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My layout
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Too toy-like? I'm no expert on scenery, but at least I called out the road crew to grade that rough stretch of gravel that goes over the crossing. The locomotives are the stars of the show, and the remaining links in this page will focus on my fleet. My name is Leslie Ehrlich, and some of the models featured on this web page were inspired by prototype equipment I remember seeing on the Canadian prairies during the late 1960s and early 1970s.  I call my railroad the LBSS&G (Lopsided, Backwards, Smeared, Smudged, and Gouged).  The name is dedicated to some of the hazards that go with painting and detailing model railroad equipment. Before you get all eager to have a close-up look at my handiwork, I must say a few words on how I decorated my locomotives.  First, I chose not to go the route that many modelers take when they paint CN and CP diesels. An airbrush, AccuPaint and AccuCals work wonders, but instead I decided to use a brush, Testor's paint (yes, the stuff that comes in the little square glass bottles), and C-D-S dry transfer lettering.  There are basically two categories of paint jobs that I 've done.  'New' paint schemes (CN wet noodle 1961-1972, CP 'first generation' Action Red 1968-1975) feature a glossy factory-fresh finish.  'Old' paint schemes (Canadian National 'green' 1950-1960, Canadian Pacific 'maroon and grey' 1950-1967) have that weather-beaten sun-baked look.  I model the transition period (1967-1974) and combine old and  new paint schemes on my locomotive lash-ups.  All locos carry just enough detail parts to look 'Canadian' (bells, horns, spark arrestors, sunshades, radio antennae), but that's as far as I go.  Things like MU stands, lift rings, and air hoses are too small for me.  I don't like to look at my trains that close up.  If they look good from three feet away, that's all that matters.  I describe what I've done in more detail on each locomotive page.  If you have any questions or comments about my models, send an e-mail message to the address below.


CN Locomotives

CN RDCs D-300, D100

CN H-16-44 2205

CN RS-3 3016

CN GP-7s 4801, 4803

CN GP-7 4802 & SW-1200RS 1258

CN SW-900 7236

CN SW-900 7239

CN S-2 8140

CN F-7A 9096

CP Locomotives

CP S-3 6568

CP SW-8 6705

CP S-2 7020

CP S-2 7053

CP DS-44-1000s 7068, 7065

CP GP7s 8416, 8415

CP H-16-44s 8549, 8550

CP H-24-66 8905