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Arcade & Attica "Railfan Day"
May 22nd, 1982 - by: John Baker

The Societies second annual "RaiIfans Day" on May 22nd, 19982 on the Arcade & Atttca Railroad was a resounding success even though mother nature provided some rain for the trip again this year. The trip was a complete sell out with well over 400 people in the six coaches that the A&A provided.

Their 1917 Baldwin locomotive #14 pulled us out of the Arcade Station shortly after 10:00am and we were on our way to Arcade Jct. Trouble was encountered as we rounded the sharp curve on to the former B&S trackage. It seems that sand had become damp on the engine and the sanders were not operating. A little assist from #111, a "44-tonner" diesel and we were off and running again.

At Arcade Jct., #14 was put on the head end and Conrail was kind enough to provide a high speed freight run past. The rain had stopped and the photographers got some interesting shots. On the way back to Arcade, the rirst run past of the day proved to be a resounding success with #14 putting on an excellent display of steam power in action.

Returning to the A&A shops in Arcade, the railroad had all their locomotive power outside and all members had an opportunity to photograph this unique display of motive power. Our train then passed the Arcade station again picking up some late arrivals, Then proceeding over Cattaraugus Creek we traveled north through the rolling hills of Wyoming County. Our next stop was in Curriers where an extended stop was made for lunch. While at Curriers, passengers were able to tour the century old station being restored by our Society and the vartous displays set up for their convenience. Passengers were also allowed to inspect the cab of #14 while at Curriers.

When we were all back on board the train, we continued our journey north towards Java Center. Here in the middle or the farm lands of Western New York, we had our second run past. As usual #14 provided an excellent opportunity to get photographs of steam power in action. Our journey then continued northward on the freight only portion of the railroad towards North Java.

In North Java at the northern end of the line, #14 was briefly serviced and watered by the North Java Fire Dept. We found that diesel #111 had run ahead of us and performed switching moves there. She followed behind us south towards Arcade hauling several freight cars. This was a unique event to have two trains in operation on the road at the same time and some people got some truly interesting photographs and movies of this action.

Our trip back to Arcade was non-stop. The passengers just relaxed and watched the scenery slip past as they rode over the century old trackage of the A&A. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time relaxing behind #14 in the turn of the century coaches. If you missed this excursion, be sure to make plans to join us on next years trip.

The success of our recent Arcade & Attica "Railfans Day" was due mainly to those members who volunteered their time and services to the Society. Our organization is based upon the dedication of volunteers and their willingness to give treely of their time and energy. The WNYRHS would like to thank all those many men and women, to numerous to mention for their long hours of work. We have the pride of knowing that your determined efforts have made the WNYRHS the success that it is today. The Society deeply appreciates your efforts. Our Society is only as strong as its workers. Thanks again!

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