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Click on the scanner button to hear the radio traffic. Due to the size of these files, only a few will be posted at a time. Install the RealAudio Player on your browser to hear these AIFF files.

CSX defect detector near Natural Bridge, milepost 179.9 on the CSX James River Subdivision. AIFF file, 345K. Sound file courtesy of Peter Furnee

CSX defect detector at Taylorsville, milepost 19.6 on the RF&P Subdivision. AIFF file, 351K. Sound file courtesy of Peter Furnee

NS dispatcher issuing a track and time permit (23A) between Applegate and Red Hill. In this clip only the dispatcher's side of the conversation is heard. AIFF file, 392K

NS train 696 calls the signals at Charlottesville (CSX crossing) and Rio, where he will wait on a 203 at the end of double track. Simultaneously, Amtrak 50 approaches from the west on CSX. 50 calls signals at "Ball Park" and "JC", the crossing with NS. The elapsed time is compressed on this file. AIFF file, 158K

CSXT train calls the signal at Carlton Rd., then the AM dispatcher reviews a slow order. AIFF file, 297K

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