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The 200+ photographs displayed here are a "best of" in each category.  They feature a variety of interesting and unusual subjects not seen in "typical" TGV pictures taken from station platforms.

Photo of the Moment

A renovated PSE trainset recedes into the distance after passing through Mâcon-Loché station at full speed. 2001 Photo.

Photo by Trainsearch,

Subject Last Update Photos Description
In the Factory 1999/01 8 TGV trainsets in various stages of assembly
Early Prototypes 2001/05 10 Test trains that were used to develop the TGV
Research 2000/06 10 Research activities in the TGV program
Concept Models 2000/08 8 Concept models of future TGVs
Track Construction 2000/06 14 Photos of high speed line construction
Maintenance 2001/03 21 Photos of trainset maintenance activities
Cab Views 2001/01 25 Views of the track seen from the cockpit
Accidents 2000/06 12 Significant accidents and incidents involving TGVs
TGV Interiors 2000/06 2 Views of the interior of TGV trainsets
TGV Sud-Est 2001/01 20 The original 1st generation TGV trainsets
TGV La Poste 1999/01 8 Postal service TGV trainsets
TGV Atlantique 2000/11 6 2nd generation TGV trainsets
TGV Réseau 2001/05 15 2nd generation TGV trainsets
Eurostar 2000/11 12 The Trans-Manche Super Train (TMST)
TGV Thalys 2001/05 12 2nd and 3rd generation TGV trainsets
TGV Duplex 2000/08 14 3rd generation bi-level TGV trainsets
TGV KTX (Korea) 2001/05 4 2nd generation Korean TGV trainsets
Acela Express (USA) 2001/08 9 The TGV's distant cousin in America
Miscellaneous 2000/11 14 Interesting items that don't fit anywhere else
Photos Total

Other TGV Photo Links

The web's largest collection of TGV pictures is available in the European Railway Server's Picture Gallery. These photos are well worth a visit. SNCF (the French national railways) also have TGV photos here and here. TGV photos occasionally show up in the binary newsgroup, the last few days of which are archived here. At the end of every month, all photos from a.b.p.r. for that month are archived here.

Copyright Notice

In general the copyright for the photo belongs to the photographer whose e-mail address is listed next to the photo. If you would like to use one of these photos, please contact the owner directly. For commercial uses a fee may be charged by the author of the photo. Any use of a photo without consent of the author is strictly forbidden. Other web sites may link to this photo gallery index page, but may not link directly to the photos within it.

If you have TGV pictures which you would like to see displayed here, I would be pleased to display them; just email me. I have a strong preference for something else than the usual "nose shots".

Last modified: January 2001

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