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Amtrak - Pittsfield, MA (PIT)



Station Data:


1 Columbus Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01701



42.45 N, 73.25 W


315 m / 1,035 ft


44,737 (Census 2010)




Built in 2004


6,908 (FY2011)


Amtrak Train:

Train Name Route


[ Boston, MA - Buffalo, NY - Cleveland, OH - Chicago, IL ]

Visited on August 27, 2016

Photo 01 Photo 02

Pittsfield Transportation Center

Pittsfield Transportation Center

Photo 03 Photo 04

Pittsfield Transportation Center

Pittsfield Transportation Center

Photo 05 Photo 06

Pittsfield Transportation Center

Platform for Amtrak Trains

Photo 07 Photo 08

Looking West (Chicago)

Looking East (Boston)

Photo 09 Photo 10

North Street near Station (Looking South)

North Street near Station (Looking North)

Photo Old 1 Photo Old 2

Depot Street near Former Pittsfield Station

Former Pittsfield Amtrak Station

Photo Old 3 Photo Old 4

Former Pittsfield Amtrak Station

Shelter Base

Photo Old 5 Photo Old 6

Two poles used for Station Name Board

Former Public Phone Stand?

Visited on July 3, 2006

Photo 1 Photo 2

Transportation Center (Built in 2004)

Waiting Area

Photo 3 Photo 4

Use Elevator to Amtrak Platform

Pittsfield Downtown (North Street)

Photo 5 Photo 6

Looking East (Boston)

Looking West (Chicago)

Photo 7

In the picture left, you see the old platform (middle in the photo).  Shelter type waiting area was on the old platform, but it was removed.  You also see the brand-new platform at the right bottom corner of photo.  Since the new transportation center opened in 2004, the Amtrak platform also moved to the current location in the same year.

TrainWeb Geno Dailey's Amtrak Photo Archive introduces the old Pittsfield station:

Pittsfield, MA (August 1968)

Amtrak Shelter - Pittsfield, MA (December 1975)

Amtrak Shelter - Pittsfield, MA (July 1981)

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