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Locations:  East of Kern Junction, Magunden and Edison


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Locations in the Bakersfield Area: East of Kern Junction

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Quantico:  East end of UP Yard

Map Note:  Road listed as "Business 58" is actually Truxtun Avenue.

Approx. 1 1/2 miles East of Kern Junction

Quantico marks the east end of the UP Yard.  Eastbound trains bound for Tehachapi are staged in the yard with their power parked near this location.  One spotting feature for this location is the signal tower that protects the entrance to the yard from the East.

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Magunden:  Junction of UP Main Line and SJVR Arvin Branch

Map Note:  Road listed as "Business 58" is actually Truxtun Avenue.

Approx. 4 miles East of Kern Junction

Magunden includes the junction with the Arvin Branch as well as a car storage siding.   Refirgerated boxcars are stored on the siding during the harvest season, awaiting track space at some of the shippers on the Arvin Branch.

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Edison:  community East of Bakersfield

Approx.  8 miles East of Kern Junction

Edison is a small farming community East of Bakersfield surrounded by orchards, vineyards and farm land.  The town itself is populated mostly by packing sheds and farming businesses.  These packing sheds generate much rail traffic during the annual harvest season.  Potatos are the main product shipped from Edison's packing sheds.  In addition to rail traffic, much of Edison's production is shipped out by truck as well.

Continue East on Edison Highway from Edison to reach Sandcut and Bena, as well as the rest of the Tehachapi Pass line.