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Although I tend to update pages faster than I can document the changes, I am attempting to keep a running list of updates (at least for the major additions).  As seems to be the standard policy, this list builds from the top with the most recent dates first, followed by a link to the appropriate page.

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October 12, 2007
Finally gave in and mixed all the patched units in with the non-patched units.
So far I have all the SD40M-2s included (in the 2000 series) as well as adding a lot more SD60s.


January 22, 2007
I finally attacked the UP roster again.  I got a lot of new SD60 and SD60M units up as well as some more GP38-2Ls.
I also got a few dozen of the repainted SD40M and tunnel motors in the 2500-2900 series posted.

January 07, 2007
I was able to get more space from Trainweb (Thank You!) so I will be adding to the locomotive rosters.

I added a few SP locomotives that I have been fortunate to catch in the last year. I have more and will add these first.



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