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 Tomix TNOS

TNOS Automated Layout Operation System

by R. D. Kerr

This page provides general information in English about the Tomix TNOS system for automatic operation of N-gauge model railroad layouts. Tomix released the first TNOS products in November 2017.

Information from Tomix (in Japanese)

Note: The direct links below may go bad over time. If so, search on "Tomix TNOS" and look for links at the Tomix website address.

Tomix website general TNOS page:

Tomix 5701 TNOS System product page:

Tomix 5701 Manual (PDF file, 20 2-page sheets):

TNOS Layout and Automatic Operation Sequence Guide (PDF file, 7 2-page sheets):

TNOS Layout 1 "Getting Started" Quick Guide (PDF file, 2 4-page sheets):

Tomix TNOS Information in English

Tomix TNOS English Language Notes and Comments
A PDF file of 15 pages, for use with the Tomix 5701 System Manual

Tomix TNOS System - General Introduction in English

Youtube video explaining the TNOS system, its components, layout setup and the basics of operation.

Tomix TNOS Layout Plan 1

Youtube video demonstrating operation of Layout Plan 1 and its 4 Automatic Operation sequences.

Japanese Tomix Layout using TNOS Layout Plan 3

(Japanese) A good video showing Layout Plan 3 incorporated into one track of a double track, twice-around, over and under layout. The same person has also uploaded to Youtube a "nighttime" video version, as well as videos showing the use of the TNOS Forwarding Mode (Automatic Operation Mode 0) to move trains into and out of a storage yard.

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