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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
Agents, Operators, Dispatchers
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LAST NAME, First Name (Initials)Canadian Railway - Known Stations and Years
Abelseth MCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd
Agnew JECNR opr 1948sd Rosetown
Agnew JHCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1079
April RJCNR Zenon Park 1953
Alcorn HTCNR agt 1923sd * ORT810
Allen AGCNR towerman SK Dis 1936sd ORT1687
Allen CLCNR opr Nutana 1951sd
Allen JLCNR towerman SK Dis 1941sd ORT1643
Alm JRCNR opr Humboldt, Edenwold 1950sd
Amerud AGCNR opr Watrous 1951sd
Amos FKCPR Glen Ewen 1950, Portage Div rlf 1950-3, Portage La Prairie 1953-6 / TD, rlf CTD Winnipeg & Brandon offices
Anderson JDCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1905
Andrews DACNR towerman SK Dis 1944sd
Annis DBCNR 1915sd ORT192
Anticknap WRCNR towerman SK Dis 1942sd

Antifaev, Walter J
CNR Dauphin Div 1953 opr/towerman
worked various stns Dauphin Div, Churchill line & Margo Sub
agt opr Carragana 1967-72, Elrose 1972-76, SKatoon Yd (SY) /r84 - Click here for other details at Walter's Page
Aplevich JDCNR opr spr SK 1960sd
April JMCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1855
Armstrong AJCNR agt 1927sd
Armstrong KCNR SKatoon 1926 / TD location? 1943-51
Armstrong JCNR Dinsmore 1938
Armstrong JLCNR agt SK Dis 1930sd * ORT1415
Armstrong MCCNR agt 1927sd ORT1354
Armstrong WBCNR 1952sd
Armstrong WJKCNR agt 1926sd ORT1041
Arnold FAFCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1411
Arnold WECNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1323
Ashcroft THCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1928sd
Ashton HCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1757
Ashton NCNR Hafford 1936
Ashton NHCNR towerman SK Dis 1941sd, agt SK Dis 1942sd * ORT1741
Atherton ACNR agt 1919sd ORT1133
Atherton CHCPR agt Stockholm 1952sd ORT4777
Atherton FWCNR agt 1925sd ORT1027
Augert MJCNR 1951sd
Avery EJCPR agt Carnduff 1930sd ORT1563
Axelrode CLCNR 1917sd ORT553
Ayotte JECNR agt 1921sd ORT1152
Bagan Maxine VCNR SKatoon, Winnipeg, The Pas, Flin Flon, Lakehead
Baker AWCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1925sd ORT1531
Baker HECNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1919sd ORT736
Bakos LCNR opr Asquith 1957sd
Baldwin MFCNR opr Melville 1957sd
Barber CDCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1913
Barr BBCNR opr spare 1957sd
Barrett OWCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1539
Bartley Earl GCPR Langenburg 1950 / Elkhorn MAN / Bienfait SK 1951 / 17 / Broadview SK, Wapella swing, Elkhorn-Virden-Brnadon swing 1956-62
Bateman AJCNR agt 1924sd ORT951
Bates OGCNR agt 1920sd ORT1251
Baugh FRCNR 1914sd ORT1530
Baugh JDCNR opr 1949sd Melfort
Baugh NGCNR agt 1926sd ORT960
Baugh RGCNR agt SK Dis 1937sd ORT1427
Beach RHCNR opr North Battleford 1949
Beattie JRCNR 1915sd ORT400
Beck HCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1967
Beirnes NACNR opr 1949sd Prince Albert

Bell William M
CPR opr Saskatoon Div 1951-3 ORT 3883-7
Benko FACNR opr Ft Qu'Appelle 1957sd
Benko JECNR opr SK 1957sd
Bent ALCNR 1912sd ORT1125
Bent ARCNR agt SK Dis 1940sd * ORT1604
Bent ATCNR Weyburn (fa of below?)/d72
Bent JDCNR agt-op 1946sd Talmage
Bent JKCNR 1949 (bro below?)
Bent R CNR Dunblane, SKatoon 1950s
Bent RACNR op 1940sd Saskatoon YO
Bent RLCNR TS 1945sd Regina
Berg EPCNR opr Prince Albert 1950sd
Berry AFCNR Suprv agt 1920sd Saskatoon
Berry AOCNR agt 1919sd ORT604
Berry BCCNR 1915sd ORT377
Berryere EGCNR opr 1949sd Lorne Ave
Berube AGCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT2004
Berube JFCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1618
Berube JPCNR towerman Sk Dis 1941sd, agt Sk Dis 1942sd *
Bessey LWCNR opr Glenbush 1951sd
Best AGCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd * ORT1894
Best RWCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd
Bethel HWCNR 1916sd ORT1216
Bethune DJCNR 1910sd ORT273

Biggs, William Ralph
CPR agt Stranraer, Lone Rock, Czar,AB then did summer rlf in other towns /r Metiskow, AB (wife below)

Biggs, Jean Isabelle
CPR agt Czar,Alta. Provost,Alta until the stations all closed (husband above)
Black DHCNR opr Quinten 1950sd
Black JGCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1928sd
Black WMCPR agt Moosomin 1926sd ORT1507
Blackford LDCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1969
Blundell AWCNR agt 1925sd ORT1202
Blundell GCCNR various stns 1960-1 / various stns BC 1961-70 / TD Calder 1970-80
Binette JHOCNR Arborfield 1912sd ORT183 /d74
Bird KCCNR agt/opr Lacadena 1957sd
Birrell WACNR opr spr 1959sd
Boddy JSCNR 1913sd ORT196
Bouchard FPCNR agt SK Dis 1938sd *
Bougher JHCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1274
Boulter JockCNR Oyen Sub
Bouvier JeanCNR agt Prairie Region - stns incl Ste. Anne, Beconia, Flin Flon, Ghost River, Elie, Manitoba plus several other places (see Richard, son below-see also Bouvier in MB)
Bouvier, PierreCPR / GTR CNR agt Prairie Region & PQ -known stns Forrest, Elie MB plus several other stns (see son Jean above, grdson Richard-see also Bouvier in MB)

Bouvier, Richard
CNR agt in SK, Northern ON, Minnisota, Manitoba - stns incl Flin Flon, Transcona, Winnipeg, Grandview, Sprague, Elma, Ilford, Churchill, Elie, Woodridge MB, Munster, Humboldt SK, Warroad, Beaudette Minn, Minaki, Redditt, Jones, Red Lake Road ON, & many other locations - agt from Dec. 18, 1946 to his passing Jan 27, 1980 (see also Bouvier in MB)
Bowiec John PCPR most Current River to Winnipeg, Portage Div 1957-8, Hawk Lake 1958-60
Boyer RJCNR agt-op Ridgeale 1947sd
Boyko LMCPR agt Bredenbury 1954 sd ORT4652
Braaten RLCNR opr Warman 1953sd
Bradley CGCNR 1917sd ORT509
Bradley LJCNR agt-op 1945sd Kenaston
Bradstreet FCNR towerman SK Dis 1919sd ORT935
Brasseur ACNR opr spr 1959sd
Briggs ECNR 1917sd ORT1148
Briggs JALORT lineman 4th Dis 1945
Britton KGCNR TD SKatoon 1948
Brooks WASCNR towerman SK Dis 1941sd, agt SK Dis 1942sd * ORT1782
Brown BSCNR agt 1923sd ORT1136
Brownridge GACNR agt-op 1926sd * ORT1186 Shellbrook
Brownridge RHCNR agt 1925sd Vawn ORT918 d/73
Buchanan HECNR TD 1918sd
Bundy ECCNR agt 1924sd ORT1111
Burke HRCNR opr 1949sd Watrous
Burtniak WHopr Hudson Bay 1946
Burton G CNR SKatoon 1950s
Bvaaten LACNR opr 1950sd Melfort
Bye CHCNR towerman SK Dis 1942sd, agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1716
Byers HCNR 1914sd ORT313
Caddon PJKCNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1779
Cadorette FLCNR agt 1923sd ORT873
Campanella JCNR agt 1919sd ORT1114
Campbell AGCNR agt 1926sd ORT1037
Campbell CMCNR agt 1927sd ORT759
Campbell GJCNT lineman
Campbell KWCNR opr 1946
Campbell RCNR 1915sd ORT381
Campbell TJCNR agt SK Dis 1935sd ORT1399
Carbno ASCNR sw opr Melville-Hubbard 1958sd

Carlson, Glenn
CNR July 1948 asst agt Fairlight Sk
. opr Emo & Quibell, Red Lake Road ON
. July 1950 many places east of Wpeg to Armstrong, & on South Line Wpeg to Lakehead
. Ptge Brandon Division for short while
. Winnipeg to Armstrong & Wpeg to Lakehead (south line}
. 1952 moved from Niddrie ON. to Brandon Shilo Swing
. 1953 to East Tower & stayed at East tower & Portage Depot until resigning Aug. 1969
. approximately 35 moves
. Industrial Arts teacher in Portage la Prairie until retirement 1989
1948sd (see also MB)
Carlson CACNR opr spr 1960sd
Carlson, RCCNR 1951sd
Carpenter, WB CNR Ranfurly, Minburn, Payton, Vermilion, Winter, Kinsella, Tofield, Tofield-Wainwright swing, Wainwright, N Edmonton Tower, Calder (summers 1951-54 MX, MO), Jasper, Work Train op Unity Sub, Danforth, Cabin 'D', Mimico Yard, Mimico East, James Street, Oriole, Toronto 'C' office, TTR, Mercoal, Pedley, Waseca, Brule, Redwater,
Carroll WGCNR agt 1918sd ORT554
Carson GLCNR opr Warman 1953sd
Caspell HACNR agt 1925sd ORT898
Caspell RWBCNR agt/opr 1948sd Totzke
Casper DJECNR agt 1922sd ORT823
Caswell Robert WCNR Prince Albert to Clark's Crossing (Telegraph Creek) 1883 / Dom Gov't Tel 1885
Chadwick JCCNR towerman SK Dis 1942sd ORT1774

Chamberlain, Rae W
CNR opr / recently retired from CN after 35 1/2 years service
. started as an opr & retired as a SCC with the CAW union
. s/d 26 Mar 1969
. retirement: 31 Aug 2004
Charlton CJCNR agt 1927sd
Chester TCNR agt 1918sd ORT1896
Cinch JCNR towerman SK Dis 1916sd ORT948
Cinch JRCNR towerman SK Dis 1941sd, agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1660

Clark, David Irwin
telegrapher, stn agt, dispatcher
. Tugaske betn 1910-8 and Foam Lake betn 1920-6 (see Clark, Charles King / see also ON)
Clarke EMCNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1932
Clarke JCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1395
Clarke LRCNR 1911sd ORT155
Clarke RHCNR 1911sd ORT210
Cloake GGCNR opr Nokomis 1954sd
Cloake WTCNR agt 1918sd ORT543
Code FHCNR agt/opr 1948sd Laird
Cody PJCNR opr Humboldt 1952sd
Coleman PBCNR 1917sd ORT484
Colloton EPCNR agt 1921sd ORT1656
Colmer ? DGT North Battleford 1906

Colton James Lindsay
GTP agt Strongfield 1918?
Comer JHCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1984
Conners JACNR opr cashier Radville 1956sd
Copeland ?CPR Cadillac (fa of below)
Copeland Arthur RCPR various stns SK? / Swift Current 'Q' office
Corbett CECPR agt Bienfait 1942sd ORT2367
Corbett WJCPR agt Wapella 1939sd ORT1601
Corcoran FJCNR Eatonia /d74
Cornell HSCNR 1916sd ORT609
Cox HGCNR agt SK Dis 1939sd ORT1256
Craig PECNR agt/opr 1948sd Speers
Cranston CCNR 1909sd ORT142
Crawford WCNR agt/opr 1949sd Gerald
Creed AECNR agt SK Dis 1936sd ORT1469
Creed RLCNR opr Findlater 1951sd
Crosby ISCNR agt 1919sd ORT627
Cross Bliss GaryCNR ACD SKatoon 1950
Cross EarleCNR agt opr SK stns 1951-1964 fa Glenn L & bro Glenn B
Cross Glenn LeonardCNR 1925sd ORT940
Cross Glenn BCNR Fielding, Carragana, Young, Prince Albert, Watrous, Humboldt 1951sd
Cross George LesterCNR agt Ramore 1950s, 1928sd ORT1275
Cross HowardCNR SK
Crosson AACNR agt-op Birsay 1946sd
Cullen EWCNR agt-opr 1925sd (1945) ORT857
Cullen E WayneCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1975
Curson CCNR agt 1927sd ORT945
Curtis RACPR agt Whitewood 1946sd ORT2148
Cutler ERCNR 1918sd ORT492
Davidson RLCNR opr Chappell 1952sd
Davis VECNR agt 1926sd ORT1107
Dawson DRCNR opr SKatoon 1949
Day AACNR towerman SK Dis 1943sd, agt SK Dis 1943sd, TD SKatoon ORT1808
Day FHCNR 1912sd ORT275
Dean HACNR agt 1923sd ORT882
Debenham ACCNR 1918sd ORT540
Debenham WLCNR agt SK Dis 1928sd ORT1410
Delisle GLCNR opr SK 1961sd
Demeter JCNR opr Parkside 1951sd / Pacific Jct BC / Radville SK, Estevan, Brandon MAN, Regina SK, SKatoon 'SY' Yard
Deshaye JOCNR 1909sd ORT1113
Dessert JACNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1972
Dessert JAOCNR Moose Jaw 1930
Dessert JECNR 1916sd ORT480
Dewan GACNR agt/opr Bjorkdale 1951sd
Dewar DCCNR agt 1919sd ORT680
Dickens RCCNR agt 1921sd ORT991

Diener, Katherine
CNT Saskatoon & Winnipeg then CN-CP Saskatoon then Unitel (worked with Harry O'Neill)
Dickson DACNR opr spr 1960sd
Dierker JHCNR agt 1926sd ORT1229
Dikens JHCNR agt 1923sd ORT881
Dobrowolsky MichaelCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1943
Doering AMCNR agt 1926sd ORT936
Doering WCCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1889
Doherty FMCNR agt 1920sd ORT128
Dooley PJCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd *
Dooley PSCNR agt-op 1944sd Allan
Dooley TRCNR agt-op 1945sd Lorlio
Dotten LCCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1948
Dressler EJCNR agt-op 1943sd Debden
Dressler H CNR Debden 1952 / Dauphin 1943-4 (Call Boy) / Port Arthur Division 1954
Dube ECNR temp agt/opr St Brieux 1957sd
Dubord JA (Archie)CNR agt 1920sd ORT870
Dubord ArchieCNR agt Alberta Dis-Yonkers, Unity - agt SK Dis-Yonkers, Krydor, Hoey, Willow Bunch, Wakaw, Davidson, Lumsden, Montmartre /r1963 (fa of Eugene/Denis below)
Dubord DACNR opr spr SK 1961sd
Dubord Eugene (Gene)CNR agt 1951 ticket agt & agt opr in Melfort, North Battleford & other SK locations as rlf-agt (fa above, bro below)

Dubord, Denis A
CNR rlf agt 1952-62 SK Dis worked some forty different locations as opr, agt-opr(bro above, fa Archie)
Duchscherer AACNR opr cashier Gravelbourg 1951sd
Duey Ray PCPR Val Marie 1948
Duliba EM CNR Chipman 1957, Niton-Carvel-Gainford 1959, 13 other sts?
Dumka ACNR agt 1924sd ORT992
Dutka HCNR agt/op 1947sd Yellow Creek
Dwyer DBCNR 1917sd ORT392

Eagan, Dorothy
worked as a telegrapher and her father was stn master at Elstow ("I have a letter to my grandmother from The Order of Railroad Telegraphers, C.P.R. System Division #7 expressing condolences on the death of her father, Thomas Eagan dated Feb. 22, 1927 from Sutherland, SK Signed Mr. McCrimond"
Eby, ? CPR Herschel 1923-1953 (fa of below)
Eby EM CNR CTD Regina, Hilliard AB, Winter SK, Lavoy AB, Beiseker AB, Kelowna BC, 50 other stations in SK and AB? years?
Eckel GHCNR Paradise Hill /d67
Eckel NHCNR SKatoon 1913sd ORT99
Eckel NHCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd * ORT1718
Eckel NLCNR towerman SK Dis 1941sd * ORT1718
Edom HWCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1941sd *
Edwards Bruce HenryCNR Regina messengr/clrk 1942-3, opr 1943-52 /r91
Edwards CFCNR agt 1920sd ORT644
Edwards EHCNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1744
Edwards, SCNR 1910sd ORT154
E(?)ipkiss LDCNR opr Kindersley 1957sd
Eisler LCNR agt SK Dis 1937sd ORT1562
Elloitt ACCNR opr Saskatoon YO 1950sd
Elliott KCCNR 1950sd
Elliott KKCNR agt 1928sd ORT1293
Elliott WWCNR agt 1925sd ORT1227
Elliott YDCNR opr Plato 1951sd
Englund RBCNR agt/opr 1947sd Asquith
Ewasiuk NRCNR agt/opr 1948sd Parkside, last stn was Blaine Lake before he passed away in 1973
Exley WSCNR agt SK Dis 1928sd ORT1237
Fair SCNR 1913sd ORT179
Felt HLCNR 1910sd ORT181
Ferrier RBCNR opr
Ficek JCPR agt Carievale 1949sd ORT2555
Fidler GDCNR opr Kinistino 1952sd
Fisher ARCNR agt 1927sd ORT1217
Fisher LRCNR opr Bradwell, Radville 1956sd
Fisher MHLCNR agt 1927sd ORT1213
Fletcher AJCNR agt SK Dis 1928sd ORT1260
Flint TMCNR agt SK Dis 1937sd ORT1477
Fontaine PE CPR rlf op 1955 CNR TD SKatoon 1960, RTC Winnipeg ?-1994
Ford EFCNR opr 1949sd Prince Albert
Forsberg PCCNR sw opr 1948sd Loop Jct
Fortin JACNR agt 1918sd ORT119
Fowlow AWCNR 1917sd ORT483
Fowlow FRCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd * ORT1697
Fowlow GCNR 1950
Fox JWWCNR agt 1925sd ORT1083
Frank HECNR 1914sd ORT662
Franks RDCNR opr spr 1960sd
Fraser CMCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1922sd *
Fraser FTCNR 1912sd ORT160
Friesen JHCNR agt ORT local chairman Regina 1945 1918sd ORT574
Fulham ACNR 1909sd ORT1600
Fullbrooke WECNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1913sd ORT1306
Fulmes HCNR TD SKatoon 1949
Gagnier JHCNR agt 1919sd ORT332
Gallagher GBCNR op 1945sd Saskatoon KN
Gallagher PMCNR 1910sd ORT789
Galonowski CJCNR opr spr 1958sd
Gardiner HACNR North Battleford d72
Gardner RCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1911sd ORT610
Gaudet AJCNR 1917sd ORT457
Gerbrandt RECNR opr Warman sd1943 (abol Apr 85)
Gerbrandt WJCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1396
Gerwing CACNR opr SKatoon 'SY' Office 1951sd
Gessner RFCNR opr spr 1960sd
Gibb WSCNR Crooked River 1950, Griffin, ACD SKatoon

Gibson DW
CPR agt Moose Jaw 1900-28 - relocated to Toronto in 1928 (on the death of his father) and worked through the war, retiring in 1948
Gibson GRCNR opr Watrous 1954sd
Gibson RWCNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1784

Gilhooly Gordon
CNR Laura (40 yrs)
Gillespie FGCNR agt/opr Vanscoy 1951sd
Gillis DCCPR agt Rocanville 1948sd ORT2774
Glab ETCNR opr North Regina 1950
Graf JFCNR opr North Regina 1956sd (abol Jun85)
Graham ALCNR agt SK Dis 1938sd * ORT1464
Graham DACNR 1951sd
Grant JACNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1970
Green AGCNR 1950
Gregory FGCNR agt 1919sd ORT641
Gristwood BCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1927sd * ORT1573
Groff RGCNR opr Melville 1956sd
Grosz FCCNR 1912sd ORT163
Gryschuk RDCNR opr Truax 1952sd
Gull CACNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1916sd ORT599
Hadsen HJCNR 1950
Haig FACNR agt 1927sd ORT1465
Haigh FACNR Shell Lake 1943
Halip JOCNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1806
Hall ACNR agt 1927sd ORT1092
Hamilton ACCNR 1917sd ORT295
Hamilton WLCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1919sd
Hanks WGCNR opr stn?
Hannon EWCNR agt 1922sd ORT1179
Hansford HMCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1915sd ORT1156
Harmon CECNR agt 1919sd ORT674
Harmon WRCNR opr 1948
Harnett DJCNR 1914sd ORT335
Harper RRCNR 1913sd ORT284
Harrangton JCNR towerman SK Dis 1937sd
Harrington JDCNR agt-op 1940sd regina Dis
Harrington MCNR agt SK Dis 1928sd ORT1263
Harris CGCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1614
Harris HCNR 1916sd ORT423
Harris LJCNR agt SK Dis 1936sd ORT1364
Hart JamesCNR Lashburn 1900? (fa of Jim, MAN)
Hartnett DR Bradwell 1940
Haupt TSCNR agt SK Dis 1930sd ORT1568

Harvey, O Bev
CNR 1941-Asst agent- Big River SK-Medstead-Car Checker Humboldt
1942-Feb 1946-Royal Canadian Navy-North Atlantic-Mediterranean-North Sea
1946-Asst Agent Crooked River-Bruno-Humboldt(Freight Shed)-Operator Cashier Carrot River
1948-1950 Agent Opr Bjorkdale
1951-53-Agent Opr Carmel
1954-1960 Agent Prairie River
1960-1969-Agent Prudhomme
1970-1973- Asst TTM- SKatoon- TTM Melfort
1974-1976 - Revenue Accountant- Project Officer- Port Arthur Ont(Thunder Bay Ont)
1977-1981- C/L Centre and Agency Supvsr- Supvsr C/L and Yard Office Procedures- Operations Officer Traffic Systems-Regional Office, Winnipeg Man with several assignments-Montreal-Toronto-Vancouver and Various USA Interline Connections
1982-1986- Trainmaster- and Transportation Supver Grain Line Rehab SKatoon SK
1986 Retired CNR
1986--1988 Operations Manager- CWR Railways Edmonton Alta (Short Line)

OBHarvey father   | OBHarvey Bjorkdale Stn | OBH's Son (3yrs old in 5129 cab; another 35 with CN (55 yrs experience!))

Three Generations of Harvey's | Other Railway Family Members (Total 1018 yrs!) | Station Pix - OBH would build this hockey rink for the kids!
Passed Away 27 Jan 2013

Hearn, GMCNR 1914sd ORT1261
Hedley, RECNR 1972sd
Henbid, VCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1974
Henriet, RC (E?)CNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1895
Henry, GHCNR 1906sd ORT123
Henry, JCCNR 1911sd ORT211
Herchak, MDCNR agt SK Dis 1939sd ORT1569
Hicks, ACNR 1908sd ORT113
Higginbottom, ACNR agt SK Dis 1944sd
Hindley, JCNR 1913sd ORT201

Hine, AW
CPR agt
. 1919sd
. agt various places in SK such as Wishart, Luseland, Markinch, Plunkett, Jansen, Renown, Midale etc
. agt Hughenden & Czar AB
ORT? /r 1961 (see sons below, BC & AB)

Hine, Kenneth W
CPR 1947 Asst agt Yorkton, Melfort, Humboldt, Lanigan
. 1950 Opr Morse
. 1951 moved to AB - Lethbridge 412 opr
. 1952 Opr Nisku
. 1953 Agt Wrentham 4 yrs then permanent rlf agt for 4 years Alta Dis
. 1961 moved to Vancouver Island Permanent rlf agt & worked every agy on island
. 1963 bid agency Qualicum Beach then agt Chemainus
. 1968 Resigned. Opened travel agency
. 1974 temporary E&N Rwy
. 1981 elected Alderman Parksville BC
. Retired 1988(see also AB, BC, bros BC,AB, fa above)
Holloway, HCCNR agt 1919sd ORT641
Hook, ECNR agt 1919sd ORT605
Hooper, ESCNR opr Canora 1951sd
Howard, AHCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1918sd ORT1435
Hues FCNR 1917sd ORT588
Hughes ACNR 1913sd ORT297
Hughes JPCNR opr/cashier Eston 1951sd
Hultman ANCNR 1914sd ORT681
Humeniuk TCNR opr 1945
Hunter ECNR TD 1945sd Regina
Hunter SECNR SKatoon /d67
Hurd DEKCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1874
Hurley DECNR 1911sd ORT195
Hutchinson WTCNR agt SK Dis 1928sd ORT1006
Husselby WCNR agt 1927sd ORT665
Hyde AWCNR agt 1920sd ORT697
Inch RGCNR agt 1926sd ORT990
Ingram RCNR agt 1928sd ORT1269
Jackson KBCNR ACD Saskatoon 1983
Jackson RCCNR agt SK Dis 1918sd ORT614
Jackosn RCCPR agt Gainsborough 1940sd ORT1758
Jackson SCNR agt 1928sd ORT1262
James FCNR agt SK Dis 1928sd *
James FLCNR 1913sd ORT1172
James RHCNR 1953sd
Janzen ACNR agt SK Dis 1929sd * ORT1498
Jeffries DECNR opr spr 1960sd
Jenkins GW CPR Burstall / CPR CTD
Jennett KWCNR agt/opr Aylesbury 1950sd
Johnson DLCNR opr spr 1957sd
Johnson DWCNR opr SK 1961sd
Johnson, HWCNR agt 1928sd ORT1289
Johnson MOCNR opr Asquith 1957sd
Johnson, RHCNR agt SK Dis 1920sd *
Johnson, WACNR TD Saskatoon 1947
Johnston, Aleck CCNR telegrapher Kenaston, telegrapher Jul 20 1951sd
.last worked as opr-cashier Weyburn
. transferred to Marketing
. retired Winnipeg Oct 31 1988 as Manager Sales & Service, Grain & Grain Products - Feb 26 1951sd
Jones, DACNR Saskatoon 1950s
Jones, RVCNR agt 1923sd Brock ORT731
Kachar, PCNR agt/opr SK Dis North Regina 1946 1944sd Vibank

Kading, Royden L
CNR asst agt/towerman Bienfait, opr May 1, 1953, rlf work BC & AB, last postn opr-cashier Davidson 1961 transferring to Freight Sales, /r Asst. Manager Customer Service Centre, Winnipeg Dec. 31, 1991, Sep 18 1951sd
Kayter JBCNR opr spr 1960sd

Keene, Howard
. Bredenbury SK July 1st 1944 to February 28th 1946
. Bredenbury SKatchewan July 5th 1946 to July 15th 1946
. Wapella SKatchewan July 18th 1946 to August 3rd 1946
. Moosomin SKatchewan August 5th 1946 to August 10th 1946
. Broadview SKatchewan August 12th 1946 to May 19th 1947
. Bienfait SKatchewan May 21st 1947 to May 31st 1947
. Moosomin SKatchewan June 3rd 1947 to June 23rd 1947
. Binscarth Manitoba June 25th 1947 to August 21st 1947
. Marchwell SKatchewan August 23rd 1947 to September 9th 1947
. Shoal Lake Manitoba September 10th 1947 to September 28th 1947
. Binscarth Manitoba October 1st 1947 to September 1948 (Binscarth Bredenbury Swing)
. Bredenbury SKatchewan October 1st 1947 to September 1948 (Binscarth Bredenbury Swing)
. Broadview SKatchewan September 1948
. Binscarth Manitoba October 1948
. Bredenbury SKatchewan November 1948 to December 1948
. Brandon Manaitoba January 1949
. Reston Manitoba February 1949
. Maryfield SKatchewan February 1949 to February 1950
. Bredenbury SKatchewan February 1950 to June 1952
. Neepawa Manitoba June 1952 to May 28th 1954
. East Selkirk Manitoba May 31st 1954 to December 6th 1954
. Dubuk SKatchewan Dec 8th 1954 to July 12th 1960
. Elm Creek Manitoba July 14th 1960 to August 21st 1965
. Binscarth Manitoba September 11th 1965 to July 25th 1971
. Deloraine Manitoba August 1971 to October 1985
. Retired October 1985
Kendall RPCPR agt Moosomin 1956sd ORT6378
Kennedy, ESCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd *
Kennedy, HCCNR 1911sd
Keown George WCPR relief agt - started career at Saltcoats, SK as relief agent in approx 1924 . Worked various locations in Regina, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon divisions until his retirement from Foam Lake in 1965. Retired to Edmonton AB
Keown G ArchieCPR asst agt - son of George W (above) - started as asst agent Humboldt SK 1952 - relief agent 1952 & worked various locations as agt/opr & opr jobs in Wynyard & Lanigan - agt Paradise Valley AB - returned to Wynyard then left CPR after completing a university degree
Ketchum, JCNR 1915sd ORT364
Kindree, SCNR 1911sd ORT601
King, CRCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd *
King, WCNR opr 1949
Kirby, CECNR agt 1928sd ORT1328
Kirkley, WBCNR agt 1922sd ORT965
Knight, CCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd
Konlup, ACNR agt 1918sd ORT577
Kornder, BRCNR opr Humboldt 1949
Kotyk, PCNR opr Kindersley 1952sd
Kotzma, JCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1980
Kovach, JWCNR towerman SK Dis 1942sd ORT1902
Kozlowski WECNR agt/opr 1950sd Spruce Lake
Krawchuk, W CNR Hughton 1956, Raymore, Melville, Biggar, SKatoon, Chappell, Nutana, Lorne Ave, Loop Jct, 'YO,' 'KN,' Warman 1956-1965
Kristian GACNR rel agt Spare 1957sd
Kutchyera, CJCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1832
Kuzmak, ADCNR opr Melville 1956sd
Labossiere, JACNR agt 1927sd ORT1003
Lafave, LCNR agt 1923sd ORT800
Laking, ESCNR 1918sd ORT539
Lamont, ERCNR agt 1924sd ORT1167
Lamont, RACNR opr Kindersley 1949
Lancaster, CRCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1918sd *
Lauder, JECNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1063
Law, RBCNR 1906sd ORT47
Leary, JCNR agt 1920sd ORT1062
Leary, JEWCNR opr Kindersley, SK Dis 1941sd * ORT1683 /r85
Leavens, RGCNR agt 1923sd ORT1527
Lebiszczak, MCNR sw opr Nokomis-Hubbard 1956sd
Lefevre, EACCNR agt-op St Louis 1946sd
Lefeuvre, FCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd
LeFebvre, LJCNR swing opr Humboldt 1953sd
Legallais CHCNR 1912sd ORT234
Leier RJCNR opr Quinton 1956sd
Leittel JackDTC 'Old Humboldt' 1870s
Lemieux JosephCNR Maryfield (served CN/CP traffic) /r51

Lemire, Marcel
CPR agt (trained under Robert Lemire (see below) Claydon SK
. Relieved most of Lethbridge Div 1958-62
. first stn Lundbreck AB, Coalhurst AB
. left CPR approx 1967 as Drivers License Examiner in AB
. /d March 1995

Lemire, Robert Louis Joseph
CPR relf agt 1949 (trained under Duey Val Marie SK)
. relieved Burmis AB, Picture Butte AB, Loomis SK, Ravenscrag SK, Chin AB, Okatoks AB
. first stn Orkeny SK 1951 then Claydon 1954, Val Marie 1957-70, Manyberries AB 1970-1 then relieved until retire 1974
. /d 18 Jun 1995
Lemon MCPR agt Bredenbury 1960sd ORT6429
Lepp WHCNR agt 1928sd ORT1236
Leslie, RACNR 1911sd ORT247
Letourneau, ECNR towerman SK Dis 1945sd ORT2026
Lett CHCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1391
Liebrecht, RCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd Norquay 1933 ORT1478
Little Stephen JCNR Crooked River 1959-60, Davidson (some 45 offices to 1965)
Lindeburgh, ADTC 'Old Humboldt' 1880
Lister NCNR agt 1928sd ORT1318
Locke CFCNR towerman SK Dis 1943sd, agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1901

Low, Donald Baird
CPR rlf agt Esterhazy 1950, rlf agts & oprs Manitoba Dis, Bredenbury Terminal 1952-66, Bredenbury 1966-72, Mobile Supr Yorkton 1972-88, 1950(Jun 1)sd /r1988 (SKatoon Div) ORT 2924
Luke CRCNR 1911sd ORT127
Luke DECNR agt SK Dis 1938sd ORT1507
Luke DWCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1608
Lumb TWCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1944

Lungul Peter
CNR agt - first job Dauphin div sprbd after stn closed at Invermay Sk 1980
again went on sprbd endimg my career 2nd trick operator Melville SK 1954
Luten ESCNR agt/opr 1949sd Corning
Lynn NCNR agt 1919sd ORT546
Lynn RCCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1880
Lyons JTCNR 1917sd ORT481
MacAuley, George ECPR var Moose Jaw div 1950-1 / Alberta Dis-Medicine Hat, Calgary 1951 / Medicine Hat 'NS' Office 1986

MacLise, John (Jack) E
CNR opr or agt-opr at Quill Lake, Pelly, Wadena, Fairlight, Cromer, Kipling SK
. Sifton, Ethelbert, Swan River, Plumas, The Pas, Kelso, Rapid City, Brunkild, Alonsa, McCreary, Ste Rose, Virden, Neepawa, Emerson Jct, Altamont, Miami, Ste Agathe, Lundar, Kelwood, Terence, North Elie, Beaudry, Calvin, Pleasant Point, Paddington, Victoria Beach, Oakburn, Erickson, Shilo, Transcona, Morris, Pacific Jct, Fort Rouge, Stornaway, Beaconia MB
. 1970-82 Service Rep in Winnipeg
. Aug 7,1948sd, ORT 1733 (see also MB)
MacDonald, HDCNR 1910sd ORT164
MacDonald, JCPR 1950s
MacDonald, JECNR 1915sd ORT383
MacDonald, Robert CDTC 'Old Humboldt' 1883
MacFarlane, JWCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1983
MacKay, ANORT local chairman SKatoon 1945
Mackenzie, EKCNR agt-op 1943sd Hubbard
Mackie KECNR opr Watrous 1950sd
MacLeod, RCNR 1909sd ORT86
MacLeod, RHCNR opr North Battleford 1949
MacLeod, WJCNR Agt-op 1938sd Young
MacRae, AFCNT messenger 1923, CNR 1927 / CTD Regina
McCammon, RCCNR agt 1925sd ORT974
Madsen HJCNR agt/opr 1950sd Benson
McDonald, DACNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1939sd * ORT1584

Mains D Ivan
CPR agt Frobisher May 1953 (I believe it was 1952 to some time in 1953 at Snowflake MB)
Maksuta ACNR opr spr 1960sd
Malazdrewicz, FCCNR 1951sd
Malloch, JACNR 1915sd ORT371
Malloy, RJCNR Clark's Crossing ca1883? (see also R Caswell above)
Mamchur, PRCNR towerman SK Dis 1943sd * ORT1985
Mann DWCPR agt Bienfait 1952sd ORT4264
Manson, GACNR towerman 1940sd, agt SK Dis 1942sd * ORT1686
Mantyka JDCNR opr spr 1960sd
Marble, CECNR agt SK Dis 1939sd ORT1595
Marchand, JCNR agt 1923sd ORT933
Marchand GACNR opr cashier Rosthern 1953sd
Markham, JFCNR agt SK Dis 1927sd, TD 1941sd ORT1586
Marlin, Kenneth NelsonCPR expr Wolseley-Reston Line 1942, rlf opr Hersechel 1942, Moose Jaw Div, Mossbank, Wolseley 1945-9, TD Moosejaw & Regina 1950-5 /r55
Marlow, EWCNR 1914sd ORT334
Martin, EECNR agt/opr 1947sd Glidden
Martyn, MLCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1996

Mason, Nat C
CNR agt/opr
. learned morse Roosevelt Minn, worked Pitt Minn., Warroad Minn., Stratton, Wroxton, Elrose, Hanley, Punnichy, Nokomis, & Rainy River ON
. 1914sd ORT331 /r 1960
. see son, Lee Mason in BC
McAmmond RLCNR opr Watrous 1951sd
McCammon, JHCNR towerman SK Dis 1931sd ORT1270
McCammon, LRCNR TD SKatoon 1973sd
McCammon, RBCNR towerman SK Dis 1941sd, agt SK Dis 1941sd * ORT1696
McCannell JACNR agt/opr 1949sd Dalmeny

McClement, John R
CNR agt number of location in the Regina Dis / shortage of telegraphers in northern BC worked Terrace BC for 6 mons 1953 / 1952sd /res1959 (fa below, Grdfa David in MB)

McClement Robert(Bob) Stuart
CNR agt Regina Region incl: Goodwater,Edenwold, Central Butte, Kipling, Glenavon, Montmartre 1925sd ORT311 & 893 /r67
McCloy JWCNR opr SK 1957sd
McCreadie HCNR 1913sd ORT282
McCullough EICNR agt SK Dis 1943sd
McDonald AGCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd *
McDonald HGCNR rel agt PA Divn 1956sd
McDonald GECNR agt 1920sd ORT970
McDonald KGCNR 1944
McFarlane GECNR agt 1922sd ORT835
McGauvran MJCNR agt 1923sd ORT1142
McIvor JGCNR agt 1926sd ORT993
McKay HACNR 1914sd ORT340
McKay IHCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1528
McKay JACNR opr spare 1972sd
McKay JHCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd
McKay KACNR opr 1948
McKellar ACNR 1916sd
McKenzie EKCNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1859
McKinley JACNR agt 1925sd ORT1000
McLaren WRCNR 1909sd ORT134
McLay RACNR agt/opr Somme 1951sd
McLean AHCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1910
McLennan ARCNR agt Carlyle 1928sd ORT1284 /d67
McLeoad AFCPR agt Oxbow 1928sd ORT1678
McLeod, NMCNR 1916sd ORT1367
Mcleod, GECNR agt SK Dis 1937sd ORT1494
McManus, PJCNR agt 1926sd ORT1174
McMillan, GDCNR Supv 1945sd Regina
McMurchy, DJCNR agt 1927sd ORT1030
McNevin, DCNR agt 1920sd ORT533
McNulty, EECNR trans-opr SKatoon 'SY' office 1957sd
McNulty, JHCNR opr Kamsack 1951sd
McPhail, NRCNR agt 1927sd ORT1166
McPhail, WBCNR agt Aberdeen 1922sd ORT836 /d74
McPherson, WDCNR 22sd
McRae, ACNR agt 1928sd ORT1258
McTaggart JECPR agt Grayson 1953sd ORT5056
Matthews, WilliamCPR Storthoaks 1951 / var MAN, SK & ON / TD Brandon MAN 1989
Meda ACNR opr St Walburg 1953sd
Medvid MCNR opr spr 1961sd

Meise, Keith Ludwig
CNR Sectionman 1962 South West SK
. Warehouseman/Yd Office 1963-6 SKatoon (Old Yd & Chappell Yd)
. Agt-opr 1966-77 SK Area Prairie Region
. 1978-83 AB, Mountain Region
. 1989-98 Mountain/Prairie Region
. 1998 accepted article 8 package
. stns 1966 (rlf) Carmel, Langham, Carrot River, Livelong
. 1966-8 Lacadena
. 1968-70 Aylesbury
. 1970-5 Central Butte
. 1972 - 1977 - Relief Customer Service Rep, southwest Sask out of Regina Carload Centre & couple of stints out of Saskatoon - Northwest Sask
. 1975-7 Davidson
. 1977-9 Landis SK Mt Region
. 1979-83 Drumheller AB
. 1983 Resigned
. 1989-98 Biggar, Wainwright, Vermillion, Lloydminster, Whitecourt, Mirror, Calgary, North Battleford, Humboldt, SK
Mehr, LECNR agt-op 1945sd Marcelin
Melymick, JohnCNR SK Dis 1929sd ORT1384 - 1960s (invented improved delivery hoop)
Millman, RCNR 1912sd ORT114
Miniely, GWCNR agt 1920sd ORT569
Minielly, KenCNR Crooked River 1959-60
Miniely, LRCNR 1918sd ORT499
Miniely, RECNR opr SKatoon 1945
Mintg, EVCNR Langham /d73
Minty, ECNR 1916sd ORT450
Mitchell, DWCNR agt 1927sd ORT1066
Mitchell, EVCNR agt 1928sd ORT1300
Mitchell, GECNR agt SK Dis 1937sd ORT1494
Mitchell, TECNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1924
Mitten, ACNR opr Canora 1948
Mitten DFCNR agt/opr Oakner 1954sd
Moir, AJCNR towerman SK Dis 1944sd, agt SK Dis 1944sd *

Morey, Albert
CPR Climax SK (apprentice training)
. Dec 22 1952 got start as agt, opr Claydon, SK
. worked several jobs in AB & SK until becoming 3rd trick opr Gull Lake, SK (my first permanent position)
. later Agt Opr Orkney, SK
. Agt Opr at Bracken, SK
. 1971 promoted to Moblie Supervisor at Frontier, SK - there until 1984 when transferred to Estevan, SK
. retired 1986 with approximately 34 yrs of service
Morgan, CCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1914
Morgan, WHCNR agt 1923sd ORT879
Morris, JVCNR agt 1924sd ORT698
Morrison, ALCNR agt SK Dis 1928sd ORT1101
Morrison, ARCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1938sd *
Morrison, ARCNR towerman SK Dis 1939sd *
Morrison, CMKCNR agt ORT local chairman Prince Albert-Wakaw 1945 1920sd ORT1187

Morrison, Merv C
CNR opr throughout SK. & part of Manitoba.
. opr Lorne Ave, SKatoon, SKatoon Yard, Rosetown, Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Humboldt, rlf agt Humboldt,Sk & Lazare, Man.
. agt Carmel, Conquest, Davidson
. promoted service representative then Special duties, General Yardmaster
. retired Carload Supervisor SKatoon
. 1951sd /r84
Morrison, RKCNR agt SK Dis 1942sd
Morton, TCCNR agt 1920sd ORT761
Moskal, WECNR opr Canora 1952sd
Moyer, LDCNR 1908sd ORT137
Muir, JKCNR towerman SK Dis 1943sd ORT1885
Murphy, WTCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1942sd ORT1773
Mursell, RCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT2029
Mutala, WilliamCPR 1949 / var stns SK, MAN, nw ON / TD Winnipeg

Neufeld, Edwin Walter
  • 1959: Totzke, SK
  • 1961: Livelong, SK
  • 1962-65: Zealandia, SK
  • 1965: Kakabeka Falls, ON
  • 1965-66: Edam, SK
  • 1966-68: Brock, SK
  • 1968 - 76: Quill Lake, SK
  • 1977-1979(I think): Kamsack, SK
    . (see also ON2)
  • Nolan, LACNR agt 1919sd ORT560
    Nowlan, GVCNR 1911sd ORT65
    Nunweiler AACNR TD 1948sd Regina
    O'Farrell, TECNR 1913sd ORT61
    Obre, CCCNR opr North Battleford 1970sd
    Ogilvie, GWCNR 1947, ACD SKatoon 1981-3
    Ogilvie, JGCNR agt 1920sd ORT550
    Oliver, KVCNR opr Watrous 1957sd
    Olson DOCPR agt Bredenbury 1953sd ORT4476
    Oman, LWCNR 1951sd

    O'Neill Harry
    CNT messenger Kamloops 1960
    . then Vancouver as address clerk & route aid
    . then Yukon Watson Lake 1962
    . teleprinter opr transferring to Saskatoon 1962 early night clerk
    . North Battleford SK opr 1965
    . transferred to Saskatoon 1966 as automatic opr
    . remained Saskatoon until 1976
    . layoff prior to CNT shutting down
    . to Kelowna BC relief opr 1 summer (also listed in BC)
    Osinchuk, ACNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT2006
    Ostafichuck MGCNR opr SK 1958sd
    Owens, TGCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1979
    Paetsch RECNR sw opr Saskatoon Tmls 1953sd
    Paetsch RGCNR TD 1948sd Regina
    Pallansch, EJCNR 1916sd ORT872
    Palmer, WCNR 1915sd ORT395
    Palmer, WGCNR agt 1928sd ORT1301

    Pankoski, Victor H
    CNR agt - studied Telegraphy Fenwood Sk Feb-Oct 14 1952 under agt Cliff Charlton
    . hired out Oct 14/52 under CTD RC Brown, Winnipeg
    . CNR First job 3rd trick Savant Lake
    . relieved Oprs Webster, Jones St Anne, Fort Frances, Mine Centre, Minaki, Malachi, Red Lake Road, Redditt, Superior Jct, Williams Minn
    . on loan to BC Jun-Aug '54 Kelowna Red Pass Jct, Sperry Car Opr SRS 118 Red Pass to Endako, Pyramid BC then transferred back to SK District
    . Nokomis-Hubbard Swing, Touchwood, Welby, Quadra, Uno, Melville-Hubbard Swing Relieve Agts summer '59 Asquith, Wiseton, White Bear, Glidden, Goodeve
    . back to 2nd trick Melville, Tisdale
    . resigned 3rd trick Kamsack Apr '64 to returned to school & Industrial Sales Career (currently active member KN Chapter MTC Saskatoon)
    Pannell, BWCNR agt 1920sd
    Paquette AECNR opr spr 1960sd
    Parker, HMCNR agt SK Dis 1937sd ORT1679
    Parent PHCNR opr spr SK 1961sd
    Pateman HWCPR agt Alameda 1949sd ORT2763
    Patterson, JGCNR agt 1922sd ORT573
    Patterson, WilliamCPR agt 1920 throughout SK, Milden 1962 /r62 /d98
    Peacock, FACNR 1912sd ORT289
    Pederson PACNR sw opr Bradwell-Watrous 1957sd
    Pelletier, JSCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1918sd ORT619
    Perras MACNR opr Bienfait 1957sd
    Peters, DWCNR 1910sd ORT215
    Peterson LJCPR agt Fleming 1961sd ORT5357
    Peterson OACPR agt Welwyn 1954sd ORT3515
    Peterson, WalterCNR Grayson 1950-1
    Perry, JQACNR 1909sd ORT170
    Phelps, ORCNR 1911sd ORT193
    Pike, TomDTC gov't op Humboldt 1884?
    Pitts, JOCNR agt 1945sd Regina
    Podolski, Walter SCPR op, TD, CTD SK 1952?-?
    Pollard HCNR opr spr 1960sd
    Potts, HJCNR agt-op 1945sd Netherhill
    Porter, FACNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1942sd ORT1660
    Porter, FFCNR 1912sd ORT151
    Pouliot MCNR opr spr Benson 1960sd
    Powell, WCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT2011
    Prevost, SWCNR 1909sd ORT115
    Proud, JGCNR agt 1920sd ORT653
    Prusak, Denis CNR Radville 1953 / Alberta, mostly SK., Regina division, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg (fa of next three, all ops)
    Prusak, Issey ? 1950sd
    Prusak, Eugene CNR TD 1947sd Regina
    Prusak, Denis ?
    Raine, JHCNR agt 1920sd ORT1109
    Raymond, FECNR agt 1923sd ORT1015
    Ravndahl TCNR agt/opr 1948sd Weekes
    Redford, AGCNR 1911sd ORT601
    Redford, ASCNR 1909sd ORT1177
    Redford, EJRCNR opr North Battleford 1951sd
    Reid, JCCNR 1913sd ORT327
    Reid, JFCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd * ORT1838
    Reiser, PMCNR opr spare 1972sd
    Relitz, JACNR TD SKatoon 1973sd
    Relitz, KLCNR 1964sd
    Renner, GTCNR agt 1922sd ORT762
    Rice, Tom CNR Mistatim
    Rice, TWCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1822

    Rigate, John Augustus
    CNR agt 1926sd ORT1220 & 793 (see father below)

    Rigate, William Henry
    CNR agt 1912 - came to Canada from England in 1912 - Agt at Zealandia, D'arcy, Netherhill, Bienfait, Shell Lake (see son above)
    . William Henry Rigate was a station agent for the CNR in Saskatchewan.....Bienfait, Shell Lake and other little towns. He came over to Canada from England in 1912. He worked on the railways in England (as his father and brother did too) but thought there would be a better life here in Canada. My mother and all her siblings were also born at the Station. Mum said she just loved the sound of the trains. I also like to hear the trains, which I do from where I live. But nowadays, if people see RR tracks they will not buy a house close to them. I clicked on Saskatchewan on your website map and found both my grandfather - William Henry Rigate and my uncle John Augustus Rigate. (Notes courtesy Colleen Spence)
    Rink, JJCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1920sd ORT1127
    Ripley, GGCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd, towerman SK Dis 1942sd, * ORT1791
    Ripley, JHCNR agt 1920sd ORT724
    Ripley, WJCNR agt 1919sd ORT620
    Ritter, Ralph ECNR Melville 1951sd /r?
    Roberts NJCNR agt/opr Tichfield Jct 1951sd
    Robertson, PJCNR agt 1920sd ORT703
    Robinson, RHCNR opr SKatoon 'SY' office 1951sd
    Rochon JGCNR agt/opr Mazenod 1951sd
    Rochon, JHCNR agt 1922sd ORT1471
    Robertson, WECNR agt 1925sd ORT1168
    Romanow, TCNR opr Kindersley 1953sd
    Romuld, AKCNR agt-op Demaine 1947sd

    Rosa, William G
    CNR Prince Albert Div 1959-64 / rlf op Prince Albert 1960-1, Agt Opr Spruce Lake 1961, Agt Mayfair 1965, Agt Maymont 1966-7, Opr North Battleford 1967-73
    Ruel ELCNR opr spr SK 1961sd
    Rumberger, ? CPR Naicam (with CPR 42 yrs-fa of below)
    Rumberger, RW CPR relf/Ass't Agt 1945-9 SKatoon Sub
    Rumberger, ? CPR (20 years stns, - Bro of above)
    Russell, WJLCNR agt SK Dis 1937sd ORT1334
    Ryhorchuk, NCCNR opr 1949
    St John, OBCNR agt 1922sd ORT1692
    Saggs, WHCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1904
    Salkeld, HMCNR opr 1948sd Nutana
    Salmond, MMCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1929sd *
    Savage, SCNR agt 1924sd ORT1190
    Schappert, JCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1617
    Scharber, MCNR agt 1926sd * ORT1025
    Scheeves, SCNR towerman SK Dis 1918sd ORT1138
    Scheeves, SLCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1936
    Schmirler RHCNR opr Kindersley 1954sd

    Schneberger, Ernest
    CPR agt 1949-61, agt Kandahar 1956-61 ORT3039-7

    Schroeder, Dennis R
    CNR asst agt
    . wrote up & began as opr June 09/48
    . worked several agencies SK & went to TRACS
    . transferred to Alberta 1979-85
    . 1947sd /r December 1985
    Schroeder, Marvin GCNR Hague 1950-1, Regina Div 1951, SKatoon Div 1952, North Battleford 1956-60, SKatoon Vawn
    Semenchuk, EGCNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT2010
    Semenchuk, GGCNR opr spare 1971sd
    Semenchuk, WCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT2050
    Shanks, FECNR opr Melville 1951sd
    Shanks, FJCNR 1916sd ORT430
    Shanks, WJCNR towerman SK Dis 1943sd, agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1821
    Shannon WECNR agt/opr 1949sd Ceylon
    Sharber, MCNR Op 1926sd Regina UD
    Sharko, LPCNR opr SKatoon 1952sd
    Shasko, BACNR opr Neebing 1951sd
    Shaw, EBCNR 1912sd ORT226
    Shaw, EJCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1797
    Shaw, ERCNR 1915sd ORT354

    Shaw, Earl J
    CNR opr & TD - started out in SKatchewan, worked in AB & MB - last job Vancouver 1943sd 1943-54 (wife opr - see MB list Lavina 'MAISIE' (McPhedrain) Shaw)
    Shaw, Earl JCNR Weldon 1938-9, Melville, Watrous, SKatoon, TD SKatoon 1947 / TD Vancouver 1950-4
    Shaw, HJCNR towerman SK Dis 1940sd *
    Shaw, HJCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd * ORT1640
    Sheridan, Laurie EricCPR Moose Jaw div 1947-59 / TD Regina ?-1965, TD Sutherland, TD Moose Jaw 1965-69 / CTD Winnipeg 1969, 1969-74, CTD 1974-85
    Shear MHCNR TD 1948sd Regina (fa W Shear)
    Shear, Miss GinaCNR Warman, Shell Lake, RTC Edmonton
    Shear, WCNR agt 1919sd ORT567
    Sheehan, TJCNR 1911sd ORT190
    Shelrood, BECNR agt 1919sd Warman
    Sherban, TCNR agt-op 1946sd Mayfair
    Shockey MLCNR agt/opr Zelma 1950sd
    Skinner, GWCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1457
    Skolrood, LECNR agt 1919sd ORT701
    Slater, KACNR opr Winnipeg 1964sd
    Sliwa, LHCNR 1946
    Smart, GCCNR 1912sd ORT228
    Smart, KGCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd * ORT1856
    Smart, NHCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd * ORT1893
    Smith DPCPR agt Langenburg 1948sd ORT5237
    Smith, FBCNR agt 1920sd ORT740
    Smith, JDCNR agt SK Dis, 1928sd, TD 1942sd * ORT1549
    Smythe, JWCNR agt 1922sd ORT985
    Snider, WCNR agt 1928sd ORT1299
    Snider WFCNR agt/opr Bladworth 1950sd
    Sobkowich, TWCNR opr SKatoon office
    . started CNR stn Hubbard to learn morse code & agy accting fall 1950 under stn agt Earl McKenzie
    . hired out on CPR, Schreiber Div Aug 11,1951 & relieved oprs Amyot, Coldwell, Heron Bay, Marathon, Regan & Sultan ON
    . resigned CPR July 1952 ("hated the bush")
    . hired out CNR SKatoon Div July 26,1952, relieved oprs & agts at Ardath, Asquith, Atwater, Biggar, Bradwell, Dunblane, Fenwood, Goodeve, Hubbard, Ituna, Lacadena, Melville, Netherhill, Nokomis, Quinton, Raymore, SK - St. Lazare, MB, SKatoon Terminals (999-KN-YO-Lorne Ave Loops Jct - Nutana & Chappell) Touchwood SK, Uno MB, Watrous, Welby, Yarbo, Young SK
    . worked as quality control clerk & relieved services reps Sioux Lookout, Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin MB, Canora, SKatoon & North Battleford SK 1970-1980
    . opr 1980-83 WI office Winnipeg
    . started TD Winnipeg dispatching office 1983 until early retirement December 31, 1994 after 42 1/2 years service with CNR / ORT 2897 /r 1994
    Sobkowicz CMCNR opr Melville 1953sd
    Sobkowicz, ECNR opr SKatoon, North Battleford, Warman, TRACS swing 1950
    Sokolosky(?i), LCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1672
    Sokolsky ZHCNR agt/opr 1949sd Carmel
    Solomon, ED CNR SKatoon 1950s / Kamloops BC / New Brigden AB / Hughton to closing yr?, White Bear to closing yr?
    Solomon, LL CNR Biggar 1957-62, others in SK?
    Somers JCNR agt/opr 1948sd Bangor
    Soyka GACNR agt/opr Spy Hill 1950sd
    Spafford, AECNR agt 1927sd ORT1291
    Spafford GACNR TD 1948sd Prince Albert
    Spice, GLCNR agt 1922sd ORT957
    Stadnyk, FCNR agt-op Edam 1947sd
    Starr. JFCNR agt SK Dis 1942sd ORT1760
    Stata, CSCNR agt 1926sd ORT1221
    Stearn, ADCNR agt-op 1945sd Fenwood
    Steele, TDCNR agt 1919sd ORT686
    Stephenson, HACNR 1917sd ORT278
    Stephenson, SCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1879
    Stern, LCNR agt-op 1941sd Hague
    Stevens, FCNR agt 1928sd ORT1077
    Stevens, MBCNR 1972sd
    Stewart, GHCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT885
    Stewart, JACNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1807
    Stewart, JGCNR agt SK Dis 1939sd ORT1499
    Stickland, GCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd *
    Stimpson, WGCNR 1915sd ORT1098
    Stirling, MRCNR 1909sd ORT272
    Stone, CECNR agt 1922sd ORT840
    Stone, GACNR agt 1921sd ORT382
    Strachan RJCNR sw opr 1950sd North Battleford
    Sturby AGCNR sw opr Quinton 1954sd
    Sturby JNCNR agt/opr 1949sd Ethelton
    Struthers, RSCNR opr 1951sd
    Surman HFCNR temp agt/opr Reynaud 1955sd
    Surman, MHCNR opr Melfort 1948
    Surman, PRCNR opr Meskanaw 1947sd
    Sweet LACNR opr 1949sd Kindersley
    Sydoruk, WSCNR opr Kindersley 1964sd
    Talmeny, WFCNR 1908sd ORT125
    Tarala, LRCNR TD SKatoon 1967sd

    Taylor, AA
    CNR opr
    June 29 1956-Apr 20 1994
    . SK Dis Jun 29 1956 Opr Asquith
    . var locations SKatoon Divn until Nov 1960
    . Alta Dis - var locations Edmonton Divn until May 1963
    . BC Dis - var locations Kamloops Divn until Sept 1971
    . Tsfrd to CBRT&GW car service jobs, var jobs Kamloops - last CBRT&GW employee to retire in Kamloops before it became CAW
    . worked construction Feb 1964-Feb 1967 on Great Slave Lake Rwy Roma Jct AB to Hay River & Pine Point NWT
    . son of JA Taylor ORT 987 SK Dis (see below)
    . ORT 3281 /R Apr 20 1994, 38 yrs service
    Taylor, EDCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT2005
    Taylor, GOCNR 1912sd ORT252
    Taylor, JACNR agt 1923sd ORT987 (see son above)
    Tessmer EACNR opr spr 1960sd
    Thatchuk, VCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd * ORT1973
    Theberge, FACNR agt 1919sd ORT799
    Thomas, CECNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1606
    Thomas, DECNR agt-op 1945sd Frenchmn (sic) Bte
    Thomas, WRCNR opr 1946
    Thompson, FACNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1349
    Thompson, GHCNR agt 1923sd ORT783
    Thompson HACNR 1908sd ORT113
    Thompson, Harold TomCNR Laura
    Thompson, RHCNR opr 1947
    Thompson, RSCNR towerman SK Dis 1940sd * ORT
    Thompson, WRCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1515
    Thomson, ?CNR Laird (fa to 5 below all ops)
    Thomson, Davestns?
    Thomson, Donstns?
    Thomson, DNCNR agt SK Dis 1930sd ORT1468
    Thomson, Jackstns?
    Thomson, JMRCNR agt 1928sd ORT1239
    Thomson, Lorne MCNR agt Meota 1927-1971 1927sd ORT1223
    Thomson, LGCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd * ORT1641
    Thomson, TedCNR (rlf in SK) / TD Winnipeg 1940s
    Thomson, WCCNR agt 1925sd ORT932
    Thomson, WMCNR 1916sd ORT441
    Thurston, ENCNR agt 1922sd ORT808
    Tillison, JACNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1493
    Tompkins, MLCNR agt SK Dis 1939sd ORT1548
    Toomer, WHCNR 1907sd ORT94
    Toop ATCNR opr Nutana 1951sd
    Toop, JHCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1605
    Trann, CBCNR agt SK Dis 1939sd ORT1508
    Trann, CRCNR 1913sd ORT241
    Trotter, GMCNR agt 1926sd ORT1225
    Trottier RBCNR opr spr 1960sd
    Tufts, EGCNR 1911sd ORT240
    Turner DMCNR agt/opr 1948sd Goodeve
    Turner, SECNR agt 1922sd ORT714
    Turple, TCPR (summer rlf) Sutherland, Wynyard, Unity, Kerrobert / Provost AB, 1970s
    Tyson, CFCNR 1918sd ORT549
    Uhrich HFCNR agt 1927sd ORT1249
    Uhrich JHCNR agt/opr 1949sd Vawn

    Uhrich, Kenneth P
    CNR agt 'most terminals SK' 1943
    . in 1964 was ACTD Thunder Bay, ON until 1969
    . took ACTD Saskatoon from 1969-80
    . from 1980-3 CTD Saskatoon
    . TD Prince Albert, The Pas MAN, Smithers BC, Edson AB, Winnipeg MAN
    . ORT1842
    . 1943sd /r83
    . author of a wonderful book titled "MY GOLDEN YEARS OF RAILROADING ON THE CNR - 1943 TO 1983" - a 40 yr span on his assignments, all telegraph related
    Uhrich, PFCNR agt 1922sd ORT633
    Ummell, DCNR 1914sd ORT1087
    Underbakke, AOCNR 1910sd ORT171
    Underbakke, GACNR agt SK Dis, 1941sd, TD 1942sd * ORT1707
    Unsworth, BCCNR 1951sd
    Upton, WACNR agt 1919sd *
    Utting, JRCNR agt 1919sd ORT690
    Van Ness, NJCNR agt 1928sd ORT1240
    Vandall, RACNR agt SK Dis 1944sd *
    Vey, LCNR TD SKatoon 1948

    Wachs, Kenneth E
    CPR asst agt
    . started 1942 Lanigan Sk then to Wynard
    . joined army 1944 for 2 yrs, took telegraph coarse in Regina, then back to Wynard
    . took up relv. agts. & oprs. on the Saskatoon Divn.both east & west & north until bid on perm 2nd opr Wynard
    . when 40 hour week came in took up Lanigan-Wynard swing until stn at Guernsey opened 1957 until closure 1972
    . bid on Bredenbury Sk 1st trick 1972 until my retirement in 1985 (43 years all told)
    . wife Lily & I moved to Saskatoon 1988 & joined the KN chapter Morse Club, working telegraph at the Western development museum
    Wales, WDCNR towerman SK Dis 1913sd *
    Wallace, RECNR agt 1919sd ORT655
    Walters, WRCNR opr Canora 1951sd
    Walker, CHCNR agt SK Dis 1940sd ORT1601
    Walker DLCNR opr spr 1961sd
    Walker, EHCNR 1910sd ORT1518
    Walker, HBCNR agt 1923sd ORT996
    Walker, JHCNR agt 1920sd ORT749
    Walker, MHCNR towerman SK Dis 1944sd, agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT1974
    Wannamaker, RCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1942sd * ORT1868
    Ward, ACNR agt 1925sd
    Warren, JECNR agt 1928sd ORT1001
    Weimer, DTCNR opr Kindersley 1972sd
    Weins, BVCNR agt-op SK Dis 1928sd Bruno ORT1351
    Weir, SCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1917sd ORT612
    Weir, WHCNR agt SKatchewan Dis 1941sd *
    Weisner KGCNR opr spr SK 1961sd
    Weldon, CatherineDTC 'Old Humboldt' 1878 (wife of below - first female op in west)
    Weldon, GeorgeDTC 'Old Humboldt' 1878 / CPR Grenville 1882
    Wells, RJ CPR Regina 1942
    Weppler, AJCNR 1916sd ORT442
    Weppler, LGCNR agt 1927sd ORT920
    Werbicki EPCNR opr Chappell 1952sd
    Wert, GACNR 1912sd ORT257
    Wert, LECNR towerman SK Dis 1943sd, agt SK Dis 1943sd * ORT1825
    Wert, RRCNR agt SK Dis 1941sd ORT1612
    West, ACCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1363
    West, HHCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT2003
    West, HVCPR? 1915, CPR Regina, to CNR Winnipeg?
    West, LDCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd
    West, TAGCNR agt 1920sd ORT747
    Weut, HHCNR agt-op 1944sd Bengough
    Wheatley, JECNR agt 1922sd ORT613
    Whish, JHCNR 1917sd ORT421
    White COCNR opr 1949sd Regina?
    Whitebread, WCCNR agt 1919sd ORT684
    Whitlock, GMCNR ORT Gen Sec-Treasurer Lumsden 1945, 1910sd ORT68
    Whitmore, WLCNR 1910sd ORT74
    Widdifield, AFCNR agt SK Dis 1930sd ORT1551

    Wiebe, John
    CNR opr Lakehead Dvn 1963, SKatoon Dvn1964, Train Dispatcher SKatoon 1971, Motive Power Control 1980, Rules 1984, CTD SKatoon 1991, CTD Winnipeg 1993, Special Projects 1996, /r 1998
    Wigley, CHCNR agt 1925sd ORT1126
    Wildeman PBCNR opr 1949sd Chappell
    Williams, ECCNR towerman SK Dis 1938sd
    Williams, ECCNR agt SK Dis 1937sd, TD 1944sd *
    Williams, MCNR agt SK Dis 1929sd ORT1268
    Williams, RACNR 1950sd
    Wilson, ACNR agt 1921sd ORT833
    Wilson, HBCNR agt 1923sd ORT841
    Wilson, JHCNR agt 1919sd ORT705
    Wilson, JRCNR 1913sd ORT503
    Wilson, MACNR agt 1928sd ORT1591
    Wilson RBCPR agt Churchbridge 1950sd ORT3059
    Wilson, SBCNR opr 1950
    Wilson, WRCNR St Brieux 1925/72
    Winniski JLCNR opr SK 1958sd
    Wong, WingCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd ORT2007
    Wood, AWCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd
    Wood, CMCNR agt 1918sd ORT465
    Wood, EJCNR agt-op Waldheim 1947sd
    Wood, HMCNR agt 1919sd ORT583
    Woods, ECCNR 1904sd
    Woods, JPCNR agt 1925sd ORT1099
    Wylie CGCNR sw opr 1948sd Lorne Ave
    Wynne, ACNR TD 1924sd
    Wynes, WACNR opr Portage 1943
    Yawney WJCNR opr spr 1960sd
    Yerex, EJCNR agt SK Dis 1943sd ORT1809
    Yerex, JT CPR Vancouver 1943-1950 / CNR Alberta stations? years? (see also BC)
    Yerex, R CNT SKatoon (fa of above)
    Young, EBCNR agt 1925sd ORT1171
    Young, EHCNR 1917sd ORT483
    Yurach, NCNR agt SK Dis 1940sd * ORT1602
    Zomber, EJCNR agt SK Dis 1944sd, Watrous 1944 ORT1965

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