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Williamsville Depot 2022

by Scott MP Hawbaker

May 2022

Williamsville Depot Garage Sale  May 19th, 20th & 21st, 2022.
Thurs. - 4:00pm - 7:00pm, Sat/Sun - 10:00am - 2:00pm. At the
Williamsville LV Depot. 86 South Long Street, Williamsville, NY.
3 day table rental only, $10.00. Brouse a wide array of items with
something for everyone. FREE Parking and FREE Admission.
$12.00 Chicken BBQ Saturday 11:00am - 2:00pm.
More info at   "Garage Sale at the Depot"

June 2022

"The Mystery of the Missing Sapphire" by the
Homewood Theater. A new play by Marty Bauer;
a mystery with a few laughs. Come find out WHO
did it! Dates: June 3rd and 4th, June 10th and
11th. Time: 7:30 pm at the Williamsville Depot.
Adults: $8.00, Seniors & Students: $6.00 and
children under 12: $4.00.

July 2022

"Touch-A-Truck" was back for 2022! After a two year absence, the sights and sounds of big and little trucks were back at the Williamsville Depot. The horns of big rigs honking brought cheers of delight from the young and old. Over 20 large and small trucks from local agencies and companies filled the Depot parking lot and South Long Street. Hundreds of young and old visitors were able to view up close these unique vehicles that help keep our economy running.

It took over a dozen volunteers to make this event so successful. Our sincere thanks go out to our Williamsville Depot chairman, Marty Visciano and his crew who donated their time and skills to help raise funds to continue the restoration of the Depot and rolling stock like our LV locomotive, A&A boxcar and LV Caboose.

John Bond and Ken Lyons were the "chief chefs" at the hot dog stand, which was a busy place. Representatives for each truck were on hand to answer questions and the kids couldn't wait to get behind the wheel of the big trucks and honk their horns or run their sirens. We had many first time visitors tour the Depot and they were given information about the Society. Below are a few more of the vehicles that everyone was able to enjoy. Thank You for all your support!

Restoration work continues on our Lehigh Valley switch engine #252. It now primed and getting ready for the final painting to return the locomotive to its original paint scheme. Donations are still needed to complete the restoration. If you can help out with a donation, Please call Marty Visciano at 716-864-3691.

Attention all Locomotive Painter! Now is the time for all good painters to come to the aid of the Depot! We are scheduling dates to begin painting the locomotive. Right now we are doing all the prep work needed to get Lehigh Valley #252 ready for its "Cornell Red" paint. If you are interested in helping us out: please call Marty at 716 864-3691 and let him know you can help.

On Saturday July 30th, we held our annual "Cruise Nite" from 12:00pm till 4:00pm. The weather was perfect and many people came out to view some classic beauties and walk the grounds of the Depot. At 3:00pm, the grand prize was awarded to a gorgeous 1936 Auburn Speedster. Thanks to all who came to our event and helped support or restoration efforts at the Depot.

August 2022

The month of August got off to a great start with two unique events. Every Tuesday, the ladies from  "Laughing Yoga",  will help participants relieve stress and lower blood pressure through yoga. On Friday the 5th, the Homewood Theater group held a very successful Vintage Jewelry Sale.

Our Lehigh Valley SW-8 EMD locomotive, #252 on display at Depot, underwent quite a transformation on August 10th and 11th, as the painting of the locomotive had begun. Our painter, Charlie Bell, is a volunteer at Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum from Warsaw, New York. He is a professional painter who does small airplanes both jet and prop driven. Charlie also painted our Lehigh Valley caboose last year and we are very pleased with his expertise and painting skills.

After the engine was dusted off one more time, our renowned and widely published photographer, Devan Lawton, climbed aboard to document the transformation of this 71 year old locomotive. Rather than use a traditional "airless sprayer," Charlie prefers a "High Volume Low Pressure" spray gun which gives him more control and a better finish. The HPLV spray gun also creates very little overspray which ensures almost all of this very expensive paint goes onto the engine and not into the air. This requires a constant supply of paint from one gallon cans that Williamsville Depot Chairman, Marty Visciano, happily brought to Charlie.

Devan was on hand to photograph the painting process on both the 10th & 11th. By the end of the day on Thursday, #252 was back into its as built look in "Cornell Red" back in December of 1950. When all of the black accessories are painted the Depot crew can apply authentic looking "Lehigh Valley" lettering and numbers. Please enjoy Devan's photo essay below.

On Saturday the 13th, the  "Ladies First Jazz",  group entertained the visitors at the Depot with hits from yesterday and today. Their 4 piece combo - Jennie Jones, Christina Custode, Peggy Scalzo and Jennifer May performed from 2:00pm until 4:00pm to a very appreciative crowd. We hope to have them back soon. Our dedicated Depot crew sold "Depot Dogs," refreshments and 50/50 raffle tickets. Thanks to Devan Lawton for capturing all the fun!

September 2022

Painting on LV #252 continued the first week of September. The Depot crew does not want to waste any good painting days left this year. Society members Mark Klepadlo and Devan Lawton documented the progress of adding the distinct striping found on Lehigh Valley locomotives. Yellow painters tape creates the outline for the black paint of the stripes. The trucks and air tanks have also been finished.

The second week of September on the 10th, got off to a great start at the Depot with the 45 RPM "British Invasion" Concert. This was the bands sixth visit to the Depot and they throughly enjoy playing here. Over 140 visitors to the Depot were treated to wonderful weather and many, many musical hits from the past. Freshly painted Lehigh Valley #252 locomotive was open for visitors to view the interior of the cab. Thanks to "Depot Crew" member, Joyce Haskell for photos capturing all the fun.

Our dedicated "Depot Crew" sold Split Club tickets and "Depot Dogs," snacks and refreshments from the Depot Grill. With the "45 RPM" band playing, everyone enjoyed a nice lunch.

In a tribute to our late, longtime member Robert Lutot, Depot Chairman Marty Visciano assumed the role of the delightful "Boxcar Bob" as "Hobo Marty." With Bobs passing, Marty literally had big shoes to fill and did a wonderful job doing so. His grandaughter, Brooklyn pitched in to help entertain the crowd. A unicyclist traveling the "Lehigh Valley Memory Trail" added to the fun.

On the 14th, Williamsville Crew member Mark Klepadlo shared his progress of the painting and lettering of Lehigh Valley #252. The distinctive yellow lettering and paint really brings out the heritage of the locomotive.

On the 23rd, Mark completed the lettering on both sides of the locomotive. Devan Lawton was on hand to help photograph his accomplishments. They both decided an interior view of the engine compartment was needed.

The engine compartment doors were opened to reveal the Electro-Motive Diesel "567B" 800 horse power, V8, two stroke "prime mover." The engine came equiped with a turbo charger and a 597 kilowatt main generator. The prime mover was build by GM's Cleveland Diesel Engine Division, in Ohio. This model engine continues to be used in thousands of older diesel locomotives today due to its reliability and ease of maintenence.

"Hay Ride and Octoberfest Craft Fair" 2022

On Saturday the 24th, the Depot held its annual "Hay Ride and Octoberfest Craft Fair." All of our Depot volunteers enjoyed a wonderful fall day as visitors rode in the "Hay Wagon" down the "Lehigh Memory Trail." We sold pumpkins and riders received a cup of cider and a bag of popcorn. Thank you Devan Lawton and Joyce Haskell for your great photos!

Our "Hayride Octoberfest Craft Fair" was held in conjunction with the WNY "Ten Lives Club" rescue group and the many vendors who came out to support both of us. Of course we sold cider, popcorn, pumpkins and 50/50 Split Club tickets.

To put on an event of this size, it takes the help of many hands. We cannot thank enough the time and effort that our entire "Depot Crew" put into making this event so successful.

We also had live entertainment presented by the "Junk Drawer Uke Band" who performed for free. They played for almost two hours much to the delight of all visitors to the Depot. They have performed all over WNY, from Grand Island down to the Hamburg Fair.

October 2022

Williamsville Depot Chairman Marty Visciano and Mark Klepadlo didn't let the good October weather go to waste with the final stages of painting LV #252. During the first week of October, Marty hand painted the "Lehigh Valley" Flag on both sides of the locomotive. Mark finished adding the engine numbers to the cab. What a great job!

For many years the  "Homewood Theater",  group has put on many original plays, written and directed by Life member of the WNYRHS, Marty Bauer. On October 7th & 8th and again on the 14th & 15th, the Homewood Theater thespians performed "For the Love of Theater" in front of a very appreciative audience in the Depot waiting room.

On a beautiful October 20th fall evening,  "WNY Images",  captured this shot of Lehigh Valley #252 at sunset. 98% of all the painting is complete, so all that is left are the front headlight number boards. Last week, Mark Klepadlo finished the rear headlight numbers and hung "DANGER" signs.

On Saturday, October 22nd, the cosmetic restoration of Lehigh Valley #252 came to and end. Mark finished the installation of the headlight number boards and touch up painting. He also wired the cab lighting and headlights. This allowed Society member Geno Dailey to take a very dramatic night photo of the locomotive as if it was making a late night stop at the Depot.

"Lehigh Valley #252 Through the Years"

Late 1960's

Early 70's




As reported, the locomotive spent a good part of its life switching freight around Ithaca, New York as Lehigh Valley Railroad #252. The engine found its way onto the Conrail roster in 1976 when they took ownership and renumbered it to Conrail #8666. Its was eventually sold to NYSEG around 1995 to switch coal cars around the plant. In 2011, the power plant was taken offline and shut down. The plant was then acquired by Greenidge Generation and was converted from coal to natural gas. Having no more cars to switch around the plant, the locomotive sat idle and unused. The Williamsville Depew Steering Committee saw an opportunity to obtain a locomotive for display and the rest is history. Click to read the fascinating story of how this 115 ton engine made the  "Journey to Williamsville",  with photos and videos of the trip in 2021.

Devan Lawton was at the Depot on Sunday the 23rd to take some beautiful pictures under clear blue skies. The dedication that Mark Klepadlo, Marty Visciano, Charlie Bell and the rest of the Depot Crew put into painting and fundraising, made this dream come true. The trainset on display is a tribute to all who help now and those who have gone before, Thank you!

Devan also gave a glimpse into the cab of #252. Electromotive Diesel (EMD) designed a very engineer friendly control stand for ease of use and repair if needed. The horn valve, brakes (independant and train), throttle and reverser levers are all neatly laid out. The speedometer and load meter are in clear view of the engineer.

On Saturday, October 29th, the Williamsville Business Association held a Village wide Halloween "Spook-tacular." The Depot was open for visitors and Marty Bauer from "Homewood Theater" read ghost stories in the Depot. Joyce Haskell, Marty Bauer, his wife Mary Sue Bauer and Richard Rogenthien were our hosts for the event.

November 2022
Mark Klepadlo was busy the first week of November during some outstanding warm weather. To help protect all the valuable work at the Depot he added some high intensity lighting. As you can see, the results are quite dazzling.

Mark also finished the wiring to the four "ground lights" used when the locomotive was used on a night run. Photographer Mike Mambretti paid a stop to the Depot to get this wonderful night shot of #252 with headlights blazing. Thank you Mike for sharing your work!

December 2022
Saturday December 3rd was a very special day at the Williamsville Depot with a visit from Santa! From 12:00pm till 2:00pm, almost 100 children, parents and two dogs were in attendance. Santa listened to all the Christmas wishes from the young and old. Our stove took the chill out of the winter air and the waiting familes were cozy and warm.

Eight of our dedicated Williamsville volunteers were more than happy to help with this event. The Depot was decked out with holiday decorations and lights. Although it was cold outside, it was warm inside the Depot with the sound of happy children and adults both young and old.

Beside visits with Santa inside the Depot, we had marshmellow roasting outside and our Lehigh Valley Locomotive and Caboose were open for inspection.

At 2:00pm, Santa knew he had many more stops to make. So he climbed aboard Lehigh Valley #252, gave two long blasts on the horn, and was heard to stay, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!"

The Williamsville Depot Steering Committee wishes you all a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season, and a safe Winter. We hope we will see you all in April of 2023. Happy New Year!

Call the Depot at 716-633-7002 or   eMail Marty V.   Thank You!

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