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Meet Phil Creer & Family

Page updated September 20th, 2002

Hi, my name is Phil Creer. Thanks for visiting my Toenail Ridge Shortline.

Garden Railways have introduced me to friends all over the world via the Internet. We exchange ideas and photos and jokes and admire each others work. The WorldWideWeb and this hobby have created a Freemasonry of like minded people who, even though most of us have never met face to face, and never will, have become friends in the pleasure of a shared hobby.

Thanks to JD, Bart, TDM, Gary, Ken, Ralf, Mac, Tiny, John, Chilli John, Jack, Reinhold, Norm, Joe, Grant, Tony etc.etc.etc.

Special thanks to my wife and life-partner, Kathy. She has a tag on her key-chain that says "Pray for me. My husband collects trains!" How many wives would let you buy a house just for the back-yard!
Kathy has a deep and abiding interest in Genealogy, particularly of our family name
Visit her Genealogy Page Here.

You have already met
, she of the guerilla raids on the Ridge right-of-way. We have finally convinced her that there are certain places in the yard that do NOT belong to her!
Jess is an Australian cattle-dog, commonly called a blue-heeler, one of the most intelligent
breeds in the world. Originally they were bred as a cross between the kelpie and the
Australian native dog, the dingo. They muster and control cattle by nipping the rear hooves ,
thus called heelers. Their fur color is called 'marle', a mottled grey composed of mixed very
white and very black hairs. The black is SO black that in bright sunlight it appears to be
a mid-night blue, thus BLUE-heeler!

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