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Steam Locomotives

Ulster & Delaware Railroad
"The Only All Rail Route Through the Catskills"

Steam Locomotives of the Ulster & Delaware Railroad

Rondout & Oswego Railroad
New York, Kingston, & Syracuse Railroad
Ulster & Delaware Railroad
Catskill Mountain Branch (NYC)

In the course of its history the Ulster & Delaware Railroad owned well over fifty different steam locomotives. This large fleet, which at the railroad's height numbered well over twenty, was needed to serve the many needs of the railroad. These locomotives needed to be light but powerful to effectively conquer the steep grades on the line. Trains headed by two locomotives with an additional one pushing were common sites along the railroad in its hey day. After the line was purchased by the New York Central in 1932 many of the older and smaller locomotives were sent to the scrap heap being considered worthless to the Central. But many of the larger ten wheelers numbered 19, and 21 to 41 (with the exception of a few) remained on the line well into the 1940s and were finally phased out by diesels in 1948. The last U&D steamer was scrapped in 1949.

Early Locomotives

4-4-0 Americans

2-6-0 Moguls

4-6-0 Ten Wheelers


Source: Best

A tripheaded eastbound on the U&D at Snyder Hollow near Phoenicia. 1932. Photo: Roy Winchell.


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