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What's a trainset? It's a train whose cars are permanently coupled together. This is the case for all TGV trains, which is why they're referred to as TGV trainsets.

The TGV Spotter's Guide
... A catalog of the different types of TGV trainsets in France and elsewhere, with pictures and key specifications.

TGV Fleet List
... A listing of all currently existing TGV types with numbering of each class.

TGV Trainset Formations
... Exterior and interior configurations of each type of TGV trainset.

TGV Trainset Dimensions
... Summary of key measurements of a TGV trainset

Detailed Information on TGV Types
... In-depth information about a variety of TGV high speed trains-- Select from:

American TGVs
... Information about high speed rail projects in the United States, related to the TGV -- Select from:

Watching TGVs from Trackside
... If you like watching trains from trackside, this could be a fun experience. Follow the directions to watch TGV trains thunder past you at 300 km/h, something you won't soon forget!

TGVweb > TGV Trainsets

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