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Western New York Railway Historical Society
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Regular membership in the Society entitles you to: name badge, membership certificate, advance notice and discounts on certain Society events and publications, right to vote and hold public office and our bimonthly newsletter the "Railway Flyer", full of local, current and historical information. You have a "Green" Light to become a member today! If you would like to become a member, simply print out the form below, and mail it to the address at the bottom with your check or money order for the membership class you prefer.

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WNYRHS  Inc.,  PO Box 416,   Buffalo,   New York    14231-0416

Who's New!
The Following People have become
new members for the year 2018

Welcome Aboard!
Nicholas Aguglia - 11/2018
Robert and Carol Battaglia - 5/2018
Russell Bova - 5/2018
Kevin and Allison Cutting - 11/2017
Robert Doetterl - 7/2018
John Driscoll - 7/2018
Shawn and Bryn Grube - 5/2018
Andy MacVie - 9/2018
Daniel Nash - 1/2018
Ken Nash - 1/2018
Patrick Nash - 1/2018
Paul Randall - 11/2018
Jeff Silverthorn - 9/2018
Lee Sulkowski - 5/2018
Tami Terrano - 9/2018

The Following People have Upgraded to LIFE Membership in 2018!

John Hoefer - 1/2018
David and Kathy Mallory - 9/2017
Luke and Jeremy Topolski - 11/2018
Paul Rowell - 5/2018

Welcome Aboard to the following 2018 CORPORATE over $500 Sponsors!

Howard P. Schultz and Associates - 7/2017
Annie Trank Billing - 5/2018

Special Thanks to the Following  2018 DOUBLE PLATINUM over $300 Donors!

Harold Douglass
William Dudley
Jim Szymanski
Caryl Youngers

Special Thanks to the Following  2018 GOLD over $100 Donors!

William Barren
Donnald Connolly
Lance Erickson
Jerry Keister
Ralph Kosinski
Randolph McGhee
David Mischler
George A. Schlichter
Jim and Donna Shine
Lamar Todd

Special Thanks to the Following  2018 SILVER over $50 Donors!

David Anderson
Peter Gores
James Henry
Thomas Jaeger
Ron Kemp
Jayne Kremzier
Robert Lenz
Gregory Pavlov
Walter Stepien
Ron Stigler
James Wager
Chuck Wallace
Duane Wassum
David Young

Special Thanks to the Following 2018
 STEEL RAIL SUSTANING memberships and/or additional donation Level Members!

Carl Ambuske
Edward Banish Sr.
Mark Banish
Martin Bauer
Jerome Berwalt
Jerry Bower
William Cavanaugh
Eric Coffed
William Coffed
Clinton DeKay
William Dengler
Paul Dickman
James Frank
Ed Frankiewicz
Bill Glodzik
Chesterine Gorman
John Gracon
Charles Greene
Larry Gustina
Robert Kresse
Bob Lutot
Jeff Marx
Hugh Neeson
David Schuster
Daniel Sikorski
Dave Skoney
Eric Skowronski
George Specht
Stephen Werenski
Albert Wright
Dolores Zilliox

Special Thanks to the Following for 2018 Added Donations!

Ron Dukarm - $15,000 to the Heritage Discovery Center - Thank you Ron!
William Dudley - $500 for PRR-#4483 locomotive restoration - Thank you Bill!

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