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Potomac Chapter Information

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The National Railway Historical Society (NRHS), founded in 1935, is currently the largest rail enthusiast organization in North America with over 150 chapters worldwide. NRHS is a nonprofit, educational organization whose primary purposes are:

2003 chapter picnic (Alex Mayes photo)Organized in 1970, the Potomac Chapter maintains a significant presence in the Washington, DC, suburban area. The Potomac Chapter offers many benefits to its members:

Membership types

Regular membership is the option for people who are members of the NRHS and list the Potomac Chapter as their home chapter. Please visit to establish your national membership..

Chapter Only membership is the option for people who are members of the NRHS and list another chapter as their home chapter. Just list your home chapter on the membership application form below.

Associate status is the option for people who want to participate in Chapter activities, but don't maintain a membership in the NRHS. Details of this status are:

Membership cost

Joining Alone
Family Members
You elect to receive newsletter via postal mail $15.00 $3.00
You elect to receive newsletter via email only $7.50 $3.00

Application for membership

To get a membership application you can:


President Gordy Bjoraker
Vice-President John Sery
Secretary Bill Holdsworth
Treasurer Jay Creswell
Directors Bob Dixon-Gumm, Stephen Sery, Penny Dixon-Gumm, Chuck Greene
National Representative Rick Davidson
Membership Rick Davidson
Historian Bob Cohen
Editor, PRN Clay Moritz
Program Committee Alex Mayes, John Sery

Our Photo Collection

Our collection includes the slides and negatives of the late Bob Flack, one of the founding members of our chapter. The photo committee has worked to catalog the material. Our chapter membership includes some excellent photographers.