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1938 Tube Stock UNDM & DM

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Photos - 1938 Tube Stock UNDM

Fig. 1:  UNDM Coupled to DM

38 TS UNDM with DM.jpg (51250 bytes)

A new type of car arrived with the 1938 Tube Stock.  This was known as an UNDM.   It was a motor car with a shunting control position in place of a full driver's cab.  It provided a simple uncoupling point without the loss of valuable passenger space to a driver's cab.  Here, an UNDM, built in 1949 is shown coupled to a conventional cab-ended unit.  The UNDM has since become a common feature of Underground train formations.

The UNDM has a shunting control position at the end where the automatic coupler is located, shown here.  The position is in the end wall of the car on the side nearest the camera.

Fig. 2:  1938 Tube Stock UNDM interior

38 TS undm interior.jpg (56088 bytes)

Interior of 1938 Tube Stock UNDM (actually some were built in 1949 and some were converted from existing NDM vehicles) showing the shunting control cabinet at the end of the car with the protective panel open.   The driver operated the controls from a standing position at the centre doorway, where he uses the end window for a forward view.  A push button controller was provided to make the driving easier from the offset standing position.  The shunting controls were recovered from these cars when they were scrapped and used on 1972 Tube Stock UNDMs.   They were replaced by a new type on the 1972 Stock when they were refurbished.

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