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Arcade & Attica "1st Railfan Day"
May 16th, 1981

The WNYRHS took its first "Railfan" excursion on May 16th, 1981 in conjunction with the Arcade & Attica Railroad's "Centennial" Anniversary. Although it was a little cold and rainy back on that day, it didn't dampen the spirits of the over 250 railfans who helped celebrate the 100th anniversary of the railroad.

We rode the entire line behind steam locomotive #18 between Arcade Junction and North Java. It was a trip that all enjoyed despite the uncooperative weather, and it was a trip that all wanted too have the opportunity to ride again.

The good news is that the Society's share of the trip profits totaled $423.00. We would like to thank Huth Davis and Sally Alilleter of the A&A for all of their hard work. Also thanks goes to member Tim Vaught, who hastily painted the #18 on the cab of the steam locomotive early that morning. Special thanks go out to Engineer Manley Hanks for his great "run-by's" which made people forget about the weather.

The Western New York Railway Historical Society is proud to own two excellent examples of railroad station heritage. Located in the northern and southern regions of Erie County, New York. Our first acquisition, in the town of Orchard Park, was deeded to the society in July of 1982 after leasing the depot for over 13 years. The Williamsville, New York depot, became Society property in 1990. Both towns, embrace our efforts and are in full support of the historical heritage that they bring to their communities. As our restoration work progresses, we hope that in the near future both will be prime examples of railroad transportation history. There were thousands of small town and village passenger and freight stations at the turn of the last century. Today, there are only a handful of these Depots that still exist in their original locations. We are very fortunate to have two fine examples of days gone by.

Visit Our Depots

Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh RR. - Orchard Park

Depew & Tonawanda RR. ( LV ) - Williamsville

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