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Amtrak - Riverbank, CA (RVB)


Note:  Amtrak trains no longer stop at Riverbank, CA.

Station Data:


3243 Talbot Road
Riverbank, CA 95367



37.73 N, 120.94 W


42 m / 139 ft


22,678 (Census 2010)


Built in 1897


Old ATSF depot burned on October 5, 2003


Amtrak Train Information:

Train Name Route


[ Sacramento, CA - Stockton, CA - Fresno, CA - Bakersfield, CA ]

Note: Modesto Station replaced Riverbank in 1999.

Modesto Station (new facility, 4 miles south from Riverbank) replaced Riverbank Amtrak Station on November 1, 1999.  Amtrak Trains, San Joaquins no longer stop at Riverbank.  Riverbank old station building was demolished and new one (shack) was built on the same location, still used for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) office.

The last Amtrak timetable showing Riverbank Station (issued on October 31, 1999)

(Source: 1999 National Railroad Passenger Corporation)

Visited on August 16, 2012

Photo 01 Photo 02

BNSF Office (West Side)

Former Station was demolished

Photo 03 Photo 04

Orange Locomotives

Yellow and Green Locomotives

Visited on June 28, 2003

Photo 1 Photo 2

Riverbank Station (BNSF Office)


Platform Side

Photo 3 Photo 4

Inside of the station

Amtrak Patron Parking

Photo 5 Photo 6

Looking toward North

Looking toward South

Former Amtrak Riverbank Station (November 1975)

Former Amtrak Riverbank Station (May 1981)

Former Amtrak Riverbank Station (October 1987)

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