt Levis div 1918sd ORT1374
    Roy JOCNR agt Laurentian 1918div sd ORT1468
    Roy JPCNR TD Senneterre 1943sd
    Roy JPECNR agt Levis div 1912sd ORT718
    Roy JRCNR ACTD Montreal 1940sd
    Roy JRGCNR opr Gohier 1942sd
    Roy J RomeoCNR agt-opr St Hubert 1940sd
    Roy MarcelCNR agt Levis div 1941sd ORT4528
    Roy P BenjaminCNR Levis div 1928sd ORT4134
    Roy RCNR Montreal 1935, Laurentian div 1941-8
    Roy RCPR agt spr 1965sd ORT7245
    Roy RogerCNR agt Laurentian div 1940sd ORT4520
    Roy VictorCNR opr St Tite 1943sd
    Rowntree HCNR 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1948
    Ruel CCPR agt spr 1963sd ORT6909
    Ruel JLCNR 2nd opr Victoriaville 1943sd
    Ruest JHJCNR opr Sherbrooke 1942sd
    Rupert RLCNR agt-opr Ernestown 1945sd
    Ryan AJCNR agt 'QC' Office (Quebec) 1940sd
    Rzasa JGCNR opr St Justin 1952sd
    St Amant JGCNR opr Senneterre 1944sd
    St Arnaud SGCNR agt Laurentian div 1904sd ORT2024
    St Cyr EJMCNR trainmaster - road foreman Garneau 1944sd
    St Hilaire JCNR opr Limoilu 1926sd
    St James HCNR Mvt Dir wellington Tower, Montreal 1927
    St Laurent JOGGCNR opr Walkley 1947sd
    St Pierre DCNR agt Levis div 1908sd ORT3638
    St Pierre HACNR Levis div 1930sd ORT4234
    St Pierre JACNR agt-opr Van Bruyssels 1962sd
    St Pierre JRRCNR swg opr Dorval 'KN' office, Val Royal 1951sd
    St Pierre JUCNR agt Laurentian div 1920sd ORT1765
    Sabourin CLCNR opr Cornwall 1951sd
    Saidon HOCNR agt Laurentian div 1918sd ORT987
    Samson GCNR opr Lairet 1942sd
    Sanschagrin CECNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1918sd, TD 1921sd ORT1370
    Sanschagrin ECNR agt Laurentian div 1910sd ORT443
    Sanschagrin JHCNR agt Laurentian div 1909sd ORT257
    Sanschagrin JMCNR swg agt-opr, opr Val Royal 1955sd
    Sanschagrin JPCNR agt-opr Ahuntsic 1941sd
    Sanschagrin RCNR Montreal 1943
    Sarazin CCPR agt-opr Trois Riveres ORT1419 sd1927
    Sarazin GCPR agt Swing 1953sd ORT5019
    Sarazin GECPR agt Ottawa 1963sd ORT6187
    Sarasin LRCNR agt 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1940sd
    Sauriol JLLCNR swg opr, leverman Wellington Tower 1952sd
    Sauve JHOECNR opr Ayrness 1949sd
    Savard JECNR agt Laurentian div 1940sd * ORT4411
    Savard JFXECNR opr 'FA' Montreal 1940sd
    Savoie JGCNR agt Laurentian div 1940sd
    Sawyer DJCNR agt-opr Eades 1965sd
    Sawyer ?CNR Drummondville 1930s (fa of below)
    Sawyer JA(A)RCNR Drummonville, Levis div 1927sd ORT4171
    Sawyer JPCNR agt Laurier 1939sd
    Sawyer JRCNR Term Traffic Mgr Senneterre 1925sd
    Sawyer JY RobertCNR agt Levis div 1941sd
    Sawyer PHCNR agt Levis div 1939sd ORT4218
    Sawyer WFCNR agt Levis div 1901sd ORT1493
    Sawyer RollandCNR Drummondville
    Schultz AECPR agt-opr North Bay Dist 7 ORT1339 sd1929
    Schwartz FrancisCPR agt-opr Montreal (See husband Edwin Cohen Quebec1)
    Sequin BPCNR agt-opr Whitney 1952sd

    Seguin, Herbie
    CPR agt Quebec, New Port, Wells River VT, Montreal St Luc Yd 1946sd /r 1987 (bro below)

    Seguin, Robert (Bob)
    CPT opr 'RA' Office Montreal 1955sd (bro above)
    Sequin ULCPR agt Farnham 1948sd, TD Farnham 1961sd ORT3172
    Seymour-Taylor VJCNR 1st opr Cobourg 1942sd
    Shane JCNR 'NA' Office (Montreal) 1923 ORT1935
    Sharp JACNR agt-opr Gilmour 1951sd
    Shaw MHCNR agt-opr Cannington 1927sd
    Sheahan FMCNR Gen Chairman ORT Montreal 1947sd
    Sheahan JACPR agt LOA Brockville 1948sd ORT5307
    Sheets LVCNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1919sd ORT2663
    Sherman Isaiah DelmarGTR Riviere du Loup 1888, Radquos / Cornwall ON
    Shields TCCPR agt-opr Ottawa Union ORT1094 sd1923
    Sieb Ed CCPR telegrapher Montreal, CP Comm Dept CPRail 1979-84
    Sigouin JLCPR agt Dorval 1960sd ORT6475
    Sigouin RCPR agt Wakefield 1957sd ORT4992
    Sills JGCNR TD Belleville 1948sd
    Sills RCNR opr var stns 1965sd
    Simard ACPR agt spr 1961sd ORT6904
    Simard BCPR agt Thurso 1942sd ORT1878
    Simard JCPR agt Swing 1952sd, RLF TD Montreal sd1964 ORT5021
    Simard JALCNR TD Montreal 1943sd
    Simard JECNR agt Laurentian div 1940sd ORT>
    Simard Leon JCNR Laurentian div most stns(?) 1943-4 / Northern ONT 1944-50 / 1951 St Lawrence div: South Durham, Morrisburg, Brockville (1945?), Cotead / TD St Lawrence 1951-67 / ACD St Lawrence div 1967-?
    Simonette CEGTR Eastern Lines 4th Dis agt Massena Springs 1910
    Simpson WWCNR Pontiac 1944
    Simpson RCCNR agt Montreal 'NA' Office 1940sd ORT4345
    Sine JRCNR agt-opr Smiths Falls 1927sd
    Sirois JACNR spr opr var stns Quebec 1963sd
    Smallhorn RPGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt St Henri 1913, Montreal 1913

    Smith, Gordon
    CNR CPR CNT Montreal, CPR Smiths Falls Div 1942-mid 1960s - pres MTC 1972-95 - known as 'first class telegrapher & fine gentleman'
    Smith Gordon DCPR Montreal, Megantic
    Smith HDCNR agt, ACTD Montreal Term'ls 1940sd
    Smith PACPR agt La Salle 1954sd ORT5020
    Smollett DERCNR agt-opr Iroquis 1942sd
    Smollett PSCNR New Carlisle /r67
    Snider VGCNR agt-opr Bowanville 1949sd
    Spottswood TPCPR agt-opr Arnprior ORT1574 sd1929
    Stafford JWCNR ACTD Montreal 1941sd
    Starkey RWCNR spr opr var stns 1964sd
    Stepjen ICNR spr teleprinter opr 'NA' Montreal 1965sd
    Stevens JACNR traffic Superv Montreal 1942sd
    Stevens JACPR agt spr 1966sd
    Stewart Gertrude LCNR (no other info)
    Stewart RACNR agt-opr Fenelon Falls 1943sd
    Stitt EJCPR agt-opr Smiths Falls 1931sd, TD Smiths Falls Dis 7 SD1944 ORT1404
    Stitt lWCPR agt Petawawa 1960sd ORT6427
    Strachan VSCNR Rule Super Montreal 1924sd
    Strasbourg ECPR Windsor Twr 1947sd ORT2953
    Stroh PJCNR agt-opr Bancroft 1944sd
    Sullivan JCNR agt Napanee 1922sd
    Suprenant TCNR St Johns /d67
    Sylvestre ACPR agt Quebec 1952sd ORT4721
    Sylvestre MCNR spr opr var stns 1965sd (Last agt-opr hired in 1965 (Dec20th)
    Syme EJCPR agt Carleton Place 1948sd ORT5378
    Tache JGCRCNR agt Dominion 1926sd
    Tanguay JCNR spr opr var stns 1965sd
    Tanguay JPCPR agt spr 1965sd ORT7246
    Tapp LFMCNR agt Noranda 1925sd
    Tardiff J EddyCNR agt 1918sd
    Tardiff JPCNR opr Levis 1943sd
    Tetreault JALCNR opr Marieville 1928sd
    Tetreault LCNR Marieville 1944/72
    Tetreault UCPR agt-opr Drummondville ORT3157 sd1929
    Theberge JACNR first opr Montmagny 1942sd
    Theberge JOCNR Levis div 1920sd ORT3730
    Theberge MACNR agt Laurentian div 1921sd ORT1920
    Theoret RogerCNR spr opr var stns 1962sd
    Theroux MCPR agt-opr Magog ORT5425 sd1941
    Therrien JAFCNR opr Pte aux Trembles 1948sd
    Thibaudeau JLCNR swg TS Belleville 1948sd
    Thibaudeau JRCPR agt-opr Papineauville ORT1501 sd1926
    Thibault SRCPR agt Smiths Falls 1951sd, RLF TD Smiths Falls sd1964 ORT4689
    Thibodeau LCPR agt St Martin Jct 1943sd ORT5178
    Thiffault JRCNR spr opr var stns 1965sd
    Thiffault LGBCNR opr Beloeil 1956sd
    Thivierge JARCNR CD Senneterre 1927sd
    Thompson JMCNR agt Levis div 1916sd ORT4178
    Thuot JRCNR agt-opr L'Epiphante 1928sd
    Thurston JACNR agt-opr Killaloe, Montreal 'NA' Office 1925sd ORT1606
    Thurston MACNR agt Morrisburg 1941sd
    Timmons ACPR caretaker agt Wickham 1935sd ORT4860
    Timmons DCNR opr Granby 1952sd
    Timmons RCPR agt St Johns 1945sd ORT2161
    Tobin JMCNR trainmaster, Road foreman Belleville 1942sd
    Tousignant RCPR agt Rigaud 1943sd ORT5260
    Tremblay GillesCNR swg opr No 4 Quebec 1948sd
    Tremblay JACNR swg Morse teleprinter opr 'NA' Montreal 1954sd
    Tremblay JFCNR agt Laurentian div 1918sd ORT1323
    Tremblay JMCNR swg agt-opr, leverman Cantic 1955sd
    Tremblay JYCPR leverman 1966sd
    Trempe JEPECNR swg-agt-opr, opr Dorval 1956sd
    Trepanier JECNR agt Laurentian div 1915sd ORT998
    Trepanier JLCPR agt spr 1959sd ORT6470
    Trepanier MCPR agt spr 1966sd ORT7253
    Trotier JECNR agt Laurentian div 1919sd ORT1572
    Trotier Marcel ACPR op, TD (see son below, Mark)

    Trotier, Mark
    CPR opr Quebec Div 1974-80
    . stned at St Johnsbury, Vt
    . see fa above (Marcel)
    Trottier ErnestCNR telegrapher, Laurentian div started 1914 Baie St-Paul, /r 1963
    Trottier LECPR agt-opr Orleans ORT956 sd1920
    Trottier MACPR agt swing 1943sd ORT2234
    Trottier PECNR opr Garneau 1942sd
    Trottier RECPR agt-opr Portneuf ORT2081 sd1941
    Trudel GCPR agt-opr Quebec ORT1612 sd1930
    Turcot JHPCNR agt-opr Lancaster 1953sd
    Turcotte CYCPR agt Lanoraie 1955sd ORT5921
    Turcotte FideleCNR agt 'CX' Quebec Laurentian div 1927sd * ORT3858
    Turcotte FACNR TD Ottawa 1942sd
    Turcotte GEVCNR agt-opr Bombay 1952sd
    Turcotte JBRLCNR agt-opr Marieville 1925sd
    Turcotte JGCPR agt Park Avenue 1948sd, RLF TD sd1959 ORT4025
    Turcotte J LucienCNR agt Laurentian div 1930sd * ORT4172
    Turcotte JLCPR agt Farnham 1951sd ORT3184
    Turcotte LRCNR swg opr Joliette, St Paulin, St Justin 1953sd
    Turgeon JDDCNR Levis div 1918sd ORT1544
    Turgeon JPRCNR agt-opr Saguenay Power 1951sd
    Turgeon JWSt Hyacinthe d72
    Turmel EmileCNR agt Laurentian div 1928sd ORT4292
    Turner CFCNR agt-opr Yarmouth 1928sd
    Upham CecilCNR instructor Vald'Or repeater car 1940s
    Vaillcourt Jean-BaptisteCNR Morse Teleprinter Opr 'F' Quebec 'QC' 1942sd
    . 42 stns
    . StnMastr Hebertville 1985 /r85
    Valiquette ThomasGTR agt St Hilaire 1864
    Vallee JHCNR agt-opr Glen Robertson 1951sd
    Vallee JLWRCNR opr Dorval 1941sd
    Van Horne WCCPR - entire system ('the man who built the CPR')
    Vanasse JHCPR agt-opr St Hyacinthe ORT1624 sd1929
    Vanasse VCPR agt Lanorair 1950sd ORT5166
    Veilleux George HQCR & CPR 1950-73, CTD Ottawa? 1973-89
    Veilleau JEGCNR opr Montreal Yard 1948sd

    Vermette, Estelle
    CPR CVR telegrapher 'RA' office Montreal, American Express (Sine RM-GO on Cdn Hub) (sister JP below)

    Vermette, JP
    CNR op, agt-op Montreal Terminals & Dauphin Div MB 1942-5, 'NA' relay ofc Montreal 1946-9, 'GO' sup't ofc Cochrane 1949-52, agt-opr Windigo 1952-55, opr Brockville Yd 1955-57, agt-opr Iroquois during St Lawrence Seaway construction 1957-60, Ormstown 1960-63, agt general claims Montreal 1963-4 St Llawrence Div 1964 / 1942-64 (VP MTC)(sister Estelle above)
    Vermette MHCNR agt Levis div 1941sd
    Veronneau JLNJCNR TD Montreal 1944sd
    Verret CHCNR 'QC' Office (Quebec City), Morse Teleprinter Opr 'E' 'QV' Quebec 1942sd
    Verret JLCNR rlf agt var stns 1951sd
    Vezina JURCNR rel agt, opr var stns 1951sd
    Vigeant AACNR agt Montreal Term'ls 1911sd ORT449
    Villeneuve JPCNR agt-opr Pierreville, Levis div 1940sd ORT4241
    Vincellette CAGTR Eastern Lines 4th Dis agt White's Ballast Pit 1919
    Vincent BCPR leverman spr 1966sd
    Voyer JLCNR agt 'QC' Office (Quebec) 1924sd ORT4291
    Walker RACNR asst Super London 1948sd
    Walsh, TJCNR agt Montreal 'NA' Office 1940sd
    Walton CGCNR agt-opr Alexandria 1940sd
    Waverchuck W (Mrs)CNR Morse Teleprinter opr 'NA' Montreal 1959sd
    Weaner Jean-PaulCPR agt Park Avenue 1950sd, RLF TD 1959sd ORT5358
    Weaver JWCPR agt-opr Kemptville ORT1368 sd1927
    Wilkes CRCNR Montreal 1923
    Williams RCPR agt-opr Hull West ORT4981 sd1930

    Wilson, Neil
    CNR asst-agt St Lawrence & Ottawa Divns
    . transferred to Stratford Div asst-agt 1944
    . opr Fergus 1945-8
    . RLF agt Stratford Div 1948-52
    . agt-opr Centralia ON to 1956 (Local Chairman ORT Stratford Div)
    . agt-opr Brighton ON 1956-9 (local Chairman Belleville Div)
    . appt'd Transportation Inspector Southern ON Dist Toronto 1959
    . frg-agt Hamilton 1962-5
    . CN Express var mid-management positions to 1976
    . 1940sd ORT4650-1 /r 1976
    Williamson BJCNR agt-opr Frankford 1944sd
    Windsor GHCNR opr Belleville 1948sd
    Wren JJCNR spr opr var stns 1965sd
    Wood, NGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Pointe Claire 1897
    Wood, RJGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Montreal 1908
    Young HECNR swg TD Belleville 1944sd
    Young RGTR Eastern Lines 5th Dis agt Dominion 1916

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