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Advantages of the DMU

Advantages of the DMU

Colorado Railcar's DMU was created as a cost-effective solution for cash-strapped commuter agencies. The DMU, or Diesel Multiple Unit, is a self-propelled passenger vehicle designed for intercity service across the US and Canada. Colorado Railcar's DMU is the first to comply with the FRA's stringent 49 CFR Part 238 structural requirements. (Check out the FRA compliance page to learn more about what that means).

Colorado Railcar DMU with two Tri-Rail coaches in Florida. Summer, 2004. Photographer unknown.

The DMU is designed as an alternative to the common commuter train configuration of a locomotive towing some cars. While maintaining the same crashworthines as a standard commuter train, the DMU offers significant reductions in costs for initial setup, fuel, maintenance, and operation.

The pre-DMU way of doing things: Trinity Rail Express commuter train leaving the South Irving, TX station. Sept., 2005. Photo by Jody Moore.

Drawing on the luxury railcar building background of Colorado Railcar, the DMU is a versatile vehicle offered in several different configurations. Powered DMUs are offered in single level and double deck models, and single and double deck commuter coaches are also offered.

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