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Amtrak - Santa Clara, CA - Santa Clara University (SCC)

Santa Clara University


Station Data:


1001 Railroad Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050



37.35 N, 121.94 W


21m / 71ft


116,468 (Census 2010)




Wood, Built in 1863


42,644 (FY2016)


Amtrak Train:

Train Name Route


[ Auburn, CA - Sacramento, CA - Oakland, CA - San Jose, CA ]


Urban Railroad:

Name Category

ACE (Altamont Commuter Express)

Commuter Train (San Jose - Stockton)

Caltrain - San Mateo County Transit District

Commuter Train (San Jose - San Francisco)


Capitol Corridor trains began service to Caltrainís Santa Clara station on Monday, May 21, 2012.  The station, which is owned by Caltrain, is located at: 1001 Railroad Avenue Santa Clara, CA 95050.  This new station stop for the Capitol Corridor is referred to as the Santa Clara/University station stop (station code SCC) in the Amtrak and Capitol Corridor system timetables.  The addition of this stop to the Capitol Corridor route provides convenient access to Santa Clara University, San Joseís Mineta International Airport and a seamless connection to Caltrain and ACE train services. (Source:

Visited on August 16, 2012

Photo 1 Photo 2

Santa Clara Station (Caltrain Station)

Wooden Station built in 1863

Photo 3 Photo 4

Former Freight Area

Elevation 71 feet

Photo 5 Photo 6

Platform Side (No waiting room)

Station building is used for Museum

Photo 7 Photo 8

Old Passenger Car

Historic Santa Clara Tower

Photo 9 Photo 10

Platform for Southbound Trains

Subway to Northbound Platform

Photo 11 Photo 12

Platform for Northbound Trains
8 / 16 / 2012

Station Name Plate
8 / 16 / 2012

Photo 13 Photo 14

Looking East (San Jose)

Looking West (Sacramento)

Photo 15 Photo 16

Southbound Caltrain arrived

Ticket machine for Caltrain

Southern Pacific Santa Clara Station (May 1974)

Southbound Coast Starlight at Santa Clara Station (September 1978)

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