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             Ron Goodenow's Attic

Editor on Virgin Voyager, West
Coast Main Line in Scotland, 2010

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New Mexico 2007-12

UK April 2009

Jersey Transit 2009

Union Pacific 



Grand Canyon RR

Downeaster  new!

Palmer, Mass new!   

The California Zephyr -- 40 + Years    new!

Virgin Trains  (UK)

Around the UK -- 2004

Pennsy, NYC, Penn Central

Rail Museums and Short Lines -- US, UK and Sweden 

Rock Island Line

Southern Pacific - 1960s

British Rail -- 1980s


Boston and Maine, CV, CP, and Amtrak action in Vermont -- mid-60s and 2000.

Timetable Covers

Our 1999 Coast Starlight
Report and Photos

Northern Pacific -
Great Northern -- Pre-Amtrak

Springfield (Ct.)Line

Sweden -- 2003

Westborough, MA

Featured RR Photo new!

Poetry Corner new!

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The Attic is a personal museum, drawing on the stash of  items I've collected -- and am still collecting -- in my railway and other travels.  I'm including visits to museums and shortlines, profiles of American and foreign carriers, timetables, tickets, menus, advertisements, brochures and special trip reports. The subject is passenger railroading and my hope is that the site's content will constitute a glimpse into the past and present for those less able to enjoy as much travel as I have over the past 45 or so years. I want to communicate some of the color of the trains, stations and their owners, as well as  what can, uniquely I think, be seen through the window. My main love is photography and so ultimately photos will come to constitute the mainstay of the collection.

Thanks to the Internet we can share our interests in exciting new ways. That old timetable we picked up 25 years ago, thinking someone might enjoy seeing some day, can now be shown to thousands of fellow travelers over the web, not just on the kitchen table or in a display case at a collector show. And, even better, that crumpled piece of paper we saved can be put through the ringer of a modern editing program and restored to some of its former glory.

I will start fairly simply with basic items in several categories. As my scanner warms up and I find more boxes of paper, slides and prints tucked away somewhere the collection will grow. And, it will keep growing as I continue to enjoy passenger trains in my travels, knowing that the odd pamphlet or piece of advertising will find a willing audience, perhaps tomorrow, if not today. Once the first tasks of presenting visual content are accomplished I will spend more time adding page narrations, relevant links and other things to fill out your knowledge of my subjects. So, check pages often.

Because this is a personal site -- and for purposes of doing first things first -- I cannot post anything that is not in my own collection, so please don't request that I add your photos or scans to the site. Once I've emptied my attic onto it perhaps we can expand our horizons and have a contributor page, but for now I have my work cut out for me.

Finally, as debate rages about the future of American passenger railroading -- a debate which is truly national and reflects a growing consensus -- save among a new generation of bean counters -- that we need all kinds of trains -- it is important to see where we in the USA have come from and what is happening elsewhere in the world. There are many wonderful web resources -- many of which are here on TrainWeb -- which do just that.  Hopefully my Attic will consitute another page or two in the history of this best of all modes of transport.  And it will be an enjoyable site to visit. Please, if you find any technical or historical errors please don't hesitate to drop me a note.

For additional photographs as well as commentary on my travels and passenger railroading be sure to visit the Friends of Amtrak site and its Friends of Amtrak Photo Gallery. I want to thank Craig O'Connell, FOA editor, for encouraging me and for being such a passionate advocate of preserving and expanding America's passenger rail network. For photographers visiting the Attic, most photos taken since the winter of 2000 are from Olympus digital cameras - first a 340, then a 2020z and D-560 and now E-300, E-330 and E-510 dslrs. I am also using a Lumix ZS1 25-300mm pocket camera and as of the summer of 2013 a brilliant little Olympus XZ-1 with super fast lens and full manual capability.  I use Adobe and FastStone products for photo editing and scanning. Some of the photos are in pretty rough shape after years of storage and the result of some poor original processing. I've tried to fix them up as best I can. Oh, and I learn as I go along!

I enjoy questions and comments. I do own these pics and ask that you contact me for permission if you wish to use them for anything other than educational purposes.

Note that we have added a new Poetry Corner which includes some highly creative rail imagining. Our initial content is from a Turkish poet.  If you've written a poem about trains or rail travels let us take a look.

Drop me a line any time at

This page was last revised on October 11, 2017. The materials on this site may not be used for commercial or any other purposes without the explicit permission of the editor. I welcome the use of posted photographs for educational purposes so long as permission is asked.