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Locations:  West of Kern Junction, Amtrak Depot and Santa Fe/BNSF Yard


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Locations in the Bakersfield Area: West of Kern Junction

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UP (ex-SP) Bakersfield Depot:  Corner of Sumner and Baker Streets

Approx. 1/2 mile west of Kern Junction

The impressive ex-SP Bakersfield Depot still stands in the same location it has for over 100 years.  It is still used for daily business by the Union Pacific Railroad, as the division offices at Bakersfield.  The building is not open to the public and is fenced in on the south side.  It can be best viewed from Jackson Street on the North side of the railroad tracks, just east of Baker Street.  

newamtrak.gif (48583 bytes)

New Bakersfield Amtrak Depot - Located near the corner of Truxtun Avenue and S Street

Map Note:  Road listed as "Business 58" is actually Truxtun Avenue.

Approx. 2 miles West of Kern Junction

This new Amtrak Depot (scheduled to open in July 2000) replaces the old depot on F Street near the east end of the BNSF Bakersfield Yard.  The new depot is within walking distance of the Bakersfield Centennial Garden and Convention Center, Downtown Holiday Inn Select and Beale Memorial Library.  In addition, a new rail underpass on P Street has been built concurrently with the Depot construction.

oldamtrak.gif (50433 bytes)

Old Bakersfield Amtrak Depot/East end of BNSF Yard:  Approximately 4 miles West of Kern Junction

Map Note:  Road listed as "Business 58" is actually Truxtun Avenue.

Approx.  4 miles West of Kern Junction

The old Amtrak Depot is located on F Street, about 2 blocks South of Truxtun Avenue.  One change in the past year or two is the elimination of the F Street grade crossing.  Operations in the BNSF Yard can be observed from this location, but Amtrak service will bypass the location without stopping when the new Amtrak Depot opens later this year.