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Bread Tray Car Carriers
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Carriers for transporting Railcars

Installing an Aristocraft Reversing Unit.

For the last several years I have taken my Hershey train up to church for the annual "Trunk or Treat". is an afternoon gathering for kids from the church to go trick-or-treating around the parking lot where people have decorated their vehicles and dressed up in costume.

I've been wanting to have a way to safely transport the cars to the church without putting them all back in the boxes and thus reducing the chance of breaking detail parts. I got an idea off of to use commercial bread trays. So I contacted a neighbor who is a check if he could get some for me. He came through with four trays at are 6" deep.

First I padded the bottom of the trays using 3 1/2" foam sill plate insulation. I simply cut strips to length and covered the bottom of the tray.

Next I used 1/2 Foam Sheathing a cut it with a utility knife to form compartments in each tray for the various cars.

After I had cut the sheathing, I hot glued the pieces together to keep the compartments in place.

Since the trays are made to stack at different heights depending on the orientation of the trays. In order to make sure I stacked them the correct way and didn't try to crush my railcars, I made an "X" with a marker on one side and an "O" on the other side.

This page last updated March 26, 2010