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Official TGV Site
... Check here first, the official web site of the French Railways' TGV services.

... The French National Railways, owner and operator of the TGV network. Schedules, travel info, online booking, etc.

... with schedules and fares for travel between Paris, London and Brussels.

... with schedules and fares for travel between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Köln.

Watching TGVs from Trackside
... If you like watching trains from trackside, this could be a fun experience. Follow the directions to watch TGV trains thunder past you at 300 km/h, something you won't soon forget! This article includes a QuickTime video.

TGV Trainset Formations
... If you already have your ticket, learn about the layout of each type of TGV trainset. (This does not show seat numbers.)

TGVweb > TGV Travel

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