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CN 4802
Models and photo by Leslie Ehrlich
CN GP-7 4802, SW-1200RS 1258

After having done a couple of locos in the CN wet noodle scheme, I decided to take a crack at doing the green and yellow.  I'm not all that crazy about CN's paint schemes of the 1950s, but the green and yellow does break up the monotony amongst a sea of black and orange locos.   The SW-1200RS was the first unit that I painted in the green.  Miniatures by Eric makes a nice CN SW-1200RS parts kit, but I was too tight with a buck to buy it.  The Miniatures by Eric and Juneco kits are correct for modeling a 1300 series SW-1200RS, but I wanted to model the earlier 1200 series version with the flat topped number boards.  I had to fabricate my own number boards out of styrene and clear plastic, and they look reasonably close.  As far as the paint goes, I concocted CN green out of a little bit of Testors Mat Sea Blue, Mat Cavalry Yellow, Mat Military Brown, and a drop of Flat Black.  There was a lot of luck involved in this process, and if I were to do it all over again I'd buy Badger Model Flex paint in CN green instead.  I got CN dark mustard yellow by mixing the flat yellow with a bit of flat military brown.  I'm just wondering if any of CN's paint was army surplus.  For the truck weathering I use a mix of Testors flat black and flat military brown.  I did the top part of the ends of the Geep by hand, but not the Vs.  The Vs come with the decal set. To get pin striping I used one of those ultra fine tip marker-type pens.  I can just hear some of the more seasoned model railroaders saying 'You idiot! Buy an airbrush and use Accu-Cals!'  But there's one thing I remember to do that most other model railroaders forget.  Paint the frames of the cab side windows aluminum.  GM, FM, and some ALCO and Baldwin diesels had aluminum cab side windows.  Yeah, but nobody's perfect.  When the loco is done to your liking, just stick it on the track and stand back and watch it run.  That's what it's all about.


Detail parts (GP-7):
Minatures by Eric  B1 Diesel High Hood Bell
Minatures by Eric  H1 CPR Diesel Air Horn
Detail Associates  SS 1301 Cab Sunshade
Juneco  C-32 Diesel & Caboose Antenna
Juneco  C-4 Spark Arrestors for GP-7 & GP-9
M.V. Products  LS 25  Headlight Lenses for Athearn GP-38

Decals (GP-7):
C-D-S Lettering HO-632 CN RS-18 diesel locomotive - green and yellow scheme, c. 1960

Detail parts (SW-1200RS):
Minatures by Eric  H1 CPR Diesel Air Horn
Minatures by Eric  E5 CNR SW1200 Exhaust Stack
Minatures by Eric  L7 Dual Sealed Beam Headlight castings for low nose diesels
Detail Associates  SS 1301 Cab Sunshade
Home made number boards
Detail Associates  RA 1803 Radio Antenna, Sinclair Type
Detail Associates  1401 Diesel Drop Step, EMD-type
M.V. Products   LS 25  Headlight Lenses for Athearn GP-38
Athearn   39020  Sideframe Set, SW1500

Decals (SW-1200RS):
C-D-S Lettering HO-632 CN (NFLD) narrow gauge diesel loco - c. 1954