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BCK #43 - 2010 Updates


Updates 2010

Since the fall move of Buffalo Creek #43 from North Collins to Hamburg, work has progressed at a gradual pace. Jim L. and I made a few trips over the winter to make sure everything was secure and to continue our process of grind, prime and paint where ever needed. The bell motor cartridge has been rebuilt and the assembly is ready to be re-installed.

(c)2010 smph50 - Scrap remains of South Buffalo #106. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K)          Jim has finished painting the head and tail lights and we hope to have them back in place soon. As an added bonus, the Buffalo Southern was getting rid of a tremendous amount of scrap metal back in April including what was left of  South Buffalo S2 ALCO #106.  I was able to obtain both number board frames which #43 did not have.

(c)2010 smph50 - Firemans side of blanked out number frames. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K) One of previous owners decided to remove and cover over where they had been on nose of the locomotive long ago. I rebuilt both of the frames and made new translucent polycarbonate number boards which restore the as built 1940 look of the engine. (c)2010 smph50 - Engineers side of blanked out number frames. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K)

(c)2010 smph50 - Blank out plate from the inside with double light fixtures. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K)          The frames were welded back into the original openings that have two light fixtures to illuminate the numbers at night. The electrical wiring that feeds all of the lights will need some work in the future. Three covered gondolas parked on the main offered a unique vantage point to take the photo's below. (c)2010 smph50 - Scott H. grinding down the welds on the replacement number board frame. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K)

(c)2010 smph50 - Number board frame is marked out on the inside after drill two location holes from the inside. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K) (c)2010 smph50 - More grinding to get the welds smooth. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K) (c)2010 smph50 - Number board in place on the engineer's side. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K)

         Three more windows have been replaced and only two on the engineer's side remain to be installed. The hinges on the fireman's side battery compartment cover have also been replaced. The BSOR needed to get the siding next to the Erie Freight Depot ready for the Fair Train so on July 1st, 2010 #43 was moved to the north siding in front of PRR #4483.

(c)2010 smph50 - Head on view of new glazing on both engineer's and fireman's sides of locomotive. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K) (c)2010 smph50 - Interior view of fireman's window. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K) (c)2010 smph50 - Interior view of engineer's window. Note Prr #4483 further down the track. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K) (c)2010 smph50 - Two new hinges welded in place on the fireman's side battery compartment. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K)

         Another modification made in the past on #43 was the moving of the locomotives' Leslie Typhon A-175 horn to the front of the engine on a shop built mount made of channel iron with torch cut holes. The decision to move the horn back to its original mount was a no brainer. This also eliminated the 30 feet of 1/2" pipe to the horn and the ugly bracket could be cut off of the side. Areas that are complete are painted with Sherwin-Williams Industrial Enamel Black. The white stripe is the base color for the "BUFFALO CREEK" lettering.

(c)2010 smph50 - Leslie Typhon A-175 horn moved back to its orininal mounting bracket. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K) (c)2010 smph50 - Firemans' side 3/4 view of BC#43. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K) (c)2010 smph50 - Full side view of BC#43. (10K) - CLICK to Enlarge (100K)

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