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Hear the Whistle Blow Event! - 2004

Depew & Tonawanda Depot
( Lehigh Valley )
Williamsville,  New York

          On August 7th, 2004 at the Williamsville, New York - LEHIGH VALLEY DEPOT, 86 South Long Street, visitors were treated to a real "Blast from the Past" with those thrilling days of yesteryear when the sound of a steam locomotive's whistle would bring kids and parents alike to trackside to see the train. We were able to relive those days with the sounds of steam locomotives as they blew their whistles for the South Long Street crossing. Each railroad had its own idea as to how a locomotive whistle should sound. The result was often a sound unique to that railroad. Some were deep and throaty, others were melodious and some were high pitched and piercing. But no matter what the sound, the message was the same. A train is coming!

          Dr. Charles Blumle of Emporium, PA. brought for a second time, his collection of more than twenty whistles from steam locomotives of the New York Central, Baltimore & Ohio, Pennsylvania, Reading, Norfolk & Western, and Southern Railroads, to name just a few. Below are a few of the sights and sounds that he shared with a large crowd of enthusiastic railfans. As an added feature, Mike Fuoco from Bradford, PA. brought some of his diesel air horns. Over 15 horns from 1st generation diesels up to todays modern locomotives were on display and some of the favorites were blown long and loud! Chuck's F250 is equipped with a 120gal air tank to supply the enormous volume of air needed for the whistles and an "Airman" PDS185S diesel compressor kept it full by supplying 90cfm at 120psi. Our sincere thanks go out to International Chimney for the use of their compressor!

Click on the images below to hear small sound clips of a some
of the Whistles and Horns that were featured at the Depot

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