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Welcome to my personal Railroad Photo Gallery of images from in and around my hometown of Bakersfield, California.  For those of you familiar to the area, you know that Bakersfield is the gateway to the historic ex-SP Tehachapi Pass line.  If you are not familiar with this area, please visit my Historic Information page for some general history about the railroads of the area.

I was born and raised in Bakersfield (where I still live today), and have made regular trips to photograph the railroads of the area since my first trip to The Tehachapi Loop with my grandfather in 1981 (at age 11).  By the time I was 16 and driving myself, I spent countless weekends driving up and down the hill, following every backroad and capturing as much on film as I could.  Now, over 20 years after my first exposure to Mountain Railroading in the Tehachapis, I have other responsibilities that keep me from making as frequent visits.  However, I still enjoy the quick trips to the mountains that I fit in from time to time.  My film consumption has gone from four to six rolls per trip to just one or two.  Having the chance to share my collection via the internet is very fulfilling, as I don't get out trackside nearly as much as I would like (until retirement, how many truly do spend enough time trackside?).  Don't worry though, as I fully intend to keep my photo collection growing, and keeping new photos rolling into this site.

Thanks for visiting my web site.  I hope you find it to be entertaining and informative.  Please check back regularly - you may see something new (or old).

Comments and suggestions are welcome (please remember that photography and web design are only a hobby for me, so please be nice). E-mail me here.