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1926 Tube Stock at Golders Green

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Photo - LER Standard Stock Motor Car, 1927

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1926 Standard Stock "B" end driving motor (DM) car at Golders Green in its original condition.  Jumpers are now coupled at floor level.  The covers for the jumper boxes can be seen just above the headstock.  This car has two, one for control, nearest the camera and one for auxiliary.  There is no jumper box for brake as this is before electro-pneumatic brakes were fitted.  Hoses are coupled at waist level.  The train line hose on the far side has a switch box next to it which was used to indicate the end of the train for the door closed indication (pilot light) circuit.   Note also the side chains.  Next to the chain nearest the camera is the shed receptacle box (tucked away under the headstock), where power was plugged in while the train was inside a shed without current rails. 

Another point to note on these cars is that there is no emergency lighting jumper socket at roof level.  They were originally provided on all car ends of the 1923-5 Stocks but they were not required on the cab ends of motor cars at the time because trains were no longer than 6-cars and DMs did not couple at the cab ends.  This factor was allowed for in the absence of emergency lighting jumpers on this batch of cars.  Emergency lighting jumpers also used to carry the original train communication circuit, but only appeared on DM cab ends again when 7-car trains were introduced and DMs had to be marshalled in the middle of train formations.

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