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There are many ways to 'look at' trains and rail travel. It is therefore a pleasure to offer initial space to the very imaginative and talented
Güntürk Üstün of Istanbul, Turkey. A former physician who, in retirement, has taken up pen and ink, he has sent us some short poems we are pround to present. Can you think of a better way to bridge gaps in the arts and world itself!!!


             By Güntürk Üstün,  Istanbul


The passenger trains

Cannot taste the night

Without dining-cars



My beautiful and brainy railfan lady

Wherever you sleep in my train dreams

Our common passion for rail travel lies there



The railroad graveyards

Are more desolate

Than those of the railroaders



Where are the steam locomotives? They became history

What happened to the firemen? They followed their engines

Let us be together to keep all the railroad museums alive



Every incoming new year

For a railfan like me means a process

Full of travel, adventure and poetry



The established team

Of the dining-cars and sleepers

Is hard to beat in the long run



Major train towns

Are rich in railroad

History and heritage



Farewell to the classical clickety-clack

Of train wheels on rails

And welcome to their current murmur



I am the stainless steel

Patron of my own

Rail & roll verses


©Güntürk Üstün-2017

For further information on Gunturk, his poetry, books and  art check out this beautiful web page


If you are a poet and have written about trains and rail travel be in touch. We welcome contributions with one request:
Keep it short!