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NYC #19602

Wood "Transfer" Caboose built in 1896 with Cast Iron Wheels and Friction Bearings, by the New York Central at its East Rochester Car Shop. The caboose saw service mainly on the NYC Lines east of Buffalo. Its end mounted cupola was removed during rebuilding in the 1950's. Fully restored and the interior and exterior were painted in 1994. Stored in Hamburg, New York.

BR&P #283

This center cupola wood caboose was built in 1923 by the Standard Steel Car Co. in Butler, PA. Ex-B&O #C2634, nee-BR&P #283. This caboose saw many years of service on the BR&P Railway and was a regular visitor to the Orchard Park Depot. It was retired by the B&O Railroad in the late seventies. Restoration is on going on the cupola and is on permanent display at the  Orchard Park Depot.

NKP #412

This "High Speed Service" bay window caboose was built in 1956, for the New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad, at its Irondale Shops, and spent nearly 30 years in active service. Ex-N&W #557512, nee-NKP #412. Restoration complete in 1993, including "wagon wheel" antenna and is stored in Hamburg, New York.

DL&W #906

Built in 1953 by the Lackawanna Railroads Keyser Valley Shops near Scranton, PA. #906 is one of five remaining cabooses of 60, built on the frame of a locomotive tender by the DL&W. Ex-CR #22010, exx-EL, nee-DL&W #906. Last restoration was completed in 1991 and is stored in Hamburg, New York.

LV #95050

Built in July of 1937 with a center cupola. Ex-CR #18671, nee LV-#95050. Purchased from the Pennsylvania Railroad car shops in Renovo, PA. This unit was never "modernized" and still sports its original tongue & groove interior and waybill rack mounted on the side wall. #95050 was completely restored in 2012 and is on permanent display at the  Williamsville Depot.

N&W #530306

N&W #530306 was built in 1949 by the St. Louis Car Co., Ex-N&W #530306, 1/25/63, nee-Virginian #306 as one of a group of 25, Nos. 300-324. It is now on permanent display at the  Heritage DiscoveRY Center.  and is named the "Paul McGrath".

BR&P #11

Most railroads opted for a caboose with two trucks (called "bogies") and eight wheels, but some eastern roads chose a no-truck, four-wheel design called a "bobber." The lack of trucks reduced the amount of steel needed for the caboose, thus lowering the final cost. This car got its name from the way it would "bob" down the track.

Built in 1895 with a center cupola. From the information were have learned, the original number of this caboose was #11 and it was built in 1895 at the BR&P Railways Lincoln Park Shops in Rochester, NY. New information that we recently learned was that our #11, along with #83, was one of two cabooses sold to the Genesee & Wyoming Railroad in October of 1926 and were renumbered as their #5 & #6 (Information is not clear as to which one each was numbered.) The picture shows #5 in Retsof, NY in 1939.

The two cabooses were apparently sold to a firm in Texas in 1942 that was building a steel mill and a short line railroad near Lone Star, Texas. The cars were eventually acquired by the Texas & Northern Railroad in 1948 and were continued in service at the steel mill. #11 was last used as a weigh station office at the plant and was later donated by the railroad to the Museum of the American Railroad in Dallas, Texas. The other caboose, #83, was sold to a private party in Waco, Texas.

When the Dallas museum was planning to relocate to Frisco, Texas, knowing of the heritage of the car, it was offered to the WNYRHS as a donation if we could move it at our expense. The caboose arrived at the HDC in July 2012. The cupola was removed to facilitate its move by truck from Texas. It was scraped and painted in 2014 but being outside, it again needs to be painted and its cupola restored.

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