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Privacy Policy:

The Webmaster of this site is committed to safeguarding our member's privacy. Meeting notices posted in public areas of this site will not have addresses or phone numbers listed. Officer's e-mail addresses are listed on the Current Officer's page, but if an Officer does not have e-mail access, e-mail is forwarded to the National TTOS Office for processing.

TTOS PNW Division publishes a yearly Membership Roster each spring. If any member does not want personal information released, he or she must contact the Editor of the Waybill prior to publication. Rosters are available on this site, but detailed information is restricted to current members only. Waybill access on this site has also been restricted to current members only, due to the fact that each issue contains member's phone numbers and addresses.

By visiting this site, you consent to transparent site tracking. This information is used to provide additional information used by the Webmaster to assist TTOS PNW in marketing this site. Tracking origins begin at the site home page, and consists of referring URL's, OS data, browser type, and geographical information. No personal data is collected by this site.

Please note that the policy listed above is limited to this site's maintenance only. Additional policies may be in place by our host, Trainweb, and TTOS PNW is not responsible in any way for our host's policies. Please visit to review our host's privacy policy.

TTOS PNW does not endorse nor review any additional policies that may be enforced by sites accessed through external links from this site. 

TTOS PNW is subject to all current by-laws and policies of the Toy Train Operating Society.


Copyright Information:

All original material on this site is the property of the site webmaster. If you would like to use a photo for wallpaper on your personal computer, I can't stop you. However, all photos have been digitally watermarked, and are not to be reproduced by any means without permission.

Feel free to link to this site, but please let me know you are doing so. Include your name, the site owner's name, and the URL of the page that contains the link with your request.