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Rolling Stock Line Drawings

Rolling Stock Line Drawings


Generic Freight Cars
  1. ACF Center-Flo Covered Hopper
  2. Flexi-Flo Covered Hopper
  3. Covered Hopper
  4. Blank

These diagrams, which were used for my renderings, are generic models, not to any specific prototype. They were created to test color schemes. See Michael Eby's site for a comprehensive list of detailed freight cars.

Maintenance of Way

Generic Cabeese
  1. Blank
  2. Bay Window
  3. Wide Vision
  4. Blank
Non-Revenue Cars
  1. HEP/Package Car
  2. Full Dome Theater Car (BN)
  3. Full Dome Theater Car (BNSF)
  4. PS Fluted Side Business Car
  1. Blank
  2. PS Smooth Side Business Car
  3. Blank
  4. Blank
Other Maintenance of Way Cars
  1. Blank
  2. Blank
  3. Blank
  4. Blank

Passenger Cars

Long Distance Cars

Budd Amfleet
Metroliner Conversion Cab Coach and Conference Car
Budd/AmeRail Viewliner
  1. Viewliner Baggage/Dorm
  2. Viewliner Baggage
Pullman-Standard Superliner I / Bombardier Superliner II
  1. Sleeper Phase I
  2. Sleeper Phase Ia
  3. Sleeper Phase II
  4. Lounge/Cafe' Phase I
  1. Lounge/Cafe' Phase Ia
  2. Lounge/Cafe' Phase II
  3. Auto Train Lounge Phase Ia
  4. Coach Phase I
  1. Coach Phase Ia
  2. Coach Phase II
  3. Diner Phase I
  4. Diner Phase Ia
  1. Blank
  2. Diner Phase II
  3. Transition Sleeper Phase II
  4. Blank
AmeRail California Cars
Bombardier/Alstom Acela Cars
Bombardier/Alstom LC Railway Windy City/Magic City Cars

LC requires additional equipment for the Windy City/Magic City trains.

"Heritage" Cars

Stainless Steel Fluted Cars
  1. ACF Fluted RPO
  2. ACF Fluted Baggage
  3. ACF Fluted 10-6 Sleeper
  4. ACF Fluted 4-4-2 Sleeper
  1. Budd Baggage
  2. Budd Slumbercoach
  3. Budd 10-6 Sleeper
  4. Budd 6-5 Sleeper
  1. Budd 16 Section Sleeper
  2. Budd Diner
  3. Budd Day Coach
  4. Budd ATSF Big Dome
  1. Budd AutoTrain Full Dome
  2. Budd GN Great Dome
  3. Budd Amtrak Full Dome Lounge
  4. Budd Dome Coach
  1. Budd Chessie Dome
  2. Budd Dome Lounge
  3. Budd Dome Observation
  4. Budd Chessie Dome Observation
  1. Budd Lounge
  2. P-S Fluted Day Coach
  3. P-S Fluted Day-Nite Coach
  4. P-S Fluted 10-6 Sleeper
  1. P-S Fluted 4-4-2 Sleeper
  2. P-S Fluted Diner
  3. P-S Pleasure Dome ATSF
  4. P-S Fluted Observation
Smooth Sided Cars
  1. ACF Baggage
  2. ACF 10-6 Sleeper
  3. ACF 4-4-2 Sleeper
  4. ACF Dome Coach
  1. ACF Dome Diner
  2. ACF Dome Observation
  3. Blank
  4. Budd Dome Coach GN
  1. P-S 10-6 Sleeper
  2. P-S 4-4-2 Sleeper
  3. P-S 16-4 Sleeper
  4. P-S 7-4-3-1 Sleeper
  1. P-S Day Coach
  2. P-S Day-Nite Coach
  3. P-S Diner
  4. P-S Dome
  1. P-S Dome B&O
  2. P-S Dome Coach UP/WAB
  3. P-S Super Dome MILW
  4. P-S Super Dome CN
  1. Blank
  2. P-S Observation
  3. P-S Observation NYC
  4. Blank

Commuter Cars

Hawker-Siddley/Bombardier Bi-Level
Pullman-Standard LIRR
  1. Blank

Diesel Multiple Units

Budd Rail Diesel Cars (RDC)
  1. RDC-1 Phase I
  2. RDC-2 Phase I
  3. RDC-3 Phase I
  4. RDC-4 Phase I
  1. RDC-1 Phase II
  2. RDC-2 Phase II
  3. RDC-3 Phase II
  4. RDC-4 Phase II
  1. RDC-1 Phase IIa
  2. RDC-2 Phase IIa
  3. RDC-3 Phase IIa
  4. RDC-4 Phase IIa
  1. RDC-9 Phase II
  2. Roger Williams Cab (NH)
  3. Roger Williams Trailer (NH)
  4. Roger Williams (AMT)
Budd Self Powered Vehicle (SPV) 2000
  1. SPV2000 Demo
  2. SPV2000 Aero
  3. SPV2000 Amtrak
  4. SPV2000 MNCR

Electric Multiple Units

Budd Metroliners
  1. PRR Metro Coach
  2. PRR Metro Snack Car
  3. PRR Metro Club
  1. Metro Coach Phase Ia
  2. Metro Snack Car Phase Ia
  3. Metro Club Phase Ia
  1. Coach Phase II
  2. Snack Car Phase II
  3. Club Phase II

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All linework shown above created by Will Anderson unless specifically noted.

I ask nothing for posted drawings to be displayed on personal sites, as long as permission is granted from the owner (me or another posted artist) and credit is given.

See the AutoCad Page if one desires drawings for commercial use.

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