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Deutsche Bahn A.G.

Deutsche Bahn A.G.

  The Deutsche Bahn A.G., formerly known as the Deutsche Bundesbahn, is home to such equipment as the ICE trainset and many various electric locomotives.
The paint schemes translate as follows: Verkehrsrot = Traffic Red, Orientrot = Orient Red, Ozeanblau-Beige = Ocean Blue-Beige, Blau = Blue, Rot-Beige = Red-Beige. Electrics called "Kasten" are so nicknamed because of their boxy shape, while "Buegelfalte" refers to being more aerodynamic.
Sebastian Ledesma's page for more DBAG gifs.

Electric Locomotives

  Left Right Description Date Drawn  
  Class 110 "Kasten", Orientrot 10/24/00  
  Class 110 "Kasten", Verkehrsrot 10/24/00  
  Class 110 "Kasten, Ozeanblau-Beige 10/25/01  
  Class 110 "Kasten", Blau 10/25/00  
  Class 110 "Buegelfalte", Rot-Beige 10/25/00  
  Class 140 Cargo Service 10/25/01  

Passenger Cars

  Left Right Description Date Drawn  
  Avmz 1st Class Coach, Verkehersrot 10/24/00  
  Bvmz 2nd Class Coach, Orientrot 10/24/00