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Unadilla Valley Railway

Unadilla Valley Railway
"The Dilly-Dally Line"

The Unadilla Valley Railway was an interesting and colorful shortline just west of the Catskills in the scenic Unadilla Valley region. Originally called the Utica & Unadilla Valley Railroad to attract investors from Utica, the railroad was founded by local interests for the valley residents. Operating originally between the towns of New Berlin and Bridgewater, NY, it more that doubled its trackage in the 1940s when it purchased the New Berlin branch from the New York, Ontario, and Western Railroad (operators of the Delhi Branch) from East Guilford to Edmeston. After being purchased by the Salzburg family it continued to operate for many more years and outlived many other shortline railroads in the state of New York. It entered the diesel era in 1947 with the purchase of a pair of GE 70 tonners, but continued to operate steam locomotives until 1956 when it scrapped its last two. Unfortunately due to truck traffic, the decline the the dairy industry, and several other factors the Unadilla Valley Railway unceremoniously ended operations and was torn up in 1960.

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Table of Contents

A History of the UV

The Route Through
the Unadilla Valley

Locomotives & Equipment
of the UV

Stories from Along the Way

Employees & Management

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