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The table below includes some information (adapted for today) from a Southern Pacific Timetable from 1982.  The milepost locations are helpful for judging the distances between the locations and landmarks along the Tehachapi Pass line.  For the most updated timetable information, I highly recommend the most current copy of the California Regional Railfan Timetable, published by Altamont Press.  This timetable is a great tool for any trip to Tehachapi (or any other location in California).  You can find a list of stores that carry Altamont Press products on their website.

Click Here to see a photo of Dispatcher 54's control screen from the San Bernardino dispatching center

S.P. Milepost #

Station/Siding Name or Tunnel

Notes S.P. Milepost # Station/Siding Name or Tunnel Notes



ex-SP Depot at Baker Street 348.8 Woodford 8,960 foot siding/MOW siding


Kern Junction

Jct. w/BNSF and Buttonwillow Branch 351.0 Tunnel #9 Length: 428 ft.


Magunden Jct. w/Arvin Branch 351.8 Walong 4,800 foot siding on the Loop
320.1 Edison Packing Sheds - small agricultural community 352.3 Tunnel #10 Length: 307 ft.
325.0 Sandcut Crossover - begin CTC 354.1 Marcel 5,330 foot siding
327.9 Bena End of Double Track from Bakersfield 355.1 Tunnel #14 Length: 513 ft.
331.3 Ilmon Begin Double Track to Caliente (since 1983) 355.8 Tunnel #15 Length: 330 ft.
332.6 Tunnel 1/2 (before 1983) Daylighted after 1983 floods 355.9 Tunnel #16 Length: 259 ft.
335.1 Caliente Horseshoe curve-end of Double Track from Ilmon 356.0 Tunnel #17 Length: 259 ft.
336.9 Tunnel #1 Length: 232 ft. 356.6 Cable Begin Double Track to Mojave
337.8 Tunnel #2 Length: 219 ft. 358.5 Cable Crossover 2MT CTC X-Over
339.5 Bealville 13,270 foot siding (Bealville siding connected to old siding named Allard) 360.5 Tehachapi Tehachapi Station/MOW sidings
340.8 Tunnel #3 Length: 494 ft. 362.4 Summit Switch Helper cut-out location
341.5 Tunnel #5 Length: 1,175 ft. 365.0 Monolith Cement Plant
342.3 Cliff 7,530 foot siding 370.4 Cameron Double Track X-Over
343.7 Tunnel #7 Length: 520 ft. 374.3 Warren
344.2 Tunnel #8 Length: 689 ft. 380.7 Mojave Jct w/Lone Pine Branch
345.5 Rowen 8,080 foot siding 381.3 East Mojave Jct w/BNSF line to Barstow

Full-service defect detectors are located at MP 318.8, 328.6, 347.0 and 363.8 (these detectors transmit to each train that passes them)

Dragging Equipment detectors are located at MP  340.7, 350.6 and 355.2  (talk on defect only)