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UK 2004

UK 2004

Here's a collection of photos taken on my trip to the UK in April, 2004. I began at Heathrow Airport, where I picked up a Healthrow Express to Paddington, and from there went on Virgin Rail to Lime Street, Liverpool, traveling first class on a rail pass. On a car trip up to the Lake District I was able to spend some time in Carnforth and at the Ravenglass Railway. I then checked out the Southport scene before going over to Wigan for a trip down to spend a few days in Bridgend in Wales. My time there included a visit to the Vale of Glamogan steam line, to beautiful Tenby and a couple of days around Cardiff. From there it was up to Hereford and Oxford and back down to London. Though a lot of wrinkles had not entirely been worked out of the privatized system, it was much more customer friendly and efficient than on previous trips and, of course, much fun for the photographer. For photographers looking at the photos, all images are from a very small Olympus 560 point and shoot digital camera.

P4011483 (Small).JPG
P4011486 (Small).JPG
P4011489 (Small).JPG
P4011492 (Small).JPG
P4011493 (Small).JPG
P4011503 (Small).JPG
P4011504 (Small).JPG
P4011505 (Small).JPG
P4011507a (Small).jpg
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P4011511 (Small).JPG
P4011513 (Small).JPG
P4011514 (Small).JPG
P4011515 (Small).JPG
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P4011517 (Small).JPG
P4011517a (Small).jpg
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P4021528 (Small).JPG
P4021529 (Small).JPG
P4021535 (Small).JPG
P4021536 (Small).JPG
P4021536a (Small).JPG
P4031651 (Small).JPG
P4031653 (Small).JPG
P4031655 (Small).JPG
P4031656 (Small).JPG
P4031659 (Small).JPG
P4031660 (Small).JPG
P4031661 (Small).JPG
P4031662 (Small).JPG
P4031663 (Small).JPG
P4031664 (Small).JPG
P4041699 (Small).JPG
P4041699a (Small).JPG
P4041700 (Small).JPG
P4041701 (Small).JPG
P4041702 (Small).JPG
P4041703 (Small).JPG
P4041704 (Small).JPG
P4041705 (Small).JPG
P4041707 (Small).JPG
P4041708 (Small).JPG
P4041709 (Small).JPG
P4041710 (Small).JPG
P4041711 (Small).JPG
P4041714 (Small).JPG
P4041716 (Small).JPG
P4061770 (Small).JPG
P4061772 (Small).JPG
P4061773 (Small).JPG
P4061774 (Small).JPG
P4061775 (Small).JPG
P4061776 (Small).JPG
P4061777 (Small).JPG
P4061778 (Small).JPG
P4061779 (Small).JPG
P4061780 (Small).JPG
P4061781 (Small).JPG
P4061782 (Small).JPG
P4061783 (Small).JPG
P4061794 (Small).JPG
P4061799 (Small).JPG
P4061800 (Small).JPG
P4061801 (Small).JPG
P4061802 (Small).JPG
P4061803 (Small).JPG
P4061804 (Small).JPG
P4061805 (Small).JPG
P4061806 (Small).JPG
P4061808 (Small).JPG
P4061809 (Small).JPG
P4061816 (Small).JPG
P4061817 (Small).JPG
P4061818 (Small).JPG
P4061820 (Small).JPG
P4061823 (Small).JPG
P4061824 (Small).JPG
P4061825 (Small).JPG
P4061827 (Small).JPG
P4061828 (Small).JPG
P4061829 (Small).JPG
P4061830 (Small).JPG
P4061831 (Small).JPG
P4061832 (Small).JPG
P4061833 (Small).JPG
P4071835 (Small).JPG
P4071838 (Small).JPG
P4071841 (Small).JPG
P4071843 (Small).JPG
P4071878 (Small).JPG
P4071879 (Small).JPG
P4071880 (Small).JPG
P4071881 (Small).JPG
P4071884 (Small).JPG
P4071885 (Small).JPG
P4071886 (Small).JPG
P4071887 (Small).JPG
P4071901 (Small).JPG
P4071902 (Small).JPG
P4081904 (Small).JPG
P4081905 (Small).JPG
P4081906 (Small).JPG
P4081907 (Small).JPG
P4081914 (Small).JPG
P4081916 (Small).JPG
P4081917 (Small).JPG
P4081920 (Small).JPG
P4081921 (Small).JPG
P4081926 (Small).JPG
P4081929 (Small).JPG
P4081955 (Small).JPG
P4091967 (Small).JPG
P4091971 (Small).JPG
P4091972 (Small).JPG
P4091973 (Small).JPG
P4091979 (Small).JPG
P4101990 (Small).JPG
P4101991 (Small).JPG
P4101992 (Small).JPG
P4101993 (Small).JPG
P4101994 (Small).JPG
P4101995 (Small).JPG
P4112061 (Small).JPG
P4112062 (Small).JPG