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Grand Canyon Railway, January 2008

Grand Canyon Railway, January 2008

Here is a handful of shots taken on a quick one day drive to the Grand Canyon on a frigid winter day. They show the railroad's daily winter train on the way from Williams to the canyon, the train in the station there, some views of the station and equipment and the station in Williams.  This is a beautiful throw-back to Santa Fe days, and the operation is well integrated into area hotel services.  In the summer there are two round trips per day, and steam power is used on at least one of them.

P1181537a (Medium).jpg P1181542 (Medium).JPG P1181550 (Medium).JPG P1181608 (Medium).JPG P1181614 (Medium).JPG P1181620 (Medium).JPG
P1181626a (Medium).jpg P1181665 (Medium).JPG P1181666 (Medium).JPG P1181668 (Medium).JPG P1181672 (Medium).JPG P1181673 (Medium).JPG
P1181674 (Medium).JPG P1181676 (Medium).JPG P1181694 (Medium).JPG P1181696 (Medium).JPG P1181698 (Medium).JPG P1181699 (Medium).JPG
P1181700 (Medium).JPG P1181708 (Medium).JPG P1181711 (Medium).JPG P1181712 (Medium).JPG

These photos were taken with an Olympus E-330 digital single lens reflex and Olympus 14-54 and 70-300 zoom lenses.

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