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New Jersey Transit 2
The next set of photos are from Morristown, which is on the Hoboken to Dover (and on to Hackettstown for some trains) line, better known as the 'Morristown Line'.  Its splendid station, completed in 1913,  featured artwork by local kids.  I had been worried about photographing NJT trains and property because at one point after 9/11 it was forbidden. My fears were allayed when an engineer on one of the arriving Morristown trains gave me a big wave and said it was a great day to take pictures.  Note that many trains on this line actually terminate at Penn Station in New York. That service was to be improved dramatically by a new cross-Hudson tunnell that was suddenly cancelled by New Jersey's new governor late in 2010.




Now we move on to Convent Station, one stop towards Hoboken on the Morristown line.  When we moved to Whippany my father commuted to New York for many years from this station. Here are three photos from 1982 of equipment he would have ridden on 20 years earlier. They were taken on a frigid day in Hoboken. Forgive the crummy scans...


Here are some pics of the Convent Station station today.


And now the trains.


And now on to Dover and  Bernardsville....