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Historian's Corner GIF This page is devoted to some of the many historical articles about railroading in the Western New York area. This installment was written by Society President Dave Nowakowski as it appeared in our March/April 1987 issue of the "Railway Flyer." Many more past articles will be added as time allows. So sit back, or feel free to print out, and enjoy the rich railway heritage of Western New York.

by: Dave Nowakowski - WNYRHS President

       On Sunday January 25th, 1987 the Western New York Railway Historical Society conducted a small open house of our equipment in Hamburg. In the morning we had 13 people from The Way International Church Fellowship and in the afternoon 15 Tiger Cub Scouts and their parents, who were given tours of our NYC caboose #19602, NYC coach #2941, Matt Wronski's, DL&W caboose #906 and Erie caboose #216.

Both groups were treated to a contrasting look at the restoration of historic railroad equipment by showing them what a caboose like Erie #C216 looks like before restoration and a nearly finished caboose like Lackawanna #906. Both groups left with an understanding of how time consuming an extensive but rewarding projects like this can be.

Althought the day was freezing cold, the bright sunshine and a couple of hard coal fired caboose stoves kept everyone warm and comfortable. A hearty thank you goes out to Paul Mayer, Ed Rost, Howard Newberry, Joe Rafter, and Joe Kocsis for helping to shovel snow to make the cars accessible and keeping the coal fires going. And of course, a special thank you to Matt Wronski for letting us use his caboose and kindling wood. A good time was truly had by all!

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