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Rocky Mountaineer Vacations 9529

Rocky Mountaineer Vacations 9529

Pulliam, WY. March, 2006. Photo by Jody Moore.

Type of Car: Goldleaf "B" Dome Coach
Coach: 74
Dining: 38
Length: 89 feet, 0 inches
Height: 18 feet, 0.5 inches
Weight: ?
Platform Size : 9 feet 1 inches
Kitchen/Galley: Yes (full)
Lower Level Lounge: None
Restrooms: 2, 1 ADA
ADA Features: ADA lift and 1 restroom
Built: March, 2006
Ran as: Rocky Mountaineer 9529

Notes: As Rocky Mountianeer's passengers continue to favor the Goldleaf service, RMV has continued to expand its fleet of Goldleaf domes. For the 2006 season, RMV added three new domes, numbered 9525, 9527, and 9529.

Rocky Mountaineer's newest cars reflect the styling adopted with the 9521 and 9523, most noteably the extension in height to 18'1", and the adoption of the larger dome glass. When I visited the plant in Jan., 2006, the trio was nearly complete, and awaiting the installation of seats.

The new cars are classified as "B" cars because they feature an observation platform. However, an expansion to 89 feet in length means that they will sport a full galley as well. Seating has also expanded to 74 dome seats and 38 dining room seats.

Click here to see a complete tour of Rocky Mountaineer car 9509 at the historic Canadian National depot in Kamloops, BC.

Near Everett, WA. March, 2006. Photo by Jody Moore.

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