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South London
The history of South London Transport
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South London was formed of the old Wandle District and was formed of Croydon, Norwood, Thornton Heath, Streatham and Brixton garages.

The main vehicle types at the time were the DMS which was one of the first One Person Operation buses, the classic Routemaster and the Leyland Olympian which still survives today, but sadly not for long. Streatham Garage was sadly closed in 1989 after a major refurbishment and the routes and vehicles were transferred to other South London garages.

The biggest thing affect South London occured in 1997 when London Buses ceased vehicle operation and all the companies were sold into the private sector this would have a profound effect on bus operation in London.

South London was sold into the Cowie Group and was infact the last London buses operation to be sold on. The company was now called Cowie South London and a new livery of Red with a yellow flyover was born. The company was now tied in with Cowie Leaside and vehicles were often transferred between the companies and you could often see Leaside Buses and Cowie Leaside operating on the mean streets of South London.

Then in 1999 the Cowie Group was renamed Arriva and Arriva London South was born although it took a long time to repaint all the vehicles into the rather bland Arriva Livery which was red with a small cream band and a huge Arriva logo. Now South London was tied to many other companies across the country and vehicles could be sold and brought in from the far corners of the UK.

Two new bases were created at Battersea for crew route 19 and Beddington Farm which was from the old Croydon & North Surrey operation or Londonlinks to you and me.

Now of course the low floor operation is taking over London and the traditional fleet of buses are sadly on their way out and a new breed of London bus is coming in. You can find out more information on the various buses operated by Arriva London South by clicking on the Vehicles tab on your left